by Marc Tremaine


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Family Dinner


  I was ready to kill the bastard. Only problem was, if I did, I'd be depriving myself of hot uncle dick for sucking.

Kill or suck. Kill or suck.

Obviously, the cocksucker in me won out.

Oh. You might want to know who the cocksucker is. That's me. Nick. Seventeen. Blond, blue-eyed, 5'7", 130, the cute and cuddly high school senior who can't pass for a lean mean Marine machine stud unless it's online, and even then I'm not too convincing.

The bastard? That's my uncle Tom. My mom's brother. 35. He's 5'10, light brown/blond hair, blue eyes too, 175, mustache. He's a bit hairy-chested, and his major asset (despite the fact the hair on his head is thinning and he's just an average looking guy) is a set of huge balls, and although his cock should be at least 10 inches to go with those nuts ... or so the porn stories say ... he's "only" got about 7 inches. His meat kind of curves to the left a little, and stands out from his crotch parallel to the floor when he's hard. The head is really flared so that there's something nice to lock your lips around while you play with his piss-slit with your tongue.

I'm real familiar with my uncle's equipment since I've been sucking him off since I was almost fourteen. When I was thirteen I started cumming, and discovered that the best way for a great cum was to fantasize about other guys. Mom had Uncle Tom stay with me a couple of times that year when she and dad were going out for the evening, and once, for a whole weekend. The weekend. I was pissed about having a babysitter, but I liked my uncle, so it wasn't too bad. We had a lot of fun.

But the most fun for me was that every so often he'd forget to shut the door to the bathroom -- I didn't pick up on the fact those weren't accidents until after I swallowed the first load of uncle cum -- and I'd see him taking a leak. Or just starting to. Or just finishing. And stroking it to get all the piss out, and his cock would puff up like it was going to get hard. The weekend my folks were gone, I got to see him naked. He made a point of telling me he didn't wear anything at night and asking me if it would bother me if I saw my own uncle naked.

I blushed and said no. And then he said, "Hell, if you time it right, kid, you might even see your uncle with a piss hardon in the mornings. So don't get upset if you do." He laughed as I blushed even darker.

So I did time it right. I practically laid awake all night, waiting for the sound of his alarm to go off. He was staying in the guest bedroom, which meant he had to walk down the hall past my bedroom to get to the bathroom. I left my door open and Saturday morning, sure enough, he comes down the hall naked with a big boner. I was already stiff myself just from the anticipation, but my slender four and a half inches got even harder when I saw him. He stopped in the doorway and flipped on the light. Holy shit! He was leaking precum.

"C'mon, kid. Rise `n shine. We've got lots of things to do today."

"Uhhhh." I sounded really cool right then. Especially since I know my whole damned body was bright red from blushing.

"Nick, get up. If you got a stiff one, so what? I do, too. It happens." I still didn't move, so he just trooped on into my room and yanked the covers off of me. He stood there for a moment, looking down at me ... and at my prick with the very light dusting of hair, and my balls, which were kind of big for my size. Just like my uncle's, I realized. He didn't actually move until he suddenly noticed that large drops of precum from his dick were dripping onto my thigh.

"Sorry, kid," he said as he scooped the drops off my leg with two fingers. "I leak a lot." He stuck his fingers in his mouth and I just gaped at him. "Taste good, too," he grinned at me.

This time I cooperated when he gave me his hand and pulled me out of bed, got me facing the door and gave me a gentle push. "Okay, now march!" And that's what we did ... sort of. Me with my own little hardon pointing the way, and him "marching" behind me, his hands on my shoulders, and that fat prickhead dripping on my back ... guiding me down the hall and into the bathroom.

Where I lost my virginity.

Very ... and I mean very willingly.

Even though no one else was home, he shut the bathroom door behind us and locked it ... right after pushing me gently down onto the toilet. Which meant that his dick was right at mouth level. My mouth. He put his hands on either side of my face and slowly stroked his fingers through my hair, and then came back to my face so that his thumbs were caressing my cheeks and my lips, softly parting them.

