Drawn West

By Jim002


Copyright 2017 by Jim002@outlook.com



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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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They had me lie on the bed on my stomach. They climbed on and I soon felt a slippery finger slide inside my ass. I closed my eyes and sighed. It hadn't even started, but I was content. I felt a little pain as another finger was forced inside me. The two fingers began to pull my hole open. They continued stretching me until I had four fingers inside me. Soon after, they pulled their fingers away. Rafe and Pa flipped me over onto my back. Pa held my legs up, exposing my hole to Rafe. I watched him spread bacon grease over his rod. Pa took Rafe's stiff pecker and placed it at my hole. Rafe pushed, but nothing happened.

"Push harder," I said.

He did. I pushed out, and the head slowly entered me.

Rafe stared at me intensely.

"Damn!" he said, as his head went all the way inside.

"You want me to slow down?"

"No, Rafe."

He slid the rest of the way inside me.

Rafe leaned down and kissed me. When he pulled away from the kiss, he started fucking.

"How does my boy feel?" Pa asked Rafe.

"Damn! It's so good!"

I ran my hands over Rafe. Pa brought his pecker to my lips and rubbed them with it. I leaned up and swallowed the head of his cock.

Rafe groaned, as he continued to fuck me.

"That's it, honey. Suck the juice out of your Pa's jewels," Rafe said.

But Pa had other plans. He pulled out of my mouth. He began stroking his meat and I remembered him saying he wanted to shoot on my face for Rafe.

"I need to slow down, or I'm gonna shoot," Rafe said.

"Go ahead and shoot. I guarantee Daryl can have you ready to shoot again."

Rafe shook his head, grinning. He began fucking me again.

After a couple more minutes, Pa groaned and shot on my face, as promised. It was too much for Rafe. He cursed as I felt his meat twitch inside me. At the same time, I felt Pa's warm cream strike my face.

"Feed it to him, Rafe," Pa said, after Rafe stopped moving.


Rafe wiped some off my face and stuck his finger in my mouth. I sucked it clean. I felt Rafe's pecker swell inside me as he got hard, again.

"See what I meant about Daryl getting you ready to shoot again?"

"I shore do! Damn!" He wiped more of Pa's man milk into my mouth. "Damn!" he said, as I gobbled it down.

"You do this ever day?" Rafe asked.

"Hell, no. Usually we could only get away for a quick suck. This is as wonderful for us as it is for you. We can both finally get as much as we want."

Rafe wiped all the remaining milk into my mouth. Then he pulled slowly out of me. His pecker was as stiff as ever. I wrapped one hand around it and began stroking. Rafe sighed. Pa leaned towards Rafe and they kissed, while I stroked both of them. I watched Rafe's balls swing with each stroke. They were big. Bigger than Pa's. I let go of Pa's pecker and wrapped that hand around Rafe's nuts. I tugged lightly on them while I stroked his meat. I heard Rafe moan as he kissed Pa.

"I'll be right back," I said, as I got off the bed.

I went into the other room and wet a towel. I took it back to the bed and wiped Rafe's pecker clean. Then I took it into my mouth and began sucking.

"He don't stop!" Rafe said. I looked up at him and would have smiled, if my mouth hadn't been wrapped around his meat.

"Just tell him when to stop," Pa said, grinning. "I personally have never wanted him to stop."

Rafe chuckled.

Pa got down on his side. He wrapped his hand around Rafe's meat near the base and stroked the shaft while I sucked on the end. Rafe groaned. I kept tugging on Rafe's nuts while I sucked and Pa stroked. I pulled off and licked the part of his big pecker that wasn't in Pa's hand before swallowing him, again. A minute later, Rafe cursed as he fed me his cream. Pa kept stoking as Rafe's milk spurted into my mouth.

"That's it. Feed our boy," Pa said.

Rafe gasped. "Our?"

"Yeah. Ours to love and ours to share."

If anything, Rafe's pecker grew stiffer from Pa's words. After a few more shots, the flow diminished.

