by Nicky R.

This is a story of fantisy and not a true story. The story contains male to male sex some between youth and an adult and if you are under the legal age to view such material please go elsewhere. The author would be interested in hearing from any one who enjoys this bit of work and his imagination. He can be contacted at

Now on with the story.

Some people always wonder how I am a 29 year old male widower and have a 15 year old son. It is very simple to explain. When I was 21, I met and married a wonderful widow that was 28 years old. She had a young son that was 7 and his name was Kenny. We had a great life together and were a true family in all aspects. Some of my friends used to kid me that I was looking for a mother figure, but that was not true. My wife was a good warm and sexy woman. And I emphasize the sexy. Our sex life was great and her libido was just as strong as mine.

Kenny and I got along fine together. You might say we were more like an older brother and a younger sibling. I soon became the father that he had not known since his dad had been killed when he was 2 in a auto accident. I had a good job in a laboratory as a chemist and was able to supply him with all the things that he had been denied in growing up. Within 6 months of our marriage Kenny moved from calling me Ron, to Mr. P. and soon to Dad. I loved my wife and I loved Kenny.

After six years of this bliss, my wife discovered a lump in one of her breasts and soon was diagnosed with cancer. It was all through her body, and she knew she was dying. Her greatest concern over this was Kenny. We discussed this and decided that since she had no close relatives that I should adopt the boy. I had no problems with this. The hardest part was to set Kenny down and tell a 13 year old that his mother was going to die and ask him if he had a problem with me adopting him. He cried as I held him for over an hour. When his tears had finally dried up he only said three things to me. The first that he did not want his mother to see him cry, the second was he asked me if his name could be changed to Peterson, and third he told me he loved me.

My wife died about a year ago and now I am 29 and am a father of a very handsome and cute 15 year old son.

This story is about how our relationship grew and changed. I guess it started one early Saturday morning as I slowly woke from a long and restful sleep. I stretched out my naked 6 foot body and threw off the sheet that was covering me. I always woke up with my 8 inch cock hard and needing to piss. I began to rub my hands up and down my stomach and chest and played with my nipples. My hand ran down to my cock and balls and began to rub and fondle my erection. I needed to piss but I also was horny as hell. I cupped my cock in both of my hands and turned on my stomach and began to hump my cock into my fist and was close to getting off when the door flew open and in ran Kenny.

"Opps", he said "Sorry Dad I just wanted to ask you something" and he giggled. I was embarassed and could feel that I had turned red all over. Although I had had the usual father and son talk with Kenny and that we had seen each other naked many times, the fact that he caught me playing with my self in a sexual way scared me and embaressed me. I told him to get out and shut the door and I would be down stairs in a little while. I went into my bathroom and took a piss and grabbed my robe and went down stairs to the kitchen. I knew I needed to talk to Kenny, but he was not alone. His best friend was a black kid that was also 15 called Raz. Don't ask me why every one called him that because his real name was John. Well, there in the kitchen was Raz and his older brother Jimmy who was 16.

There set three very cute and hunky teenagers around my kitchen table drinking orange juice. As I walked in Kenny said that he had put my coffee on and I went and poured myself a cup. Kenny said that he wanted to ask if he could go with the other two boys downtown with their skate boards to an awsome new place that had just opened. I told him yes but that he had to be back by one o'clock. He jumped up from the table and got the new board that I had given him for his 15th birthday. The three boys headed for the door and Kenny turned to me and said "I hope you solved your earlier problem, Dad." I told him that if he did not go that I might change my mind and turn him over my knee and give his bare ass the spanking he needed. Jimmy smiled and asked "Can we watch?" I said "You better go or I might give you one also." He said that it might be interesting, because he had never been spanked by a white man before. I told him he did not want to find out. The three ran out the door laughing.