"I found that picture of `me' on the computer, Nick."

Oh, shit. Also, piss and fuck! I wanted to die right then. You see, I'd found this picture in one of the newsgroups of this young blond boy with his lips wrapped around the thick cock of a man. The boy looked only a little like me (very young, cute, blond, the type I'd rather not be) and the man didn't really look anything like my uncle -- when I found it I'd never seen my uncle's dick and the only resemblance was that the man in the picture was kind of furry like Uncle Tom. But I'd saved it as "UnTom." Yeah, yeah, not too bright, but my parents never used my computer -- hell, my dad barely knows what one is -- and I never expected my uncle to do it either.

I opened my mouth to say something, but Uncle Tom decided he wanted me to use my mouth for something other than talking. Like sucking uncle cock. Holding my head in place he pushed that wide cock-head past my lips, and then just paused. I guess I must be a born cocksucker. I almost went crazy. The smell of his crotch coming up at me, the slick precum on his cockhead, I just started lapping away like it was the last thing I'd ever get to do in my life and I had to make it really, really good. And moaning. And playing with my own prick.

Uncle Tom caught on real quick to the fact I was more than interested in being seduced. He tried to be gentle about it, moving his prick slowly into my mouth, but I was too horny. I stopped jacking, grabbed his tight ass and pulled him to me. My mouth opened up like, shit, I don't know, the fucking Holland Tunnel or something? And there I was with his cock throbbing in my throat, and me breathing deep in his pubes. I slowly pulled back until that delicious fat cockhead was just inside my lips, and then I shoved my face hard into his crotch.

Uncle Tom gasped ... and got the message. He took hold of the sides of my face again and started fucking my mouth. Really fucking my mouth. He started shoving that cock in and out of my face so fast I started to gasp for air but when he felt like he was going to stop I just pulled on his ass. Then I held on for dear life as he started moaning and gasping and shuddering, raping my eager throat faster and faster until finally he almost shouted, "Oh, Christ, Nicky boy, I'm cumming."

Spurt after spurt of hot manjuice pumped into my mouth and I just kept on sucking and sucking, draining every drop of that wonderful warm salty cum, swirling it in my mouth and around his prick until he was finally done. Jeez, I had this mouth full of Uncle Tom's cum and it was fucking delicious. It tasted so good I didn't want to swallow, but I did.

I leaned back against the toilet and looked up at my cum-drained uncle. He smiled at me, and said, "You want to shoot, Nicky? C'mon, jerk off for me." So I did. It didn't take me very long. The taste of my first mancum, hell, the taste of any cum other than my own, had me so turned on it took just a few strokes for me to shoot a wad all over my belly.

When I was done, he turned on the water, wet a washcloth, and tossed it to me, and used another one on his own crotch. "You can use the shower, first. I'll get a robe on and get some breakfast." He tousled my hair and said softly, "Thanks, boy."

Which basically set the tone of our relationship for the next three years. Whenever he was horny for boy sex, he'd find a way for us to get together. Sometimes it was just for a short drive on the highway; his car windows were tinted so no one could see the fact that his teenaged nephew was sucking uncle-prick. Sometimes we could use a bed and get naked. But it was always me sucking him off, and then jacking myself off. Well, once in a while he'd jack me off. And a couple of times he even sucked me for a little while, but never anywhere near close to making me cum.

Don't get me wrong. I love sucking my uncle's dick. I've sucked off a few other men at a rest stop, and once in a john in the park, but none of them were as good as my uncle's meat, or tasted as good as Uncle Tom's cum. But I just wish he'd do something more than plain old sucking all the time.

I fooled around with a couple of boys in school, but that was just "kid stuff." Although one of my buddies had a really huge cock, I was too chicken to try to suck it although the sight of it hard when we had one of our "let's watch each other jerk off and see who cums first" contests made me want to drop to my knees and crawl over to him. I didn't want to be known as a fag around school, so when he seemed to want to stop, I agreed it was "just a phase."

