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Family & Friends 4

The three Towns men sat eating apple pie and talking and laughing, a typical American family. After a while Jack took out a joint and a lighter and looked to his father, raising his eyebrows in question.

I don't know, Jack, we really shouldn't, your brother's only 17 for...”

C'mon, Dad, you know we do it, we know you do it, we're at home...”

Oh, what the hell, go on, then...”

So Jack lit the joint and took a drag and passed it to his brother who took a smaller toke and handed it to his father, who inhaled with a lot of air.

Still a lightweight, eh, Dad?”, grinned Jack.

It's very economical”, said his father after he had let his breath out. “Seriously, though, a few tokes and I'm buzzed. Much more than that and I'm catatonic, and what's the point? I don't seem to have that 'stoned' stage where I can still function.

The joint was still being passed around.

I hear ya. I'm not like that, though. I get stoned and all my senses are heightened and I can still do stuff. Especially sex. I love getting...I love fucking when I'm stoned.”

Jack! Maybe you shouldn't be talking like this in front of your brother.”

Dad! Jeff's not a little kid anymore. And he's not a virgin. Believe me!”

Well, maybe you should be talking more responsibly. What about protection? I assume you always use a condom!”

Uh, well...”

What! You don't? Jack, I taught you better than that!”

But there are a few people I don't have to wear a condom with because they're...”

You can never trust anyone who says they're clean! You never know, they might think they are, but...”

But I trust these people.”

Who are they?”

I can't tell you.”

I can”, said Jeff quietly.

What?!” exclaimed both Jack and Jim together.

I can”, Jeff repeated. He turned to his brother. “Do you love me?”

Yes”, without hesitation.

Do you trust me?” They looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds and Jack visibly relaxed.


Now Jeff faced his father. “Dad, there's nothing wrong with men loving each other, is there?”

Of course not.”

And sometimes, that love happens when the men are young and sometimes when they're older?”

I suppose.”

Well, with Jack and me it happened when we were very young, and it's never stopped, and it never will. And when we were old enough, it became a sexual love.” His father moved uneasily in his chair, but Jeff continued. “And Jack had his other soul mate Greg and of course he joined in. The three of us have been having sex since we were kids. And of course at first we didn't use condoms, we didn't know what they were. Now, you know I'm gay, but Jack and Greg are what they call bisexual. As far as man-on-man sex goes, we've only had sex with each other. But they occasionally have sex with females...”

Women,” Jack muttered.

...and they're careful to always use condoms.”

Jim was picturing the three boys having sex with each other. He thought about seeing Jeff's beautiful young body the day before and imagined what it must have looked like, what...four, five years ago? He wondered what the boys did together. He didn't have to wait to find out.

We started just with mutual masturbation, sometimes when we were taking baths together, later showers. It was handy that we had our own bathroom on the lower level with our bedrooms, away from the grown-ups. We'd jerk each other off and come all over each other. Sometimes we'd even taste our cum.”

Jim was squirming in his seat.

Every time we'd read or hear about something new we'd have to try it. Blow-jobs were a big step up. We loved sixty-nining. Man, the number of times Jack and I went to sleep with our dicks in each other's mouths!” Jeff laughed. “And sleep-overs were a blast with Greg! The three of us in a daisy-chain, and our cocks starting to grow faster so you could see what they'd be like when we were grown-up.

Each man had an obvious hardon in his shorts, but Jeff had prepared for this. He was wearing loose, lightweight running shorts with wide leg openings and nothing on under them. He casually pulled back the hem so several inches of his fat cock was visible lying on his muscular thigh. He picked up the roach and relit it, took a toke and handed it to his father, who absently inhaled and passed it to Jack.

Eventually we learned about fucking, and that was a big hit! At first, Greg and Jack would fuck each other or let me fuck them, but they said I was too young to fuck. But I wouldn't listen so I started secretly fucking myself with carrots, and then bananas. When they found me one day with a cucumber up my ass they figured I was more than ready for them...”

Jim moaned quietly and pressed down on his hard dick. Jeff and Jack were openly rubbing on theirs.

