The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 8 -- The Trip to Lincoln

Thursday morning, I was awakened by Jason. He was dressed when he served my coffee. He pulled down the covers and asked me, "Getting shy?"

He skipped out of the room as he announced, "Twenty minutes until breakfast."

When I got downstairs, everyone was already eating. The conversation was different. Jeff started it when he asked, "Tommy, what are your sister's names and what grade are they in."

"Connie is in third grade, and Dee Dee is in the first grade." Tommy answered.

"I know Connie." said Jason. "She is in the classroom next to ours, and we go to recess together."

"Good. Tommy, you give your note to Jason, and he can give it to Connie. Jason, you tell Connie to give it to her mother when her Daddy isn't around." Jeff directed.

The telephone rang, "I need someone to pick Ben up at the airport at 4:30. Can anyone go for him?"

Jeff asked, "Tommy, do you know how to get to the airport in Omaha?"

"Yes." Tommy answered.

"Could you pick up Uncle Ben at 4:00?" Jeff asked.

"I guess, but I don't know this Uncle Ben." Tommy answered.

"You go pick up Jason at school, at 2:30 and take him with you. He knows his Granddad. Dad, you talk to Jason's teacher, so Tommy can pick him up. Tommy, you can take Beau and me this morning and get an early release and you can take my car to get Jason, and pick up Uncle Ben." Jeff said as everyone got ready to leave.

Everyone went their separate ways. My first appointment was Mrs. Cooper. Jill met her and took her to the examining room. Jill was very professional and did the initial screening without any emotion. When I got to the exam room, she handed me the chart. I walked in and Mrs. Cooper asked, "When did you hire Jill? She used to be my daughter."

"I'm sorry you got rid of her. I really like her and her husband, Reg. Their son Chip is one of may favorite people. He loves everyone and expects nothing in return. Now, what can I do for you?" I asked.

When she left, I could tell she was upset, but I didn't care. The rest of the day went smoothly.

When Jeff went to the Psych class, Dr. Cornell announced that Jeff would be teaching the class from now on. Mitch, Grant and Tricia started to laugh. When Jeff told him the plans for the class, everyone cheered.

The rest of the day went smoothly for Jeff. Grant and Beth Anne picked him up and took him to the house, for Chris and Mickey's piano lessons.

At 4:30, a lady rang the Baxter's doorbell. Chip answered the door and asked, "How may I help you, ma'am?"

"I have an appointment with Mrs. Baxter. Tell her that Mrs. Weaver is here, please."

"You have the same last name as me. I'm Chip Weaver." Chip said, as he led her to the sewing room. "Gigi, Mrs. Weaver says she has an appointment to see you. She has the same last name as mine."

"Thank you Chipper. Now, what can I do for you Mrs. Weaver?" Mrs. Baxter asked.

Just then Reg came in and went directly to the sewing room. He said, "Gigi, I am going to take Chipper home now. Jill will pick Spencer up and take the boys to choir practice at the church. I understand the guys are going to be cleaning our house after practice. Jill is so excited. Oh I'm sorry; I didn't realize that you were busy."

Chip came in and said, "Daddy, that lady has the same the last name as we do. Chip kissed Gigi and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, Gigi."

When they left Mrs. Weaver asked, "So Chip and his parents go to church?"

Gigi said, "Oh yes, Reg and Jill are wonderful parents, and they are so excited about moving into their new home and getting all Beau's furniture."

Mrs. Weaver left, looking very confused, When I arrived home with the boys, Jason and Tommy, had just arrived back from picking up Ben, and dropping him at the Tillison house, We had dinner and all the young people gathered the cleaning supplies and put them in the cars. Beau made sure that they had extra towels."

We delivered the guys and even Ruthie who was Tommy's friend, was there. In fact, all of the participants were there by 7:00. I sat in the back with Jill and watched as Jeff passed out the music, even to the five year olds. Jeff walked everyone through what everyone would be doing. Then started the rehearsal and went for about 25 minutes. At 7:30, Jeff said, "Okay people, you'll be wonderful. Just watch me on Sunday, and everything will be great. Does anyone have any questions?"

David said, "You mean that's all we're going to practice?"

Jeff looked at him and asked, "If it ain't broken, why fix it? Now who wants to sing the Lord's Prayer?"

Mickey said, "Jeff, Tommy, Beau and Jason are going to sing The Lord's Prayer accompanied by Chris on the piano."

Jeff turned to the people assembled and asked. "Mother and Aunt Anita, can you bring the five, nine, and eleven year olds with Beau and Denny to the school at 10:30 tomorrow?"

Everyone agreed, and we all left. We delivered the guys to Jill and Reg's house, they disappeared up the stairs. There was a lot of laughter and then the eleven year olds came down and started to clean the downstairs. Beau came down and said, "Everyone, stay out of the kitchen."

