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Family & Friends 3

Several hours later Jeff was in his bedroom when he heard the front door open and the sound of voices and he knew Jack and Greg had arrived. He ran upstairs and past his father who had just emerged from watching TV in the rec room. He flung himself onto his brother who dropped his bags just in time to catch him a stagger back a step from the momentum. They hugged and laughed with Jeff's legs wrapped around his brother's hips, and then, drawing their heads back a moment, they kissed! Not passionately, not even for a very long time, but not like most brothers do, either.

Jack broke the kiss, threw his head back and yelled, “I love my little brother!”

Jim looked on fondly, if a little uncertainly.

Greg was still standing behind them holding more luggage. “Yeah, yeah, we know you love the little twerp. Now get out of the way so I can put this stuff down!”

Jeff unwound from his brother's embrace and turned to him. “Just drop it, Greg, we'll take care of it. And, c,mon, you know you love me, too.”

Greg took him at his word and just dropped everything. “Yeah, I do. I missed ya, bud!” And he picked Jeff up – Greg was the tallest of all of them at 6'4” - and hugged him.

Jack walked over to his father and, ignoring his outstretched hand, pulled him into a very close hug and held him there for about 10 seconds, running his hands over his father's muscular back and then turning his head and kissing his cheek. “Hey, Dad. Good to see you!” Then holding on to his muscular shoulders he stood back a bit. “Hey, I think I'm as big as you now!”

You might be as tall as he is, but you're not as big!”, laughed Jeff.

What?”, said Jack, puzzled. “Oh, you mean he's still more muscular? Yeah, maybe, but I've been working out a lot for wrestling. And you know we get those long, smooth muscles, not those ugly bulgey kind like the muscle-head Reillys...”.

Hey, you like 'em well enough when...uh, when they attract the babes over to us and I let you pick up the leftovers!”

Nice save!” whispered Jeff. And louder, “Anything left in the car?”

Just two boxes of books, Greg and I'll get...”

No!” said Jeff too loud. “Uh, I'll help Greg, you and Dad put these things in your room.”

Sir, yes, sir!”, snapped Jack sarcastically and turned to comply.

I wonder what that's about?”, asked Jack as they hauled the bags down to his bedroom on the lower level he shared with his brother.

No idea”, his father replied uneasily.

No shit?!”, could be heard coming from Greg out by the car where Jeff was doing some rapid talking.

A few minutes later Jeff and Greg came in with the boxes in their arms and ill-concealed grins on their faces. Jack was puring milk and Jim was cutting an apple pie into generous slices.

Sit down, Greg, have a slice before you go home.”

No, thanks, Jim, I want to get home and see my dad. Real bad”, he added and grinned at Jeff.

Uh, yeah, I guess you missed him, huh?”

You have no idea!”

OK, goodnight then, see you tomorrow!”

Jack walked him to the door. “Dude, are you OK? Turning down apple pie!”

Jack, I just can't wait to get home! Talk to Jeff, he'll tell you. This is gonna be great!” And with a quick kiss he turned and trotted out to his car, jumped in and headed home.

Five minutes later he was there. He walked in carrying some luggage and met his father in the living room.

I was coming out to help you”

Don't worry, there's more.”

He dropped his bags and embraced his hunk of a father, who he was seeing with new eyes. His cock had been half hard since Jeff told him about what he had seen and heard that afternoon, and he made sure his dad could feel its pressure against his own.

Dad, I missed you. I love you!”

I love you, too, son. Is everything alright?”

They pulled apart while still holding on to each other. “Yeah, sure. It's just, I hear other guys talking trash about their old men and I think about how lucky I am to really love my...”

Old man?”

Not hardly!You're a stud!”

And so are you! Look at you, you've been working out! Look at these pecs...”, and he began to run his hands appreciatively over his son's body. Greg was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and he immediately reached over his head and pulled it off, showing off his muscled body to his admiring father. Pete continued to feel up his son's beautiful torso, his washboard abs and powerful lats, then back up again to his chest where he ran his fingers over his large nipples, erect now with excitement.

How about these?” Greg asked as he flexed his arms to show off his huge biceps.

Oh, yeah!” breathed Pete as he worked both hands all over his son's upper arm.

Well,”, said Greg, breaking the mood, “let's get the rest of my stuff in, eh? Then I want to go for a swim.”

Uh, sure, good idea.”

Greg turned to head out for the car and Pete followed, but as he did he brought his hands to his face so could inhale the smell of his son's sweat.

Just a few minutes later and father and son were walking out the back door of the house with beers in their hands. As he slid the sliding door closed Greg turned off the outside light.

There's enough moonlight to see by. And it's more private.”

