The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 5 -- Another Professor Gone

Jeff went to his Spanish class and Senora Cortez handed him a test. He sat down and started to read and shook his head. He went to work and when he finished, he looked up and everyone else was gone. He looked at the clock and reviewed his answers one more time and then handed it to Senora Cortez who was grading papers.

Jeff spoke, "Senora Cortez, this is probably one of the hardest tests I have ever taken. I must have been asleep in class, because I don't remember discussing all this."

Senora Cortez looked at the clock and said, "Senor Wilson, I believe you have an appointment in a few minutes." She packed her things away, and she led him down the hall to an empty classroom and said, "Stay here until Dr. Jenkins has gone, and I'll come get you."

She left and came back and got Jeff and led him into a classroom and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Senor Jeff Wilson. He has some questions for you." She then went and sat down.

Jeff stood and looked around and started, "Yesterday, Gretchen came to us and told me what your illustrious Professor said last Thursday, concerning the raped person and about me and President Campbell. We have no reason to doubt what she said, but we would like to hear someone else's version of what happened, so Dr. Jenkins can't verbally attack Gretchen."

"Mitchell, why don't you tell us what you heard, and remember?" Jeff asked.

Mitchell told his version which was almost exactly what Gretchen had said. When Mitch finished, Jeff asked, "Does anyone else have anything to add?"

A good looking young man in the second row raised his hand and said, "I'm Grant Swenson. "I'm not very proud of what I have to say, but I think the information will shed some light on what kind of a person Dr. Jenkins really is. In fact Jeff, I tried to see you yesterday, but your secretary said you were busy and scheduled an appointment for me this afternoon."

Jeff asked, "Grant, did you do anything illegal?"

"No sir." Grant answered.

"Then come up here, and tell the entire class the story, because it directly affects them if it has to do with Dr. Jenkins." Jeff said, as he sat down.

Grant began, "On Friday night, my fiancé and I went to Omaha to spend the weekend with my brother and his wife. On Saturday, Rob announced, he was to be the best man at a wedding this weekend, and said he wanted to go buy some gag gifts for the bachelor party."

"He invited me to join him and we went to an Adult Emporium in Iowa south of Council Bluffs. We pulled into the parking lot, and there was a number of cars. When we went in the place, I saw the man behind the cash register, and guess who? Dr. Jenkins was looking at some tapes and DVD's. He didn't see me. I pulled Rob aside and told him who Dr. Jenkins was, and that I didn't want him to see me. I asked him to find out at what the Professor was up to."

"I went back to the car and turned the radio on, and was listening to the music when the Professor came out with a large package looking at a magazine. He climbed into his car and left. Rob, who is a newspaper reporter, came out laughing. Here's what he told me."

"Philip, Professor Jenkins, bought eight gay DVD's and VHS tapes and several magazines. Here is what was said while he was at the cashier. Al the obvious owner said, `A little early again this month aren't you, Phil?'"

"Yeah since my boy's father wouldn't sell him to me for $50,000.00. I feel really lost, especially now that he has disappeared."

"`Oh, that's too bad, Phil'" answered Al."

"Philip said, `And to make matters even worse, the college has hired this young pervert, Wilson. The faculty and students just love him. I'm betting that he swings both ways. He probably takes care of everyone's needs. Here's the kicker, he works in the President's office, and now the students have some one to talk to.'"

"Al said, `So I guess you are a little upset.'"

"Phillip said, `Yeah, there a couple of good looking guys in my Psych 201, that I would love to get to know better, but I'm a little leery until I can bring down that Wilson pervert. How much do I owe you?'"

"Three hundred and eight two dollars," Al responded.

"Here's my check. See you in about another month, unless I can find another diversion." Phillip said, as he left. There was no question that he was a very regular customer."

"Rob wrote out a copy from his notes, and gave me two copies and signed and dated them, if that is helpful." Grant said.

"Grant, that was most interesting, and yes the copies will be most helpful." Jeff said.

Jeff looked at the clock and said, "One last thing. Did anyone happen to record last Thursday's class?"

A young man in the back raised his hand. Jeff looked at him and asked, "Hans, do you happen to have the tape with you?"

"Hans looked through backpack and said, "Yes."

Jeff announced, "I would like Hans, Mitch, Gretchen, Grant and Tricia to accompany me to the President's office. Senora Cortez, are you going to accompany us?"

"No Senor Wilson, I'll call the President's office and let them know that you are on your way. I don't really think you need me." she answered.