I finished my coffee sitting at the table. My robe fell open and I looked down at my cock and saw that it was at full mast again. I began to stroke it and felt so horny that I knew that I had to get off. I went back upstairs to my room and shut the door. Before I lay down on my bed I went to a drawer in my chest and took out some things that I wanted. One was a leather cock ring and the other was a large dildo and some KY. I put on the leather strap around my hard rod and balls and lay down on the bed and lubed up the dildo with the KY. I pulled my knees to my chest and began working the dildo up my ass. God it felt good. My ass was not a virgin. When I was in college, I had a room mate that was bi-sexual and we had experimented with all kinds of sex. Although I like women, during my junior year I had learned that I could also be turned on by a man. We began with just masterbating with each other and with in a month had graduated to sucking and fucking and even some toys and some other kinky things. I thought back on those times a lot when I jacked off. Right then I began to fantisize about my room mate fucking my ass and was really getting turned on. I began to pull on my hard cock and could feel my nuts pulling up in my sack as I approached a full climax. Just then the phone rang.

Shit, I thought, It must be a plot to keep me from cumming that day. I jumped up and the dildo slid out of my ass and plopped on the floor. I grabbed the phone, and said "Hello".

"Hi, Ron, this is Loraine."

Loraine is Raz and Jimmy's mom. She is divorced and we had met several times at PTA meetings and she and my wife became friends.

She asked if her boys were there. I told her that they had all gone downtown. She asked if I knew where. I told her it was a new place for skateboarding but that I did not know exactly where it was.

She explained that she needed to get the boys because an emergency had come up and she needed to drive up north about 200 miles. She said that her mother's neighbor had called and said that her mother had fallen and been rushed to the hospital. They thought she might have broken her hip.

I could tell that she was in a hurry and I asked if she wanted me to go hunt for the boys. She was beside herself, I could tell. She said that it might take more time to find them than she had to spare. I said "Why don't you go on and when the boys get back they can stay with us until you get back". I could tell she felt relieved and asked if I was sure and said she would call me that night and talk to the boys.

I grabbed the dildo and walked into the bathroom and cleaned it off and jumped into the shower. Even though I was still horny I gave up on any satisfaction. I pulled on a pair of gym shorts and put the dildo and cock strap in my shorts drawer then went down stairs. Saturday was my usual day to catch up on cleaning and the laundry. I pulled out the vaccuum and ran it over the living room. There was not much to do actually because it was summer and Kenny was home all day and he usually helped out. There was no laundry back up and he had dusted during the week. He was a great help since his mother had died. I was a very lucky man to have a son like him. He was a good boy. I went into the kitchen and began to make a beef stew for us all to have for lunch when the boys returned. I had just turned on the dishwasher and sat down in my recliner in the living room when Kenny rushed through the door followed by the two other boys.

"Dad, we stopped by Raz's house and the door was locked and nobody was home."

I told him I knew and I needed to talk to them. The three boys sat down on the couch and I explained about the accident and that Raz and Jimmy's mom had to go to their grandmother's. I told them the boys would have to stay with us. The boys all smiled and gave each other the high five sign.

I asked them if they were hungry, which was a stupid question to ask three growing teens that had spent the morning burning up energy on their skate boards. I told them lunch was in a half hour. I could see that they were all sweaty and told them to go upstairs and take a shower before we ate. I heard the water running and began to set the table. Kenny ran down stairs wearing a brief pair of shorts and said that he was loaning a pair to Raz but that none of his would fit Jimmy and asked if they could borrow a pair of mine for him. I told him sure to look in my drawers.

I had forgot about putting the dildo in the drawer and dropped everything and headed up stairs. When I reached the bottom of the stairs the three boys were coming down. I was too late. I wondered how I was going to explain this to Kenny and the boys if they asked.

Nothing was said at all through lunch. I was still a little uneasy but became more relaxed as time went on. After gorging ourselves on the stew we all plopped down in the living room to watch TV. Kenny lay on his stomach in the floor and Raz and Jimmy lounged on the couch. As I said before Kenny and I were used to seeing each other naked. We never hid ourselves as we went in and out of the bathroom or as we got ready for bed. Kenny knew that I slept nude and I figured he did also. I liked to wear my nylon gym shorts with out any thing under them around the house and as I looked at Kenny I could tell that there was nothing between his and his bare butt.

