Doing What Some Guys Do

by Greg Bowden

My dad is a great guy. He never made it to college, mostly I suppose because he had a kid to support. But he's nice looking, kind to nearly everyone, and very smart. He's a carpenter and so good at it that he's never been out of work in his life. He's good at being a dad too. My mother left us when I was very young--young enough that I don't remember her at all--so dad was left with the job of raising me.

He did a good job of that, too--good enough that I know right from wrong, have a pretty open mind and became a reasonably responsible young man. Right now I'm between my sophomore and junior years of college, home for the summer and working for the same construction company my dad does. We--along with about twenty other guys--build houses. Dad builds cabinets and does finish work inside while I move rocks, dig trenches and do general grunt work outside.

It's pretty hot here in the summer so about the only things we wear at work are shorts and work boots. At home we get rid of the boots. It's a casual life but one we like a lot. In the evening, if we don't go out, dad cooks and I clean up. Dad cooks well--and isn't as messy as I am in the kitchen--so the meals are good and cleanup is pretty much a snap.

One night not long ago, I guess it was a Friday because I know we didn't have to work the next day, I finished cleaning the kitchen and went into the den to find dad just putting a movie on.

"What're you watching?"

"I'm not sure," he said. "Joe loaned it to me and it's supposed to be real good porn. But you know Joe so it could be anything from soft core to raunch."

"You mind if I watch with you?"

He put the disc in the player. "No, make yourself comfortable. You want a beer?"

"Sure." While he got the beer I sat on the sofa and looked at the disc case. There wasn't anything on it, not even the name of the thing. I figured it must be a copy Joe had made.

Dad handed me a beer, sat on the other end of the sofa and kicked the movie on. It turned out to be a series of disconnected scenes like the loops they show at frat parties. The first two were pretty hot with nice looking girls and well endowed, younger guys. I was fully boned up by the middle of the first one and, checking him out, I could see dad was too.

Dad and I have never been particularly body shy around each other but, looking over at him, I couldn't remember ever seeing him hard. Soft he's probably pretty average but by the look of the lump in his shorts he's a grower, like me. I don't have much to look at when I'm soft but I've been known to get some very nice--even envious--comments when I'm up.

By the middle of the second scene we were both rubbing ourselves through our shorts. Finally dad popped the top button of his shorts and looked over at me. "You mind?" he said. "I need to give this thing some air."

"It's okay by me," I said, pushing my own shorts down and kicking them off.

By the end of the second scene we were both slowly jacking ourselves and taking sidelong glances at each other, just to see how the other guy did it.

When the third scene started dad put his head back and laughed. "Does this seem just a little strange to you," he asked, "two guys watching porn and jerking off together?"

I let go of my dick and stretched. "Not really. We do this all the time at school. Sometimes a whole roomful of guys."

"Really!" he said with a grin. "I had no idea college was so educational." He shook his head and turned back to the screen.

The third scene started with a fairly attractive couple getting it on. Once the guy was in and establishing a rhythm the door opened and another guy came in and watched for a moment. "Nice," he said and began stripping. Once he was naked he walked over to the bed and just stood, watching.

The guy doing the fucking looked up at him and said, "You want some help with that?" He didn't wait for an answer but just leaned out, took the guy's dick in his mouth and began to give him what looked to me like a very professional blow job.

Dad dropped his dick and said, "Jeeze, look at that. He's blowing him."

I fondled my balls, liking the feel of their soft, shaved sack. "Yeah, and doing a pretty good job of it. Lot better than I did my first time."

Dad looked at me sharply but I noticed that his dick was back in his hand. "You done that?"

"Sure," I said, hefting my balls. "It's no big deal. Happened pretty much that way, too."

"What way?"

"Like he's doing. I was fucking this girl when my roommate walked in. Well, I wasn't about to stop and he pulled his pants down and stuck it in my face so I sucked him."

I guess dad was pretty surprised at this but I'll give him credit. He didn't miss a stroke. "You blew him?"

