All right, I'll admit it. It's not everyone's idea of appropriate parenting. But it's how I wish I was raised, and wasn't. And my boys genuinely appreciate it. They've told me again and again - and I promised myself that if either one of them ever felt uncomfortable it wouldn't go any further than it had right at that moment. So everything that has happened was just natural progression, I guess.

See, when I was left to raise the boys myself, alone, I figured that if I wanted them to always be honest with me, I needed to do the same in return.  I love my boys - more than anything else in my life. I can't deny who I was - am - and I never want them to either.

I like to be naked. As much as possible. Always have - and since I work from home and the boys and me have always lived in a very private house, being nude has never really been a problem for me.   Whether just hanging around the house or home office, or tanning by the pool I've always been partial to being bare assed.  It's how I sleep and it's how I live my life.   As soon as the boys were both out of diapers I let them also run around the house and the yard nude.   I've come to realize that kids like being naked anyway, so to me it was no big deal.  I encouraged it actually and was pleased to see them both take so readily to nudism. I thought I'd have a problem once they started school and suddenly having to wear clothes so much of the time but they both adjusted nicely to it. They both stripped down though the moment they got home.   I did wonder how they'd deal with our home-based nudity once they started developing their own lives, but in both cases Mac and Harry, my sons, seemed to understand that everyone else didn't necessarily enjoy the same freedom that our family embraced. It was all cool with them, and surprisingly easy for me. As their Dad, and a very proud one at that, it was wonderful for me to watch their physical development and I found their comfort with their bodies truly beautiful.  It also brought them closer as brothers, too.

I work out a lot too and instilled in my guys a strong respect for exercise and sports. Over the years I've put together a nice home gym where the three of us can work out regularly, unencumbered by other people or clothes. And I've watched the boys develop into strong, muscular young men.  Mac just turned eighteen - he's graduating high school this year - and Harry will be seventeen in a couple of months. Both have my dark hair and blue eyes. We're all pretty similar in build - 6 feet or so - Harry's 5'10 but I think he'll have another growth spurt. Mac is 150lbs, Harry 145lbs and me, I tip in at 190. All muscle, by the way, and proud of it. Our cocks are pretty similar as well - Harry and I hang a solid 8 inches when up, Mac is 7.  The boys followed my lead in the pubes department - we all shave our balls and keep a well-trimmed scruff above our meat. I've got a rock solid ass and ripping six-pack just like my guys.   Hell, I'm only 17 years older than Mac. That's right - I'm a horndog from way back, and their mom was willing but not interested in the long term. Both boys were a surprise to her and a blessing to me, so when she decided to hit the road after Harry arrived, I didn't argue. The boys talk with her a few times a year, but they're mine. She knows it. They know it. It's just the way it is.

Anyway, as I said I decided to be as honest as possible with both of them about anything and everything they ask me about. So whenever the subject of sex came up I told them the truth, although adjusted for their age. I wanted them to be kids and enjoy their childhood, but I also wanted them to know what the world is all about. As they got older and the questions got more pointed, so did the answers.  It was all good.

When Mac and Harry hit puberty - within about six weeks of each other - and they each had their first wet dream I explained in plain English what was happening.

"Mac, you're a man now. That's sperm, although it's usually called cum. You know it's what makes babies."

"But Dad, why did it happen when I was sleeping?" We were nude in Mac's room, his sheets damp with his first load. I knew he was a bit embarrassed and I was trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

"It's just your body telling you that you're getting older. It's completely natural and there's nothing to be concerned about."

"Will it happen again?"

"Maybe, but there are ways that you can control that."


"Well, having sex is the most obvious. But you're just thirteen, so I'm guessing that your chances are limited?"

Mac just gave me that "you've got to be kidding me" look and it confirmed what I thought.

"Mac, sex isn't just reproduction. I know that you know how babies are made. But now you're a man and I'm willing to share information with you that will help, but only if you want me to. It's totally cool with me either way. Your call."