I looked over at the other two boys and was sure that they also had nothing on but the shorts. This was confirmed when Raz brought his leg up and put his foot on the couch. I could see his nuts sack hanging out the leg of the lose shorts. I could see Jimmy's flacid cock through the fabric as he set with his legs spread before me. This was all too much. I felt my cock begin to rise again and rose to leave the room. Kenny asked where I was going and I told him upstairs. He just said "Still havn't solved your problem yet?" I could have killed him about then.

I went into the bath room and sat on the toilet with my shorts around my ankles. My prick was standing at attention again. I knew I had to get off, now. I began stroking my cock fantisizing about what the three boys would look like without the shorts. I shot so hard that my cum even splattered on the back of the bathroom door. God, that felt good. I cleaned up and pulled up my shorts and returned down stairs. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard a rustling in the living room and knew something was going on. But, by the time I got there things were pretty normal. Raz had laid down on the couch with his head in Jimmy's lap and Kenny was setting between Jimmy's legs with his back against the couch. His knees were drawn up to his chest and his balls were hanging out of one leg and his cock was out the other. It looked larger than I had remembered and I wondered if it was not about half hard. I kept wondering what the boys had been up to while I was gone, but I shook this thought out of my head.

I asked the boys what they wanted for dinner and they all chimed at once "Pizza". Well that was fine for me it meant that I did not have to cook. Our back yard was enclosed by an eight foot privacy fence it included a large deck and a paved area I had set up for Kenny to play basketball. I had thought about a pool but realized the extra cost in insurance was not worth the pleasure. The nice thing was that with the fence I could lay out with out much on and tan my whole body. I had bought a posing strap for just that purpose. I even bought one for Kenny last year, but had never seen him wear it.

Today with Raz and Jimmy there I felt the least I could wear were my shorts. I grabbed a book and went out to the deck and lay on one of the loungers. The boys grabbed the basket ball and were soon playing. I enjoyed watching their young bodies jumping up and down and saw that Jimmy was having a hard time keeping the shorts he borrowed from me from falling off. I watched as they kept creaping down to expose the top of his ass crack before he would tug them up again. I watched mesmerized as the boys ran around in nothing but the shorts and their rebooks. Jimmy had the ball and was dribbling as the two other boys tried to block him from making a basket. He jumped in the air and shot the ball and as he did the shorts fell all the way off exposing the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. He made his basket but fell on his face tripping over his shorts. I jumped up and ran over to him. The other two boys were rolling on the ground and laughing. I was concerned that Jimmy was hurt. I knelt down over him and rolled him over and saw that he was laughing as hard as the other boys. There was this hunk of a teen with a coffee colored skin and a beautiful uncut cock hanging over two large nuts laying exposed before me. I also noticed that he had scraped both arms and knees and even his stomach as he fell. He stood up and pulled on the shorts and I told him to follow me so I could clean him up and doctor his cuts.

Upstairs I told him to lay on my bed and I went to the bathroom and wet a clean wash cloth and got some antiseptic cream. When I returned to the bed room he was laying on the bed with nothing on. I tried to act natural and not let this turn me on but it was an effort. I wiped off his knees and elbows and saw that the damage was not bad. The skin was scraped but not even enough to bleed. I rubbed the cream into his skin and then wiped off his stomach and rubbed it with the cream also. I noticed as I did this that his cock was getting hard. I tried to not notice but it was a hard thing to ignore. I told him that I would have to get him something else to wear to keep down the acident rates. He smiled and followed me over to my chest. I pulled open my shorts drawer and there was the dildo and cock strap laying right on top. I tried to hide it, as Jimmy said "No need to hide it, we all saw it before". I blushed. He patted me on the butt and told me to calm down that we were all men and that it was no big deal. I began searching for something smaller for him to wear. He reach past me and pulled out the posing strap and said "How about this?" I just shrugged and said that if he did not mind showing his ass to the other two it was fine with me. He pulled it on and said that they had already seen a whole lot more than what was revealed now and laughed. He said that he had to piss and went to the bathroom. I was having a hard time adjusting to these boys and their nonchalant attitudes.

