Summary = Two brothers help their French cousin get out of a blackmailing scheme.

Characters = Louis (14yo) – Alexandre (14yo) – Hugo (12yo) - Émile (16yo)

Codes = (t/t, – oral anal incest)


This work is of pure fiction and any resemblance of the characters and settings to real life persons, events, circumstances, etc. is purely coincidental. The following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between young boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it!

Author's note

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by Sam the Ham

Louis pursed his lips as he watched his brother Alexandre moved his knight and checked the board one last time before removing his fingers. “Checkmate.” His brother grinned at him as he stared at the board wanting to see a way out.

Louis leaned back in his chair. “You win.”

He closed the portable chessboard and glanced over at their father who had the little light above him on, but had dozed off at some point. Looking back at his brother he gestured for him to go. The plane rocked as Alexandre rose out of his chair and made his way down the aisle. Louis counted to 40 in his head before following. As he walked down the plane’s aisle, he saw people still awake here and there. Some looked like they were reading or watching something on the screen embedded in the seat in front of them. That added a little excitement to his little adventure. He felt himself becoming hard, but it could've just been anticipation.

His brother was waiting by the bathroom and for a second he was afraid somebody was using it. When he was only a few steps away Alexandre opened the door and stepped inside. Louis followed and closed the door behind himself.

The bathroom was very small. Still Louis wondered how many adults had joined the mile high club in there. Would they be the first 14-year-olds to join the club in here?

All right let's do this.” Alexandre said undoing his pants.

So romantic.” Louis teased, lowering his pants too.

The twins had been messing around for a while now. They had admitted to being bisexual at least to each other but weren't in love with the other. It was just a matter of convenience and fun.

Suck my dick.” Alexandre said leaning back against the door.

Louis turned around and crouched down on his knees almost touching the wall on one side and the toilet on the other. Taking his brother’s flaccid penis into his hand, he guided it into his mouth. The cock was soft as his lips easily clamped around the base. He was glad that both he and his brother shaved their pubes even though it caused some embarrassment during swim practice.

Bringing his finger up to Alexandre’s crack, Louis ran it between the buttocks as he sought to make his brother hard. The feeling of the organ becoming alive in his mouth was arousing to Alexandre. He slid his mouth back and forth a few times trying to spread as much spit as possible while wishing the anal lube wasn't in the belly of the plane. Damn security.

Alexandre pulled back and examined Louis’s work. “Looks good.” He stood up and turned around placing his hands against the wall and sticking his butt out. He could feel Louis approach and then he felt Alexandre’s erection between his cheeks.

Ohhhhrrr.” Louis said starting to push out as his brother entered him.

It hurt but he was able to relax. After a few seconds his brother started pumping in and out. It was awkward. The plane bathroom was so small and he wondered how two adults could do it in here. After a few seconds he was hard and feeling nice. His hand dropped between his legs pulling at his erection. Between his brother and his hand he quickly felt his orgasm approaching. He tilted his head back and continued to stroke himself trying to prolong that moment when you're just about to climax. He could feel his butt tighten and then he let out a gasp as the feeling washed over him. Then a hot load fired up his butt. A warm and tingling sensation spread through his entire body while he came also.

Alexandre leaned forward and laid his head against the wall for a moment, catching his breath. Behind him he could feel his brother pull out. He pulled up his pants and his brother handed him some toilet paper.

Don't leave a mess.” Alexandre said gesturing down.

Louis glanced down at the floor seeing the boat had sailed on that, but it is best. He wondered what it would be like to run a black light through here and before the probably didn't want to know the answer. He sat down on the toilet for a minute before finally pulling his pants up and zipping them back up. They left the bathroom and fortunately there was no line waiting for them. They started down the aisle but before they could make three steps a man rose and stepped into the aisle ahead of them. He moved aside to let them pass and both of them broke into giggles. Louis risked a glance back and saw the man giving them a weird look. He choked back his laughter.