I've got a girlfriend now, and I haven't seen my uncle quite as much this past year or so. I've found that the taste of pussy is nice, although it doesn't match up to a good warm load of uncle-cum. And she's even let me fuck her a couple of times -- which she has enjoyed as much as I did. But she won't let me do it all that much. Like last night. We were double dating with her best friend Sara, and Sara's boyfriend, Tony, who's a college freshman. Sara and Tony were in the living room at Donna's house; she and I were in the TV room. I was really horny, but she was being shy about doing anything with Sara around...even though from the sounds coming from the living room, Sara was riding Tony's prick hard and loving every second of it.

Wow, that was a neat fantasy. I wondered what it would be like to be fucking Sara on her back with her legs in the air, wrapped around me, while Tony sat on her face and got his asshole eaten out, while I had my mouth buried in Tony's crotch, giving him the best blowjob he'd ever get on his long fat uncut Italian cock (at least that's how I imagined his prick), and Donna was working on Sara's tits while shoving her own fingers up her cunt. Instead I got my usual finger-up-her-cunt-cum-in-my-jock evening.

Which brings us to the holiday dinner and my bastard uncle.

Every leaf in the dining room table was in, and we were still crowded. My uncle was at the foot, I was sitting to his left, and there were about a gazillion other relatives around the rest of the table. I was just minding my own business, gulping down the food but not fast enough to get called on it, thinking what excuse I could come up with to get away afterwards, when Uncle Tom's knee bumped mine. So what? Remember, there's a goddamned gazillion relatives around us; it was just an accident. I shifted my leg away.

And it happened again. And I moved my leg again. And went on talking and eating.

And it happened again. Well ... duh! I'm cute and cuddly, remember? I never said I was bright.

So it wasn't an accident. So there I am, suddenly shifting into dutiful, chew-every-bite-6000-times son mode, trying to prolong whatever was going on and maintain a coherent conversation while my bastard uncle rubs his leg up against mine, up and down like he's jacking off my knee and calves. And I'm sitting there with this huge fucking hardon. Which doesn't get any better when everyone's attention is on my grandmother going into the kitchen to get the pies for dessert, and Uncle Tom drops his napkin, bends over to get it, and quickly squeezes my hard teen meat before sitting up again. I choked and sprayed half a mouthful of milk onto the tablecloth ... which made my concerned uncle pat me on the back ... and start stroking my leg with his knee again.

I was afraid to look over at him, although out of the corner of my eye I could sense he had this secretive little shit-eating grin on his face. He knew precisely what he was doing to me. And precisely how much I now wanted to get face-fucked. So that's when he stopped doing anything and we finished up the meal like any normal ... yeah, sure ... uncle and nephew.

I dragged things out as long as I could, but finally had to get up anyway, even though my prick was still mostly hard. Uncle Tom had already left the table, but since he was wearing loose slacks the rest of the family couldn't tell whether or not he had a hardon under there ... although as far as I know, I was the only one who cared about that point. There was the usual after-the-family-dinner milling around, while things got sorted out. Mainly, like what football game the men were going to watch. Very traditional, our family. Well, uh, sort of.

Uncle Tom then preempted my first excuse for leaving the room. He told my dad and grandpa and the others that he had to piss like a racehorse, and he'd be back in an hour or so after he got rid of it all. That got at least a mild chuckle, and then he was out of the room, pausing for just one of those split-seconds to look at me. Right. Sure. My uncle wanted his cock sucked. I wanted to be the cocksucker. He was going to be in the bathroom waiting for a blowjob. And all I had to do was tell my male relatives, "Oops, sorry, guys, gotta run upstairs and piss with Uncle Tom -- oh, yeah, and suck his dick, too."

The only fall-back excuse was, for me, a dumb one. I told dad I was going to take a walk. That brought the conversation almost to a full stop. I'm no couch potato, but I am also not known for going for walks in winter, with snow on the ground. I managed to stammer out something about feeling too full -- and considering how much I'd eaten, particularly of Aunt Anne's pies, that at least was believable. So dad just nodded, told me to bundle up, and not stay out too long, and then they all turned back to the TV.