I went back downstairs and out on to the deck. I wanted to see the reaction of the other two boys when Jimmy came out. As Jimmy came out the door the other two boys' eyes were glued on to him and in unison they said "WOW". Kenny said "did Dad say you could run around in just that?" He looked over to me and I just shrugged. He said I am going to get mine and ran into the house. He soon returned wearing only the strap that I had bought him. God was he cute. His buns were whiter than the rest of his body and I was really getting turned on again. I thought I might have to go back upstairs and repeat my morning activity. Raz said "Hey, you got another one of those?" Kennys said no we only had the two. "Gosh" Raz said "I wanted to wear one too." Kenny, turned to me and said "Hey Dad since I am the host should I let Raz wear mine?" I told him if he wanted to it was OK. He stripped it off right there and handed it to Raz as he pulled down his shorts. Raz pulled on the strap and I thought Kenny would put on the shorts but instead he grabbed the basketball and shot a basket. I started to stop this but thought it was doing no harm and if the boys were comfortable with it I would have to live with my uncomfortable hard on.

I went back in the house and began fixing a salad and ordered the pizza since it was already after five. The boys came in and all three hit the refrigerator for drinks. Raz and Jimmy went through to the living room and I asked Kenny where his shorts were. He said that he left them out back. I told him to go get them. Of course I meant for him to put them on but when he came through the kitchen he threw them in the washer and went into the living room. I thought to my self this nudity was getting out of hand and I should put a stop to it.

I walked back into the living room and the boys were watching MTV on the tube. Jimmy lay on the floor with his naked ass exposed and Raz sat on the couch with his legs bent and Kenny lay on the couch using Raz's crotch as a pillow. Jimmy could see that this was bothering me and that I was going to say something. He jumped the gun and said "OK guys cool it. Can't you see you are making Mr. P. nervous. Set up Kenny and go put on at least a jock or something." Kenny sat up and looked at me and said "Gee Dad do I have to."

I said "Kenny if you are comfortable being naked in front of your friends I don't mind. But, I don't want you using Raz as a pillow." "Why" he asked "he makes a soft pillow?" "Yeah" said Jimmy "but if you kept moving around your pillow would get lumpy." This made us all laugh and I left the room. I got my self a beer and went back in and sat down in the recliner and watched the TV with the boys. The bell rang and Kenny jumped up to answer it. I said "Whoe boy, stop where you are." You boys make yourselves scarce while I answer the door and pay for our pizza. They all headed for the kitchen.

When I reached the kitchen with the two pizzas they had set the table and pulled out the salad and opened four beers. I sat the pizzas on the counter and opened them then turned to the boys and told them that the beers were not allowed. Jimmy said that his mom allowed them to have beer with pizza and said I could ask her when she called. I had allowed Kenny to have the occasional beer before because I felt that keeping alcohol a secret thing only made boys want to experiment with it on the sly so I told them that they could have one, but only one.

We had just finished eating when the phone rang. It was Loraine. She told me that her mother had broken her hip and would be in the hospital for about a week. She asked if I could put the boys on a bus the next day. I told her I could but asked her how she was going to handle them and take care of her mother at the same time. She just said that she would have to manage. I told her she could leave the boys with me if she wanted. She said that she hated to put me out. I told her that I was enjoying it, but we did have a clothing problem. She asked if they were running around naked again. I was shocked. She went on and said she had a problem keeping them dressed when they were home. No, I said that is not the problem. I just don't know what we will do about clothes. I said that Raz could wear some of Kenny's but that Jimmy was too thin for mine. She asked if I could take him down to K Mart and buy him a couple of outfits and she would pay me back when she got home. I told her that was no problem. I said I did have one question. The boys said you allowed them to have a beer with their pizza. She said she did and for the same reason that I allowed Kenny, but no more that three a night. Then she asked to speak with the boys. Both talked to their mother on the phone and I could tell that she was lecturing them on their behavoir because all I heard from my end was "Yes, ma'am." "Yes, ma'am."