"Dad, you've always been straight with me and Harry and we both appreciate that.  I'm sorry that this happened but anything you can tell me to help control it, I'll listen."  he said, lowering his head a bit.

"For starters, don't apologize. There's no reason to. I'm happy that this has happened for you and I want you to understand how perfectly normal it is.  You've done absolutely nothing wrong. Quite the opposite, actually.   As I said, you're a man now and your shooting your first load just makes me even more proud of you. Let's clean up in here and then we'll talk."

Mac and I changed his bedding, then went into my room and climbed into my bed.  The three of us often hung out there, watching TV, reading or talking so it was nothing unusual.

Once we were settled, both propped up against the headboard with the many pillows I kept on my bed, our naked bodies stretched out before us - dad and son, completely at ease in our shared nudity, I took a breath and jumped right in. 

"Mac, I'm not gonna beat around the bush, and I'm not going to sugar-coat anything. Although you’re my son, we're two guys talking, so here it is. Sex isn't just fucking someone. Sex is very nuanced and it takes many forms. It can be sensual or it can impersonal and athletic - it all depends on what you're looking for. And, it doesn't always have to involve another person.  You can have sex all by yourself."

"What?" Mac asked, incredulously. "You're shitting me now."

"No - there's plenty you can do by and to yourself. The most obvious is masturbation. Stroking your cock until you make yourself cum."

Mac looked at me. "Is that ok to do?"

"Of course. It's your cock.  Do what you want with it, within reason - we'll talk about that in terms of other people. But when you're by yourself, go for it.   And, by the way, all guys beat off.  Don't ever be embarrassed about wanking."

"Do you? I've never seen you."

"I do it all the time. I've just been cautious about you and Harry seeing me. It just seemed that I should wait until the time was right, and in your case that time is now. Once Harry starts shooting I'll have the same talk with him. I have no problem with either of you stroking your cocks whenever and wherever you want to. It's one of the many great things about being a guy - playing with your dick - and I encourage both of you to do it as often and openly as you want, assuming that you're both comfortable with that."


"Absolutely."  We were both getting hard as we were talking. "You've got a nice slab of meat there son - you should be proud of it. Learning to give yourself pleasure it a great thing.  And it's not just your cock.   Playing with your nipples can add to it, as can playing with your asshole. It's all good."

"My cock is so hard right now, Dad. Look at it." Mac snapped his dick so it slapped against his abs. A thin line of pre-cum shot up his stomach.

"It sure is, Mac. So's mine." I snapped my own dick - the one that made Mac - in the same way and a similar thin rope of clear guy juice shot up my own stomach.

"Dad, why don't you have hair on your balls?" asked Mac, starting to stroke his throbbing prick.

"I shave my balls and my asshole. I like to be smooth. I think it feels better. Keep stroking yourself like that. Feels good, doesn't it?"

Mac moaned at bit to let me know it did.

"Now try different speeds and techniques - like this."  I showed my oldest boy some hand manipulations on my own stiff cock. I squeezed my hairless balls, I fingered my puckered hole, I squeezed and played with my meaty cockhead, I pinched and teased my stiff nipples.  My boy did the same.  The ooze seeping from his cockhead told me that he liked the lesson. "There's no need to rush a wank - take it slow and really enjoy it. The more you do, the more enjoying it is when you finally blow." We both continued manipulating our rods while watching the other.

"I want to show you something else." I said to Mac.

"What?" he asked, his hand steadily stroking his rock hard dick.

I leaned over and kissed my boy on the lips. When I pulled away, he just looked at me. So I leaned in again, but this time I slipped my hand to the back of his head, pulled him to me and opened his mouth with my tongue.  He responded easily and we made out for several minutes. When I finally broke away his lips were slick with my spit.

"Kissing is hot and a real turn on. You need to be a good kisser."

"Aren't I a good kisser, Dad?"

"Oh yeah - but practice is always good."

"Can I practice with you?"

"Any time you want, son." I leaned over and we started making out again.