I didn't quite break the TV-room to bathroom-for-cocksucking speed record. I was a little off my personal best, I guess ... what with all that eating. And the fact I had to detour to get my coat, since I was now stuck with going for a walk. As usual, he'd left the bathroom door unlocked and I slipped inside after making sure no one else was upstairs.

He was sitting on the stool, shirt tucked up under his tits, pants around his ankles, his legs sprawled, beating that hot uncle cock I love to suck. I quickly locked the door behind me, spun around, and dropped to my knees. This wasn't a time for subtlety. It also wasn't a time for thinking. No, actually, we were thinking, both of us ... with the heads of our pricks. All one of the family had to do was decide to use the bathroom and we were both dead. Uncle Tom wouldn't go to jail because my family is too conservative to want the publicity, but he would damned well suffer, and so would I. So I wrapped my soft boy lips around that hard uncle meat and gulped it down my throat in one stroke.

The fear of being found out made us both extra horny. I knew I wasn't going to get off, since I'd be lucky to get a mouthful of his cum without being discovered, but I could still grope my own cock through my jeans. Uncle Tom grabbed my head, the way we both like it, and this time just held me in place while he started thrusting his hips up and down, fucking me good and hard. I couldn't help it, I let out a soft whimper of lust, and Uncle Tom replied with a quiet moan of his own. He was starting to increase the speed and I knew I was going to get a load of hot mancream any second.

Fuck! but I love getting used by Uncle Tom.

Only ... this time I wanted something more.

I stopped sucking and yanked my mouth off his prick and my head away. "What the fuck ... ." he whispered.

I stood up, rearranging my cock in my jeans so it wasn't quite so obvious, and then quickly put on my coat. Looking down at my uncle, panting on the stool, his legs sprawled, his meat shiny with my spit and oozing precum, I almost weakened and finished him off. Instead, I told him, "I'm going for a walk. If you want ... anything ... you can come with me."

I gambled ... and fortunately won ... that no one would be in the hallway and left the bathroom. I went to the bedroom and got Uncle Tom's coat, getting back to the bathroom door just when he came out. He looked like he wanted to say something, maybe about the prick that was still half-hard and definitely visible in his pants, but instead he took the coat and put it on. Like mine, it covered his crotch.

Something exciting was going on when we passed the TV room. The quarterback was getting team-fucked or something -- you know, whatever it is they do when they're all in a big pile in the middle of the field and no one can see what's happening down at the center of the pile -- so no one paid any attention when I said Uncle Tom was going with me.

It was definitely cold outside, not sub-zero cold, but the kind of crisp cold that wrapped around you and somehow made you feel even warmer inside your coat. There was some snow on the ground but not a lot and I headed down the street briskly, Uncle Tom by my side, walking in silence, both our hands inside our own coats. I was groping myself, and I was fairly sure he was playing with his own dick.

After a few minutes, Uncle Tom asked me what I was up to, since he really wanted to fuck my hot mouth. I just told him to be patient and kept on walking. Everything had just sort of clicked! and I knew just what I wanted, and how I was going to get it.

Several blocks from the house there's a creek that runs through the neighborhood. In the summer the trees and bushes down in the gully hide everything there, but in the winter it's stark and bare...all those dark brown/grey trees and bushes in sharp contrast to the snow. Looking at those bare limbs and branches, anyone would think you'd be visible to the hole world down there. But I knew better.

Of course, Uncle Tom didn't, which was probably why he started muttering under his breath when I started down one of the slopes, holding onto bushes and branches to keep from falling on my ass, laughing inside as my uncle's voice shifted from muttering to full-scale swearing. At the bottom we tramped through the snow, twisting through the trees heading closer to the creek ... and finally arriving at our -- my -- destination. A clearing in the center of a kind of oval of large trees. On the ground was a thick log -- an old tree that had fallen a long time ago.

