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Family & Friends 1

Jeff Towns was lying naked on his bed lazily stroking his cock and running his other hand over his muscular chest and rock-hard nipples. He was horny but he didn't really want to come just yet. It was only a little after noon and he wanted to save himself for tonight when his older brother Jack would be getting home from college for the summer. He knew there'd be some action then, and he wanted to be in peak condition.

He jumped off the bed and walked over to the look at himself in the mirror on back of the door. Yeah, he was in peak condition all over. Almost 18 years old, he swam in the pool in the back yard or lifted weights in the basement every day. Like his Dad and brother he had blond hair on his legs and forearms but none on his chest or belly.

And like them he had been blessed in the dick department. He had 7-1/2 thick inches of uncut cock, and he knew Jack had almost 8. They didn't know exactly how much their father Jim had because, even though they were casual about seeing each other naked in their all-male household, they had never seen him fully hard.

And they really wanted to! Because their father was a walking wet dream. Six-foot-two and 190 lbs of lean muscle, he took his job as a fireman very seriously and kept himself in tiptop shape. And while his two teen aged sons were seriously cute, at the age of thirty-nine he was ruggedly handsome.

The boys had always been unusually close, more like twins than brothers born fourteen months apart. After his first day at pre-school Jack had run into the house and hugged the equally demonstrative Jeff declaring, “I love my little brother!”, and it had become something of a family in-joke, although no one doubted that he still meant it, and that the love was returned. What they didn't know was that the love had become physical around the time of puberty, starting with mutual masturbation, then sucking, then fucking since Jeff was 15.

Jack had started fucking a bit sooner as he had a fuck-buddy in his best friend Greg who was a few months older than him. They met on the first day of kindergarten and decided they would be best friends because their daddies were both firemen. They stayed friends and even went to the same college where they could room together so it would be more convenient to be fuck- buddies. Both considered themselves to be bi-sexual and primarily dated girls, but their most frequent sexual outlet was with each other at college, and included Jeff when at home, and they loved each other.

Jeff had no fuck-buddies except his brother and Greg, and ,boy, did he miss one now that they were away at college. Because he had no doubts about his sexuality, and dating girls wasn't an option. He had come out to his father when he was 16, and as he expected, he was accepted unconditionally. His father gave him a little talk about safe sex and the dangers of homophobia, but that was it.

The squeaking of the gate at the side of the house startled Jeff as he stood at the mirror in his bedroom on the ground floor. Who could be coming into the back yard? He was about to pull on some shorts to go investigate when he heard voices and recognized Mr. Reilly saying, “Jeff's not here?”

No”, his father's voice answered, “High School doesn't let out until 2:30. We've got a few hours of privacy.”

Privacy? Why would they want privacy? Apparently his father had forgotten that he had a half-day of school today. He decided to stay quiet and see what they were up to. There was a trellis outside his window, and he could easily see through the morning glory vines while keeping hidden.

His father, Jim, and Greg's father, Pete Reilly, were good friends. Both firemen, they must have just gotten off a shift and so would have several days to relax. They were both long divorced and hung out at each other's houses. But the Towns' had a bigger pool and yard so more of the socializing went on here.

As he watched, the two men walked to the grassy area right between his window and the pool and set down the small cooler and a bag they were carrying, then spread out a large beach towel and began to take off their clothes. Jeff couldn't believe his luck! Pete was as hot as his Dad, maybe even hotter! A bit beefier, and with light brown hair all over the front of his body, and really big pecs and arms. And they needed privacy.

They had taken off their shoes and shirts and then they lowered their pants. His dad wore boxer briefs, but Pete wore a jock-strap! “Don't stop, don't stop”, he begged silently, and they didn't. Without hesitation they pushed down their underwear, both facing away from him. He could see Pete's furry ass crack and the hard dimpled smoothness of his father's ass, so like his own. “Turn around”, he whispered.

I think we need some lotion on today if we don't want to burn”, Pete said.

OK. Turn around.”

Oh my fucking god.” Jeff couldn't believe the size of Pete's hairy balls or how far down they hung. His cock looked really wide, but only about 4” long. It would depend on whether he was a shower or a grower whether it was a monster. But it didn't matter, he was a beautiful man, and his drop-dead gorgeous father was spreading lotion on him.

