"D'you wanna--?"

He looked at me and smiled.


There's nothing as beautiful as the look on a young teenage boy's face when he knows he's going to get his rocks off.

Except the look at that moment of his release.

We were alone in the house, in my bedroom. I reached down and felt the hard bulge in the front of his jeans, and he felt the one in mine. I teased my fingers over it, feeling it twitch harder every time I moved. He popped my button, and slid my zip down. I followed his lead and did the same to his. He pushed my jeans and boxers down to my knees, and I pushed his down the same. We held each other's, savouring the feel of another cock, another hand. We watched each other's hand rubbing back and forth, to and fro, feeling the excitement build.

"Much better than doin' your own!" I said.

"Yeah!" he said again.

He looked at my face, into my eyes. I looked into his. We leaned closer together. His spare arm came up and rested on my shoulder.

"D'you wanna--?" he asked, quietly.

"Yeah!" I whispered back, quieter.

His arm pulled me closer. Our lips touched, parted, touched again. I held myself into him, saving him the question. My tongue circled his lips through mine until he parted them, then both our tongues touched. Our rubbing became faster, almost frantic, as our tongues circled each other. I opened my eyes just as he opened his, we looked into each other's eyes for a moment, and then we both closed them. Close, I thought. Near.

We both took a deep breath, and held it. I cleared my mind of all thought: so did he. The feeling swept over me just as it did him. Release. We both knew when to rub, and when to stop. We both shuddered as our juices flowed, our hands feeling it shooting through each other's cocks as it spurted out, arcing down to the towel we'd laid on the floor. We held each other's cocks, still now, deflating, as the warmth of our orgasms flooded our bodies. The kiss broke, our eyes opened and the love flowed between them as we looked deep into each other's eyes, into each other's souls.

I love my twin brother.