I grabbed Uncle Tom's hand and pulled him across the clearing, standing him with his back to the log. At first he looked bewildered, and then got this really panicky look on his face when I reached under his coat and started unzipping his pants. He clamped his hand on my wrist -- but didn't completely pull my fingers away and I was able to gently stroke the bulge at his groin. "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

"Nope," I shot back, giving him a smug look. "Just horny for some sex with my horny uncle. Nobody can see us."

"Maybe in the summer, kid, but in the middle of fucking winter?"

"You see anything anywhere?"

Uncle Tom looked around then and finally realized we were below the street level, no buildings in sight, and on a cold day like this only fools ... and horny cocksuckers ... were outside. He gave up and let me finish unzipping, working his warm meat out into the air. I squatted in front of him, pulling his jeans and boxers down below his butt cheeks and onto his thighs. His balls started to pull up against his body, but my hand started caressing them and I buried that long meat in my throat. God that warm smell of crotch hair and sweat got my prick hard.

Uncle Tom wasn't paying too much attention when I steadied myself with one hand on his hip, while I played with myself and sucked his thick uncle meat. The only thing he paid attention to was my mouth and tongue and the skill I'd developed over the years, building on my first instinctive gulping of his cock. After a couple of minutes slurping his pole, I stood up and unbuttoned my own jeans, shoving them over my slim hips and dropping them to my ankles, all the while fisting his dick.

It was my turn to gasp as the cold hair hit me below the waist, making the fine golden hairs on my legs stand on end. I squatted again though, and he impaled my throat with his stiff meat once more. My head began to move faster and faster. I was really getting Uncle Tom turned on -- the way I usually do -- so he didn't notice me dropping spit on my hard teen cock. I lifted my dripping mouth from his cock. "Can ... can I eat your ass, Uncle?"

That got his attention. He hesitated, so I put on my best innocent little boy face, the one that tended to get me a lot of things, and he just sort of nodded. I turned him around, and pushed on his back. He bent forward, resting his hands on his knees. I buried my face in his buttcrack, extending my sloppy tongue to his dark brown, hairy asspucker. He moaned when my tongue licked at his hole, and groaned with lust when I pulled his ass cheeks apart and began working my tongue up inside, spreading his ass. He moaned even louder, and started beating his prick.

Once again, he was so absorbed in what was happening to him that he wasn't aware of how much spit was going up his hole and how much spit was going on my own prick. A prick that he was so used to seeing all these years that he really hadn't paid attention to how much I'd grown. I was actually a little bit longer than him, and wider, too. Guess I inherited my dad's cock, or maybe grandpa's. I stopped licking and stood up. He started to straighten, but I told him I wasn't done, I just needed to stretch my legs for a second.

He remained bent over, his hand still moving on his cock, his breath and mine sending white swirls into the air. That's when I shoved him from behind; he dropped to his knees in the wet snow, catching himself on the log. I squatted right behind him, my legs spread wide, grabbed his hips and before he could recover, I shoved my cock up my uncle's ass in one fast and very hard stroke.

"Christ!" His shout echoed among the trees, startling a couple of crows into flight.

"Oh, Christ, yeah!" I moaned, falling over Uncle Tom's back. Jesus, his ass was tight. He must have been a virgin, just like me. Only neither of us was virgin any longer. He shuddered; I shuddered. His ass clamped tight around my young cock, my hand reached around and clamped tight on his prick. We just held in position until he got used to having seven wide inches of teen cock up his butt, and I got used to the incredible feeling of searing hot ass muscles wrapped around my meat, turning me on more than my hand, or even Uncle Tom's mouth. I was afraid to move; if I did I knew I'd let loose a blast of cum up his butt and I didn't want to shoot yet.

"G ... go easy, boy," he moaned as I started to slide my dick out of his ass, moving slowly until only the head was inside his tight ass ring. I started in slowly as he said, "Oh, Christ, Nicky ... ."

That's when I rammed my prick in all the way, my balls banging on his butt -- another hard stroke. "Nick. My name is Nick."