Uh, sure.”

Greg got to within a few feet of the pool, took a swig of his beer, and set it down. Then to his father's astonishment he kicked off his sneakers, peeled off his shorts and underwear, and dove naked into the water. Pete hesitated only a moment before joining his son in losing all his clothes and jumping in.

The two men rough-housed in the water, ducking each other, playing grab-ass and grab-dick, splashing, wrestling, and getting worn out and more excited at the same time. Finally they agreed on a truce and dragged themselves out of the water, taking an inflatable float with them. They retrieved their beers and Greg got a small bag he had brought with him and they lay down next to each other on the grass using the float as a pillow. Greg lit a joint and they silently passed it back and forth while gazing up at the stars and lazily playing with their cocks.

This reminds me so much of me and my brother when we were your age.”, said Pete.

What, smoking dope or jerking off together?”

Well, both. Pot always gets me horny, and we smoked a lot back then.”

And jerked off a lot?”

That, and other stuff.”

Like what?”


C'mon, Dad. You're lying here with your dick in your hand! You know you can tell me anything.”

Well, we helped each other out, kind of.”

You mean you jerked each other off? That's no biggie, Jack and I do that all the time, Jeff too.”

You do? Well, my brother and I did some more than that...”

Like blow-jobs? Hell, we graduated to those when we were about 14! Jack is good but Jeff is the best! The kid has no gag reflex, he swallows my nine inches like it's nothing and sticks his tongue out and licks my balls at the same time! It is so hot to watch...”

Jesus Christ! Are you kidding me? The thought of you three...” and Pete was spitting into his hand and jerking wildly on his engorged cock.

Greg pulled a packet of lube from his bag and squeezed it on his hand and started jacking his prick. He got one finger of the other hand slippery and sunk it up his asshole and finger-fucked himself with it.

Yeah, Dad, beat that meat! Better yet, here let me do it! You grab mine and jerk me off. Jerk that big dick. C'mon Dad, jerk your jock boy! Feel these hairy muscles, like yours, Dad. My big pecs with these hard nipples, hard for you, Dad! Grab my balls! Pull on 'em!”

Oh, son...pulling on your big balls...jerking your hot...beautiful young body...but you're a stud...tell me more about you and the Towns boys...”

Jeff's deep-throating me and licking my balls and his brother is fucking him from behind like a dog, and we all wished our dads were there to do it with us, with their hairy chests and big muscles and huge cocks, to fuck us and piss on us, and let us come on them...”

Oh, god, yeah, we can do it now! Yeah,boy, twist those nipples, pinch 'em, make me feel it. Jerk my cock, son, still bigger than yours. You like your daddy's cock ,boy?”

Yeah, Daddy, fuck, I want your cock, and I want to see it disappear into Jeff's mouth while his daddy watches, maybe while his daddy fucks him, and while I'm shoving my hand up your hairy ass and making you beg for more...”

Fuck, yeah, boy, I want you to fist me...and piss on me...and pull on my tits...”

...and I'm twisting your tits and pissing on your back while you're pissing down young Jeff's throat and I'm gonna come....”

Fuck, me, too!”

And both men jerked and shot, and shot, ropes of come all over their hairy chests and bellies and forearms. They writhed on the ground in the throes of passion, connected by hands on spasming cocks. Pete had hold of Greg's balls and Greg was pulling on his father's tits. When they stopped shooting they scooped the cum off their hairy bodies and fed it to each other, jamming three and four fingers into their drooling mouths and licking up all they could reach. And when they were done they lay panting, facing each other.

I love you, Dad.”

I love you, too.”

Are you ready?”


And they both began pissing, first aiming directly towards the opposite spurting cock, then playing the streams over each other's hairy chests and up into their mouths. Pete thought he had died and gone to heaven, with his son's hot piss matting down his thick body hair and filling his mouth. He stopped his flow and slid down until he could take his son's cock in his mouth and drink directly, swallowing the flow of pungent hot liquid. When it was done he slid back up and shared some with Greg in a long, deep kiss while holding him tightly, and released the rest of his piss so it flowed between them all over their cocks and balls and up to their hairy chests.

When they broke apart Pete asked, “Now what?”.

I'm hungry!”, and Greg started to get up to head for the house. But his father tackled him from behind so he fell across the float with his ass in the air and Pete grabbed his cheeks and spread them and dove into the cleft, licking.

This is what I'm hungry for!” in his best hillbilly accent. “I want to eat me some boy ass! And you know what I want for dee-sert?”

Greg looked around. “Oh, Daddy, are you going to fuck that big dick up your boy's ass?”


Well, about fucking time!”