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Family ties

Chapter 3



After the heartfelt departure of my uncle and master, my father decided to hire a nanny, but I told him it would be horrible for me and my brothers to be put in the hands of a stranger. So, being a man now, I told him I would stop going to school in order to take care of my family. It took some discussion, but in the end, he accepted my proposal. It took some arguments to convince him that we did not need a stranger to come into our lives, but I told him I could resume my studies once my brothers had found their way and he finally agreed. So, for the following years I took up uncle Alan's position. I cared for my brothers, made them breakfast, put them in the bus for school and work out the house chores, directing the servants. Through those years, I kept a close relationship with my uncle via e-mail, he would order me to do things for him via webcam, but mostly, he became my tutor for me to become the man I would become as years passed by, the man I am now.

Gerome was the harshest of all the service crew, because he was so experienced and didn't like being bossed around. But once my father made it clear I was in charge, everything went smoothly. Hungry for cock as I was, I started paying very close attention to Armin, the young butler who had taken up Jay's position. Jay had taken over Anna's position when she left some years before, so our service crew was made up of three males: Gerome, who was around forty-five, Jay in his mid-twenties, and Armin who was barely seventeen years old. I am forgetting to mention the fact that Armin was my cousin on my mother's side, and my father had given him the job in order to help him through the harsh times his family was going through.

I started making up chores for Armin, like washing the windows from the outside when it was really hot outside, so I could see his sweaty outline through the windows, in jeans and with a leave-less cotton shirt marking the contours of his chest and torso. I would also clog the kitchen sink, so he could go on all fours, giving me the delightful sight of his butt-crack as he worked under the sink. Sometimes he would lay face upwards inside the sink cabin, so I could look at the gorgeous pack I could imagine inside his pants.

At night, I would fantasize about Armin's cock and ass and got my rocks off in long masturbation sessions I would conduct, making use of all the torture devices uncle Alan had left for me to use after his departure. One particular night was exactly when my plan started rounding up. Because Gerome had been taken ill, the house was basically being run my Jay and myself. Summer had started, and my brothers were signed up for summer camp. My dad had happily enrolled everyone in summer camp, except for me, for I'd insisted someone had to take over the house.

Again my father, who had started relying on me for everything family wise, accepted without a fuss. He talked to me a couple of times about how much he appreciated my efforts in keeping the family together, and about how much he loved me, even when he did not say it very often. My father decided to take a long vacation in Europe, and so I was left home with Jay and Armin.

For my plan to work, I needed to find a way to dispose of Jay, so I could have my way with my young cousin Armin; so, under the tutoring and help of my beloved uncle Alan who was so kind as to provide me with that "little extra something" he used back in time to "help the kids rest better", I carried on. Both Jay and Armin had been given special contracts to stay home living full time with me in case something happened, so the whole plan was very easily carried out.

Once Jay had finished the day's dinner, I managed to get him outside the kitchen and sprinkled the appetizer, the main dish, the dessert and the fresh-made lemonade with the sleeping drug. I did not want to face the prospect of their not eating this or that. Just in case, I sprinkled a bit of it on the hot cocoa Jay had kindly prepared, in case either of them chose the hot beverage instead of the lemonade.

Of course the drug took almost immediate effect, and Jay excused himself for bed. When my cousin Armin was about to do the proper, I sprang into action to complete my plan. "Armin?" I said.

"Yes, young master?" he asked. Every time he called me master, I felt a sudden pump of blood flood my cock and realized I was about to trade places now, from sub to dom.

"I was wondering if you could come and watch a movie with me?" I said innocently, "I'm not sleepy yet and I hate watching movies alone."

"Yes, of course, young master," he said and looked at his uniform.

"Oh," I said as if surprised, "why don't you go and take off your uniform and jump into something more comfortable. It would be really horrible of me to make you wear that as we have some fun."

"Thank you, young master," he said bowing, "I'll be back immediately."

He went on his way and I prepared everything for us to jump into bed while we watched the movie. The prospect of abusing Armin in his sleep was making my cock hurt inside my pants, but I really needed to have some cock and some man milk after all the months I had gone without since uncle Alan's departure. When Armin came back into the room, I had already brought a cup of hot cocoa for him and the idea seemed to appeal to him. I had made sure his cup had been sprinkled with a little extra dose of the sleeping wonder so everything would turn out the way I wanted it to.

