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Family & Friends 5

It was mid-morning by the time Pete finally woke up. Father and son lay sprawled across the king-sized bed naked, Pete on his back and Greg on his stomach. Pete stretched his muscular body, smelling his sweat and the odor of semen and ass, and his already hard cock grew even harder.

He gazed over at his lightly snoring boy and grinned. What a beauty he was! His arms over his head accentuated the bulging muscles in his shoulders and back. One leg was bent and his rock-hard ass, even at rest, was mounded and dimpled with muscle, and covered with a fine down of brown hair. His butt cheeks were slightly separated and Pete could see the thicker hair hiding in the crack. He stroked his cock as he remembered how he had fucked that ass last night, and thought about how he intended to fuck it again many times in the future.

Perhaps starting right now...” he thought, and slid down off the bed. Picking up a bottle of lube from the end table, he walked to where his tall son's large feet were hanging over the edge of the bed and gently straightened out the bent leg and then spread the legs farther apart. He ran his hands appreciatively over the bulging muscles of the calves and down over the thick ankles to his perfect feet. Crouching, he took one foot in his hands and brought it to his face, admiring the strong arch and long toes, loving the brown hairs that continued from the ankles, sparsely on the top of the foot and even on top of the toes. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, licking between the toes and tasting his son. He sucked on the longest toe and then on the big toe, almost like sucking a small cock! He ran his tongue around the toe, fantasizing about what he do with those toes in the future, coming on them, having Greg toe-fuck him! Oh, yeah!

But right now he needed real action! Crawling onto the bed he brought his face to his son's ass. Lightly he ran his lips over the short, straight, fine hairs that covered Greg's gorgeous ass, rubbing his face and the stubble of his beard over the muscled mounds. Greg moaned quietly, perhaps in the depths of some wonderful dream.

Pete gently took his boy's ass in his hands and with his thumbs opened up the route to what he so desired. He pointed his tongue and pierced his son's pucker, forcing his tongue as deep as he could, tasting the cum he had deposited there last night. He lapped up all he could, alternately going deep and running his tongue over the hole to make it relax.

Sitting back, he applied some lube to his dick and jerked himself with it a few strokes, then put some on the waiting asshole. He placed his hands on the bed on either side of Greg's impressive lats and, assuming a push-up position, aimed his cock at his target. His flaring cock-head touched on the lubed asshole, and with a sigh, he sunk nine inches into his son.

Ohhhh...........fuck!” Greg moaned. “I love waking up this way!”

Glad to be of service, son,” his father grunted. He lowered his body onto his son's, wanting as much skin contact as possible, and grabbed his wrists, then ran his hands back and forth over Greg's corded forearms. God, hairy forearms turned him on so much! He forced blood into his cock, making it pulse up inside Greg's ass as he licked the sweat off his neck and shoulders and inhaled his son's smell. “Damn, I love you, boy! This is so hot, fuckin' my own son. My big, hairy, jock son! I've been wanting to do this for years.”

Why didn't you? I wanted it, too!”

You were always out chasing skirts, I never thought you'd be into it like me.”

Are you gay, Dad?”

Well, yeah, aren't you?” as he thrust his big cock up into his son's ass.

No. At least I don't think so. I still like fucking girls. But this is different. I like fucking guys, and I like getting fucked. I guess I'm bi. But I like hanging around with guys a lot more than with girls. But I don't fit in with all that macho jock crap, that's why I dropped football and only wrestle now. There's still some of the macho, but it's a smaller group, and a couple of the guys are gay.”

And no one gives them shit about it?”

Some of the guys are a little unfriendly. But if you win your weight class no one's going to want you to quit, and there are enough gay-friendly members on the team that we keep things cool.”

I'm feeling kind of gay-friendly here myself,” Pete chuckled as he pumped his hips a few times.

So, does anybody else know you're gay?” Greg asked with a sly grin.

Only my...I mean...uh, yeah...there's one guy I've been seeing.”

Seeing? You mean dating?”

Well, it's a bit more serious than that. We've with each other for a while.”

Really, how long?”

Uh...well...two years.”

What?! And you've kept this a secret?! Who is it? You hardly ever do anything social with anybody except the Towns!”