Kenny and I began to clean up the kitchen and when the boys got off the phone I told them to go upstairs and bring their clothes down so I could stick them in the washer. I started the washer and we all headed for the living room and the TV. When the washer stoped I put the clothes in the dryer and returned to the living room. Kenny said "Dad there is nothing on TV, I wish we had rented a movie." I told them that maybe tomorrow night we would. Kenny asked if it could be a "X"rated one and I told him no way. Jimmy said under his breath "Shit." I was tempted to go up stairs and get one out of my closet and let them watch it but thought that this was going just too far.

The boys got out the cards and Jimmy asked what they were going to play. Kenny said "One thing for sure it can't be strip poker. We all laughed. By now I was getting used to seeing these uninhibited boys showing off their bodies. I was not even being aroused any more.

I told them I was going to take a shower and go to bed. I reminded them we only had two bed rooms and we would have to decide who would sleep where. Jimmy quickly said that he would sleep with me and Raz could sleep with Kenny. I said "OK, but don't wake me up when you come up stairs." I asked him if he wanted me to find him something to sleep in, and he asked me what I usually wore. Before I could answer Kenny piped up and told him I slept naked like he did. Jimmy said that was fine with him that he did not wear anything usually either. I went up stairs and had my doubts about sleeping with this cute teenager naked. I pulled off my shorts and jumped in the shower. I came out with a towel over my head drying my hair and was startled when I heard Jimmy say "Nice piece of equipment Mr. P." I looked over and he sat on the side of the bed naked. He got up and headed for the bathroom and I heard him taking a piss. Then I heard the shower as I finished drying. I started to pull on some shorts and then changed my mind and crawled into the bed. Soon I was joined by Jimmy and he reached over and turned off the light. We both lay on our backs with our arms over our head and I tried to relax. Jimmy asked if I was asleep and I told him no but I was trying. He then asked if I had solved the problem that I had this morning. I turned to him and asked him if Kenny had told him. He said he had but it was no big deal we all had that problem some times. I told him I had solved it and for him to go to sleep. He rolled over away from me and mumbled that he just wondered if I needed any help.

I turned away from the boy and soon began to drift into a slumber. All of a sudden I was woke by the sound of music coming from Kenny's sterio. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 12:30. I sat up and Jimmy did also. I said I had to put a stop to that. And got out of bed. Jimmy said "Don't go in there Mr. P." I turned and looked at him and asked him why not. "You might get even madder if you do" he replied. I said I was going and he said that he was also. We went down the hall and I opened the door to Kenny's room and was shocked. There were the two boys laying on the bed in a 69 position and sucking on each other's cock. I just closed the door and headed back to my room. Jimmy followed. I sat down on the side of the bed in total shock. I had suspected something was going on and now I knew. Jimmy sat down beside me and looked at the floor and said "I did not want you to find out." I asked him if he knew that this was happening. He just answered yes. I asked him how long it had been going on and he said that it was over a year. He asked me what I was going to do. I told him I did not know but I had to talk to the boys. He said he would like to talk to me and asked if I would hear him out. I nodded.

He said, "Look Mr. P., the kids love each other and have for over a year. I have been their only confident and no one else knows. They have always had to slip around to be intimate with each other. I have always been afraid that they would be caught and have constantly warned them. Not to stop them but to warn them of the consequences of being caught. This is the first chance they have ever had to spend the night together. It is like a honeymoon for them. Please don't make them feel guilty over their love. I have seen it and it is a beautiful thing they have between them. It goes much futher than the physical sex it is an emotional thing for both of them. Let me at least tell them in the morning that you found out and then you talk to them. I will even ask them to stop having sex if you want, but don't stop them from being friends."

