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Family & Friends 7

Jim pulled into the driveway and parked next to the kitchen door. He carried all the plastic bags inside in one trip and dumped them on the center island. “Boys?” No answer. So he went back out and brought in the two cases of beer he had bought and put one in the fridge upstairs, then put away the groceries. Still no sign of the kids, so he carried the second case of beer to put it in the fridge near the entertaining area. What he saw there stopped him in his tracks.

His two sons, beautiful, muscular examples of young manhood, naked, glistening in the sun, had spread a tarp on the lawn and were wrestling on it, their smooth bodies straining and flexing sexily as they slid against each other. Immediately he felt himself start to stiffen. Damn, they were hot! Their own cocks were only half hard and they seemed to be engaged in serious practice, using legitimate moves and stances.


Oh, hi, Dad. I was just showing Jeff some moves I learned this year.”

Uh, yeah.” And he began stocking the fridge with beer. “What about getting clean for company?”

Well, we've got a while yet, right, and we can shower quick, and from what I hear we're gonna be skinny-dippin' anyway, so who needs clothes at all? Maybe just some loose running shorts if you feel the need. And we did the kitchen, it looks good, doesn't it?”

Yep, it does. Well, I'll call and tell them...”

No, don't call yet, get comfortable first, you just walked in, it's your day off...”

Yeah, Dad, join us, have a beer...”

Yeah, that would hit the spot!” Jim pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes, then opened a beer and took a swig.

C'mon, Dad, the shorts, too, get in the mood!”

Dad, I'll show you that move Jack taught me!”

What the hell” Jim thought and dropped his shorts, revealing his already plumped dick. “OK, how does it work?”

Not yet, you have to get oil on you first. Sort of like that Turkish oil wrestling. It's more fun that way!” And while Jeff started squirting sun tan lotion on his father's chest, Jack drizzled canola oil on his back, and they both worked on spreading it all over his big, muscular body. Jack poured extra on his buttocks and worked it into his ass crack, even pushing some up his ass with first one, then two fingers, while Jeff massaged lotion on his fathers hardening cock and big loose ball sack. Jeff switched sides and quickly added some lotion to his father's back.

Jeeze, I'm gonna be too slippery to grab onto!” Jim protested.

That's the challenge of it!” Jeff replied.

OK, ready now, get down on all fours, Dad”.

Jim got down and Jeff knelt beside him, grasping him by the wrist and around the waist, but he didn't hold the traditional position long. His hand found his father's erect cock, hard up against his belly, and started massaging the head. The other hand ran up Jim's muscled arm, fondling the bunched triceps and running over to his chest where it played with his hard nipple. Jim groaned and squirmed, and when Jack gave the signal to begin he was taken completely by surprise and Jeff was able to pull his right arm over his head and flip him on his back for a pin!

How'd you like that move, Dad?” laughed Jeff and he slid his chest down over his father's until he was able to take his nipple in his teeth and bite on it.

Oh, yeah, bite my tit! Pull on it! Yeah, son!” Jim obviously didn't care about being tricked at wrestling. But he wasn't going to take it lying down. He swung his leg over Jeff and reversed their positions so he was lying on top and he pinned his son's arms to the ground. He lowered his head and rubbed his beard stubble across Jeff's nipples, which became even harder and more protuberant, like pencil erasers. He took them in his mouth and sucked and bit on them while his son writhed helplessly beneath him. Then he rubbed his face over the smooth chest to his armpits and inhaled his son's scent and the blood in his cock surged. He licked the blond hairs to taste the sweat, flattening them with his tongue. The ticklish Jeff bucked his lower body up but couldn't unseat the heavier man. But Jim could feel Jeff's rock-hard cock poking him in the back.


Yes, Dad?”

Do me a favor. Take your brother's cock and aim it at my asshole.” And he arched his back and slid his body back until he could feel his son's cock at his hole.

You ready, boy?”

Oh, yeah!”

