The Driving Lesson


Written By: Seth Tubby

Edited By: Justin Case

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This story is pure fiction and any person shape or form is purely coincidental. The normal rules apply here; all legal aspects also apply.

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Authors note: I would never have gotten this far if not for the much needed help and support of a few people, some great editors, Justin Case, and Rem, also some good friends. Thanks,

Seth Tubby


I had just gotten my license to drive, and my younger cousin was over for a visit. He wanted to go for a drive and test his skills. I told him I would, but he would owe me. He said, "Ok, whatever it takes, I want to learn to drive on the road and in a real car."

So since I lived in the country I knew some back roads, and an out of the way place, we could drive and not be bothered by others, or the cops.

I drove us to the area, and then told him to get over in the middle of the seat and watch me, as I drove and handled the truck. He was sitting there watching me and asking questions as we went along. Then I asked him if he wanted to drive some.

"Are you kidding I really want to bad," he said.

I told him to sit on my lap, and that I would let him start out by steering the truck, then if that worked I would let him have at the pedals. He was agreeable to that.

He had a tight li'l body. Just to look at him would give most people a hard on. He had an amazing physique, his pecs were starting to form, his stomach was tight and had the start of some fabulous muscles. He had started puberty already, and had hair in the right places, a little in his pits and a small bush over his cock, man what a cock he has. This kid is only 13, already has an 8-inch cut cock, geesh, and thick too, `Mmmmmmmm.'

Anyway, we were driving along and I let my hand fall into his lap and said, "time to pay up some now, I think."

He tried to pull my hand off, but I told him I wouldn't hurt him and that we would both enjoy this. He said he didn't know about it, and what all did I want to do, and what would I want him to do. "Lets just take it by ear and see what we both like, and nothing bad for either of us." I said.

"Ok," he says as he let my hand go and fall back to his lap.

His lap had grown, and it felt good; big, long, and hot to the touch through his shorts.

I reached for the zipper of the shorts and pulled it down, I felt in the opening, as we were going down the ole dirt road just having a nice little lesson. I felt around and found the opening of his briefs where I worked my fingers into it and grabbed his big boy cock. It was hot to the touch, and I felt him suck in his stomach as I touched his cock. He looked down at his lap and asked, "can we stop somewhere and get more comfy?"

"Sure " I told him.

"Slide over and let me drive us back to a place I know where no one will be," I said.

As he slid over he placed his hand in my lap and I felt him grab my cock. Then he did something that got me hotter, and harder, he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock. Then he tugged at my trousers and my briefs to get at my balls.

"Lift up a bit please," he whispered, almost pleading.

I lifted my ass from the seat and he tugged my pants to my knees. Next returned his attention back to my cock and balls. His tongue licked at my cock and I almost ran us off the road at the sudden touch. He then licked the head and shaft as he worked to the tip. I let out a gasp as he took my cock into his hot, wet, moist mouth. He worked the tip of his tongue into the slit, and licked all my precum off, then worked his way down the shaft.

This isn't his first time, I thought, as he sucked at me and worked my balls like a pro. I placed my hand on his head and just held him there as he worked my dick in and out of his throat. We were almost to the area I had told him about. I had to pull his mouth off me as I was getting close to shooting my load in his mouth and throat.

"Why did you do that?" He asked.

"I want it to last, and because I want yours too," I told him breathlessly.

I found the path I was looking for and turned onto it, went just a li'l ways down so we were hidden from the road in case anyone came by.

I turned the truck off and opened the door. I turned to him and said, "Ok, out, and lets strip and get in the bed, so we can spread out and get to each other."

He was stripped and in the bed before you could say `go.' All he had on was shorts, and I had to pull my pants and shirt off, before I was in there jacking my dick to match him.

I reached over and grabbed his cock in my hand and jacked it a couple of times. I turned so I was facing his cock, and licked at the head as if it was an ice cream cone. I took more and more of it into my mouth and throat, as he started to suck my cock into his mouth.

We worked each other like it was the last meal for both of us. The smell of his crotch was making me horny as hell, and the sounds we both were making weren't hurting either of us.

I pulled off his cock and began licking his balls, the taste was better than any I had ever tasted before. This was all getting to me.

I dove back onto his dick, and took it in my throat, and just hummed and sucked. We were not going to last much longer at this pace. We sucked and fucked each other, I could tell he was getting close to shooting his load as his balls were almost over his dick.

I reached down and held his head on my cock and fucked his face long and deep. He moaned at this. I pulled off and said "let's cum together and drink each others cum"

All I got in response was a moan and a shake of the head, which I took as a 'yes'. I returned to his dick and took it deep as I could, which was all of it, as I felt his bush on my nose. We picked up the pace and began to fuck each other's faces with wild abandonment. Dicks in each other's mouths, and muffled moans.

I felt the knot in my stomach as I knew that I was going to cum, and soon. I worked at his cock with my tongue and lips. I felt him buck, and then he went stiff, with his dick all the way in my throat, I went into drink mode.

I opened my throat, and let the load of young boy cum fill my stomach, as I felt my own juice start up my dick into his mouth. I placed my hand behind his head in case he decided to pull off, but he doesn't, he takes me all the way in his face. My bush in his nose and my nuts against his chin.

We lay there for a few minutes after we finally unload into each other. I set up and pull him into a hug and I feel his arms go around me as we hug each other. He leans back a bit and looks at me, then leans into my face and kisses my lips. I am taken aback by this, my first kiss from a guy.

He says, "that was the best time I have had with another guy ever, I have done this before, but this was the best by far."

We talked for a while, then had to get home. We talked on the way home. He confided in me that he and some friends had gotten together and did the same things we did, and sometimes other things, too.

We had other times together later that year and for a few years to come.

He came to live with us for the summer a couple of years and man we had fun, fun, fun.

But those are other stories.

Hope you liked this one, if you did email me and I may tell more:


Seth Tubby