I went back to my dick. "Sure. Hey, it's just oral sex. But oral sex with something actually in your mouth. It's kind of fun."

Dad let go of his cock, I think letting it rest because he was getting close to coming. "Did you let... I mean, did he come? In your mouth?"

I had to laugh. "No, not that time. About the time I got really into blowing him I came so he pulled out and took my place." I rolled my foreskin over my finger, right at that sensitive spot just behind the head. Dad watched and then did the same thing.

"Not... Not that time? You did him again?"

"Sure. Joe and I got to trading blow jobs whenever one of us was left high and dry. You know, you go out with some gal who gets you all hot and then doesn't put out? No problem. There's relief back at the dorm."

Dad pulled his finger out of his foreskin and wrapped his hand around his shaft, the head standing just above his thumb and forefinger. He didn't move, he just held himself, thinking. The guy on the screen, the one getting blown, had squatted down over the woman so she could suck on his balls. I licked my finger and stuck it back under my foreskin, sliding it over my hot spot.

Dad looked over at me, watching my finger moving under my foreskin. Finally he asked if I still did it. "Blow your roommate I mean."

I nodded. "You mean Joe? He's not my roommate anymore. Not since I moved into the frat house. But yeah, we still get together once in a while and let off a little steam. No big deal."

He was still staring at my dick. "Did it feel good?"

"Which? Blowing him or getting blown?" He didn't answer; he was still studying my dick and I wondered if he was trying to figure out what it would feel like in his mouth. "Blowing a guy is okay. Maybe better than okay. I mean, feeling his excitement, knowing you're building him up to a major orgasm, it's exciting. You kind of control him too. You can push him over the top or keep him right on the edge; it's all up to you."

Dad nodded and looked away. The guys on the screen had traded places. He watched them for a moment and then looked back, fixating on my dick again.

"The other way--getting blown--is incredible. I've done a lot of research here and let me tell you dad, no woman can suck your dick like a man can. Maybe because he knows how it's supposed to be done, how it's supposed to feel, or maybe just because guys are always horny, I don't know but when it comes to blow jobs give me a guy on my dick every time."

I slipped my finger out of my foreskin and wrapped my hand around the head, sliding the skin slowly up and down. I wondered where this conversation was going and, looking at my dad's dick, hoped I knew. His dick is nothing out of the ordinary--I've seen bigger, longer, thicker--but it's his. My dad's. The dick that shot the seed that made me who I am. What guy could resist that?

We sat in silence for a while, watching each other play with his dick and pretty much ignoring the movie. Finally he lifted his gaze until he was looking me in the eye. "I don't know," he said quietly, "but I don't think I could do that. Suck a guy's dick I mean. Maybe it's just the old dog new trick thing but I don't think I could. Now the other way..." His lips curled into a little smile which quickly turned into a grin, "Well, you make it sound pretty good. You know son, I don't think I've ever had a blow job that was anywhere near as good as just jerking myself off. But from what you say..."

I let it hang there for just a second, letting him think about how much he wanted it. "Tell you what dad, I'll trade you a blow job you'll never forget for a simple hand job. How's that?"

He studied me for a moment and then looked down at my dick. "You mean jerk you off? That's all I have to do?"

"You got it."

He unconsciously slouched down in the sofa and spread his legs. "Uh... Okay. I guess. I mean... Oh hell. Yes. But let's just do it before I have too much time to think about it."

I got down on the floor and kneeled between his legs. When I took hold of his dick he sucked in his breath and closed his eyes. I circled my thumb and forefinger around it and slid them slowly up from base to head and then back down, pulling his loose skin with them. When I let go the skin began to crawl back up, covering the head again. I leaned in and kissed his balls which made him jump just a little. When I took one of them in my mouth he sighed and spread his legs a little wider.

I licked him from his balls, up the shaft and across the head and he sighed again. Then, very slowly, I went down on him, taking his dick all the way to the base. I stayed down on him for a long time, then I pulled back a couple of inches so I could pull his skin down, exposing the naked head to my tongue.