He was a vision: his dark hair, not slicked by the gel, fell loosely all the way to his cheeks. His dark and thick brows framed his gray-green eyes giving him an air of middle-eastern beauty I loved. He was wearing a white T-shirt tight against his body and a pair of loose sweatpants, which allowed me to perceive and calculate the size of the hanging thing inside his underwear. I indicated the right side of the bed for him to sit and watch the movie with me.

"On your bed, young master?" he asked in awe, "I don't think it's my place..."

"Oh, Armin, come on!" I said smiling, "we're practically the same age. And we're cousins! Forget about protocol for once and let's have some fun as the teenagers we are!"

He smiled at that and then sat down. We started watching the movie and he kept drinking from the hot cocoa, until the cup was empty in his hand. I very kindly offered to fetch him some more and he agreed, so I came back from the kitchen with a new cup of steaming hot cocoa perfectly mixed with a little more of the "extra something", just in case.

Before long, Armin was dead sleep on my bed. And home alone as we were, Jay having been dosified with the sleeping stuff, I knew my time had come after all those months.

"Armin?" I called, but there was no reply. I shook him lightly and called his name again. I shook him a second time, a bit more violently, and called his name again, but there was no response. So, I knew everything had come together as I had originally intended. Taking my time, I caressed his chest and torso over his clothes, stopping over his nipples and pinching slightly with my fingers. The little knobs came to life almost immediately and Armin did not respond, so I felt confident to move forward.

I ran my hand over the bulge in his pants, fluffy as hell but big enough for me to work with. I pulled his sweatpants down carefully, but he did not react either; luckily, he was not wearing underwear, so it was a much easier task. I then saw his cock, being born from a heavy nest of black pubic hair and resting over a pair of big round balls. Not low hangers, but delightfully big. I placed his cockhead between my index and thumb and squeezed. Not a stir. I squeezed again and his dick started responding, swelling under the provocation.

I put some saliva in my fingers and started working the cockhead, whose foreskin was so lose it came out almost immediately. His cock was a vision: it was not round as mine or uncle Alan's. This one was sort of pointy and reminded me of a firefighter's helmet. It was an average cock in size, probably slightly shorter than six inches, but it was thick, especially nearing the glans and it pointed upwards like uncle Alan's. It didn't take long for his cock to go completely stiff under my touch, and I very quickly started eating it, as well as his balls. He mumbled and stirred at times under my touch, but I knew he was unable to wake up, so I kept on working it. His cock had a different flavor, and there was the musky scent of his day's labor. There was a slight tang of piss around his cockhead, and it made me even hornier.

That night I felt like I was alive back again, and did his cock twice, each of those receiving a hot load of young man milk in my mouth. I milked him and I then carefully dressed him back and waited for the dawn to approach.

When daytime came, he woke up, completely tired and scared that he'd fallen asleep, but I told him not to worry, for it was Sunday and there wasn't much to be done around the house. Jay, fortunately, was still sleeping, so I told Armin he shouldn't really worry. He thanked me for the hot cocoa and the movie, and went to his room in order to get groomed.

The following night was even easier. Both Jay and Armin were dosified with the sleeping drug through the day meals and with an extra dose at night. I asked Armin to my room and he came again for a movie. This time I really wanted to take it further, so, once I knew he was dead sleep, I began the thing. I removed his pants and underwear and began stroking his dick, which, again came alive as soon as I started touching it. I liked his balls, round and cute and I knew I wanted to do something harsher, so I took one of them between my index and thumb and squeezed. He stirred and moaned, but he was really deeply asleep with the drug, so I squeezed harder. And harder. He kept on moaning in his sleep and mumbling. Then I took both his balls, one with each hand and repeated the operation, squeezing harder and harder. The harder I squeezed, the more pre-cum his cock gave me and I knew that, in his sleep, he was so enjoying this.

I then tied his balls with shoelaces and proceeded to his cock, which I milked until he came, and continued to milk until he came again. And again. Until I had milked him four times in a row, my mouth full with the sweet and salty flavor of his spunk.