I said "Jimmy, I don't know what to do. My responsibility as a father says that I have to stop it and do it now, not even in the morning. But, for things that I can not explain to you I understand what they are doing and what they are feeling. I just don't know what to do. Maybe the best thing is to do nothing and ignore it and maybe it will go away. But, I also am afraid they will get caught. Also there is your mother to answer to, she has put trust in me and not to do or say anything would be a betrayal of that trust."

Jimmy put his arm around my shoulder and asked me if it disgusted me. I told him no that it did not bother me what they were doing, but what effect it would have on their lives and on my relationship with my son did upset me. He told me that I should just go to sleep and maybe I would feel better in the morning. I said "I am too uptight and strung out for that right now." He said for me to lay down accross the bed and let him help me relax. He said "Just lay there, don't move."

I lay accross the bed and he stood over my head and began to rub my temples. I closed my eyes so that I could not see his delicious looking cock swinging between his tan legs. He then moved to my jaw and began to rub along the ridge of my throat and chin. Soon he moved to my hands and arms slowly massaging the tension from them. I felt limp. He rubed my chest and massaged my pecs. I felt my nipples begin to get hard. This was not really a sexual thing it was just relaxing. I asked him where he learned to do this. He only said "Shhh."

He then moved to my feet and massaged each toe and the arch, heel and ankle. I felt that I would never be able to stand on them again. He raised my left foot and began to lick it on the bottom. Usually I am very ticklish but this only brought one reaction and that was a rising in my groin. He sensually sucked each toe, swirling his tounge around it before moving to the next. Then he repeated this with the right foot. When he was finished he began to massage my legs. As his hand rose higher my cock sprang up and was leaking precum that was running down to my balls. When he finished the legs he stood up and asked me how I felt now. I told him I was completly relaxed. He just said "Not completly. There seems to be one part that is still very stiff and tense." With this he leaned forward and I saw his lips engulf my hard on. He began to slowly take more and more into his hot throat. I could feel his tounge licking inside his mouth as he finally swallowed me down to my pubic hair. I stopped him there and told him to come to bed as I turned length ways in the bed.

I held my arms out to him and he lay in them and we began to carress each others body. I reached to turn out the light and he asked me not to that he wanted to see me as he made love to me. We kissed deeply and fondled each and every part of each others bodies. This was not a lustful sexual thing this was making love, which was something I had not had since a year before my wife died. I was still relaxed but was getty slowly more and more aroused. I reached down between his legs and felt his now hard member and slowly began working the foreskin back and forth over his glands. He began licking my chest and sucking on each of my nipples. I reached behind him and felt his butt cheeks and ran a finger between the crack until I foud his tight puckered hole. I rubbed it and he let out a sigh. He moved up and began nibbling my left ear and whispered "Will you use the dildo on me Mr. P.?" I asked him if he wanted it. He said that he wanted something in his ass. I said to him "Will my cock do?" He said "Oh, Yes!!"

I turned him on his back and began to lick his chest, nibbling on first the right nipple then the left and then back to the right. Then I let my tounge venture down his body until I found his navel and began to tounge fuck that small indenture in his torso. I got up and moved down between his legs and began to lick his ball sack. I took one nut in my mouth and slowly sucked on it and swirled it around with my tounge. Then I took the other in and repeated the same action. He began to buck up against my face. I tried to get both orbs in my mouth at once but they were too large. I then began to lick below his sack and slowly moved down toward his hot ass. He threw his legs in the air and wrapped them over my shoulders. I moved even lower until I found his hole and I began to tounge it and he relaxed and soon I was tasting his hot shute as my tounge entered his relaxed hole. He began to moan and say over and over "Please fuck me. Please. Please. Oh, Ron fuck me. I want it. I need it. I have wanted it all day." I lowered his legs and moved to that gorgeous cock and began to lick the head under his loose foreskin. Then I slowly began to suck it down my throat. I could tell he was getting close and did not want him to shoot yet. I stopped and opened up the drawer in the night stand and retrieved a rubber and the KY. I put the rubber on my cock and then began to lube up his tight hole. I penetrated him with one finger and felt him loosen up. Soon there were two fingers inserted into him. I looked into his eyes and asked him if he had ever been fucked before. He smiled and said yes. I just wanted him to know that it was going to hurt. He said that he knew but also knew the pleasure would be more than the pain. About that time my fingers began rubbing over his hot prostate and he began to squirm and buck his hips back and forth and fucking his ass down on my hand. I slowly pulled out and pulled his legs up to his chest. He reached down and grabbed my cock and pointed it at his hot hole. When it was aimed I began to slowly put pressure against his hole and pressed forward. He grabbed my ass cheeks and began to roughly pull me into him and I felt my cock penetrate until my balls were slapping against his ass. He screamed out and then began to tell me to fuck him. I did not need any encouragement. I began to thrust in and out of his ass and he kept begging me to fuck him harder. His cock was rock hard and the foreskin had now pulled back off of his glands. I looked down and watched it twitch as every thrust struck that sensitive part that was sending pure pleasure throughout his whole body. I felt that I was getting close and told him I was going to fill him with hot spunk. As I began to unload his cock began to spurt his hot juices. They hit me in the face and I opened up my mouth to catch as much as I could.