Our first sex lesson lasted about an hour and we both ended up shooting thick wads of cum up our chests. "Fantastic load, son! How did it feel?"

Although flushed and covered in cum, Mac smiled at me. "Amazing."

"Now", I instructed Mac, "run your fingers through your juice."  He did as he was told.  When both our hands were slick with our respective dude goo, I opened my mouth and sucked it off my fingers.  Mac did the same to his hand.

"Good boy. Learn your own taste.  Nothing wrong with eating your own essence." I reached over, dragged my fingers through the remaining puddle of cum that sat on Mac's chest, then licked my fingers clean. "Mmmmm - tastes good, Mac." He reached over to me, did the same, then sucked his fingers clean of his dad's spunk. Then he leaned over and lip locked his old man, tongue fucking my mouth with the taste of our combined seed. We were both hard again. So we repeated the first lesson a second time.

"So the deal is, you can whack whenever and wherever, but until Harry starts shooting just don't do it in front of him. I don't want to push him and neither should you.  When he's ready, he's ready."

"Got it, Dad." Mac said, leaning over and licking my spunk right from my chest where I'd shot my second load. Then he leaned down and kissed and licked my softened cock-head to get the rest right from the fount.

Six weeks later I had pretty much the same conversation with Harry.  Once we were done Harry and I walked out to the living room where Mac was lounging naked as usual, reading a magazine.

"So your brother is shooting now too." I said to Mac.  "I just had 'the talk' with him and all is cool." Mac jumped up, gathered up his naked younger brother in his arms, and kissed him full on the mouth, his tongue firmly in his brother's mouth. I was so proud of them.

When they broke, Mac said, "This is fucking great. I love to whack and now no one has to hide it.  I can stroke whenever I want to."

"We all can." I said, starting to tease my own cock into an even harder erection. Mac had started to shave his own balls and asshole by then, removing what little hair he'd developed and when Harry asked him about it, Mac took him by the hand, lead him to the bathroom and helped his baby brother trim and shave his pubes, like an older brother should. To say it was beautiful is an understatement.

"Ok - here's what I think." I told the boys. "Today is Tuesday.  Every Tuesday night we're having sex ed at home. After dinner we'll research things you two can do alone or with each other, and me too, to get the most out of enjoying yourselves. Then you'll practice for a while. Cool with you both?"

They both just looked at me and smiled.

As the weeks went by they learned how to keep themselves clean through enemas, how to suck cock, fuck and get fucked, sixty-nine, some watersports - Harry specifically likes to pee and be peed on - how to rim long and slow to open up your brother or your dad so you can fuck him really long and hard, how to save and swap the cum that your brother or your dad shoots into your mouth, how to eat fresh cum from your brother or dad's just fucked asshole, all about cockrings, dildoes and other toys, along with long, long make out sessions. My boys were avid students, hungry for knowledge. And, as it turns out, hungry for cock. Big, wet, shaved cock.

As time passed and the boys got older, we kept the Tuesday family fuck ritual.  Sometimes it's still instructional, even after all these years, if anyone of us discovers something we haven't tried before. Otherwise, Tuesday is a night of good hard fucking sex with my boys. We don't just limit it to Tuesday - they fuck all the time, all over the house - and anyone one of us is whacking a load out at some time of another it seems. As their Dad, I can't tell you the sense of pride I feel when I see Harry's hard cock sliding in and out of his big brothers ass, or Mac with Harry's dick so far down his throat that his nose is resting in Harry's dick beard.  They're my guys and I love to watch them get off on each other.

It's Tuesday, and tonight Mac wants to learn how to be double fucked by his dad and his baby brother, so we're going to rush through dinner as soon as I finish this. My cock is rock hard right now, and there's a pretty steady stream of juice sliding down from my piss      slit, but I keep collecting it on my fingers and licking it off.

"Dad!" It's Mac.  "Come on!  Dinner's ready and my ass is waiting!"

Gotta go.