I was disappointed when he pulled his pecker out of my mouth. But Rafe bent over and began sucking me. Pa lay on his back on the bed and pulled Rafe's meat to his mouth. Rafe groaned as Pa licked the head of Rafe's big pecker. It was still hard, but Rafe had shot in my rear, and then in my mouth. I figured it would be a while before he could find completion. Rafe pushed two fingers into my ass. They slid in easily, because I was full of Rafe's own slippery man cream. He moved his fingers around inside me until I shot my bolt. I grabbed Rafe's wrist to stop his fingers moving inside me. When my pleasure was over, Rafe let my pecker slip from his mouth. He pressed his mouth to mine and we kissed. I could taste my own milk in his mouth.

Rafe rolled onto his back, next to me. Pa lay next to him. We were all sated. As we lay there, Rafe told us a little about his life.

"My family had a farm in Missoura. It was very good land and the crops did well. My Pa, we was told, didn't like kids. He'd leave and not come back for months. But we had money. We had six hired hands workin for us. I had three sisters I didn't much care for, so I spent my time with the hired hands. I learned a lot of things from them. One of the things I learned was I liked peckers. I saw all of em naked all the time. I was mighty embarrassed when I found out they knew I liked them. One of them, a man named Josephus disapproved and was always telling the others to cover themselves around me. But two of them, Andy and Roy, didn't mind a bit. Sometimes Andy would take me with him when he went for a piss. After the flow stopped, Andy would stroke his meat and it would get hard. I was amazed the first few times.

"You like that big thang?" Andy asked me, after I'd been there watching him a few times.

"I shouldn't, I know."

"I'm glad you like ma pecker."

"Andy took my hand and placed it on his pecker. He had me wrap my fingers around it. Then he taught me how he liked to be stroked. I knew it was a terrible thang we was doing, but I loved it. He gasped and I stopped. "Keep goin!" I stroked Andy's pecker until his cream shot out of him onto the grass. I thought that was the most fun I ever had. Andy sure liked it, too. Andy told me we had to keep it a secret. But whenever he had fee time, we'd go off and I'd stroke him. I remember one special time. It was spring and we was on the bank of the river that ran through our farm. The birds was singing and the new grass was soft and green. Andy leaned back on his elbows with his eyes closed. Andy had a smile on his face while I stroked him. I caught his cream in one hand, while I stroked him with the other. When he was done, I stood up and looked at his milk in my cupped hand. Andy got up and looked at what I was doing.

"That there makes babies," Andy said. I nodded. I knew that.

"Some boys like the taste," Andy said. I looked at him, surprised. Andy had a sly expression on his face. "Some boys suck it right out of a man's pecker," he said softly, into my ear.

"I don't believe you!"

"Yup. It's the gospel truth. I got ma pecker sucked twice."

"I didn't taste his, but I thought about what he said," Rafe said.

"Roy was the other hired hand. He told what I thought was tall tales. One story was his battle with a bear. It was an enormous bear, twelve feet tall, or so he said. The story was so fantastic, that I was sure it was a tall tale. After all, how many men survive having their guts ripped out by a bear? Roy told other stories. There was one bout a woman who thought she was a bat, and acted like one. But I went swimming with Roy once. He never took off his shirt in front a me, before. But he took it off that day. I saw a big, ugly scar across Roy's belly. There were claw marks on one side. I asked if the bear did it."

"Yup. Near died from it."

"I believed him. Roy had scars all over his body and he was embarrassed by them. After we swam, we lay on the bank naked and talked. Roy told me how he got each scar. Most was from the war. I asked if I could touch one. I didn't know nothin about scars at the time. I felt the scar from the bear. I watched Roy's pecker get stiff. I had already learned how to stroke Andy.

"'Do you want me to stroke it for you?'" I asked Roy.

Roy looked at me in surprise.

"You wanna do that?"

"I do. I want to make you shoot your cream."

"Roy looked surprised and a little scared. But he nodded his head. I began stroking him."

"'Oh, baby boy! I knew you was special.'"

