Driving Lesson

Chapter 2

Written By: Seth Tubby


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Seth Tubby



Hey gang sorry for the delay but had something's come up. Hopefully, all will be well now for a while. --Seth--


Chapter 2

Well after the first time we had gotten together my cousin and I had chance the next day to go fishing and it was a pretty day so we drove to the river and parked in a secluded place so we could try our luck, fishing that is.

We parked the truck and walked down stream a bit to a nice pretty sandy area, looked almost like a sandy beach the sand was so white. My cousin ray looked like a dream in just his shorts, he had taken his shirt off and his tanned body looked so good in the sun, his hair shined like gold, his teeth white as the sand we were standing on.

His hazel eyes full of youthful excitement of the trip. We set up our gear and baited up our hooks and got them in the water and then set down nears them just in case. I asked him, "Ray about yesterday did it make you feel any different about us being together like this alone and all?"

"No I enjoyed it as a matter of fact, maybe we could do that again?" He looked at me with a gleam in his eyes.

I looked at him and said "anytime you would like to is fine with me cuz anytime at all."

We went to check our lines and then looked for a place farther off the beach area and found a place just behind some trees that was perfect for a lil fun. I kneeled at his feet and reached for the waist of his nylon suit and pulled it down, his white midsection came into view slowly as I worked the suit down his body.

As I got the waistband to the base of his growing member I looked up at his face to see him smiling back at me and then he nodded for me to continue. I had to pull the waistband out to get it over his growing member and then I could get it to his feet. When I had his suit on the ground I ran my hands over his developing calves and then to his thighs. I could feel him shudder as I got closer to his sack and man meat, my fingers gently touched his sack and I could feel his balls move in reaction to my touch.

His growing cock was throbbing as I was working toward it and I could see a drop at the slit. I leaned in and licked it off and he moaned as I did this. I reached my left hand to his balls and twirled them and pulled them down and away from his body as I let my mouth and right hand work his shaft. I jerked his base and twirled the head and about 2 inches in my mouth as he began to bump and grind my face.

About that time we heard a boat moving in our direction and we had to hide from them in case they looked our way, nervous hell no just a lil scared it all. We could see the riders looking our way but they couldn't see us so they moved on down river and we got back to business.

I started to work my tongue around the head again and then my hand as he moaned more and he humped my face trying to get more of his 8-inch cock into my throat.

I worked along the shaft with my tongue and let the head hit the back of my mouth. I let it set there just a second, and then started to bob my head up and down the shaft. As I pulled and twisted his balls, I let the headwork its way into my throat and start to hum around it as we worked it farther down my throat. Together, we were a good team, him fucking his dick into my throat, and me sucking his dick as he fucked my face. I felt his pubes against my nose and knew he was all in there. I held my head still on the downward movement and let the muscles in my throat work his dick and then I hummed around it, he moaned and almost feel to the ground from the excitement that caused him.

I reached back to his un-tanned ass cheeks and held him up. I just held him there as I hummed and sucked his dick of death for a teenager. Then as slowly as possible I withdrew the cock from my throat and then into my mouth as I felt him grab my head and moan how good it felt, he was shaking from the pleasure I was giving him.

"God Seth, that feels so good, where did you learn that?" Ray asked through clenched teeth.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and let it rest in my hand. Slowly jerking it from head to base, as I looked at him, and replied," I have done it a time or two cuz, and was hoping that I could get you to try it with me".

"I am glad you like the way it feels", I told him.

With that, I let my tongue inch out and lick the head. Then opened my mouth and went back to sucking his cock. If I had not had my hands on his backside he would have fallen this time, as I attacked him with such vigor that I gagged as he reached the back of my mouth. I had to back off and go slower at first; then I relaxed the muscles and let the fun begin again.

He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face hard and moaned so loud I thought the guys that went by on the boat would hear us and they were long gone.

I felt him shudder and then he moaned, "oh Seth take it in deep and suck it out please man take the load, suck it suck it hard and deep I love it Seth."

"I am gonna shoot Seth take it oooooooo, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, god Seth here I cum, take it all eat my cum please Seth eat it all "he groaned at me.

I let him fuck my face as he shot his wad down my throat and into my stomach.

I just held his ass tight and let him have at it.

After he had shot his load in me, he backed off, looked at me and my hardon sticking out from my body, and said "give me a minute to regroup and I will try yours on for size Seth."


We got ourselves back together and went out to check on our lines, we were so busy earlier that we had all but forgotten them. We had to re-bait them and reset them. Then ray looked at me and said" Seth I have enjoyed these last 2 days, I hope we can keep this up for a long time if possible".

"Ray I have enjoyed it too, I just hope you feel ok doing this with me?" I asked.

