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Family & Friends 6

Jim lay staring at the ceiling of his bedroom, trying to remember exactly what had happened the night before. He had been so stoned. Had Jeff sucked him off while he drank Jack's piss? Had he fucked both his sons, Jack from behind and Jeff sitting on his cock and coming all over his chest? Could it have been real? He was pretty sure it had been. He ran his hand over his hard chest and stomach and down to his dick, feeling traces of dried cum everywhere. Oh, yeah, it had been real.

What did it mean? It meant he and his sons were now out to each other and were, at least, fuck-buddies. But what about Pete? They had been lovers for two years now. Well, Pete had openly lusted after Jack and Jeff, and his own son, Greg. That didn't mean he'd actually go through with it, though. Jim thought he'd have to tread carefully and feel him out about it.

Right now it was time to get moving! He slid out of bed and walked into the bathroom, his morning hard-on pointing the way. He stepped right into the shower, no shaving this morning, and turned on the water. He rotated under the hot spray as his dick softened enough to let him piss. He just grasped the head and urinated into his hand, letting the hot liquid flow through his fingers. Grinning, he thought again about last night, then he soaped himself up and got on with his shower.

Half and hour later he was dressed and had grabbed a bite to eat and some coffee and still there was no sound from the boys' level of the house. He walked downstairs and looked into Jack's room but it was empty, the bed not having been slept in. Smiling he pushed open Jeff's door and there he found both boys still asleep, naked, Jack spooning Jeff, an arm thrown around his waist.

Jim crouched down near Jeff's face and tickled his nose. Jeff's nose twitched and his hand automatically batted at it. Jim tickled it again and this time, without opening his eyes, Jeff broke into a wide grin.

OK, you're gonna to pay for that!”

Oh, yeah? I'm quaking in my boots!”

Dad? Oh, I thought it was Jack!”

What was me?” mumbled Jack.

Tickling me.”

No, this is me tickling you!” And he did, causing Jeff such paroxysms of laughter that Jim had to jump back to avoid being kicked by a flying foot.

Whoa, there, boys! I just came down to wake you. It's late.”

Mission accomplished, sir!”

I'm heading out to pick up some things for the cook-out later. I told Pete we'd call and tell him when to come over. I guess around mid-afternoon, it's already nearly eleven. We can call after I get back. I'd like you to get yourselves up and clean up the kitchen, we kind of made a mess in there last night.”

Yeah, we did!”

And clean yourselves up, too. The rest of the place is good enough. Listen.” He got serious. “I've got something to tell you.”

Here it comes,” whispered Jeff.

This is probably going to come as a shock to you, but last night wasn't the first time I've, um, fooled around with, um, other males...”

It's OK, Dad.”

As a matter of fact, I've been having a relationship with someone you know for a while now. We've been exclusive with each other for so long, and we've been tested, that we no longer use protection.”

We understand, Dad.”

You probably won't believe this, but the person I've been seeing...” Pete Reilly!” they said in unison, and started laughing. did you know?”

I'm sorry, Dad, I lied to you yesterday. I wasn't sleeping. I saw you and Pete in the back yard! That's how I knew you were into watersports, and that's how I had the nerve to try to seduce you in the first place! I figured getting you stoned could only help break down your resistance.”

Why, you little...and all that in the pool...when you grabbed my cock...”

I was trying to get a rise out of you, and it worked!” Jeff laughed.

Wait a minute, I didn't hear about this one!” protested Jack.

“Jeff will tell you later. The thing is, I don't know how Pete's going to feel about, well, us. I know that he thinks you're sexy, but I don't know if he'd do anything about it, and he hasn't come out to Greg yet. So when they come over we have to behave like everything's normal, OK?”

But what about skinny-dipping?” Jeff asked.

What?” Jack said, startled.

Well, I guess that's OK.” said their father.

What?” Jack repeated.

Jeff will tell you later. Anyway, I'm leaving now. I should be gone about an hour and a half, that should be plenty of time for you to get ready. Make sure you get up, now.”

Oh, we're up, I assure you!” Jack laughed as he humped his erection against his brother's ass and reached over to grab Jeff's hard cock.

As his father left, Jack nuzzled his face into his brother's neck. “C'mon, little bro, let's go.”

They walked together into their bathroom and directly into the large shower, big enough for three, as they had reason to know. Without a word they turned to each other and embraced, their erect cocks pressed between them. The water pouring down on them, they kissed and gently ran their hands over each other's bodies, feeling hard back and ass muscles. Their dicks softened enough for them to piss and they did, the scorching liquid shooting up between their bodies. They separated a bit so it reached their chests and necks while they still kissed until the flow slackened.

Fuck me, Jeffy.”