"I was so proud of bein called special by Roy. But he stopped me. He rolled me onto my back and lay on top of me. He kissed me and forced his tongue into my mouth. I didn't know what he was doin, but I liked it! After kissing me for a while, he lifted himself up by his arms. He told me all the thangs I had never heard from anyone else. How special I was, how kind, and finally, he told me he loved me. I was in love with him by that time and I started to cry. I was afraid Roy would call me a baby, but he just wiped the tears from my face. Then Roy taught me how to suck a man. After I learned that lesson, he fucked me. It hurt like hell, at first. Then, all of a sudden, he stopped. He got this strange expression on his face."

"'Is something wrong?'" I asked him.

"'Oh, no, baby bow,' he said, after a bit. 'Everthing is fine.'"

"Roy got worried that we had been gone too long. We got dressed and walked home. On the way, I asked, 'Are you ever going to marry?'"

"'No. I ain't got no use at all for a woman.'"

Rafe agreed completely, but didn't say so.

"'There ain't nothing a woman can do that a man cain't do better.'"

"'What about having babies?' I asked him."

"'You wanna pack a kids?'"

"I shook my head."

"'Then they's useless, ain't they?'"

Rafe thought of his sisters and had to agree. It was men who did all the work on the farm.

"We had sex whenever we could, which wasn't often enough for me. But the other hands might have gotten suspicious if we went off to have sex every day. Roy taught me other stuff, besides sex. After a bad storm, Ma decided the hired hands needed a new bunkhouse. Roy and a hired hand named Bobby had experience building. I learned a lot from them. I used what they taught to build this cabin.

"Between times with Roy, I sometimes stroked Andy. He finally convinced me to taste his cream. I thought it was odd. I never swallowed Andy's milk, but I swallowed a lot of Roy's. I told Roy what I was doin with Andy, but I didn't never tell no one what I was doin with Roy. I liked Andy, but Andy was girl crazy. While I stroked him, he was always telling me what he liked to do with girls. I tried to act interested, but I wasn't at all. Andy just liked having someone else drain his pecker. Roy loved me and I loved him.

"Once, after Roy had fucked me, we were walking back to the house. Roy told me he loved me. I told him I loved him. We'd said that to each other many times. But this time, another hired hand, name of Jesse, heard us and told my ma. She was furious. She asked me why I told the man I loved him. I said it was because he said he loved me. She accepted that from me, but she sent Roy packing. I chased after Roy as he was leaving and asked him where he was going. Roy told him he was going gold prospecting. I wanted to know where, but Roy refused to say. I never saw him, again.

"A few years later, around 1875, I heard about gold being found in the Black Hills. I was tired of being a farmer and tired of bein introduced to elgible young ladies, who were just as useless as Roy had said. I decided to travel north and try to find Roy. Maybe he came here. No one knew anythin bout him. I thought about travelin the country looking for him, but I didn't know what direction to head. He could be in Colorado, or Montana, or California. He might even have died. Plus, I didn't have much money. I gave up looking for Roy. I still miss him."

I thought that was very sad. But if Roy wanted Rafe to find him, he could have at least told him the direction he was headed.

"I found some gold on this land and got a homestead here. I tried my hand at prospecting. Like a lot of folks round here, I found gold, but not much. I was offered a good job in a mine, and I took it. I much preferred gettin a steady pay check."

"Did you have sex with Andy after Roy left?" I asked Rafe.

"Yeah. A few times. Like I said, Andy was woman crazy. He said women was expensive, so he made do with me. I didn't like that. One time, he wanted me to put on one of my sisters' dresses. He wanted to fuck me in the ass, wearin a dress. I hated that idea and I stopped foolin around with him. He was mad about that, but I told him I would tell my ma that he forced me to suck his pecker. He pretty much hated me after that. But I was one of his bosses, so he was civil."

"I wonder if your father was a man lover," Pa said to Rafe.

Rafe was quiet for a moment.

"Never thought about that. He sure didn't like staying in a house with four females."

"What was that about the woman who thought she was a bat?" I asked him.

