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Family & Friends 2

Jim and Pete lay in the grass hugging and laughing.

I guess we'd better get cleaned up, huh?” said Pete.

We've still got time. Jeff shouldn't be home for an hour or so yet. But yeah, why don't we wash off and go for a swim.”

They jumped up and while Jim got the hose Pete retrieved their beers. They quickly sluiced off the piss and cum from their bodies and drained their beers.

Should we put shorts on?”, Pete asked.

No, don't bother. It'll be fun to skinny-dip.” And both men dove into the pool.

In his bedroom, Jeff was lying on his bed again recovering from his second shattering orgasm of the day and musing on the revelations of the past hour. His dad and Mr. Reilly were lovers! And they had thoughts about having sex with their sons! He couldn't wait to tell his brother Jack and their friend Greg.

Then he heard the splash as the two men dove into the pool and he had another idea. He was going to have some fun teasing the two older men. He jumped into the bathroom and washed off the lube and cum, evidence of his recent activity. Then he pulled on a pair of his skimpiest speedos and arranged his package for maximum effect. What he was about to do was getting him excited, so it wasn't difficult. Putting on dark glasses he opened the sliding door out to the back yard and casually walked over to the pool, where the men were engaged in horseplay.

When they caught sight of him they abruptly froze, as if they had been caught doing something wrong. He purposely stood so that they could see him in profile, with his bubble-butt accentuating his protruding genitals in the tight swim suit.

Hi, Dad! Hi, Mr. Reilly!”

Jeff! Uh, hi...uh, what are you doing home from school so early?”

Oh, we had a half day today, I told you.”

Oh, yeah, I forgot. So you've been here the whole time?”

What whole time?”

I mean, where have you been?”

I was taking a nap with my earphones in. I wanted to be up for when Jack gets home tonight. I just woke up and heard you in the pool and thought I'd come out for a swim.”

Both men visibly relaxed, but then remembered that they were naked.

Your dad and I were just fooling around, talking about when we were young and we used to...”

Oh, you're skinny-dipping! Cool! I'll join you!” And Jeff slowly peeled off his trunks, showing the staring men first his trimmed blond pubic bush, then the root of his unusually thick cock, then all of it and his low-hanging shaved balls. He was half hard and had to concentrate not to get any harder. “You don't mind, do you?”

Uh, no, of course not, son.”

The three men swam around and talked casually. Jeff had a hard time keeping a straight face as he watched his father and Pete carefully try to avoid contact with each other and him, while he did his best to do the opposite. He playfully swam up behind his father and hoisted himself up on his shoulders, making sure his dick rubbed against his father's back. Then he just hung on for a while, laughing and talking as if it was the most natural thing in the world as he mashed his cock and balls across the top of his father's ass. He swim closely across in front of Pete so he could cop a feel of his half-hard cock as he went by, as if by accident. Then he did a backstroke while his prick was hard and standing up like a periscope.

This thing gets hard just any time, I can't help it. You can probably remember when you guys were young and that would happen to you, too. That's probably long in the past now, though, huh? Now you've got a problem even getting it up!”

Oh, yeah, you little punk! We can get 'em up any time we want. And they're not needle-dicks like yours, either. Look at this!” And grinning, Pete floated onto his back and gave his already almost hard prick a few strokes and then circled the base with his thumb and forefinger. His enormous cock, 9-1/2 thick inches with a slight upward curve, stood proud.

Oh, man, Mr. Reilly, that's the biggest dick I've even seen in person! Come on Dad, let's see what you've got! I bet it's bigger!”

I don't know if this is a good idea...” began his father.

Come on, Jim, what's the harm?” And to Jeff, “His is shorter, but it's thicker.” And he immediately blushed as he realized what he had just said.

Well, OK...” and Jeff's father, who was already rock hard because of what was going on, floated onto his back and gripped the base of his cock to show it off.

Whoa, Dad! It must be 8-1/2 inches, and so big around I bet I couldn't get my hand around it.” And matter-of-factly he reached out and tried to do just that! “See? My fingers don't reach all the way. Your cock is too thick!” He moved his hand up and down just enough to cover and uncover the head with the foreskin once and then took his hand away.

His father's face was in shock, and Pete, looking at him was having a hard time not bursting out laughing. Jeff had just maneuvered them into seeing their hard cocks and copping a feel of his dad's, and Pete was OK with that and wondered where things might go. He felt that Jim would be fine with it, too, but might take a little longer.

Now Jeff lay back in the water and displayed his hard dick. “You can see I got the family genes. Straight shaft, big head, thicker than average, big low-hangers. Nowhere near my dad's record-breaker, of course, but I still have a few year's growth coming. Jack's the same, about a half inch longer.”

The men glanced at each other, both thinking the same thought. So the boys were intimately familiar with each other's dicks! Then they were startled by Jeff's next statement.

Greg's even longer. His is more curved, though. He's cut like you, Mr, Reilly. He says it's easy to keep clean. I like playing with my foreskin, though, and I think it looks cool. What do you think, Mr. Reilly?”

Uh, Jeff, I think you're, uh... big enough to call me Pete now. Your brother does. That all right with you, Jim?”

Huh? Sure, he's grown up now,” said his father, who had sunk to his neck in the water in an attempt to hide the fact that he was jerking on his rock-hard dick.

It was his mother that insisted on Greg being circumcised and I went along with it. I don't mind it, but I can see your point. I really like yo...I mean, uh, I understand being uncut makes masturbation a totally different thing.”

Oh, yeah, having all this extra skin,” and Jeff started slowly jerking his cock up and down. His head rested on the edge of the pool and his smooth, defined pecs with their pointed tits and the hairless ridges of his abs floated like islands above the water. “See? I can draw it up and cover the big head and it rubs against the ridge, and then pull it down and it rubs some more, so gentle.”

Both men drew closer, mesmerized by the performance, both jerking on their rock-hard cock under the water. Then on an upstroke a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of Jeff's prick, sparking in the sunlight. He took it between thumb and forefinger and brought it to his mouth, extended his tongue and licked it up. Both men moaned.

Mmmm”sighed Jeff. And then a moment later he submerged and popped up again with a grin on his face. “Well, save that for later.” and he began swimming laps in the pool.

The two stood there for a few moments looking confused. What had just happened? Their erections quickly subsided, though they were still plenty horny. They decided to exit the pool and have another beer, this time with their shorts on. They wanted to talk about it, but didn't get the chance. Jeff followed them out of the pool and also put some shorts on, then busied himself straightening the deck area and getting it ready for the cookout tomorrow night, making sure he never left the two men alone long enough for them to relieve their horniness or even have a private conversation. Soon it was time for Pete to go home.

Better get going. What time did the boys say they'll be getting in?”

Both men automatically looked at Jeff.

Greg's last exam was over at four. They figured they'd wait to leave until six to avoid rush hour, so Greg'll be dropping Jack off here after 8:30 and be to your house by about nine.”

OK. And what time should we come over for the cookout tomorrow?”

I dunno, I might have to go out and pick up a few things,” Jim said. “I'll call you.”

And don't bring your swim suits,” called Jeff. “We'll go skinny-dipping again!”

Pete glanced at Jim with raised eyebrows but Jim just shrugged. As Pete drove away both men were smiling to themselves, picturing a pool full of naked men and boys.