The Doctor Gets a Visitor III

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 9 -- The Guys Perform

I was awakened Friday morning by Tommy, who brought me a cup of coffee. Rise and shine D. Dad. Everyone else is already working. I crawled out of bed, shed my briefs and went to take a shower. Tommy followed me into the bathroom and said, "I can't get over how open everyone is in this house."

He turned and left.

When I got downstairs, Beau and Jason were missing. "Where are Beau and Jason?" I asked.

"They're doing what you told them to do." Jeff said, as he went to get them.

They came back and Beau said, "This is everything that we have gotten done so far. The rest of Jason's things will have to wait until next week. There are so many cards that we haven't had a chance to open them all, yet." Jason handed me a box and then Beau handed me his.

We were getting ready to eat when Linda handed Beau about 20 envelopes. He looked at them and went white. "I forgot to give them to you these last night, since it was so busy." She leaned down and whispered something in his ear.

We finished breakfast and the guys made short work of dishes. Beau cornered Jeff and me and showed us the cards and said, "Aunt Linda said she would try to intercept all the mail for me, so no one else would see them. I'll go through these later." Beau said, as he disappeared.

When he returned he said, "Jeff, let's go." Jeff dropped Beau off and picked up Mrs. Tillison. The day was going well for everyone. Linda picked up Gigi and the six guys at the house, Anita picked up Rea and the six 11 and two 9 year olds. They were waiting for Jeff, Mrs. T and Reg when they got to literature.

Jeff had his guitar, and a big book with him. When literature class started, Jeff told the class he had a special treat for them. He put the big book with the cover covered with brown paper on an easel and said, "Today we have some special visitors whose visit was inspired Mr. Reg Weaver. I would like the young visitors to come to the front, and then I would like the rest of the class to join them on the floor.

"Today's lesson is going to deal with the value of Children's Books for a child's education." He revealed the cover of the big book and read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. "Now the young guys will show you what they have learned from the book."

He called Chip and the other five year olds up and introduced them and then had Spencer lead them through the song as he pointed to the letters and Reg showed his slides. "Now, can you think of a better way than tying illustrations, the written word and music together to help children learn?" Jeff asked.

Adam asked, "How about having the guys sing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?"

The guys went off to the side as Chip led the 12 guys in strutting and when they finished, the class applauded.

"Ladies and gentlemen, weren't these guys wonderful? Now, I would like to introduce them individually before they leave. He started with Beau and ended with Chip. Each guy stepped forward as Jeff called their name. Jeff said, "Aunt Anita, take this mob here, to the union cafeteria. They can have whatever they want, and they will show you to a private room. Grams, Reg and I will join you as soon as class is over."

The guys left to a standing ovation. When class was over Jeff sent Grams and Reg ahead so he could set up for music. Jeff finally arrived and grabbed a sandwich and juice and went to pay for the group. The cashier said, "Everything has already been paid for, sir."

When Jeff got to the room, President Campbell was talking to the guys. "I'm looking forward to watching your demonstration this afternoon." He turned to Jeff and said, "You really do need to put in a voucher so your guests can get paid for their work." He handed Jeff 12 envelopes.

Jeff said, "Sir, this isn't necessary. They guys aren't doing this for money."

"Jeff, I don't make the policies, so it's not in our hands." President Campbell assured him.

Jeff and Mrs. T. left and went to get dressed for music, after Jeff had given Reg the instructions. The group arrived and everyone was sitting on the front of the raised platform. At one o'clock, Reg got up and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce Mr. Pat Boone Wilson and Miss Sandra Dee Tillison from the American Bandstand television show."

Mrs. T. and Jeff came out. Mrs. T. was wearing a full aqua skit with a poodle on the bottom and white socks with black and white saddle shoes. Jeff had on blue suede shoes with white socks and a starched shirt. "They will be performing some dances for you that you might have seen in the 1950's."

They started with a slow song and then did an exaggerated rock and roll. When they finished, the young guys applauded as did the rest of those in attendance. Jeff came forward and said, "Grams last presentation will be on Monday, and you will be requested to participate." The class moaned.

Jeff looked at those in attendance and said, "I see we have some visitors today. Thank you for coming, and we hope you won't be disappointed. Now Mr. Weaver, it is time for you to make your presentation. Anyone who was in literature class this morning, please refrain from commenting."

Reg showed his slides and Jeff said, "Does anyone have any idea what song Reg might have been illustrating? Jeff looked around and no one was volunteering. Jeff said, "Okay, everyone gather around me, so you can see me." as he uncovered the big book. He read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom then had the guys come up and sing, as Reg showed his slides and Jeff played the guitar.

When they finished and the applause had abated, Jeff said, "Reg has shown us several new reasons why music is so important in our lives. It can be used to teach young people the beginning principles of reading and mathematics. It can be a valuable tool in helping children develop a positive self image and enjoy success. Now, before the guys leave, they have one more song for you." The guys went off the side and came out and sang A Spoonful of Sugar (Helps the Medicine Go Down.)

When they finished, Jeff said, "Good job guys. Now, some of you need to get back to school, and some of you need to have rest time. Thanks for coming." He said as he handed them each two envelopes. The class stood and applauded as the guys left.