Jeff said, "The rest of you are dismissed. Meet back here at your regular scheduled time. I'm sure you will have a new instructor when you reconvene."

The entourage left, and when they got to the President's office, Mitzie led them to conference room and knocked. "Sir, the rest of the conferees are here, and here are the papers you requested."

Jeff walked up to Professor Jenkins and said, "I'm Jeff. I understand that you think I am the President's boy toy. These are my friends, from your Psych 201 class. Excuse me; I have to make a phone call."

Jeff dialed and said, "Hello Al, this Jeff Wilson, the pervert that Phil was talking about last weekend. ... I just wanted to call you and let you know that Phil won't be back soon, since he is about to lose his teaching position here at the college. ... I guess that means you can cut back on your gay inventory. It was nice talking to you, Al."

Jeff looked at the President and said, "Over to you, sir but first, why don't we excuse Hans and Gretchen. Hans, if you will leave your tape, of last Thursday's class with us. Gretchen thanks so much for bringing this matter to my attention." Jeff said, as he escorted them to the door. "Oh come in Mr. Engberg and Chief O'Brien. You're just in time for the fun."

President Campbell said, "Mr. Jenkins, you have two options. Number one is to resign. Number two is to be terminated with cause. In either case there will be no recommendations coming from this college."

Mr. Jenkins jumped up out of his chair and went to Jeff and said, "You and your little toys are trying to frame me."

Jeff pushed him back down into his chair and said, "Mitch here is so straight that if you hit him with a twenty ton truck, he wouldn't move but the truck would be out of commission. I never even met Grant here, until I went to your class, today. The President prefers his partner's measurements to be 38 -- 26 -- 36, and I certainly don't meet those requirements."

Jeff continued, "Now Mr. Jenkins, which of the two documents do you want to sign? Or do we have to take your pants off of you and we can charge you with slander and indecent exposure unbecoming a so called professional educator?"

Jeff went and stood beside the President and said, "Sir, I guess you'll just have to sign the letter of termination. It's obvious that Mr. Jenkins is thinking with the head in his pants, instead of the one on his shoulders."

President Campbell sat down and took the paper and pulled out a pen but before he could sign, Mr. Jenkins signed the resignation form, and threw it at Jeff and said, "Here pervert. I hope you are satisfied now that you ruined me."

Mitch spoke up and said, "You mean pervert catcher, don't you. I didn't realize that Jeff made you do all the wonderful things you've done. I guess I will just have to find out his secrets."

Everyone except Mr. Jenkins laughed. The President said, "Mr. Engberg, take Mr. Jenkins to his office, and make sure he packs his things and is off the campus by 1:00. You better take a couple of extra men with you, to make sure he doesn't leave any of his pornographic materials and doesn't take anything that is not his."

Mr. Engberg said, "I have two men waiting outside."

Grant spoke up and said, "You better make sure that if he goes to the bathroom, that there are two people with him at all times to make sure Philip doesn't try anything funny."

Jeff interrupted and said, "Chief O'Brien, you might have your troops drive by wherever he lives and make sure there are not any strange activities going on."

Mr. Jenkins looked totally defeated as he left. Jeff said, "Sir, if you don't need me for anything else, I'm going to take these guys to lunch."

"Wait Jeff, Chief, do we need Jeff on this other matter?"

"No sir." Chief O'Brien answered.

"Okay Jeff, I'll see you this afternoon, but before you go, who can I get to teach the Psych class?" the President asked.

Jeff said, "Sir, I have no idea about the Psych department. The only two people I know are Dr. Cornell, and Dr. O'Connor. They would both be good, but I don't know what their workloads are. Come on guys, let's go."

"Jeff, I have to get to the houses to relieve Adam and Aaron since they both have classes at 1:00." Mitch said.

"Mitch, you go to the house and Grant and I'll stop and get food for five and we'll be there shortly. Tell the guys to sit tight until I get there." Jeff ordered as they went to their cars.

Jeff and Grant to the Madison's. "Hi Mrs. Madison, how about we get five ham salad sandwiches to go, and four orders of fries, five lemonades and a dozen cookies."

She came back shortly and handed the order to the guys and said, "Are you meeting your Dad and Beau for lunch. They were in and ordered almost the same thing about 20 minutes ago.

"No, but that tells me they're back from Oakland." Jeff said, as he paid the bill.