He put his hands on my head, not pushing me down on him the way some guys do but just letting them rest there, his fingers combing through my hair. I took his sack in my hand and felt the balls inside begin to climb up towards the base of his dick. I slid up his dick until only the head was in my mouth. I ran my tongue around it and found his hot spot, right where mine is, just under the head. He made some noises deep in his throat and I felt his balls climb higher so I slid back down on him and stayed still for a while.

When his balls loosened up some I pulled his foreskin up, over his cock-head with my mouth and gently sucked on it. He began to put out a little pre-cum and it tasted just a little like salted nuts. There wasn't a whole lot of it but I enjoyed what there was. Then I slipped my tongue between his foreskin and the head. His balls immediately climbed up to the base of his dick so I took my mouth off altogether and went back to sucking on his ball sack.

When his breathing went back to normal I went back to his dick, licking it all over before I took the head into my mouth and stuck my tongue under his foreskin. He put his hands back on my head and began petting me, whispering quietly to himself.

I managed to keep him on the edge for maybe twenty minutes before he began to tell me he was going to come. I took him up another couple of notches and kept him there a few minutes more, until he said "please." Then I pushed him over and worked his hot spot until his hands tightened on my head and tried to hold me still. I slid back down on him and held him in my mouth until he started to go soft.

When I pulled off and looked up at him he held my eyes for a moment and then smiled. "You were right," he said with just a touch of hoarseness in his voice. "I've never had a blow job like that. Never in my life."

I climbed up on the sofa and sat next to him. "I told you." We sat in silence for a few minutes, pretending to watch the movie.

After a while dad cleared his throat and said, "Okay, how do we do this?" He reached out and took my cock in his fist. "Seems kind of awkward doesn't it?"

It did. It occurred to me that neither of us had ever done this, had ever given another guy a hand job so we'd just have to figure it out. "Let's try it this way," I said, getting up and then sitting myself down between his legs. "All you have to do is reach around me and do it like you were jacking yourself off."

He put an arm around me and pulled me back, snuggling tighter against my back. I felt him wedge his hand between us and pull his dick up. Then he took hold of my dick and gave it a few tentative strokes. "How... how do you want me to do this?"

"Just like you were all alone, horny and jacking off. Hold it just like you hold yours and stroke it like you always do."

He laughed. "You mean I should pretend you aren't here?" He squeezed my cock. "Hard to do, son. Hard to do." After a moment he began to stroke my cock, holding it so loosely that he didn't move the skin much at all, he just let his hand glide along the shaft from base to head. He touched one of my nipples with his other hand, lightly running his fingertip over it. I wondered if his nipples were as sensitive as mine.

He tightened his grip a little, sliding my skin along the shaft and them pulling it tightly over the head. Blowing him had excited me more than I had thought but I didn't slow him down; I just let it come as it would. It didn't take long.

I came quite a lot, spraying it all over my chest and then covering his hand with it. He was a trooper though and kept slowly stroking me until I had to put my hand on his, stopping the movement.

He chuckled, "Gets sensitive, doesn't it? Like father like son I guess." I stood up and watched as he brought his hand up to his nose. "Smells pretty much like mine too. Probably a family trait." He got up and went into the bathroom where I could hear him washing his hands and then peeing. I went in and joined him.

When we were through in the bathroom he asked me if I wanted another beer. I nodded and told him I'd get them.

He was sitting on the couch, still naked, when I came back from the kitchen. "You know son?" he said and took a long swallow of his beer. "When you first started--you know, going down on me--I wondered if I was going to be embarrassed after. With you." He looked me straight in the eye. "But I guess not, huh? I mean, I guess it's just something that some guys do, right? Even father and son guys?"

I touched his beer bottle with mine. "Even father and son guys. And by the way, I hope you got as big a bang out of it as I did."

He shook his head. "I don't know about yours but that was about the biggest bang I've ever had."

We started the movie again but it didn't seem very interesting. We ended up watching the news and going to bed where, I assume, he relived the blow job and jacked off, just as I did.