We collapsed entwined in each others arms with my cock still buried in his hot ass. We kissed and held each other. He smiled at me and asked me if I thought I could go to sleep now. I nodded.

I awoke the next morning still in the same position but during the night my cock had slipped out of Jimmys hot bung hole. His hot ass was still pressed against my groin. My cock was hard as it always is when I wake up needing to piss. I tried to get up and Jimmy reached back and began stroking my cock. He said "Put it in me again." I told him I needed to piss. He said "Please stick it to me again." How could I deny this kid after the pure pleasure that he gave me the night before. I slowly humped forward and he guided my throbbing dick into his hot ass. "Do you still need to piss?" he asked. I told him yes. He replied "Go on then and piss. I want to feel it in my ass." "Jimmy" I said "I can't do that." "Yes you can." he said. I said "OK, you asked for it." I shoved into him as far as I could go as he bent his knees toward his chest. I was having a hard time but as I strained my hot piss began to flow out of me and he began to moan and shove back against me. I reached around him and grabbed his hot cock and just as I touched it it exploded with a load of his hot fuck juice. When we were both finished. He jumped up and ran to the toilet. He did not close the door and I could hear my morning piss flowing from his body.

I lay on my back and stretched. I looked down at my cock and never could I remember it as hard as it was at that moment. I wanted Jimmy to come back and take care of it for me. Just then my bedroom door opened and in walked Kenny and Raz. Kenny looked at me and said "See you still have a problem Dad." I looked over at the two 15 year old kids standing there in nothing but their gym shorts. I said to them "I sure have. Why don't you two come over here and see if you can solve it for me?" They looked at each other and smiled. Yanked down their shorts and crawled on the bed. Kenny grabbed my cock and started stroking it and looked into my eyes and said "You don't know how long I have wanted to do this." Then he took it down his throat. Raz was stroking my chest and playing with my nipples and watching my son suck on my cock. I told him to get up and straddle my chest. I glanced into the bathroom and there stood Jimmy staring in amazement. I saw that his cock was at full mast again. I told him to get down and give Kenny's ass a good work out and pulled Raz's cock to my mouth. His cock was about the same size as his brother but was cut. I could taste pre cum as it leaked out of his piss slit. I could not tell what Jimmy was doing to Kenny but it must have been great because Kenny was moaning around my cock and pushing me to climax. I felt Raz begin to throb in my mouth and he burst forth with an enormous load down my throat and I exploded into Kenny's hot mouth. As Raz started to go soft he got off of me and lay beside me on the bed. Kenny let go of my cock and I could see that Jimmy was plowing his ass. I got on my knees and kissed Kenny on the mouth mixing Raz's juice with my own. We frenched and I played with his nipples. He was moaning and Jimmy was thrusting. I went down on Kenny and as soon as my mouth was around his head he shot a load down my throat. Jimmy yelled that he was cumming and I reached through Kennys legs and grabbed his balls and began to massage them. We all collapsed on the bed.