From that day on, and halfway through the summer, I kept bringing Armin to my room and I kept milking him every single night.

During day time, he seemed distracted and tired, and Jay kept asking him to focus on what he was doing. Little did they know poor Armin was being drained his energy at night at my unstoppable hunger for man seed. His young cock would give me around three or four loads a night, always big loads, so it wasn't a shock for me to know how distracted he was. I had become addicted to his cum, which tasted most differently from mine or my uncle's, and I loved having his cock in my mouth every single night. There were a couple of times in which, hungry as I was, I milked him six times in a row, making his balls go dry.

One particular Sunday, three weeks before the summer vacation came to an end, Jay's mother got sick and he asked me for permission to go see her. I told him it was O.K., that Armin and I myself could take care of the house and that he shouldn't worry. That Sunday I was planning on what to do with Armin, when I found him in the service bathroom looking closely at his dick. He'd been given a little dose of the sleeping drug during breakfast and lunchtime, but I was not planning on giving him his dinner dose, for I felt bold enough to try him with little of the drug inside his organism. Somehow I wanted him to know what I was doing, I wanted him to realize how he was being used for my own pleasure. I was sure I could find my way around having him, and felt also sure I'd manage to convince him.

The opportunity could not have been better when I found him with his pants down and exploring his dick with a funny look in his face.

"Armin?" I said totally scaring him. He released his grip on his dick and turned to face me, not realizing his pants and underwear were still down and his cock hanging free in front of me.

"Young master," he said.

"Is everything O.K.?" I asked casually coming closer to where he stood.

"Yes, master, why...?" he asked.

"It's just that you seemed very intent on exploring your cock..."

As the word left my mouth, I noticed a slight jump of his fluffy cock, realizing this would be much easier than I had anticipated. He became aware of his nudity and his face blushed at what I had just said, but my question was so casual it only seemed natural for him to respond.

"I'm sorry, young master," he said trying to bring his underwear up, but I prevented him from doing it.

"Is there something wrong with your cock?" I said, noticing he blushed again, "Come on, Armin, we're cousins and friends, aren't we?"

"Yes, yes, master." He said, "I just noticed my whole...cock...is kind of red, as if it was irritated, and I got worried. I mean I've never..."

"You're a virgin..." I said, and he blushed even harder. "Come on to my room," I said, "I can take a look and tell you if there's something wrong."

"Master, I...uh...I don't think..."

"Shut up, Armin!" I said, catching him off guard, and then softened my voice, "Are we not cousins and friends? Aren't friends supposed to help each other?"

He nodded and then I took him to my room, his pants and underwear pulled up but not closed. I asked him to lay face upwards on my bed and pulled his pants and underwear down, making him blush even more. I asked him to remain calmed, and soothed him. It helped he'd ingested some sleeping stuff, so he was in that kind of stupor before you fall deeply asleep.

"Let's take a look," I said. I sat on the bed and brought my face close to his dick. "It does look red," I said, but I knew perfectly well it was because of all the abuse I had subjected his pecker for the past five weeks every single night, "but I don't think it's anything serious."

I told him I had an ointment I could use on him so as to help him and he consented for me to do it, not without thanking me for caring for him and asking me to keep it a secret from my father; after all, he did not want my father to think he had a disease "down there". I told him I would keep his secret if he let me take care of him, after all we were cousins and he was my companion.

"So," I said, "do you want me to apply the ointment to alleviate your cock?"

"Yes, young master, please..." he said.

I went to the drawer where I kept all my sexual stuff and brought out some lube. Of course I did not tell him it was nothing but plain lube, but I knew I'd be having lots of fun that Sunday. I pulled his foreskin back so as to start over the cockhead, and he got kind of stiff. He felt embarrassed at his sudden erection, but I told him to relax, for it was a normal reaction. Before long, I was massaging his dick and balls with my hands all covered in lube. I took my time working it, and he suddenly realized things were taking a different route.

"Young master?" he said, but I did not reply and continued working his now fully engorged cock, his veiny shaft shivering under my now expert touch, "Jonah?"