The Charles de Gaulle airport was as busy as the one they had left from. The eight hour flight had left Louis feeling stiff and sore. He could only blame one of those on his brother. They went through customs and that was the first time Louis really heard the French they spoke in France. It was similar enough to Canada just with a little different accent. He was the last member of his family to go through and they all trudged towards the public area.

Are you sure aunt Laurie will be there?” Alexandre questioned.

Of course she will be. She has never let me down. It would be bad form to do so now.” Their father answered.

Louis didn't say anything. His interest in attending this wedding was very low. He had wanted to skip out and simply stay with a friend for the week. His father had shut the idea down even before he could ask anyome.

They started down an escalator. At the bottom, there were several men dressed in suits holding up signs. Before they reached the herd his father's name was called out.

Zachary!an excited female voice resonated.

Laurie!” Their father called back descending the escalator.

Louis and Alexandre followed in tow as their father greeted his sister with a big hug. After several exchanges of rapid-fire words their aunt turned towards them and took a few steps closer.

Louis and Alexandre you have grown so much. Last time I saw you in person, you were barely up to here.” She pointed towards her waist.

We were seven Louis thought to himself. She continued to gush over them for what seemed like several minutes. Louis was embarrassed and he could tell his dad was too.

Now I'm sure you're eager to meet your new cousin.” She turned around looking for someone. “Hugo. Come over here and meet your new cousins.”

It took Louis a few seconds to spot the boy slowly peeling away from the wall. He was a little chubby with shaggy brown hair. Louis decided he was cute.

Hugo, this is Louis and Alexandre.” Laurie gestured to the correct one as she introduced them. In Louis eyes her stock went up.

He smiled and nodded at Hugo who smiled back and said something that was lost in the ambient noise.

Where is Émile?” Their father asked.

Oh, he had a school thing.” Their aunt said before clapping her hands. “Well let's go.” Laurie said hugging their father one more time. “There is still so much to do before the wedding.”

They followed after their aunt and father, Hugo falling in with them. As they walked away the ambient noise dropped.

I was told you were twins.” Hugo said.

Alexandre glanced over at Hugo before answering. “We are fraternal not identical. So we look no different than any other siblings would.”

Hugo glanced again at the two of them for a moment. “You don't look much like brothers. Your hair is different, you're body type is different too.”

Are you calling me fat?” Louis accused. Between him and his brother he was wider in build and carried a little baby fat.

No, no.” Hugo said verbally backpedaling. “I'm just saying you don't look much alike. My brother and I look a lot alike. At least that's what everyone tells us.”

Émile? Right.” Alexandre said.

Yes, he's 16 I'm 12.”

We are 14.Alexandre said.

Your French is very good.” Hugo said.

Thanks, we speak it sometimes in Canada.” Louis replied.

Hugo actually blushed with embarrassment which Louis thought looked pretty cute on him. He threw a quick knowing glance at his brother who smiled. This trip might not be so bad after all.


Hugo lived in a second-story apartment probably only a little smaller than the one Louis and his family occupied in Toronto. In the back of Louis’s head he had assumed there would be a view of the Eiffel Tower, but although they had seen it on the way there, it was invisible now. It seemed movies had been lying to him all this time. The only interesting feature of the apartment was the Xbox One. Louis and Alexandre both broke out into grins upon seeing it.

Tell me you have the new Dead Rising game.” Alexandre pleaded turning to Hugo.

Hugo shifted uncomfortably. “I'm sorry; I never liked those kinds of games.”

You mean zombie games?” Louis asked.

No, horror games.”

Those games aren't about horror. There about cutting through hordes of zombies with two chainsaws strapped to a canoe paddle.” Louis said before realizing how that sounded. “What games do you have?”

Not too many.” Hugo said. “I've downloaded some stuff. Honestly though I mostly just play chess on it right now.”

Louis and Alexandre looked at each other grinning remembering their bet on the airplane. “You play chess?”