"Oh! I actually saw the woman. It was in a travelin freak show. There was a dead bat in a jar out front. When you went inside, she was hanging upside down, dressed in black, flapping a cape a some sort. Her face was all scrunched up, a little like a bat's. Soon as I saw her, I knew she was the woman Roy saw."

We were all rested by then and we got dressed. We went outside. Rafe showed us the small barn. The barn shared a wall with the house, the side with the fireplace and used heat from it and the chimney to keep warm. Rafe pointed out an odd structure that was part of the bricks in the chimney. Rafe said it was an opening in the chimney that allowed heat to enter, but blocked sparks from escaping into the barn. The chickens were on the left and the horses on the right.

"Why don't you have a door in the house that opens to them? You could feed them without going outside," I said.

"Wait til summer and see if you still want to do it. The smell is bad enough without a door."


Rafe nodded. "With the barn on this side and the outhouse at the back, it can get bad. The new house is going to be different," Rafe added.

We looked into the hen house.

"Have you ever eaten one of them?" I asked him.

"Yes. That one there," Rafe said, pointing at a hen sitting on her nest. "Took her a while to get meat back on her bones."

It took me a second to understand. Then we all laughed.

"I usually buy meat when I can. Working at the mine, don't leave much time for hunting or raising livestock."

I nodded my head. He left before dawn and returned after sunset.

"And I'd need a lot more chickens if I was raising them for eggs and meat."

"Should we get more chickens or buy our eggs in town?" Pa asked him.

"Bad time to raise chicks. They need heat," Rafe said.

"Oh. That's true," Pa said.

"We could raise them in the cabin, if you the smell won't bother you."

I shook my head.

"It would bother me," I said. "Let's buy eggs, if we can."

Rafe and Pa nodded.

We learned everything we needed to know about chickens. Pa already knew most of it, but I didn't. Then we went to the horses. The stallion was named Roy. I smiled when I learned that. He was black, with a white patch on his forehead. He was beautiful. I rubbed his head, gently and could tell he liked it. The mare was Bluebell. She was brown. I rubbed her head, too. Pa decided that we should get another horse, right away.

We went back into the cabin. Pa made coffee and he and Rafe made decisions about our futures. Pa told Rafe about the Yardley homestead he'd bought. Rafe didn't know anything about the family or the land. Pa thought there might be fixtures and many other things we could use from the house and stable. I wasn't sure I believed in curses. I just didn't want to live next to their graves, and it wouldn't be proper to move the graves further from the house. But if there was a curse, I doubted it was on the fixtures and saddles. But then there was the illness that killed all of them. For the first time, it struck me how sad the Yardley story was. Those poor folks. Which one died last, and who buried that one? I said a short prayer for them.

"Can we catch anything from the Yardley's things?" I asked.

"No. Not smallpox and we'll wash whatever we take from there. When you were young, all of us got something to keep us from catching smallpox," Pa said.

Rafe nodded.

"I've had it. It's cowpox, the doc told me," Rafe said.

"How does it work?" I asked.

"Cattle catch a disease called cowpox. People can catch it too, but it doesn't do much to people. You get much sicker from a cold. But once you've had cowpox, you can't catch smallpox," Pa said.


"So a doctor gave us all a disease!" Pa said.

I smiled at him.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Just after one," Pa said, after looking at his pocket watch.

"We can all go to town," Pa said. "Who can we see about a horse?" he asked Rafe.

"We can tell Joe Carpenter we's lookin for one," Rafe said. "If he doesn't know, he can ask customers as they come in if they have any to sell. He'll probably want a couple of dollars for helpin."

"That's just fine," Pa said.

"Oh! I forgot all about it, but I have fifty dollars, from selling a lot of Mother's things," I said.


We left the cabin. I remembered I needed my drawing supplies and ran back into the cabin for those. I rejoined them and then Pa and I watched Rafe get the horses harnessed. Soon, we were on our way to town. I sat between Pa and Rafe. I put one hand on each man's crotch. They both got hard.