"Shut up!" I said, and sat over his chest facing his cock. He was now sleepier than before under the drug's influence, and so he couldn't really fight me. I kept on working his dick out and grabbing his balls, lightly slapping them at times. I heard him moan, but he didn't complain again, he just let me do his dick at my own will. I kept working and working his cock, until his moans became more and more often. I felt his dick throbbing in my hand and, seconds later, his pecker spurted all his man seed, which I caught in my mouth just in time, eating the whole head so I wouldn't miss a drop. As I got there, I heard him moan much more deeply, as his milk changed places from his cock to my throat.

When I was done drinking his man milk, I moved from my sitting position and faced him. "You liked it, didn't you?"

He was sleepy under the drug, but he was conscious enough for my plans, so I placed my face very close to his and talked to him as I squeezed his dick and balls in my right hand.

"I'm gonna tell you a little secret, Armin," I said, "Are you following me?" He nodded and I continued, "The only reason why your dick is so red and irritated is because I've been milking you dry every single night. Your cock has been my toy all through the summer and I've been feeding on your man seed every single night. Are you following me?

"Yes, young master..." he said sheepishly.

"So," I said, "did you like my milking you today?

"Yes, young master..." he said once again.

"Very well," I said. "Then, I hope you know you won't be able to tell anything about this. If you ever do, I'll deny it all. Is that clear?"

"Yes, young master..."

"Then dress up and go on to your room."

And having said so, I dismissed him and went on my way to write uncle Alan an e-mail.

Jay's mother was evolving slowly, so I authorized him to take as much time as needed for his mother to get better. I did like Jay and I also wanted the time alone with Armin. For the following three nights, I did not call him to my room. If I wanted for things to work my way, I would have to let him stir for long enough to realize he needed my touch. It was also uncle Alan's suggestion that I not do anything until he came asking for it, for it was a sure thing he would come back if he'd enjoyed the milking I had subjected him not three days ago.

On the fourth night, as expected, Armin dropped by my bedroom as I lay naked from the waist down watching some porn.

"Young master?" he asked, and I turned, making sure he'd be able to look at my then fully engorged eight inch cock.

"Yes, Armin?" I answered, not pausing the porn and grabbing my balls in my right hand as I polished my cock knob with the left one.

"Young master, I..."


"I wanted...I wanted..."

"Yes?" I said as if losing my patience, "what is it?"

"I was wondering if...if you'd like me to come and watch a movie with you?"

"Do you want to watch a movie with me, or you want me to play with your cock and milk you, Armin?" He lowered his sight and blushed so much his face turned completely red. "I asked you a question," I said standing from my position and standing next to him, "Do you want to watch a movie with me or do you want me to milk your cock?" I said grabbing his balls in my hand and watching his cock go stiff at my touch. It was going to be so much easier than I had anticipated.

"Yes, young master..."

"Yes, what, bitch?" I asked in a harsh tone, "be clear on what you say!"

He sort of stuttered, still looking down, but he still managed to speak. "I want you to milk my cock, young master..."

I smiled and started massaging his cock with one hand and his balls with the other one. His legs started shuddering at my touch and I saw him partially close his eyes as he sighed under the warm touch of my hand. I did not want it to be so easy for him, cause I wanted to make sure I'd have bitch for a while. I asked him if he liked my touch and he said he did. Then I stopped touching him and sat down at the couch where I'd been upon his arrival.

"If you want me to milk that cock," I said smiling wickedly, "you're gonna have to help me with mine. Get on your knees!" He looked at me askance, and I spoke to him again, "Aren't I clear? Get down here now!"

Reluctantly, he got on his knees and approached me. I pointed at my fully engorged cock, which was totally covered in pre-cum, and he came closer. I knew he had no idea what to do, so I took one of his hands and placed it on my hard boner. Little by little he started rubbing it up and down, finding his own rhythm and letting me know he was perfect slave material.

"Good," I said, "now lick it."

His face came close and licked at the pee slit, feeling the flavor of pre-cum for the first time in his life. I ordered him to continue licking all around my cockhead, and before long, he was already tongue bathing my cockhead as an expert. I noticed his cock was rock hard as he worked my own cock and I smiled wickedly knowing I'd found myself my first bitch. He then decided he wanted something back there and started touching his cock. I reacted almost immediately, remembering that first time when I became uncle Alan's bitch.