The three of them sat down on the floor with their backs against the couch. Hugo sat between the twins and they took turns playing. It quickly became obvious Hugo was very good. Louis and Alexandre played regularly against each other and the computer. Hugo ripped apart Louis in a dozen moves. Alexandre lasted a bit longer but only because he played very cautiously.

How often do you play?” Alexandre asked after drawing out the checkmate for as long as he could.

Hugo grinned. “Did I not mention I have ambitions of becoming a grandmaster?”

That makes me feel slightly less humiliated.” Louis muttered. “You are serious?”

Hugo nodded. “I learned the game about three years ago and really liked it. I think it would be fun to do it professionally.”

You can really do that? As a full-time job?” Alexandre asked.

Hugo nodded. “Yes, it’s not the best paying job, but it's possible.”

So you'll most likely continue to kick our butts. That's what you're saying?” Louis observed.

Hugo gave it some thought. “We could give me a handicap. Maybe I don't move my bishops?”

Louis chuckled at that. “Well, let's switch over to FIFA so we at least stand a chance against you.

They were in the middle of the first game when they heard the front door. A new voice echoed in the kitchen where their father and aunt were talking. Then a moment later a teenager walked into the room. He was tall with dark hair. He didn’t introduce himself but stared at the TV for a moment. Neither of the twins said anything but Louis knew this was Émile. Then he spoke.

I want the Xbox.”

Louis who wasn't playing glanced over at Hugo who was looking at the teenager and not the screen.

Hugo.” The teenager said in a warning tone.

Yes, of course Émile.” Hugo said, pausing the game and then ending it.

Hey!” Alexandre exclaimed. “What the hell!”

Sorry.” Hugo said standing up and placing the controller down.

Um-we were playing.” Louis said confused.

Émile smiled. “I don't care. Hugo, take your friends to your room.”

We are not his friends, we’re your cousins.” Alexandre said standing up preparing to fight.

Louis stood up to preparing to back his brother.

Hugo,” Émile said again.

Hugo turned to them. “Please, can we go to my room? We can play chess on my computer. Please?”

The twelve-year-old had such a pleading look on his face that Louis and Alexandre simultaneously decided to back down. There was something up and they both could tell.

Okay, let's see your room Hugo.” Louis said.

Almost immediately as they entered Hugo’s room Alexandre closed the door while Louis spun Hugo around. “All right, out with it. What does he have on you?”

Hugo glanced at one of them and then the other. “Please don't do this.”

Alexandre shrugged. “It's obvious you're being blackmailed by your brother. Maybe we can help.”

In case you haven't noticed,” Alexandre said coming up from behind Hugo “Your brother is a gigantic asshole.”

And everybody knows gigantic assholes are no fun.” Louis quipped getting a quick grin from his brother.

I don't want to talk about it.” Hugo said.

Alexandre thought for a moment. “Well we already know you're being blackmailed. So I guess we don't need to know the exact reason just how he’s keeping it over you. If your relationship with your brother is anything like mine, you should have some ammunition to fire back with. So it's either something really big or something that is more than just telling your parents.”

So something that could be played to a wider audience.” Louis concluded.

Why do you care?” Hugo said.

As previously stated, your brother is a gigantic asshole and we need to shrink him up back down to the regular size.” Louis said.

You're taking it too far.” Alexandre warned.

All right no more similes.” Louis said holding up his hands

You mean allegories.” Alexandre corrected.

Is there a difference?” Louis wondered out loud.

Alexandre waited a few seconds. “I think in this case it works for both.”

What are you talking about?” Hugo demanded trying to follow the conversation.

Sorry, we're just excited.” Louis explained.

You see we’re 49% evil and 51% good. That means we like to cause mischief but only directed at people who deserve it.” Alexandre said rubbing his hands together in a conniving way.

A blackmailing older brother is perfect. So you tell us how he's blackmailing you and will come up with a plan to stop it.” Louis finished.

Hugo looked at them obviously hesitant to trust two boys who weren't quite his cousins yet. “He has a video of me doing something embarrassing.” Hugo hesitated and then shrugged. “Well it would be embarrassing if my friends saw it and I would be in trouble if my dad saw it.”