Jeff and I took the other workers home and then Jeff went back and picked up Beau. Just as the two guys arrived through the back door, Mrs. T. accompanied by Rea, Mrs. Rose, Josh and Ben came in the front door.

Mrs. T. had Beau get Jason. When he came in with Beau, Mrs. T. said, "Jason, we will start with you."

Ben handed Jason a check for $225,000 and another large package of sympathy cards. Jason simply handed them to me and said, "Good night everyone. I need to get to bed."

"Mrs. T. handed Beau a check for $500.000.00 and said, "This is all I could get out of the state for your father's wrongful death."

Beau looked at the check and just handed it to me. Before he could say anything, Tyler and Kevin arrived. Kevin handed Beau a box, and said, "Beau, I think this belongs to you. Dan found it when we were packing a closet upstairs in your house."

Beau opened the box. There was a note with bundle of money. He read the note and went white. "Kevin," he gasped, "Who else has read this note?"

Kevin answered, "Dan read it and gave it to me to take care of since I was acquainted with who it belonged to. Even Tyler does not know what the note says."

"Thank you Kevin. I owe you one." Beau said as he handed me the box. Tyler and Kevin left and Beau said, "D. Dad, you can read the note to everyone since they probably have a good idea what it is about."

I read, "Dear Clay. This money is from you Grandfather Milburn's estate. I got the money in large bills and put it in this box to keep your dad from getting his hands on it. He has no sense of money or business, so I am not sure what he would do if he got his hands on it. Please use the money to get a good education. Love, Mother."

Beau stood and said, "I think I need to go to bed. My mind is on overload. Good night everyone."

Mrs. Rose interjected, "I need to talk to Tommy."

Jeff went to get Tommy. Mrs. Rose and Tommy went into the dining room and talked for about ten minutes. When they came out, Mrs. Rose had me sign some documents and I was now Tommy's legal guardian.

Mrs. T announced, "Ben, you have been hired as the Director of the Homeless Young Children's Home; Josh, you have been appointed Director of the Homeless Teenager's Home, and finally Mrs. Rose, you will be the acting manager of the Regional Social Services office. Mr. Gallagher will be calling you about taking the position permanently, tomorrow." Everyone was just shaking there heads.

Jeff went to make a couple of phone calls and everyone started to leave. Jeff and I locked up and went to the bedroom where we were ambushed by Beau and Jason. Tommy was in the shower. Beau spoke for both of them. "D. Dad, we probably need to put our money in the bank, tomorrow. "Here is another $1200.00 for Jason's education account, and his check from the house should go into his long term investment account."

He then started on his funds. "Please put my check from the state into my long term investment account. I want the money in the box to go into my education fund, except $20,000.00 which I would like put into checking account fund."

"Okay, but you two will need to endorse the checks, so I can deposit them. Just endorse them the way they were written." Beau and Jason nodded and went to their room.

Tommy came out of the shower and said, "I have no idea what is happening. Everything is in fast motion around here. I get the feeling that both Jason and Beau have had some terrible things happen in their lives, and they are both relatively well to do. I just wish someone would explain to me what is happening."

Jeff said, "Just give the guys a chance. When they get to know you and know that they can trust you, I am sure they will tell you what happened to them. In answer to your question about money, the two guys will not have to worry about finances, if they manage their funds correctly and wisely. Does it bother you that they are financially stable?"

"Not at all. It is as if they couldn't care less, and I hope they will always be like that. I heard about too many people who let their money go to their head." Tommy answered.

"Tommy, my son, I can almost guarantee you 100% that the two guys will never flaunt their money, and will probably be just the opposite." I said.

"Thanks for sharing." he said, as he left.

Jeff and I took a shower and crawled into bed, I pulled Jeff to me and asked, "Jeff, how do you feel about the guys having a lot more money than you and I have."

"Dad, I know that you think I am spending more money than I have, but let me assure you I am fine financially and have no problem spending what I have for people and things that I think are important. I probably have as much money as Beau, but there is no way I can come close to Jason." Jeff stopped. I have a great deal of money that only Mother, Pop, Aunt Nancy and probably Uncle Norm know about."

I was beginning to get a funny feeling. "Dad, when you got your inheritance from your parents' estate, you got half of what Aunt Nancy got. I got the other half because your parents knew about me, but everyone was asked not to say anything to you. Anyway, when I began to get old enough, I began to manipulate the money, and made quite a bit. I had an older neighbor who was an investment counselor, and we made some wise moves."

"I never touched that money, and lived off the money that I earned baby sitting, being a life guard, mowing lawns and shoveling snow. I even worked in the library, several days of the week." Jeff said. "Now, let's go to sleep."

How in the world was I to go to sleep after this revelation?

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Editor's Notes:

I guess Jack had a surprise. Jeff is pretty smart, and he will be just fine.

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