Yeah, well, you've gotta promise to keep this a secret because he's not ready to tell the boys yet...”

You mean Jim? You and Jim? When? Wait! All those supposed fishing trips?”

Yeah, and firemen's training seminars and conventions, and some poker nights...”

Oh, fuck, you and Jim! Man, he's hot! An older version of the two boys I grew up fucking! Those hairy blond legs, and the basket he shows in jeans! Those always-hard nipples on that beautiful chest. And his ass...!”

Yeah, he's got a great ass, and so do you, all hard and fuzzy, and my big daddy prick is buried all the way up inside it right now,” and he started slowly drawing it out and pushing back in again, long-dicking his son's beautiful manly ass.

Oh, yeah, Dad, fuck me like you do Jim! I bet he loves getting fucked by that big ramrod, huh? My cock's under my belly and rubbing against the sheets. Push me, ram it into me, Dad!”

Yeah, fuckin' my boy like I fuck my lover. I can't wait till he tells his boys. Maybe I can fuck his sons like I fuck him! Maybe he can fuck you, fuck my boy while I watch! Would you like that?”

Oh, yeah, Dad, I bet he's got a fat cock like Jack and Jeff! Have him rammin' it into me while you're fuckin' young Jeff...”

Oh, yeah, fuckin' Jeff...damn, he's got a cute ass...and a big, fat cock on him, too...”

Not as fat as Jack's, and he's a hot'd like him fuckin' your ass while you fuck his little brother, while his dad fucks me...”

Pete was thrusting faster and faster, picturing the obscene combinations as his own cock fucked his own son. He was reaching his peak, his pelvis was jerking and his hands ran over Greg's hairy forearms and he was yelling obscenities and then he grabbed his son's massive shoulders and pulled himself as deep as he could go into his ass and let go with shot after shot of thick white cum, sliding in the sweat between them and grinding his hairy chest onto Greg's back as he came over and over.

Oh, fuck, fuck...fucking my jock boy!”

Fuck, me, Dad, ram me like you're gonna ram little Jeff ! Fuck my hairy jock butt!”

Greg was shooting and shouting too, his cock slippery with the cum that was pooling on the sheets under him. His father's continued thrusting pushed the hyper-sensitive underside of his cock head back and forth on the slimy sheet as he shot his huge load.

After a while all that could be heard was heavy breathing and an occasional moan of contentment. The two men lay there basking in total, peaceful, exhaustion.

Well, son, I hate to break up the party but I gotta piss something fierce.”

Go ahead.”

What? Are you kidding?” and his quiescent cock gave a brief surge of excitement.

No, unless you're worried about the sheets...”

Fuck the sheets...but piss up your ass? You done this before?”

Jack and I do it all the time in the dorm! We love it. You will, too! Come on, Dad, let me feel that horse-cock pissin' up my ass!”

Fuck, yeah, boy, you want you daddy to fuck you dirty...well, here it comes...”

Greg could feel the hot liquid filling his bowels as his father's prick once again started to grow. “Ooooohhhh, yeah, feels so good! Like you shot the biggest load ever! Fuck me, Dad, fuck in your piss!”

Pete's cock grew hard again and the flow stopped. He gently eased his hips back and forth, marveling at the feeling of fucking in hot piss, his cock creating a slight suction on the backstroke and the liquid running around the head. He loved how wet and slippery it felt, and the thought of what he was doing made him hard as a rock.

Oh, man, I've never done this before. It's incredible! My big cock up your ass covered in piss...”

OK, Dad, now I've gotta piss, and I don't think we want to ruin your mattress...”

So what do we do?”

Slowly pull out,” and Pete did. Greg walked a bit awkwardly into the bathroom. “Come with me, and bring the lube.”

He sat down on the toilet and let it all rush out. When he was done he said, “Do you have to shit?”


OK, go ahead while I start the shower.”

He took the lube and got into the shower. When his father joined him a few minutes later he was covered in suds and sporting an erection.

Damn, doesn't that thing ever go down?”

Did yours when you were nineteen?”

Good point. What do you plan to do with it?”