Then fuck me!” And he impaled himself on Jeff's big, hard cock. Jeff pumped into his father's tight ass while his wrists were held down and Jim bent and began kissing him roughly. They licked and sucked at each other's mouths and tongues, swapping spit and moans of passion as son fucked father for the first time.

Jack squatted behind his dad and ran his hands over his muscular, oiled back, watching his brother's hot cock disappearing and reappearing at his father's asshole. He pulled on Jeff's pendulous balls and jerked on his own enormous cock, getting it ready. He had plans for this afternoon, and it was too soon for his brother to come. On one of the out-strokes he pulled on Jeff's cock and gave his father a shove and separated the two, to their mutual disappointment. But he immediately sank his own dick up his father's asshole, satisfying at least one of them.

My turn!”

Fuck, Jack, I was close!”

I know.”

Boys, you have to....uh....uh....fuck....share!” as Jack's larger cock did a job on his ass. It was the thickest he had ever had, though not as long as Pete's, and the flared head was doing wonderful things to his prostate.

Yes, Dad.” they both said, and laughed. Jeff went back to making out with his father while Jack was ramming his fat, big-headed dick up his dad's ass.

Just then Jack caught a glimpse of the Reilly's car arriving in the upper driveway. Neither of the other men had noticed. He had told the guests to enter through the kitchen, and he didn't want them to walk in on a sex scene. The fathers didn't know that each had had incestuous sex or that all the boys knew about their relationship. So he regretfully pulled out of his father's ass.

Ohhh...” Jim moaned in frustration.

Jack tackled his father, pushing him over onto his side next to Jeff and shouting, “King of the Mountain”, something they hadn't played since they were kids, and they immediately burst into a free-for-all. Three sweating, slithering, naked, muscular bodies, playing grab-ass and wrestling on the oily tarp greeted the sight of the two Reilly men as they emerged onto the lawn a minute later. The gorgeous men were openly using cocks and even balls as hand-holds in their bids to dominate in the game. Greg and Pete grinned at each other and began tearing off what few clothes they were wearing when their presence was noticed by the wrestling men.

Uh,'re here...uh...let me explain...” Jim began.

Explain what? There are rules? Where's the oil?”

He and Greg just splashed oil on each other and then stood poised, ready to jump into the melee.


Just one rule,” called Jack. “Everything's allowed! Go!”

Now there were five gorgeous men struggling and laughing on the ground, sliding against one another in one giant sexy pile. Hands flew everywhere, cupping balls, caressing ass cheeks, jerking cocks, running over the hard ridges of defined teenaged abs and older pecs, teasing protruding nipples with fingernails, toying with ass holes.

The fathers were holding back, but the boys had few reservations. The older men knew that the boys had been having sex since they were kids, and seeing and feeling their still-young but muscular bodies sliding against one another and themselves was an incredible turn-on. They wrestled and played and compared bodies. The boys insisted on judging whose dad's cock was bigger and had the men kneel facing each other while Jack and Greg used their fingers like cock rings around the bases of the men's cocks under their balls and urged them to pump more blood into them for maximum erection, and then discussed the relative merits of the flared heads and traced the bulging veins while the two men tried to appear like this was normal. Then they compared the boys' muscles and the men got to run their hands all over their bodies, spending a lot of time feeling their asses in multiple positions. Then they'd all laugh and start rough-housing again. For twenty minutes the wrestling continued and the fiction could be maintained that it was innocent, if erotically charged, horseplay.

And then Jeff made his move. He maneuvered himself so he was lying beside Pete and he delivered a resounding slap to his ass. “Nice hairy ass, Mr. Reilly!”he said softly into his ear.

You like it?”

Yeah! Greg's isn't as hairy, but it's just as muscular! He likes it when I run my finger over his pucker like this. Do you like that, Mr. Reilly?”

What do you think?”

I think you do. I think you'll like it even better if I sink one of my greasy fingers up your butt like this!”

Pete froze. A line had just been crossed, and there was no turning back.