Jeff took control and said, "Good job Reg. Now, who would like to go next?" After two more presentations, the class ended.

Jeff finally had a quiet afternoon in the President's office and the President had already left for Chicago. Jeff drove home and picked up Tommy and went directly to Chip's new house. The movers had already filled the house with furniture and some of the college guys were helping the movers. They were stacking boxes in the garage, which was filled. Jeff said, "Guys, just put the rest of the boxes in the family room and Beau and the guys can go through them later." Everything was unloaded by 5:30.

I was at home with Beau, Jason and Teddy. When everyone came piling in, we had a fast dinner, because both Mickey and Sammy had babysitting jobs.

The rest of the guys did the dishes and cleaned up. Linda and Eric were meeting some people for bridge. The five guys announced that they were going to the houses to work. I couldn't go anywhere because I had told the baby sitter club that I would be home if they needed me.

I just sat back and turned on the college radio station that was playing jazz music. Jeff had dropped the other guys off and had gone to pick up Denny, Spencer, Bobby and Toby. The guys and Chip, Reg and Jill started going through the boxes and labeling them Goodwill, trash or, for Chip.

They found some good stainless steel flatware and some good microwavable dishes that were suitable for everyday use, and Jill took the things and put them in the dishwasher. The guys packed her old china and utensils and labeled them for the thrift shop. Before long, her kitchen was overflowing.

Jeff found a set of old Royal Dalton bone china and a complete set of Waterford crystal and he said, "Jill and Reg, you need to take these things and save them for special guests and parties. They are quite valuable."

Jill washed the dishes by hand and was putting them into the dining room cabinet, which the eleven year olds had polished to a stunning shine. The guys kept going through some boxes when Tommy came across some old papers and said, "Beau, I think you need to go through these papers, since there are some things that appear to be of value."

Beau looked at the pile, and the first thing he saw was a folder with some old stocks and bonds. He pulled them out and started to look at the contents. All of a sudden he collapsed on the floor. Jeff and Tommy grabbed him and took him to the bathroom.

"I need to go home." Beau sobbed as he started to revive.

Jeff said, "I'm taking Beau home. Tommy, put this box in the trunk and then I'll come back as soon as I get Beau settled."

Jeff and Beau arrived at the house and Beau came and sat down next to me and laid his head against my shoulder. Jeff came in with the box and said, "Dad, you and Beau need to go through this box, and sort through the contents. I need to go back to the house."

Jeff went to check on Drew and Kenny. They announced, "We're ready for the men from Mars when they invade tomorrow. It's too bad we have to work tomorrow."

Kenny said, "I wonder if the five rowdy college students are terrorizing the Nebraska City natives."

"What are you talking about?" Jeff asked.

The five of them left this afternoon for Nebraska City with some boxes and wrapping paper so they could start packing the drawers and closets and save time tomorrow." said Drew.

They locked the Edmond house and collected everyone. Jeff reminded everyone that they would be starting to work at nine the next morning, in the Edmond house.

"Jill, you are in charge, since Tommy and I are going to Nebraska City with the guys."

The guys arrived home, and Jason asked, "Where's Beau? Is he okay?"

"Jason, Beau is fine. He's upstairs. Now go get ready for bed." I pointed.

Jason hugged me and left. Jeff asked, "Dad, is it okay if we have a beer?" I think I need one. How about you Tommy?"

Tommy deferred and I got Jeff a beer as were just starting to sip them when in walked Mrs. T., Rea, Aunt Cora, Ben and Josh. Beau was coming down the stairs and said, "I'll get Aunt Cora's tea with a touch of B & B tonight since I have already drunk the rest. D. Dad, you'll have to take care of the rest of the people."

I finished getting the drinks and Beau asked, "Jeff, would you please take me to Mitch's house early, so I can do the kitchen floor before anyone else arrives and we really do need to put down runners to protect the carpet, since it is a little wet outside."

"Beau, I'll take you there in the morning, since Jeff is going to Nebraska City. You can do the floors and then we can go to the bank for the closing." I said.

"Okay. Grams, we need to make arrangements to stock the house with basics and food for several days so the Edmonds can get settled." Beau said.

"Beau honey, Jane is already organizing that, since she has been skating lately. The rest of us are meeting at my house to caravan to Nebraska City in the morning at 7:00." Mrs. T. answered him.

Beau said, "I'm going to bed then, since I have to be up at o'dark thirty to get the wimpy older teenagers up in time to roll."

As Beau left, Jeff said, "Uncle Ben and Uncle Josh, could you fix a big spaghetti feed for tomorrow night? You could get the teenage girls to help you, since the guys are all going to be busy and we can ask the parents, so they can get to know the Edmond's."

"We can do that, if I can do it my way." said Ben.

"Do whatever you want. Dad will take care of inviting everyone in the morning." Jeff said.

Everyone left and Jeff and Tommy quickly cleaned the glasses and went to bed.

I was reading and waiting for the babysitters to get home. Eric and Linda came in and said, "We'll stay up and wait for the guys. Go get some sleep."

Jeff was already asleep and I thought to myself, I'll probably never live to be forty five.

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