The next evening after I'd finished cleaning the kitchen I noticed a couple of new movies on the table, both of them porn. I smiled to myself and took one into the den. "You rent these?"

He nodded and blushed just a little. "Yeah. I thought we could watch one and... Well, you know... Do what some guys do."

I grinned at him and pushed my shorts down. I was well on the way to a hard-on. "Sounds like a plan to me," I said.

This went on--every weekend--for several weeks. Then, one Friday on the way home from work I said, "You know? I really don't think we need to stop at that video place. I mean, we know pretty much what we're going to end up doing and I, for one, don't really need a movie to get me started. How about you?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I think I'd be able to get into it without."

I reached over and groped him. "Think? Hell, that thing's pretty much ready to go now."

He pushed my hand away and laughed. "Don't get me started or you won't get any dinner." As we pulled into the driveway he said, "The hell with cooking. Let's you and me go out for a change. That way," he winked at me, "you won't have to clean the kitchen."

I groped him again. He was full hard. "And you, you dirty old man, won't have to wait while I do."

We showered, dressed in our good shorts and went out for prime rib.

Back home we got out of our clothes and I wandered into his bedroom where he was hanging up his shirt. His back was to me and he seemed to spend a long time fussing with the shirt. I went over and turned him around. His dick was so hard it twitched with his pulse and he was embarrassed.

I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. He tossed the shirt on a chair and took hold of my head, slowly working his dick into my throat. "Oh god that's good!" he moaned.  I took hold of his balls and they were tight against his crotch. The man was ready.

I pulled off his dick and stood. "Hey, let's slow it down a little. Here," I pulled back the bed clothes, "let's do it properly. You might like it laying down."

He crawled into the middle of the bed and laid on his back. I laid beside him and began touching his chest and belly. "You like this? Being touched?"

He nodded and closed his eyes.

I leaned down and took one of his nipples between my lips. He sighed and when I ran my teeth over it he moaned. I rubbed his chest and belly, all the while nibbling on his nipple. His breathing grew fairly ragged and I wondered if I could actually get him off this way. He answered my unspoken question by suddenly arching his back and crying out. I watched his dick swell and suddenly he was shooting cum into the air. I grabbed his dick and began to stroke it, helping to prolong his orgasm.

After a long time he lifted my head from his nipple and took my hand off his dick. He didn't say anything, he just laid there, trying to control his breathing. I went into his bathroom and wetted a cloth with warm water. Then I cleaned him up and laid back beside him.

After a while he rolled up on his elbow and looked at me. "Well, that's never happened before. Not that way." He chuckled. "It wasn't a blow job but I guess it still qualifies for a hand job. How..."

I turned on my side, my back to him. "Like this."

He moved against me, so I could feel his chest hair against my back and his dick against my buns. He slid one arm under my neck and reached over me with the other and took hold of my dick. "This okay?"

I took hold of his free hand and brought it to my chest. "Yeah. Perfect."

He fondled my dick for a bit, making it hard and then started to stroke me, slow, gentle strokes, barely moving the skin on my dick. With his free hand he began to play with my nipple.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned.

"You like that as much as I do?"

"Maybe more." I felt his dick firm up. Unconsciously I pushed back against it and he moved slightly so it was lying between my buns. He tightened his grip on my dick a little and stroked a bit faster. He flexed his dick and I pushed back against it, this time consciously.

His hand slowed. "You... You do that, too?" He flexed his dick again.

"For the right guy, sure."

His hand slowed but the strokes became longer. "Am I..."

I finished his question. "The right guy? You're the most right guy I can think of. You got some lube?"

He flexed his dick and pushed it deeper between my buns. "In the drawer there."

I reached in the drawer and came up with an old fashioned tube of KY. I squeezed some out on my hand and dad pulled back so I could put it on him. His dick was hard as glass. I used my finger to apply some to myself.

I'd never really done this before --gotten fucked--although one guy had tried to talk me into it. I'd told him it wouldn't be worth the pain but now, with my dad pushing gently against my ass, I knew it would be fine. I had no idea how fine it would turn out to be!