"Rafe is tired of sex. You should stop," Pa said to me.

I looked at Rafe and he looked shocked.

"No, I ain't!"

I laughed.

"Do you get sucked very often on your way to town?" I asked Rafe.

"Cain't say I have."

"It's too cold," Pa said. "The parts that aren't in your mouth with be freezing and wet."

I nodded. Pa was right. I kept my hands on their peckers, rubbing and squeezing them. Rafe started whistling and I wondered how he did it. My lips felt half-frozen.

Rafe pointed out things on the way to town. There were a couple of springs. When we set out from the cabin, it looked like the sun was trying to come out, but partway to town, it started to snow. But it was almost Christmas. In fact, it was December 24th!

"Christmas is tomorrow!" I said.

"It is!" Rafe said. "I was just thinkin that. I want to buy you somethin, Daryl."

"To be honest, I got more than I ever hoped for, already," I said.

"Amen to that!" Pa said.

"Something to eat might be nice, if anyone bakes around here," I said.

"That's a good idea, son. You can regain some weight and celebrate at the same time."

"That sounds good," Rafe said.

"How about you, Alan?" Rafe asked. "What can I get you?"

I was about to correct him on Pa's name. It was Dan. But then I remembered he was really Alan. I knew it would take a while to stop thinking of him as Dan.

"How about some liquor?" Pa suggested.

Rafe turned and grinned.

"Another good idea! You smoke, Alan?"

"No. My parents were violently opposed to tobacco and I just never took it up."

Rafe nodded.

"I used to, but smoking ain't too safe in a mine and I don't much like chewin' it."

"I don't know enough about you to get you anything," I said to Rafe.

"Baby, you given me enough to make me the happiest I ever been. I got you and your Pa for my Christmas," Rafe said.

I leaned against him and Rafe wrapped his arm around me.

The wind picked up and I began shivering. Rafe pulled out a blanket from under the seat. Pa wrapped it around me. Completely around me. I tried to sit and couldn't. I started laughing.

"Let me loosen it a bit."

He did and I sat.

We made it to town. It was a little busier. I saw two wagons near Joe Carpenter's store. Rafe pulled up next to one. Pa got out and then I did.

"I'm going to take the horses to the stable," Rafe said.

Rafe turned around and headed there.

"I'm going to the saloon, Pa."

"I'm going into the store to see what they have. I'll meet you at the saloon when I'm done."

I walked across the street to Harry's Saloon. As I entered it, I thought how much my life had changed in just a few hours. The evening before, the saloon seemed like it would be my home. Now, I wondered if I even wanted to continue drawing the girls. But I had committed to it, so I was determined to honor my commitment.

Several of the ladies were gathered around the piano singing Christmas songs. I saw Tom sitting at a table with a man whose back was to me. He saw me and waved. I walked over to him.

I sat down at the table. I could tell who it was.

"I'd like you to meet my brother Joey."

Joey smiled and held his hand out. I shook it.

"You sure look like Tom!" I said.

"Naw. He takes after me," Joey said.

"That's a trick, what with me bein born first," Tom said.

I laughed.

Joey wasn't anything like I expected. I was expecting a smaller version of Tom, maybe a little effeminate. But Joey was bigger than Tom. He wore a beard that hadn't been trimmed in a while. His shirt was half-unbuttoned, and dark brown hair covered his chest. He was wearing a tight shirt that showed off his muscles. He looked a lot stronger than Tom, too. But he obviously worked outdoors, probably working hard, while Tom sat around drinking booze and fucking the ladies. Looking at Joey, my pecker felt like it was trying to explode out of my pants. And Joey was looking at me with raw hunger.

"You're a fine lookin boy," Joey said to me.


"I saw the pictures you drew of Tom. You got talent."

"Thank you. Would you like me to draw a picture of you?" I asked Joey.

"I would love that." He leaned closer. "You want to see me with clothes or without em?"

"You're embarassin Daryl with a question like that," Tom said.

I wasn't that embarrassed.