I think you'll like this second finger even more. You like a high school jock fingering your hole, Mr. Reilly?”

Fuck, yeah!”

You like fucking with boys, don't you, Mr. Reilly? You like fucking with young, hard-bodied jocks! Like me! Like Jack! Like Greg?”

Goddam...yeah I do, you little fucker....I like your hard young bodies...I don't want little kids...I like boys, with hair, and growin' dicks...and muscles...”

The other men had stopped wrestling and were watching what was happening, slowly jerking themselves or a partner. Greg lay down in front of the kneeling Jim and took his dripping cock in his mouth. He marveled at the size of it, even thicker and longer than Jack's!

Like me, Pete?” continued Jeff. “You like smooth-bodies boys like me with muscles and big dicks finger-fucking you? Stickin' my fingers up your hairy asshole?”

Oh, yeah, boy, stick 'em in deep.... hit that prostate....get 'em in all the way...c'mon, more....”

Jeff stuck three fingers up his ass. “Did you fuck your son last night, Pete?”

Fuck, yeah!”

Did he fuck you?”

This morning. And we pissed up each other's asses”

Jim's eyes got wide and he moaned. He grabbed Greg's head and started face-fucking him. Jack was jerking off and pulling on his own balls.

Four fingers now, and Pete's ass was stretched so much he was pouring sweat. Only Jeff's thumb was outside Pete's asshole as he twisted and turned his oiled hand, withdrawing and then plunging it again into his ass. Pete was writhing on the ground, his rock-hard cock trapped between his stomach and the oiled tarp.

Don't you wish you'd fucked him sooner? Younger?”

Damn it, yeah!”

I'm only seventeen, Mr. Reilly!”

“Oh, fuck!”

And Jeff pulled his fingers out and rolled onto Pete's back. Grabbing the muscular mounds of his ass cheeks he pulled them apart and plunged his hard, fat cock into the stretched-out hole and fucked the big hairy man frantically. Reaching under Pete's armpits he grabbed onto Pete's massive shoulders and hung on, pulling himself over and over up into his ass and loving the feeling of their skin sliding together. Pete was using his elbows and toes to move his body back and forth on the oiled tarp to rub his sensitive cock against it.

Fuck me, fuck me, son...fuck me you god-damned jock boy!”

I'm fucking your hard, hairy ass. I'm only seventeen but I've got a big, thick cock like my dad, who's watching me fuck you. And your son's watching me fuck you. And my brother's watching, and you know what? His cock is even bigger and thicker than mine and he's gonna fuck you, too. 'Cause you love getting' fucked by big, thick boy cocks, don't you, Pete? You're a big, hairy muscle stud but you love it when a young jock rams his fat cock up your tight ass!”

Yes! Yes I love gettin' fucked by boy cock! And man cock! And I loved it when Greg pissed up my ass! But I'm a man!”

Fuck yeah you are! You are a stud! And later on you're gonna fuck my hard, tight, hairless boy ass with your sweat drippin' on me and your hairy ass flexin' as you ram that huge cock up my ass and then come all over me while they all watch us and piss on us and...”

Aaaaagh!” screamed the lust-crazed man as he shot his seed onto the oiled sheet beneath him. His big body writhed on the tarp as the intense orgasm wracked him, crushing his huge cock beneath him in the slime of his cum. His spasming bowels set Jeff off and he pulled out and arched his back and jerked his cock wildly, spraying cum all over Pete's back and ass. Five thick ropes of white cream lay on Pete's back and more dribbled down as he continued to jerk on his slowly deflating prick, pulling the loose skin all the way forward until an inch puckered in front of the head, and then back so it was tight. He finally sank down onto Pete's back and lapped up his own cum, loving the taste and feel of it mingled with Pete's sweat, then straightened back up and sighed, cum on his lips.

Jack bent down and kissed him roughly, running his hand over his sweating, slick chest, yelling, “You are so hot, little brother! I wanna fuck you!”

Get in line.” growled his father. “I got dibs on that sweet ass!”