"Seth I do, it was a little weird at first yesterday, but after we got started I was ok with it." He said, looking me in the eye.

We lay back on the sand and just relaxed for a long time as we let things settle in a bit.

I must have nodded off, because a hand in my shorts, jerking my cock slowly up and down and a mouth wakened me around my nipple.

I sorta jumped a bit as I wasn't sure what was happening, "Hey Seth, its just me " ray replied.

"Its payback time cuz" he said as he bent to the task of sucking my left nipple.

"Oh Ray that feels good ", I moaned to him.

Hey I know let's go to the clubhouse and get out of sight for a while. We packed our gear up and we walked back to the truck talking about things we had done during the past two days.

"Ray, where did you learn these things from?" I asked.

"Well Seth you know Greg, my friend back home?"

He said.

"Yeah" I replied.

Thinking of the cute 14-year-old that ray was talking about, brownish blonde hair tanned body like ray and starting to get a great body on him.

"Well Seth, to tell you the truth we have been playing around since we were about 8 years old, at first it was show me yours I will show you mine", said ray.

"Then we started to play doctor and then we found out about jerking them until we felt like we were gonna pee, you know the feeling?" He says looking at me and smiles.

"Yep oh so well" I say.

"Then one day we played dare and I dared him to kiss my lil pee boy," Ray smirked at me this time.

"Ewe Ray that's nasty", Greg said.

Then I double dogged dared him to. I may as well have shot him when I said that to him.

`Seth that boy went to his knees and kissed my lil cocklet and he then took it in his mouth and just worked his tongue over it for almost a minute. It felt so weird and good at the same time I had to pull him off ", Ray said with a dreamy look on his face.

Well this went on for almost three years until we started to ooze a lil bit of goo out the ends of our cocklets" ray replied.

Then we moved forwards in our play, he found some porn tapes and we watched them and tried some of the things we saw on them. We never thought that we would want to stick our lil pee boys up each others backside but we never said we wouldn't either.

Well he told me about all they had done and wanted to do to and with each other.

"Ray do you like doing these things with guys?" I asked.

"Yeah I do but I am not sure about girls I like them but don't really want to be with them in a boy girl way right now maybe later but right now I like to be with guys more, does that make sense to you Seth?" He asked.

"Sure does cuz sure does", I told him.

By this time we had gotten back to the truck and loaded our gear in the bed and was ready to go to the clubhouse our family had on the river farther up stream. Ray moved over to the middle and watched as I handled the truck, then he asked, "can I try that again?"

"Sure", I replied.

He moved over to take his place under the wheel and in my lap, to steer. The lil shit reached into my lap pulled my cock out and bent to suck it into his mouth, getting me hard as stone. I looked at his head bobbing in my lap and I saw that he was naked, and jacking his cock as he worked me to full mast.

I took one hand off the wheel and let it run down his back and come to rest on his ass cheeks they felt so smooth. I heard him moan as I worked them in my hand. And hump back to meet it.

I let my fingers ease into the gap that separated them and I felt around and up and down the crack. He hummed and moaned on my cock, and humped back at my hand. I moved a finger over his little rose bud as he stiffened slightly. I worked it around the bud and I could feel it pulses against my finger then give a bit as I pushed it into him easily. More moaning from my lap. I was having a hard time driving at this point.

"Ray we have to stop now or we are going to wreck"; I breathed hoarsely at him. As I reached down and pulled his head off my hard cock.

Let's get to camp so we can go farther without hurting ourselves or someone else," I said.

He remained there in the seat playing with my cock and balls as we made our way to the camp.

Once there we got inside and went to a bedroom and I pulled him on top of me I did something that surprised me I kissed him lightly on the lips. He didn't pull back or resist. The kiss didn't last long maybe a couple of seconds.

He pulled back and looked at me and then licked his rosy lips and laughed at me "that felt great lets do more of that".

We kissed some and I ran my hands down his back again it was so smooth and soft, I got to his cheeks again and went right for the crack and the bud hidden in there. I found it and he stiffened a bit but relaxed as I worked around it again.

I could feel his cock rubbing against my stomach as he humped our groins together and his ass into my hand. We lay there like this for a bit and then he raised his head and asked me "Seth I want to suck you dry but I want more also, can we stay here tonight?"

"Let me call and tell mom where we are and that we are going to stay here tonight if its alright", I answered.

After a few minutes of getting the rules from mom and dad we were all set to have the place to ourselves.

We made love to each other that night not just sex but love. I gave myself to him totally and freely. And he gave himself to me totally and freely. After sometime we finally got to sleep just before the sun came up.

Well here is just one more of the times we had together hopefully soon I can tell you more of the fun we had.