"Both?" I asked, grinning.

"I can do that," Joey said. Joey shook his head. "You are fine lookin. Fine lookin!"

"So what do you do, Joey? Work, I mean."

"Little bit o this little bit o that. Before the winter got set in, I was over in Deadwood, helpin to build. The town's gettin bigger ever day."

Building? Rafe couldn't build a home for all three of us very quickly, all by himself. I wondered how he would feel about Joey helping, if Joey was interested.

"We're building a home," I said.

"Your Pa know how?" Joey asked.

"No, but we are going to live next to Rafe Smith and he knows how."

"Oh. You know Rafe?" Joey asked.

"We're living with him," I said.


"Daryl, will you follow me?" Tom said. He got up and headed up the stairs. Mavel was singing at the piano. She smiled as I passed her and I smiled back.

I assumed we were going upstairs to start drawing, but Tom took me to the sitting room.

"So what do you think of Joey?" Tom said.

"I don't know him well enough to say."

"I don't mean that. Does he make your pecker hard?" Tom asked.

I nodded. Tom grinned.

"I'm real pleased to hear that, Daryl. I wanted him to shave to make a good impression."

"He looks really good the way he is."

"Good! Now he wants to fuck you. Are you interested?"

"I want to get to know him a little better, first."

"Fair nough. Why don't I get the key for room 7 and you two can go in there are get acquainted?"

"OK. About drawingó"

"Oh, yeah! You made twelve bucks last night!" I couldn't believe it! "We sold them all. Harry wants more, but it's early."

Twelve dollars? It seemed unreal. Twelve dollars seemed too much, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember how many I'd drawn! Maybe some had sold for more than a dollar. I wondered if the drawings would have sold if the men had been sober. Maybe not, but that wasn't my business. The ladies probably wouldn't work nearly as often if the men were sober!

Tom left and I sat there in shock. Another man for sex and more money!

About a minute later, Harry walked in.

"Hey, Daryl!"

I stood and held out my hand. Harry laughed. He leaned forward.

"You sucked the cream out of my balls yesterday, and now you want to shake hands?"

"I thought people might talk if I pulled your meat out and shook it. Or sucked it."

Harry laughed.

"Not on the second floor."

Harry put his arm around my shoulders.

"I'm just as pleased as I can be about your drawings. I feel lucky I met you. We could have sold more last night. We had more buyers than drawings. I'm not sure what I want to do about that. Limiting the number makes each more valuable, but money in the hand from selling everything you can, is great, too."

While he spoke, Harry pulled out his pecker. It was stiff. He did have a nice one. "You want a suck?" he asked me.

I nodded.

"You want my cream, again?"

"I do."

"I got to tell you, I get a kick out of the fact that you want my pecker milk. I was thinking about it last night, and I do believe you are the first who actually wanted it. I've had others swallow it, of course, but it wasn't cause they wanted it. It must be a man thing. Maybe only men can develop a taste for man milk. Tom told me Joey loved his."

I nodded.

"You like mine?" he asked.

"I like it a lot."

"Good. Good. It pleases me no end I can make you happy this way," Harry said.

Harry put his hand behind my neck and pulled down.

"Have yourself a suck, son. You make me much more money, and I'll be wishing you really were my son. Then I'd just take you home and pay you with that," he said, pointing at his pecker. "And my cream, of course."

I laughed as I knelt and pulled the foreskin back on his stiff meat. Harry looked average, but I loved his meat. I ran my fingertips over the hard flesh and it bounced a few times. I laughed at that. Then I lapped at the underside of the pink head, and Harry's clear stuff started flowing down my tongue. Harry sighed. "That's it, son." I got even more excited when he called me son. I had another daddy who would give me exactly what I wanted. I swallowed the head and then stroked the shaft slowly, letting more collect. After I swallowed that, I began sucking. After a moment, I reached carefully into Harry's pants and pulled his balls out. I stroked his hairy nuts and got another sigh in response.

"If you can do it, I'd like twelve pictures today. If your hand cramps and you can't do that many, I understand," he said, as I bobbed on his cock.