Jack turned and faced the wall and arched his back, pushing his ass out. Jeff reached up to the ledge above the shower stall for the small tube of lube he kept there and squeezed some on his fingers. He applied it to his brother's asshole and to his now rock-hard cock. He had grown almost as tall as his older brother, and now he had to bend his knees to get down to the right angle to aim his prick at its target. Placing the engorged skin-covered head at the entrance he pushed just a little, then a little more, then a bit more, easing his cock up into his lover's chute until his blond pubes were up against Jack's hard ass.

Ooooohhh, yeah, fuck me, bro...”

Jeff thrust his hips slowly, a gentle morning fuck, nothing hurried yet. He pulled and twisted on Jack's nipples like he knew he loved, and Jack moaned his approval. He ran his hand down over his brother's hard abs and grasped him around the waist with one arm while running his other hand down over the bulging muscles of his hairy thighs and up to his ass, noting the transition from hairy leg to smooth ass, just like on his own body and his father's. He loved the way his brother's muscular ass dimpled, and the leg actually got smaller before swelling with the thigh muscles. It all turned him on, all the more because it was the same on his own muscular body. He reached around and grabbed his brother's scrotum and pulled the testicles down and squeezed gently.

Oh, yeah...pull on those low-hangers, little bro...ohhhhhhhh, hurts so good!”

Now Jeff was starting to lose control, thrusting with more insistence, pulling down on his brother's waist and balls with each upward thrust, causing Jack to grunt rhythmically. “!”

Jeff let go of Jack's balls and grabbed his dripping cock and started jerking him off in time with his thrusting, his hand on the loose flesh of the uncut cock pulling the skin back and forth over the swelled head of the huge prick.

Ohhh, I missed you, bro...missed fuckin' this hard ass...feelin' your big cock in my hand...fucking my big brother...making love to my big brother...”

Me, too, bro...oh, fuck me, little brother...”

You had chicks to fuck...”

It's not the same. And they don't fuck me.”

You had Greg to fuck you.”

Still not the same. Are you jealous? I wanted my little brother! I love my little brother! I love my brother's cock fucking me! Since you were fourteen I've loved you fucking me!”

I love you, bro! I'm fucking my big, jock brother! My stud brother!””

Fuckin' my big fat cock up your tight ass! I'm getting close!”

Yeah! Come on, stud, cum up my ass, make me feel it...!”

Jeff's hips thrust his cock frantically up into his brother's ass as his orgasm neared. He grabbed Jack's muscular shoulders for support and pulled himself as far up as he could get and stood on his toes as it hit him and he came, shot after shot of thick cum into his brother's ass, his own ass cheeks dimpling as he thrust frantically to push as much of his cock as possible up Jack's ass. He held on and bit into the knotted muscles of his brother's thick neck as his hips continued to ram the fat cock into Jack's asshole long after there was nothing more to shoot but the sensation in his cock head was still intense.

Finally his orgasm was over, but just as he began to relax Jack shouted, “I'm coming!”. Jeff pulled out and spun him around. Quickly bending over he took his brother's already spurting cock in his mouth and jerked the shaft, swallowing ropes of slick cum that shot out of the engorged head and swirling his tongue over its hyper-sensitive surface, causing Jack to spasm and yell.

Fucking eat my cum, little brother... oh, shit...ohhhhhhh, yeah...fuck...fuck...ohhh, too much!, keep doing it!...ohhhh, fuck...ohhhh...I love my little brother!”


Ohhhhh....fuck!....that was intense, little bro......yeah, suck my, I guess you missed me, huh?...c'mere and kiss me!”

And after. “Jack, I'm sorry I bit you.”

Why, is it bleeding?”

No, but it's going to leave a bruise.”

Who cares? It's like a badge of honor. Maybe I'll have it tattooed there!” he laughed.

An hour later the brothers had done what their father had asked and were just finishing a quick breakfast of cereal and coffee. Jeff had filled Jack in on the skinny-dipping incident and was getting into the details of the fathers' sexual escapades of the day earlier.

No shit, so Pete bottoms, too! Dad was almost fisting him?”

He had four fingers up Pete's ass and Pete sounded like he wanted more. And you know how big Dad's hands are.”

Oh, man, we've got to get him to fool around with us!”

That shouldn't be a problem. I told Greg what they did yesterday when he was here, and that Pete was hot for him. If I know Greg I'll bet he got into his dad's pants last night. And I'm pretty sure that Pete won't have any trouble joining in with us from what I saw and heard yesterday. I think Dad is just being his usual overly-cautious self. So if we could set it up...”

I've got an idea. You said they got all hot and bothered wrestling yesterday?”

Yeah. They were all slick from the sun tan oil.”

Let's go down to the lawn and spread a tarp, oil-up, and be practicing nude wresting moves when Dad gets home. The minute we see him pull in the driveway, call Greg and tell them to be here in half an hour, but don't tell Dad we called.”

“OK, but I don't know if we have enough tanning lotion to lube all of us.”

Jack thought for a moment, then his face lit up. “Grab the canola oil!”