"Who told you you could touch your cock, bitch?" I asked catching him off guard.

I stood up from my place and went to my drawer to fetch a couple of Velcro cuffs uncle Alan had bought when I was his bitch. He seemed surprised when I ordered him to bring his hands behind his back, but he complied almost immediately. Once his hands had been properly tied, I let him go back to milking my cock. I ordered him to suck on it, and, as soon as he took it inside his mouth I thrusted it all the way in. In and out, in and out, pumping fiercely as I face-fucked him. As I did so, I kept on telling him how good a whore he was and how my cock liked his mouth, I kept on telling him I'd make sure he always had my milk so I could have his to reciprocate.

The pumping was good enough and faster than expected, my pecker shot all its three-day load inside his mouth. As the first load spurted, he tried to move back, but I grabbed his hair violently, forcing him to keep my cock inside his mouth until my balls had emptied its lusty contents inside him.

"Swallow it, bitch!" I ordered him, "take your master's seed in your mouth! Take it all if you want to be milked as much as you want it!"

Once my cock had spurted everything it had to spurt, I made Armin stand up from his position and started milking his dick. He was standing, hand-tied and at my own will. I started sucking him violently, for I was hungry as hell for his milk.

"Master?" he asked sheepishly once again, "could I sit down while you milk me, sir?"

I looked at his face, his cock still in my mouth and pinched his balls. He moaned but did not say anything. "No," I said, "If you want to be milked it will be in this position. You want it or should I stop?"

"No!" he said.

I stood up and looked at him, anger shown all over my face. "What did you just say? Did you talk back to me, bitch?"

"No, master," he said, "I'm sorry master...I'll stand for you to milk me, sir..."


"Because...because you're my master, sir..." he said.

"And you are...?" I asked grabbing his balls with my left hand.

"I'm your servant..." he said.

"My bitch..." I said, "You're my whore, for me to do with as I please..."

"Yes, master..."

"Yes, what, bitch?"

"Yes, I'm your bitch, sir. I'm your whore for you to do with as you please..."

"Do you really understand what that means, boywhore?" I asked, holding his balls and masturbating his cock softly, making sure he enjoyed every single stroke, so he would say whatever I wanted.

"I think I do, master..."

"Well, let me make it very clear for you, whore," I said, "it means this piece of meat over here is only mine from now on. You won't be able to touch it or jerk it or cum without my explicit permission, is that clear?"

"Yes, master..."

"It also means your milk load belongs to me and only to me, and that you'll be ready for me whenever I want to use your cock, balls, mouth and ass..." I said stroking his cock faster as I did so. I felt his legs shudder under my touch, knowing he was getting very close to shooting his load.

"Yes, master!"

"I think you got it clear, bitch!" I said, and went on my knees to grab his cock inside my mouth and force his cum. His load was awesome, huge spurts of his three-day load being thrown into my throat, his legs shaking as he released his whole lot of cum. I'm sure I emptied his balls, but I did not want to stop right there; after all, I had gone without his milk for three nights in a row, so, without untying his hands, I dropped him on the bed and continued to rub his cock knob as he lay in my bed.

"Please, master please!" he said pleadingly, "please, stop, master, it hurts, it hurts!"

"Are you giving me and order, bitch?" I asked without stopping my polishing of his cockhead.

"No, master, no..." he said, "please, master..."

"You dared overstepping your position as a whore, so you'll suffer the consequences of your irreverence," I said. And I carried on polishing his cockhead. It was amazing, but his cock was still rock-hard, which made my task easier, and I carried on the torture. I was hard back again at seeing how his dick was responding. It was no surprise; after all, I had worked it from three to six times every night, and I knew he could give me that many loads if I wanted. He kept on fighting in bed, begging me to stop, asking me to let his cock go. The more he begged, the hornier I got, my round cockhead all covered in my own pre-cum.

When I felt his cock throb in my hand I knew he was ready to shoot his second load. So I went down and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him until he shot all of his tasty cum inside me, his body violently jerking at his second cum. Once I had swallowed it all, I positioned myself so he could suck me and get me ready for my second cumming. But I decided I was not done yet, so I took my cock from his mouth and went back to working out his cock.