The video is just on his phone?” Alexandre asked.

No, he said he has it on his computer and a separate storage device.”

This will be challenging.” Louis said now officially glad he had been dragged to Paris.


Several hours later they were still in Hugo's room. They had decided on a plan but needed to wait to put it into effect. They were passing the time by playing two games of chess simultaneously interspersed with the occasional amusing video. Their father opened the door.

Boys, your aunt and her fiancé are going to take me out to L'âne Riche for dinner. I'm guessing neither of you would like to join us?”

Do they serve pizza?” Louis asked.

I'm kind of in the mood for tacos.” Alexandre said.

So that's a no.” Their father said smiling. “I'm glad you and Hugo are getting along so well. Émile will be here, so if you need anything just ask him.”

We will.” Louis said doubting that would be a good idea.

The usual routine of adults getting ready for dinner followed. There were three of them so it seemed to be more hectic than usual. Louis and his brother just stayed with Hugo waiting to be called out to say goodbye. They were called out and as soon as the adults left, Émile turned to them.

I want you three to stay in Hugo's room. My girlfriend is coming over.”

Louis and Alexandre played along like they were intimidated but Hugo was obviously scared. They retreated back to Hugo's room and waited. About twenty minutes later they could hear a second voice out in the living room and then the sound of a movie. That's when they put their plan into effect.

All three bedrooms in the apartment were down one hallway and couldn't really be seen from the living room. The three of them quietly left Hugo's room for Émile’s. They found his laptop easily enough and a flash drive nearby. They did a brief search for any other flash drives but found none. “Why does your brother have a snorkel?” Louis whispered.

Hugo looking nervous was startled by the question. “It's for when dad takes us to the South. He likes to snorkel sometimes.”

Louis suddenly came up with an idea and slightly modified their plan. “I'll just take this.”

They retreated back to Hugo's room and using Hugo's computer looked at the flash drive. There were several files on it and the ones that looked like schoolwork were copied to Hugo's computer. Everything else was deleted and then reformatted. When they were done with that they booted up Émile’s laptop. It required a password but starting a factory reboot did not require a password. .

All right, everything seems to be working so far.” Louis said as the process started.

Hugo seemed to have gained confidence and relaxed as everything was working. “Should I go make the spitball now?”

Actually, I had a thought on that.” Louis said picking up the snorkel. “I think we can use this as a straw.”

Alexandre shook his head. “Why bother?”

Because I don't wanna use water for the spitball.” Louis said grinning.

Two minutes later they were all in the bathroom. Hugo was wavering between laughing and jumping with excitement. Louis could recognize the signs of someone pulling off their first prank.

Anyone wants to empty their bladder or should we all contribute.” Louis asked.

Let me go first.” Hugo said bouncing up and down.

Louis smiled and handed him the snorkel. In the back of his mind he had hoped for at least a glimpse of what Hugo was packing but the younger boy asked them to turn around. The only thrill he really got out of the whole process was knowing his penis would touch the same spot once the younger one was done.

Hugo chickened out with the last stage of their plan and it was left to Louis to carry the urine soaked snorkel down the hallway. Turning his phone on he used the camera to help line up a shot, grateful that the two teenagers were deep into making out territory. Then, he brought the snorkel up to his lips and blew as hard as he could.

The toilet paper they had crammed in the passageway of the snorkel was soaked with urine. It shot straight out of the tube about a meter or so to the couch, landing squarely on Émile’s back with a loud thud. From experience he knew a spitball that big kinda stung and therefore the shout of surprise from Émile was twice as loud.

Louis laughed and ran back to Hugo's room. He heard Émile storming after him but the hallway was too short for him to actually see who it was. The older teen burst into the room and immediately targeted Hugo who was standing there. Émile had probably forgotten the twins were there at that moment because he lunged at Hugo who raised his hands to protect himself. The twins moved quickly. Alexandre dove down behind Émile who had just enough time to realize something was up when Hugo pushed him over Alexandre.