And I discovered an unexpected talent. I could turn off my gag reflex and deep-throat a cock. And loved doing it. Depth wasn't an issue. I could take Greg's long one all the way so my nose was buried in his hair and milk it with my throat muscles. I bet I could swallow Pete's big cock with no problem at all!”

Jack looked startled. Jim moaned again and rubbed the head of his cock through his shorts. Jeff took the joint from his brother and took another hit and passed it to his father, who took a drag as it went out. Jeff's cock head was sticking out the leg of his shorts, and both his brother and father were staring at it. Jeff casually took hold of the foreskin and began to toy with it, pulling on it and twisting it.

Thickness is another matter, though. I can take Jack. Yours is so fat, Dad, that I don't know if I could get it down my throat. But I'd like to try.”

Jack was too stoned and horny to be shocked.

Yeah, Dad, let him try. He's got a wide mouth, he might be able to do it. It would be so hot watching your thick cock disappearing down Jeff's throat...!”

Jeff stood up and let his shorts drop to the floor. His erect, dripping cock leading the way, he approached his father and sank to his knees in front of him. Reaching forward he caressed the thick bulge in Jim's shorts, eliciting a moan from him. He undid the button and zipper and slid them down his father's muscular, blond thighs. Jim wasn't wearing underwear. His egg-sized balls in their low-hanging sack lay on the seat of the chair and his enormously fat prick, far too heavy to stand upright, arched out from its nest of dark blond pubes and pointed straight at his son.

Jeff, I...”

Dad, I want this.” Running his hands over his dad's hairy, muscled thighs he leaned forward and took the tip of his foreskin between his teeth and gently pulled.

Ohhhhh! Fuck, yeah, son, chew on that skin!”

Jack got up and shed his clothes. Walking around the table he stood behind his father's chair and, reaching down, pulled off his dad's t-shirt. He grabbed his father's hard pecs and ran his hands all over his smooth chest, then grabbed his prominent nipples and twisted. Jim had slid down so that now his head was at the same height as Jack's erect cock sticking over the back of the chair. He turned his head and grabbed his boy's beautiful cock and brought it to his mouth. He began to run his tongue under the foreskin around the bulbous head just as Jeff did the same to him. The feeling was electric! He pulled back for a moment and gasped!

Oh, yeah, that's good! Oh, my two boys!”

Yeah, Dad! Both your boys, and we want to do it all with you, suck...fuck...piss...”

Jim's eyes widened. Jack stuck his fat cock back in his dad's mouth and face-fucked him!

...we want you to fuck us dirty...and we want to fist you and rub our jock-sweat on you...have you rim our tight jock asses...piss on our feet and then suck our toes...”

Both Jeff and Jim were moaning now...

...but right now watch your little boy swallow your fat cock!” He pulled his cock out of his father's mouth and they both turned to look.

And Jeff, whose mouth was stretched to the limit around that huge pole, was on his way. Jack stood behind his father and rubbed his cock and balls through his dad's thick hair, jerking himself off with handfulls of it. Jeff was breathing deeply and slowly until Jim's thick cock reached the back of his throat, then he took a deep breath and swallowed.

Inch after inch slid down his throat as his father and brother watched, amazed and incredibly turned on. His lips reached out as if to drag his mouth further on, until finally they were at the very base of the huge fat tool. His throat could be seen working.

Oh, my god, son, that's incredible! No one's ever come close...”

Jeff slowly pulled off and as he did so he began jerking off his father's cock with one hand while grabbing his balls, which now hung over the edge of the seat, with the other. He continued to jerk on the shaft and suck on four inches or so of the prick while pulling down on the scrotum.

Yeah, pull those balls, son!”

Jeff again began swallowing his father's thick cock inch by inch. Jack was jerking wildly on his cock.

Yeah, Jeffy, eat Dad's cock, all the way, ahh, look! You've got it all! You're so hot, little brother! Eat that fuckin' fat cock like you do mine! Ahhh, I'm gonna come...!”