I looked up at him while sucking. Harry had a grin on his face and his hands on his hips. I pulled off his meat.

"I think I can do twelve, if I rest my hand a few times."

Harry rubbed his cock on my face. I groaned.

"I know what you need," Harry said, as he did it. Then he thrust his pecker back into my mouth. He held my head with both hands.

"Ben wants to hire you," Harry said, as he began fucking my mouth. His balls slapped against my chin. "I've never fucked a boy in the ass." He pulled out of my mouth and rubbed his wet cock all over my face, again. I loved it! All I could smell was Harry's wet pecker. There seemed to be something possessive about the way Harry was acting. He shoved his cock back into my mouth. "You don't need Ben. I'm bigger and I'll treat you better, too."

While I sucked Harry, Joey and Tom joined us. Harry rubbed his wet cock all over my face again. "Oh, fuck!" Joey said, watching. While Harry stuck his meat back in my mouth, Tom took one of my hands and placed it on Joey's crotch. I felt his hardon. It was big. Bigger than Pa, but not as big as Rafe. I thought of Tom and his father shooting in Joey's mouth and ass a couple of times a day. Had it made Joey bigger? He was taller than Tom, more muscular, and his pecker was bigger. With as much as I was drinking, if I grew taller than Pa, I'd know.

Harry grabbed fistfuls of my hair and held onto my head while he fucked my mouth, again. His balls slapped against my chin. No more than a minute later, Harry sighed, as his cream shot into my mouth. Spent, Harry pulled out. I squeezed the last of his milk out of him and licked it up. Harry grunted.

"I enjoyed that a great deal," Harry said, as he put his pecker back inside his pants.

"Me, too," I added.

"Good. Good.

"I want you to draw Daisy today, Daryl."

I stood up.

"Twelve if you can."

"I'll do it," I said.

Harry left the room

"Let's go to number 7," Tom said.

It was the next room. Tom opened the door. Joey and I walked in.

"Have fun!" Tom said, closing the door.

Joey grinned at me. He started undressing me.

"Do you know Rafe?" I asked Joey.

"Yeah. We sucked each other a couple of times. But we both wanted to fuck."

"Who got fucked?"

"No one."

"Do you like Rafe?"

"Yeah. I cain't recommend him as a good screw. He keeps his legs together tight," Joey said, grinning.

When Joey had me naked, he pulled his clothes off. I got on the bed.

"Damn!" I said.

Joey had an incredible physique. He was bigger than Tom in every way. He was taller, had more muscles, and his pecker was bigger, too.

I ran my hand down his hard, muscular body and Joey sighed. Then I reached out and felt his beard. Joey closed his eyes and smiled.

"I expected Tom's little brother to be little," I said. "But you're the bigger little brother."

"I keep this to myself, usual. A man laughed at me fer sayin it, but ma pappy told me all along that his milk and Tom's would make me big and strong. I reckon he was right."

"I was wondering the same thing," I said. "Maybe it's true."

Joey flexed his arm muscle. It was like a melon. I reached out and felt it.

"Tom told me you love man milk. I saw you drink Harry's. You like it?"

I was a little embarrassed, but I nodded.

Joey stroked the side of my head.

"I want a boy to feed, like ma pa fed me. I wish it was you."

I wished it was me, too.

"I wish you was mine."

I smiled at him.

"But Tom told me you and your Pa uh, do it."


"Do you enjoy it?" Joey asked.

"I love it. I had sex with him for a couple of years before I knew he was my father."

"What? How'd that happen?"

"I'll let Pa explain it."

"Will I be seein him?"

"I hope so. Would you be willing to help Rafe build our house? I can pay you."

Joey laughed.

"You can pay? What's your pa gonna be doin?"

"Probably watching me suck your pecker while you work."

Joey grinned as he lay on top of me.

"You gonna do that, boy?"

Joey thrust his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and wrapped my arms around him.

He pulled away after a minute.

"I want you, boy."

"I want you, Joey."




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