The teenager crashed to the floor and Louis jumped on him to sit on his chest. He was quickly joined by his brother and Hugo who pinned Émile’s arms down.

I'm going to kill you!” Émile shouted.

That would probably be my reaction to if I was just hit with a urine soaked spitball.” Louis said calmly repositioning himself to be more comfortable on the teenager's chest.

Émile’s face turned a very interesting shade of red and he bucked upwards almost dislodging the three of them.

Émile.” A female voice called out just before appearing in the doorway.

Alexandre looked over at her. “Hello, nice to meet you. We have some family therapy to deal with I trust you can see your way out.”

The girl stood there for a second and Louis wondered if she was just in shock or trying to decide if she should intervene.

We won't tell anyone you were here. Your boyfriend will call you later. I'm assuming he's your boyfriend.” Louis added.

The girl stood there for a second before mentally shaking herself. “You told me your brother wasn't here.” She said before turning and walking away.

She sounds angry. You think it was something we did Hugo?” Alexandre asked.

Hugo stared at them for a few seconds before venturing. “Yes.”

Louis mentally rolled his eyes. “All right, here's how things are Émile. You've been blackmailing your little brother and that's not right. Hugo may be good at planning a game of chess, but we're good at evening scores.” Louis said trying to sound like a teacher talking to a school student. “Anyways, so we know we wouldn't be able to delete all the files. Instead we just did a factory reboot, quite impossible to reverse. Fortunately there was your flash drive there. Like a good student you are backing up your schoolwork. We have that or more accurately we moved those files on to Hugo's computer and deleted anything that didn't look like schoolwork.”

What! I didn't have my new stuff backed up! I'm going to-”

Kill us, I know.” Louis said. “The fact is you're not. You're going to take what we have then redo the homework you lost. I don't exactly feel very sorry for you. In fact this is how it's going to go down. In a moment Hugo is going to lock himself in the bathroom with his laptop. Then my brother and I are going to let you up. You're going to delete everything you have saved on your phone. If you don't Hugo will delete all of your school work and some of those files looked pretty big. You're not going to hurt anyone. If you ever try, we will show the pictures of what you and your girlfriend were doing. Do we understand each other?”

Émile glared up at him and tried to break free again.

Alexandre looked over at Hugo. “It's going to take him a while to calm down. Want to play I spy? I spy with my…”

Fine.” Émile spat out.

Louis would later reflect on how well the plan had gone off. Émile was not very happy deleting everything he had saved on his phone and his other flash drive. When they popped the other flash drives in, they found it was mostly dedicated to pornography. They deleted everything just in case. Émile didn't cause them any more troubles and was strangely generous whenever they wanted to play the Xbox.

Hugo was very grateful and had found the plan quite fun. They eventually succeeded in beating him in a chess game, but only one time. The wedding itself wasn't bad. Hugo was the ring bearer and privately the brothers agreed he looked very attractive in his little tuxedo. They both revealed later what they would've liked to have done with the cute boy. But Hugo had never given any signs of being interested in any naked fun.

They only had about an hour before they left for the airport when Louis finally broached the question that had been nagging him.

Hugo, you don't have to tell me but what were you being blackmailed with?”

Hugo looked around but it was just the three of them in the room. “Well, like I said I liked playing chess. I play a lot with people around my age. There's this, well we’re kind of friends. She's a girl. Anyways we talked on Skype and sometimes we do little shows for each other.”

Alexandre caught on first. “You mean, Émile saw you…” He trailed off.

Yeah, it was really embarrassing.” Hugo said.

Yes, I can imagine. Why don't you go get your computer and we will give you our Skype names.” Louis said, already imagining ways to persuade Hugo to do a show for them.

Sure, let me go get it.” Hugo said standing up.

As soon as Hugo was out of the room Alexandre latched onto his brothers arm and pulled him close. “We are renewing our membership in the mile high club, reversed positions.”

The End.