C'mon, Jack, we got a date!” Greg said, pulling his mouth off Jim's spit-covered cock. He lay down on his back, his nine inch cock with the slight curve pointing towards his head. “C'mere, Dad, sit on this. You're gonna get double-fucked!”

Alright!” cried everyone else.

Pete faced his son and squatted over his cock, guiding it toward his asshole. Jack helped guide it in, and Pete had no trouble sinking down all the way until he was sitting on his son's pubes. He reached down and ran his hands over Greg's bulging chest muscles, grabbing onto the nipples and twisting and pulling. Greg returned the favor, feeling his dad's hairy chest and belly and pulling on his tits. “Yeah, Dad, we're gonna fuck you now....double fuck ya...two big cocks up that hairy ass! Is that what you want you filthy fucker?”

Fuck, yeah, I want it! Give it to me!”

Jack knelt down behind him and leaned forward until he could bring his cock to the right position. He encountered resistance at first, but suddenly he was past the ring and he slid in, his thick cock and his friend's big one stretching Pete's ass farther than it ever had been before.

Oh, good...yeah son...yeah boy...two jocks...fuck me...” Pete was almost drunk with lust, on sensory overload. This was more than his fantasy come true! Not only was he getting double-fucked, but it was his own son and the son of his lover that were doing it!

Jeff knelt over Greg's head facing Pete, his low-hanging balls almost grazing Greg's nose. Greg looked up and started licking and sucking on the big, hairless balls, pulling them down into his mouth and stretching Jeff's ball sack.

“Oh, yeah, Greg! Make 'em hurt good, buddy!” cried Jeff. “C'mon. Dad, fuck me! Let me feel that thick cock again!” He looked at Pete. “Do you kiss?”

Fuck, yeah!” And the two grabbed each other's heads and began the raunchiest and most passionate of kisses! Spit was flying, tongues were sucked, and drool fell on Greg's chest.

Jim knelt behind his son and spread his legs to lower himself, then took aim and rammed his spit-covered cock up Jeff's ass in one smooth slide. Jeff gasped. He had never been so filled by cock. He loved it! The hard ridge on the big head of that fat cock hit his prostate with every thrust, sending waves of pleasure through his body he could barely stand.

Ohhhhh...yeah, Dad...ohhhh...fuck...”

Moving just his pelvis, Jim thrust his cock into that glorious cavity again and again, reveling in the feeling and the knowledge that this was only the first of many times that he would be able to do this.

Yeah, Dad, fuck your boy...”

Two jock cocks rubbing together, gonna cum up my dad's ass...”

Fuck me, son..”

Greg's hairy pecs and abs stood out in high relief as he strained to pump his engorged, veined cock deeper up into his father's ass where it rubbed against his best friend's fat prick as they both neared orgasm. The thought that they would be coming together up his dad's ass and sliding in each other's cum was pushing him to the brink. And then they could both piss...

I'm getting close, bud...”

I'm with ya...” Jack was raking his fingers across Pete's hairy chest and belly and down to his bulging hairy thigh muscles. He was such a stud, and he had two big cocks rubbing together up his hot ass. Jack loved rubbing up against his friend's cock and he wanted to soak in their slimy cum...

I'm gonna come,” they shouted at the same time and they both began to shoot, immediately coating their spasming cocks with slime as they jerked frantically against each other in Pete's ass.

Jim was almost there, thrusting his huge prick up into his young son, holding him around the chest and twisting on his hard nipples. That hot ass was still so tight! He looked at the men around him. He loved them all, and they all loved each other, and lusted after one another. Sons fucking fathers, fathers fucking sons! His lover getting double-fucked and making out with his son while he fucked him, it was so hot! He started to come up his high school jock son's ass, his hips jerking as he delivered his load!

Fuck! Can it get....any better....than this?” he yelled.

Jeff and Pete looked at each other, grinned, straightened up, took aim at each other's mouths, and let loose with arching streams of gold!