He reached into the drawer in the table next to his bed and took out a bottle of lube. By the time he got back to the window Pete was applying lotion to Jim's back. They both seemed to have plumped up a little, but Jeff couldn't be sure. Then they did something that got him really pumping on his cock as he watched. The two men turned toward each other and started spreading lotion on each other's chests and upper arms, running fingernails across the nipples, fingers over the ridges of their stomaches, down over their hips and onto the tops of their thighs, cupping their balls and then pulling, massaging their cocks as they responded and rapidly grew harder, longer, rigid.

A grower!” Jeff breathed as Pete's member reached almost 9-1/2”, cut and curved slightly upward. “Just like Greg's”, he thought, although Greg's was not quite 9”. “I wonder if he can suck himself like Greg can?” Then he saw his father. “All right, Dad! Gotta be more than 8”. Straight and with a big head. Runs in the family But man, is it thick!.”

Pete sank to his knees, kissing and licking his way down his partner's smooth body, and took his impossibly thick cock into his mouth, running his tongue under the generous foreskin and around the head. Jim moaned with pleasure. Pete grasped Jim's scrotum at the base and closed his fist, forcing the balls down and away from his body, now tight in their bag.

Yeah, pull on my big balls, buddy...lick my balls...”

Pete did, slobbering over the huge, smooth ball sack, taking them in his mouth one at a time and sucking on them, all the while jerking on Jim's immense cock. Then Jim lifted Pete up and squatted in front of him, taking his cock in his mouth and reaching between his legs to play with his hairy asshole.

Oh, yeah, bud, play with my ass! Shove that finger up there!”

His finger still slick from the lotion, Jim placed it at the entrance and easily thrust it all the way up his lover's hole, far enough to feel his prostate. Pete's already hard cock twitched and leaked more delicious pre-cum into his greedy mouth as he gently ran his teeth over the head and ridge.

Jeff was jerking on his cock madly while watching all this. He could hardly believe what he was seeing! And big, macho Mr. Reilly liked having things shoved up his butt! Cocks, maybe, he wondered? He was getting so hot, he bent forward and sucked in his stomach the way Greg had taught him. He was limber from wrestling, and he bent further and further until his tongue touched the head of his penis. Still he bent until the whole head of his cock was in his mouth and he could lick all over the head. “Mmmmm...” it felt so good and he heard an answering “Mmmmmm...” from outside.

Straightening up and looking out again, he saw that the men were jerking each other off with one hand while holding onto each other's heads and passionately making out! Their lips and tongues devoured each other as if they couldn't get enough. Their bodies writhed together as their hands flew up and down their partners cocks.

I'm gonna come!”

Me too!”

They pulled each other into a one-armed embrace a slid their bodies against each other over and over while their hands rubbed over the whole lengths of their huge cocks and up over the hyper-sensitive ridges of the heads until they both started shooting ropes of thick cum in their fists and over their bellies and chests. Pulling their hands out, they grasped each other harder and writhed and pushed their bodies together frantically, sliding in the lubricating cum as even more shot out. Grunting and sweating, two animals in heat, they poured out their pent-up lust.

Fuck! Fuck!” “Oh,man,so good!” “I didn't come for two days waiting for that.” “I love you.” “Me,too.”

Jeff was lying on his bed again, his chest and belly covered in cum, his softening dick glistening in his light brown pubic hair. That was the hottest thing he had ever seen, and completely unexpected! His Dad? Mr. Reilly? Having sex! Wait a minute! What was that at the end? They said 'I love you'? Was that normal for gay sex?

He heard some laughter from the back yard and got up to look out the window again. The men were sitting on the beach towel smoking a joint. This didn't surprise him, his dad occasionally smoked but was a real lightweight, and as expected they put the joint out when it was only half gone. Then they opened some beers and sat in the sun talking.

So when are we going to tell the boys about us?”, asked Pete.

Soon. I don't know why I'm hesitating. I'm sure Jeff won't mind, and I assume Jack won't either. There's a bit of 'what will the neighbors think' but I can't imagine the boys caring about that, either.”

Well, I don't think Greg will mind. Hell, the way he looks at me sometimes I think he'd like to have a go at me himself.”

And what do you think about that?”

Are you kidding? The kid is fucking hot! He looks like me, only younger! I'd do him in a minute!”

But what about incest?”

Bullshit! No one's getting pregnant, no one's getting hurt, no one's doing anything they don't want to do. He's plenty old enough to make his own decisions. If he offered, I'd jump! If it was alright with you. Kind of keeping it in the family. How about you and your boys? I'd do them!”

Can't say it hasn't crossed my mind. A lot. For years now. They just keep getting hotter and hotter. And I'm almost positive they do stuff together, though I don't know how far they go. Maybe they just did when they were young. But you know how close they are. And Jeff is gay anyway. But I don't know if they'd be interested in me. Not that many young guys are into older men. And I'm their father.”