They drove to the two houses. Adam and Aaron were just wrapping up. "We brought you some lunch. It looks like you have been busy."

They sat on the floor and started to eat. Adam said, "The carpet people were here and took the measurements and the appliances are long gone to appliance heaven. Aaron and I spent the morning taping the two houses where we could reach."

Aaron added, "We would have started to paint the ceilings but we didn't have a ladder. Grant, where is Beth Anne? You and she always eat lunch in the cafeteria."

Grant laughed, "Today she and her parents were going to Dana College to see her twin sister perform in a vocal competition. After the event, they were going to go to Omaha to do some shopping and then they were going to meet my brother and his wife for dinner. So I'm batching it today."

Jeff interrupted, "I have to go back to campus since I have a class in 30 minutes. Aaron, here are the keys to the T bird. Give your truck keys to Mitch and you give me the keys to the BMW. I am sure that Grams has a ladder and I know that Dad has one in the garage, here are the keys to the house."

"Grant, I'm leaving now. Are you coming with me?" Jeff asked.

"I'll stay and help Mitch, since I have nothing else to do today." Grant said.

My afternoon was busy. Lash handed me a message from Mrs.Tillison reminding me to be at her house 5:30. I asked Lash to call the Baxter's and tell the guys I would pick them up 5:15."

At about 4:15, Lash handed me a fax and said, "You need to sign this so I can send it back."

I looked at it and signed it and said, "Make several copies and put them on my desk."

Finally, my last patient left and I was drained. Jill came to me and asked, "Are you okay, sir? Several of the patients said you seemed preoccupied today."

"Jill, it has been one awful day, and it's not over yet. I'm sorry I let my personal life creep into my professional life. I'll try to do better tomorrow."

Mrs. Tillison, as it turned out had people jumping all over the place. She sold Beau's house and grill, closed the bank in Oakland, terrorized the court house in Tecumseh and had Mr. Everett and his men finding money all over Beau's house and grill. She had even made arrangements to have Beau's furniture and goods packed and shipped on Thursday and Friday.

Jeff had quite an eventful afternoon too. He taught his class which he was beginning to enjoy. When he got to his office, he was told by Mitzie that the President wanted to see him, now. He knocked on the door and was told to enter. He was faced with all of his instructors except for Anne Campbell.

The President spoke first, "Jeff, we've been meeting, and here's what we decided. We want you to take over the Psych 201 class with Dr. Cornell as your mentor."

Jeff said, "I can't sir. I don't want to give up my counseling course, that meets at the same time, especially working with the choir at the home. Besides, after the way I performed on my Spanish test this morning, I am really going to need to study more."

Senora Cortez spoke up and said, "Senor Wilson, I slipped you a mickey this morning. The test I gave you was the final test for Spanish 4. I have never had anyone get a 99% on it before. So, I have awarded you 12 credits for the four Spanish courses."

Jeff was looking rather peaked about now, and Dr. Bill Potts said, "Jeff my boy, the Counseling class and the Psych class are very similar, and if any one can pull them together, you can."

Jeff asked, "If I agree to do this, then can I do whatever I want, as long as I meet the objectives?"

"Yes." said the President.

Jeff looked at everyone and said, "Well, hang on to your pants and skirts. I'm probably going to cause a riot on this campus."

"Oh, and Jeff, I have already put out a notice saying that you would be available for two additional hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, to talk to the students." the President said. "Just think, you will be receiving a total of 36 credit hours for this semester alone."

Jeff looked at everyone in the room and said, "Let me guess whose idea this was. He looked and Dr. A. and said, I choose you."

She shook her head no, and the President said, "Actually Jeff, it was someone who isn't even here."

"You mean Dr. Anne Campbell did this to me? I can't believe she would do this me." Jeff said.

"Anne told me at lunch that she thought that if anyone could pull this off, it would have to be you." the President laughed.

Jeff said, "I'll have to think about this. Dr. Cornell and Dr. O'Connor, could you meet with me here tomorrow at three, so we can make some plans?"

They agreed and Jeff looked at the clock and said, "President Campbell, I need to go. I have an organ lesson." Adam was waiting for him in Mitzie's office and they went to the church.

I picked up Beau and the guys and we dropped them at the house before we went to the Tillison house. We were the last to arrive except for the insurance agent. We had just sat down when the doorbell rang.

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Editor's notes:

Oh my goodness It looks like Jeff managed to remove another bad apple from that barrel. Now we just have to wait and see what will happen next.

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