And he started coming, the first spurts shooting on his dad's stomach, but Jim quickly grabbed the shooting cock and took it in his mouth, greedily swallowing the rest of his son's sperm. Jack had hold of his head and his hips thrust his cock again and again into his father's sucking mouth. Sweat ran down his sides and his dimpled jock ass flexed as he pumped his load. Jim ran his tongue over and around the spurting cock head until the flow stopped and it started to go soft.

Ah, fuck, yeah, Dad. Fucking fantastic! But you better stop sucking 'cause I gotta piss really bad.” But Jim continued to lick and suck on his cock head. “Not stopping? You want it? OK, then...”

Jim felt his own crisis coming on. All he could do with a mouth full of dick was to make urgent grunting noises, but the boys knew what it meant. Jeff again pulled back on his prick and rapidly jerked it off while sucking on the end and ran his tongue around the head, fondling the balls that were trying to climb back up into his father's body.

Jim's eyes opened wide as he tasted the first spurts of Jack's piss, and his whole body spasmed as his first jet of cum flew into his young son's eagerly sucking mouth.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...,” as wave after wave of intense orgasm hit him. The muscles in his thighs and stomach stood out in high relief as they strained. Jeff was jerking up and down the whole length of his shaft and sucking and nibbling the hyper-sensitive head of his dick. He jerked wildly with each spasm, and only Jack's hands holding his head kept the still-pissing dick in his mouth. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the most explosive orgasm ever! This was beyond his wildest fantasy...his two stud pissing in his swallowing his cum...both with big, fat cocks like his own...his beautiful, muscled, jock boys...the pungent taste of piss...the smell of sweat...the feel of the enormous, spongy head of his son's cock in his mouth...the flow of the hot piss over his tongue...Jeff nibbling at the ridge of his cock head as he spasmed one last time...

Finally his body relaxed as the most explosive orgasm of his life eased. Jeff sat back on his heels but continued to gently jerk his father's cock, covering and uncovering the sensitive head. Jack stopped his flow and came around to the front of the chair. Pulling Jim to a standing position he kissing him deeply.

Love you, Dad. Now it's Jeff's turn. Lie down on your back.”

Without question, he complied. Jeff looked at his brother.

C'mon, Jeff, sixty-nine him.”

The two men started sucking each other's still hard cocks. Jack took some butter from the table and smeared it on his dick, then wiped his hands on a towel. Kneeling behind his brother, he leaned forward and licked his asshole. Jeff murmured appreciatively. Jack caressed Jeff's hard bubble-butt and spread the cheeks wider, zeroing in on the almost-hairless hole. After a thorough rimming he took Jeff by the hips and placed the engorged head of his prick to the hole. He nudged forward a few times to let him get used to it, and then just slid in, knowing that Jeff would have been keeping in practice while he was away at school with some of his favorite dildoes.

Jeff arched his back and gasped, but kept sucking his dad. Jim was in heaven, looking up at one son's big cock fucking the other's ass and switching between sucking Jeff's fat cock and his big, hairless, low-hanging balls. At the same time Jeff was going down on his big cock again and again, swallowing it to the root. Jack got up on the balls of his feet and crouched over his brother. His upper body stayed almost still as his hips rapidly thrust his lubed cock in and out of Jeff's asshole. He knew Jeff loved being rabbit-fucked like this.

Uh...uh...Jack...Dad...I'm gonna it comes!”

His dad grabbed his cock and, holding it parallel to his chest, jerked him off while taking one of his balls in his mouth and sucking on it. Cum sprayed all over Jim's chest and belly. Jack fell to his knees, yelling “Me, too” and filled his brothers ass with his seed.

Jack was still weakly thrusting into his brother's ass. He laid his chest down onto Jeff's back and licked his sweating skin. Then he put his lips next to Jeff's ear and murmured, “I love my little brother!” The boys lay down beside their father, spooned and still connected. Jeff lazily played with the gobs of cum on his father's skin, swirling them around. He picked up Jim's softening cock and brought his face to it, licking the end.

Know what, Dad?”


I'm thirsty.”