You're their fucking hot father! Not as hot as me, though! I bet they'd go for me in a minute with my big muscles and hairy chest!”

You got that right”, thought Jeff as he watched the men from his window, massaging his cum onto his hardening cock.

Oh, yeah, you've never complained about licking my smooth tits, and my muscles are plenty big enough to take you, stud!”, taunted Jim.

Ya think so? Well come on!” And the two men fell wrestling on the lawn, their oiled bodies glistening in the sun as they grappled. Their muscles strained, but they were laughing as they played. Eventually Pete got the upper hand and had Jim on his back splayed on the grass with Pete sitting on him and holding down his arms.

I told ya I was stronger!” crowed Pete.

OK. Now what are you gonna do about it?”

Pete lowered his head and began to roughly kiss the man under him, the man he loved. Jim responded just as roughly, swapping spit and sucking tongues, licking and nibbling each others ears and necks. Jeff could see that each man was semi-erect. Still holding Jim down, Pete got up on his knees so his prick was aimed at his partners face.

Here it comes”, he growled, and to Jeff's shock he let loose a stream of piss that played all over Jim's chest and head.

Yeah!”, Jim shouted and moved his head back and forth to make sure he got completely soaked. Then, twisting his hands free he sat up and, grabbing Pete's muscular ass, pulled himself so he could take that beautiful cock in his mouth and drink the flowing piss from its source.

Fuck, yeah, buddy, drink my piss! Oooooh, so good, like coming in your mouth, and knowing you're swallowing me. I love ya, bud! I'm getting too hard now.”

Jim pulled off and Pete sank down and the men started kissing again, sharing the taste. Both men were rock hard.

I want to fuck you now”, Jim said, and Pete immediately turned over on all fours.

Oh, yeah, go Dad!”, Jeff breathed as he flailed away on his big prick. He squeezed some lube into his asshole with his other hand and started finger-fucking himself with two fingers.

Outside, his father gazed down on Pete's lightly-haired ass and spread the cheeks to expose the hairy hole. He dove in and started eating out his friend's asshole, driving his tongue in deep.

Yeah, buddy, do me good, eat out that hole!”


You said it! Use some of that sun tan lotion and loosen me up for that fat pecker of yours!”

Jim squirted some lotion on his hand and started fucking two fingers into Pete's willing hole, twisting his hand around and opening him up. Another finger followed, and then another until his whole palm was swallowed up by Pete's hungry hole.

Oh, goddam, I love it when you do that!”

You want two cocks up that ass, don't you, stud?”

Oh, yeah. A fuckin' dream! But right now I want your fat cock up there. Shove it in me!”

And Jim pulled his hand out and spread more lotion on his dick. He gripped the base which made the big head stand out even more and placed it at the entrance to his lover's asshole, and he sank it all the way in in one long move.

Aaaaaaaaaahhh!”, from both men.

Fuuuuuuuuck!”, from Jeff as he watched his dad's dimpled ass cheeks flex as they pumped his incredibly thick prick in and out of Pete's sexy muscled ass. Jim was pinching and pulling his own hard nipples, then he bent over his partner's back and reached under him and ran his hands over his magnificent hairy muscled chest and belly and down to his enormous cock that was sticking out parallel to the ground and dripping pre-cum from the engorged head. He smeared it over and around the head with one hand while bringing the other back up to to his chest and raking his nails over the protuberant nipples.

Fuck me, fuck me!” Pete was down on his elbows, his upper-arm muscles bulging. He was frantic, and in between begging to be fucked he was licking sweat off his own bulging biceps. “I'm gonna come!”

And as Jim continued to fuck his ass and jerk him off, Pete shot rope after rope of thick cum, the first two hitting him in the face and the rest lubricating Jim's fist as he slid it over his cock, now becoming hyper-sensitive. As he spasmed, Jim started his orgasm. He grabbed Pete's hips and hung on, barely moving, wanting to keep on pushing but the intensity was too much.

In his room, Jeff, two fingers still up his asshole, had just come for the second time that day, this time even harder than before.

After a minute Jim slowly slid out and sank to the ground, and Pete fell beside him. They turned to each other and kissed, running their hands over each other's faces and arms, chests and down to their now limp cocks.

I love you”.

I know”.

And they hugged each other, and as they lay there they both started pissing. Their cocks were pointing up and the piss ran between their bellies and chests. They both started laughing.

I knew you were going to do that!