I'm gonna show you what you missed. I saved most of my piss. Turn around, Dad. Soap up.”

Whoa, are you gonna fuck me?”

Damn straight! Or not. You didn't think I was just going to bottom for you, did you? I don't know what arrangement you have with Jim, but I don't play that way. 'Tis as blessed to give as to receive', as the bible says.”

I don't think the bible says...”

Turn around and stop stalling,” and he positioned his father leaning up against the wall of the shower, squeezed a dollop of lube into his hand and spread it over his cock. “Ready?”

I don't knohhhhhhhhhh!” yelled Pete as he was impaled on almost nine inches of hard cock.

See, it went right in! I knew you weren't a virgin!”

No, I'm not. I would've told you if you gave me a chance!”

Now hold still, I've gotta concentrate...” and Greg pulled halfway out of his father's ass and waited a few seconds, and then Pete could feel it, the hot liquid churning in his bowels.

Oh, yeah, that feels good!”

Just wait,” said Greg and he started thrusting up into Pete's asshole while he was still pissing. Pete's cock, which had been only half-hard, stiffened to its full length. Greg's pelvis was pumping away up and down, his hands roaming over his father's hairy, soapy chest and swollen tits, running his fingers through the hair, digging in. He had only ever felt his own hairy chest before, and this really turned him on, knowing that he was so much like his dad. This is what Jack felt when he fucked Greg in the shower back in their dorm room!

His cock was awash in piss as he pistoned in his father's ass, and if any leaked out he didn't care. Oh, yeah, he was fucking his dad! He wondered if Jeff and Jack had fucked with their Dad. He bet they did, and the thought turned him on even more! No more sneaking around, they could all fuck each other...hang around the house naked, just reach out and grab a cock, suck it, drink piss, fuck...! He loved fucking his dad, feeling the big hairy sexy body under his, running his hands over the bulging shoulders and biceps, smelling the sweat and piss and ass, pumping his cock into those rock-hard buttocks.

Yeah, fuck me, boy, fuck your daddy up his hard, hairy ass. You like fucking a man, don't you? A big, ripped man like me? Like you? It's almost like fucking yourself! And feel that piss you put up my ass, so dirty! What would your wrestling buddies say if they saw you like this, huh? If they saw you dirty fucking your own father? What about your coach? Is he strong and hairy, too? Do you want to fuck him? What if all your buddies were in the shower after a meet and you're all sweaty and horny and I come to congratulate you and you gang up on me and the coach and we're all fucking and sucking and sliding in the soap all over our muscled bodies and I let you dirty fuck me and I beg the coach to join in and double fuck me and you're both fucking me and your cock is sliding up against the coach's and you're sucking on my tits and your buddies start pissing on us...”

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!” and Greg began to shoot rope after rope of thick white cum into the piss in his father's ass. He continued to pump his cock, his hips jerking like they had a life of their own, his engorged cock sliding in the mingled piss and cum up his dad's ass. He could feel some of the liquid leaking out of the asshole, running down their thighs, but he didn't care, it just added to his lust it was so dirty! “Ohhhh...Dad...uhhh...fuckin' and pissin' up your hard ass....uhhh...your hairy stud ass....uhhh...”. His arms were locked around his father's chest as his thrusts gradually grew weaker until he was just sliding against Jim's slick body. Finally the feeling was too intense and he had to stop. He slowly withdrew his deflating cock and most of the liquid ran out of Pete's ass and washed down the drain.

Pete's cock was still hard. OK, my turn to cum.”

But Greg was lathering himself and started running the soap over his dad's muscled body. Dad, I think we better get clean before the hot water runs out. And we probably have to go over to the Towns' soon.”

Disappointed, Pete looked down at his engorged member. “But what about this?”

Greg took it in his hand and gave it a few jerks. “Why not save it for later. I have a feeling you might be needing it.”

Huh? Well, OK. But with this water running, now I've gotta piss again...”

Yeah? Can you piss through a hard-on?”

I guess so, yeah.”

Good,” and grinning, Greg got down on his knees and took his father's hard cock in his mouth and looked up into Pete's eyes expectantly.

Pete looked back down at his handsome stud son. “Oh, yeah,” he sighed.