I pushed back against dad and he whispered, "If this hurts, you tell me and I'll stop and take it out."

I nodded, took a deep breath and pushed back on him again. It took just a second of feeling the head of his dick pressing against my sphincter before I opened up to him and he slid all the way into me, right up to his balls.

"Oh, my god!" We said it almost in unison and we both meant the same thing. It was wonderful! We lay still for a while, savoring the feelings flashing through our bodies. Then he began to move in me, long, slow strokes.

It was like a bubble that grew in the middle of my gut and then slowly expanded to take over my whole being. My mind shut down and gave itself up to the pleasure. When I couldn't take in any more the bubble burst and I came. I came for a long time and I guess that pushed dad over his edge because suddenly his dick was bucking around in me and I could actually feel each shot as he fired his cum deep inside me.

When it was over and we'd caught our breath dad started to withdraw. I reached back and put my hand on his ass to stop him. "Not yet, dad. Please? Let it go soft and slip out of it's own accord."

He chuckled. "I doubt it'll do that son. It's probably going to stay pretty hard as long as it's in there. And too long hard means I'll have to start again."

I grinned although he couldn't see it. "My plan exactly."

He sighed and pressed closer to me. "There's a towel in the drawer there, if you want to wipe up any of that stuff. Otherwise it's going to get cold."

I got the towel and wiped his hand and my dick, which was still hard as his, and what I could reach of the bed without moving away from him. Then we just lay there together. Every once in a while he would flex his dick inside me, showing me that it was still hard. Every time he did that I got more excited and just a little closer to coming again.

He quit playing and started moving in me, very slowly. As his strokes grew longer I knew he was going to make me come again. I didn't do anything about it, I just let it happen and when it did it was another explosion. Like the trooper he is, dad didn't miss a beat and just kept going with long, slow strokes. I didn't really come down from it until dad came and then I came again, right along with him.

After, he made no move to withdraw. He pressed himself tightly against me and said, "I think I have to sleep a little." I felt him deflate a little in me but he didn't go completely soft and we dozed for a couple of hours, connected by his dick.

When I was a kid the orgasm of a wet dream always woke me and I always prolonged it with my hand. I thought I was a kid again when I woke but then realized it was my dad's hand that was prolonging it. I let myself fall back into a half sleep and enjoyed the intense feeling of his dick moving slowly in and out of me. As he sped up I knew we were both going to come again. He knew it too and stroked my dick as fast as he was stroking inside of me. We came together, suddenly and with a lot of force.

When it was over we slept again, his dick inside me.

The sun woke us. Dad stretched his legs and then slowly pulled out of me. "I know you want to feel it go soft inside you ," he said, "but that's just not going to happen. At least not this time." He stood beside the bed and stretched again, this time his whole body and yawned. "Now have a shower and let's go get some breakfast. A night like that makes a man hungry."

Showered, shaved and dressed in clean shorts, I met him in the kitchen. He grinned at me. "Well, son, I hope you're not as sore as I am but I'll bet you're worse. Right?"

"A little. I rubbed a chap-stick over it and it'll be fine. You okay?"

"My dick hasn't felt like this since the very first time, when I was seventeen. But yeah, I'm okay. They teach you that chap-stick thing in college?"

I laughed. "No, I read it somewhere. Never had to use it though, `till now."

He got suddenly quiet. "This wasn't your... Well, your first time at... that, was it?"

I nodded. "Couple of guys wanted to do it but, well, they weren't the right guys. You are. And I got to tell you, I haven't had as much fun since my first time when I was fifteen." I winked at him. "And you're right. A night like that makes a man hungry. Let's go get some breakfast."

We spent the rest of the summer--well, weekends anyway--playing in dad's bed.

I'm married now, to a woman I love intensely and we have a couple of kids, a cute little boy and a girl who is going to drive the boys up the wall in about ten or twelve years. We live in the same town I grew up in and I still go over to dad's by myself once a month or so and spend a few hours in his bed, doing what some father and son guys do.

Comments, suggestions or just plain chit-chat always appreciated and answered.