He went mad, asking me to stop, telling me his dick and balls hurt and he couldn't take it anymore. When the pleading had become too much, I took the gag-ball from my drawer and placed it in his mouth, so he could stop complaining and I could keep on working him dry. His third and fourth cum loads were as copious as the previous two, and when he'd given me his fourth load, I decided to give him my second, all my milk going inside him as he hungrily devoured all of it.

The sun came out when I came for the second time. He was tired and wasted, his dick red with the abuse and his face completely blushed at his understanding of what we had just done. Without untying his hands, I brought him to the shower and washed his cock and balls perfectly clean. When I'd dried him, I brought him back into the room and secured the chastity device on his dick, making sure he understood what I was doing.

"Cousin?" he asked.

"Yes, Armin?" I replied.

"I...what we did..."

"What we did is what any pair of horny bastards can do together. No one will know if that's what worries you. No one will know so long as you're my whore. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes..." he said, looking at the chastity device secured around his dick, his face blushed so much his cheeks looked like ripe apples.

"In case you're wondering," I said caressing his balls, "that is a chastity device, used to prevent you for getting hard. This," I said showing him the key I was placing on my pants, "is the key to your chastity device. Your cock is now completely mine as are you."

I think he was scared at that point, but as I kept on talking I saw a little pre-cum dripping from his pee slit and realized he loved it, he loved being my whore as much as I had enjoyed being uncle Alan's. I kissed him in the lips and told him how good a whore he was. Then I dismissed him and he went to his room so as to get ready for the daily chores. My cock and balls hurt as hell, but I felt alive once again and I knew I was enjoying being a dom much more than I had enjoyed being a sub.

Over time, Armin proved to be an awesome whore-slave. He would go through his daily chores with his chastity device on. Sometimes I'd make him go around his daily chores wearing a butt plug. I really enjoyed seeing his face contort every time I made him do things which required an effort and I knew the butt plug became an annoyance.

On our days together, there wasn't anything I didn't try he didn't love. I tried all sorts of butt plugs and dildos on his virgin ass. The invasion of Armin's hole was something Armin seemed to really like. We tried all sorts of ball torture devices, the torture of his balls making him hard to the extreme and forcing huge loads of cum for my own pleasure. With him I tried everything from the regular milking to very extreme things, e-stim included.

Electro stimulation orgasms was one of the things I enjoyed the most, for he seemed to suffer greatly and came with no more help than the electricity. I got, courtesy of my uncle Alan, an electro sound, and I would fuck Armin's pee hole with the electrified object. He would cry and beg, but then ate my loads after being emptied. In days when we managed to be alone, I would work him all day long and had from four to six heavy loads of his cum for my feeding. I loved it that he was always ready and willing to succumb to my every perversion. Wax was something I tried on him which he seemed to suffer and enjoy.

Armin was probably one of the most awesome bitches I've ever had.

One year ago we moved to a different house. Truth was our previous home was huge and required a lot regarding service. It was me who brought the idea to dad's attention, a house much smaller would represent less expenses and a smaller service crew. It was me who chose the house as well, a good two story house with enough rooms for all of us and a room for the service crew to go through the day. The only requirement my father had asked me to pay attention to, was for the house to have a basement for storage and stuff. I convinced my father that two people would be enough for the housekeeping and he agreed. So we finally moved.

My father, no surprise, spent more and more time busy with business and we were most of the time on our own. Jay and Armin was all our service crew and did pretty well on helping me care for my brothers and the house. And six months ago I finally lost Armin. It was something bound to happen, I knew, for Armin decided to propose to his fiance, a rather good looking young woman who had been his neighbor since they were kids. Talking him out of it was no good, for no matter how much he enjoyed being my bitch, he was also dealing with all those stupid ideas of family and hell and all that kind of crap.

The day he left I felt devastated, but once again, I knew I would grow out of it rather soon. Uncle Alan was very supportive when I told him I'd lost my bitch. He even came home and stayed for a week with us to show his support. The very few days he was with us, he sort of tried to revive the spark of what we'd shared, but truth was I was past that point and I no longer was a bitch; I wanted more than anything to have a new bitch of my own. And I knew it was just a matter of time.



To be continued...



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