Raz said that this had been the hotest scean he had ever dreamed about. Kenny looked over to Jimmy and said "I guess you got what you wanted last night." Jimmy replied "Well, part of it any way." "You mean you did not tell him what you like." Kenny replied. Jimmy told him to shut up. Kenny said "Opps sorry."

I told them to take a shower and Kenny and Raz left. I turned to Jimmy and asked him what that was all about. He kissed me and told me he would tell me later that we had plenty of time until his Mom got back. He said "Lets take a shower." So together we got in the shower and washed each others bodies.

When we were both cleaned I went to my shorts drawer and put on a pair. I laid the dildo and cock strap on the top of the chest and found a pair with a drawstring for Jimmy. He pulled them on and I tied the string so they would not fall off.

We went down to the kitchen and Kenny and Raz were making hot cakes. They were just a naked as they had been when they left my room. I looked over at Jimmy and we both said in unison, "Well, we might as well join them." We both pulled off our shorts and sat down at the table. Raz came over with the coffee pot at poured us both a cup. I watched as his cock swung back and forth as he walked. God, he was a cute kid. He was about 5'9" the same height as Kenny. His skin was a light brown and smooth. It reminded me of the coffee with milk that I was drinking. His cock and balls were a shade darker and looked like they were made of milk chocolate. He was slim as a youth should be. He had not started to fill out with a full male adult hardness. I glanced over at Jimmy and saw that the complection was the same but he was a good two inches taller and had began to fill out. His pecs were quite defined and his stomach was hard and rippled. His cock was about the same shade as Raz's but larger and uncut. Both these buys were hot.

I glanced over at Kenny and saw this body. He was fuller than Raz but did not have the defined maturity of Jimmy. His hair was light and wavy. He wore it in a longish fashion. Shorter on the sides with a small pigtail in the back which he had had braided. His upper body was a bronze color as well as his legs. But his ass showed a whitness that almost appeared that he was wearing jockys from the back if you could not see his crack.

The sight of these boys was making my cock rise again to attention. As Raz sat the table and Kenny cooked Jimmy sat across from me and leaned back in his chair. I felt something press against my crotch and looked down and saw that his feet were on my chair between my spread legs. I spread them further and he began to massage my cock between his two feet. I gave out a sigh which caused the other two boys to turn and look. I was not trying to hid what was going on. Kenny said "Look at the big boys, Raz, they don't know how to behave. They are hornier than we are." Jimmy told them that we just had some catching up to do since they had been at it for a year.

After the breakfast table was cleared I told the boys to set down that I wanted to talk to them. They sat across the table and I could tell from the dejected look on their faces that they were expecting the worse.

I told them that I had to set down some rules and that they had to adhere to them or face the consequences of a split up in Kenny and Raz's relationship. Jimmy asked "What about our relationship?" I said that at that time I did not feel that he and I had a relationship and that he and I had to talk that over between us.

I said "Here are the rules for all three of you and I mean that they are to be followed to the letter. First, there is to be no intimate contact outside of this house. Second, you are not to discuss what goes on in this house to anyone else. Third, you are not to have any intimate relationship with any one else without the rest knowing about it before hand. I don't want any of you catching a desease that you will spread in the family. Fourth, you are not to bring anyone else to the house without my knowing about it and at that time I expect you to act straight in front of them. Fifth, I expect your grades to improve and not be effected in any way by your relationship. Sixth, when you are in this house you will do as I tell you and if not you will be punished. I will punish any of the three of you in the same way that I punish Kenny. Seventh, we must eventually tell your mother about Kenny and Raz's relationship. I think she will accept it. And last but not least there will be a dress code while you are in the house."

I asked them if they understood or if they had any questions. They all nodded but Kenny asked me what the dress code would be. I said after a long pause "While in the house when no one else is around you will be forbidden to wear any clothes at all. I want to see your naked bodies develope." They all smiled and agreed. Jimmy did say that he had a question. I told him to go ahead and ask. He said "Would you fuck me?"