"Y ... yes, yes, Nick, oh God, Nick, your cock feels so ... fucking ... good up there."

I grinned and pulled out again, not quite as far, and then shoved in, slower this time. Uncle Tom balanced himself on the log with one hand, while his right hand took over beating his meat. I balanced himself with my hands on his hips, controlling both our movements, fucking my uncle's hot greedy ass, lubing it with some more spit and lots of precum. With every stroke it got easier, my prick sliding in and out of that tight grasping chute. I started moving faster, using my uncle's butt the way he'd always used my mouth, and just like me, Uncle Tom was loving it. He was moaning and whimpering, and whipping his head from side to side as my own wide cock head tortured his prostate.

"Nick, please ... oh, God, Nick, stud-boy, feed me that teen cock, shove it up my hole, c'mon Nick, blast my shitter full of cum. Fuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkk me!" His scream echoed over the creek, his hand a blur on his prick and then he started blasting load after load of that hot uncle cum out, his ass muscles clamping down on my cock in a death grip, and that was enough to send me off with just one final out and in-again lunge that left me quivering, my balls hanging against his furry butt. I could feel every gob of my teen boyjuice shooting up through the length of my cock and out into my uncle's bowels, coating his asswalls.

We were in kind of an awkward position, me sort of squatting, Uncle Tom leaning back on his haunches. I hugged him and kind of looked over his shoulder. He was staring down at his hand, which was covered with cum. "Go on," I whispered in his ear. And he did. Uncle Tom lost another kind of virginity as he hesitantly, and then eagerly lapped his own cooling cum from his hand.

With a very satisfied sigh, I slid my softening prick out of that hot uncle ass, and managed to stand upright and not lose my balance. Uncle Tom was still kneeling there. I pulled my jeans up and squatted once more, this time to run my fingers up inside his asshole and scoop out some of my cum, which was still nice and warm. I've always liked eating cum, even -- or especially -- my own.

But what the hell, I could always make plenty of cum ... why not share it with my well-fucked uncle? I moved in front of him, and held out my fingers. He eagerly bent forward and licked my fingers clean. And then he surprised me, and did the same thing for my cock, before tucking it inside my jeans. I gave him a hand up. He was kind of rocky from being on his knees in the snow, and the hard fucking he'd just gotten.

I looked at the soaking wet knees of his jeans and grinned. My own were hardly damp at all, and definitely nowhere noticeable once my coat was zipped up. "Well, you could always tell mom your knees got soaked `cause her son was fucking you doggie-style in the snow."

"Little shit." He smiled back at me and finished getting himself back together, with one final swipe of his own fingers up into his spread hole. He sniffed his ass juices and the teen cum, and offered to share. We did. "I'll think of something."

And he did. Only it wasn't just thinking ... it was acting. When we got nearly to the street level, with me leading the way again, he grabbed my ankles and hauled me off my feet into a snowdrift. And then he dived on me, scooping up snow and shoving it in my face. Laughing, we rolled around like two ten-year-olds, thoroughly soaking our coats and jeans, and getting our cocks hard again. When he was sure I was as wet as he was, he stopped and just held me in his arms.

"Uh, Uncle Tom ... you ... mad at me?"

Still laying in the snow, side by side, my uncle tilted my face up to his and kissed me for the first time, his tongue trying to get as far down my throat as my cock had been up his ass. I figured out he wasn't mad.

I also figured out I was in for some payback, when he started fingering my asshole. But from the way he acted on his first fuck, it was a kind of payback I was really looking forward to. And things were apparently going to be different, because when I reached behind him and fondled his ass, he shoved his butt back eagerly into my hands.

When we finally managed to reach the street and start back to the house, I asked him what the story was. "We were mugged by Frosty, kid. That's our story. Stick to it."

We smiled at each other, our eyes meeting like a quick, gentle kiss. I think I'm going to start looking forward to family dinners after all, especially ones that lead to ... hmmm ... I'll be damned ... to making love to my uncle.

Wow. Now I really am glad I decided to suck instead of kill him.