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Finding Home

Chapter 1: The Gift

My brother Ryan and I had finally moved out of the family house. Of course, my

moving out was expected because that's what you do when you go to college. Ryan on

the other hand was forced to move out. He graduated 4 years before me and was still

getting his shit together: no job to speak of, no girlfriend, and now, no place of his own.

We'd both been living in New York for the past 3 years. I was a Junior now

studying psychology, and he was working as a personal trainer full-time. We saw each

other when we had time, usually hanging out doing nothing special to speak of. It's

funny because we never used to be close. When we were kids, I hated him. Seriously

hated him. He would tease me every chance he got, either to impress his friends or just

because he could. He took advantage of the 4 year age difference and made me feel

weak and helpless when he wanted to. Now things were different. It was obvious we

both had grown emotionally and physically. For one, I came out when I started college.

He knew I was gay, even though I never told him personally, and he accepted me, even

took to teasing me about it, which was basically his way of saying he loved me. He was

completely straight, had a couple girlfriends and random hook-ups now and again, and

even would tell me about them in excruciating detail, at least until I begged him to stop.

We'd come a long way from hating each other. Now I was 22 and he was 26 living a

couple states away from our parents and starting our lives.

The fall semester of my junior year in college ended pretty quickly, and I was

finishing finals before I even realized how much time had passed. Ryan and I were

planning on taking the trip down home together. He was so cute because he made this

long mix of songs for the ride home and was so excited for me to hear it. I obviously

didn't care, but I pretended to be impressed so he wouldn't feel bad about it. I just

thought it was sweet gesture, that he cared, and I wanted us both to enjoy the drive

home together. It was also a nice departure from the dread I was feeling about seeing

our parents again. Now there's nothing wrong with our mom and dad, but they, like any

family, end up getting in the way most of the times. Growing up was hard, especially

being gay, and I had to learn how to take care of myself pretty quickly. My parents knew,

which made things a little easier, at least I didn't have to field questions about girlfriends

or anything like that. For the most part, they left me alone, which was good because I

had become pretty independent and private since leaving home for college. Still, they

were annoying in their own right, always interested in my whereabouts and school, etc.

My brother always took the edge off though with his sarcastic remarks that I'd actually

come to appreciate. If my parents ever ended up asking a too personal question, he

was there to steer the conversation in a more safe and comical direction.

Christmas time made it even harder to avoid my family. The whole family

togetherness was never my idea of good times, but I would put up with it for the duration

of the break. At least we would be driving back to New York in a couple days. Even

though the break would be short, I found myself stealing away from the extended family

gatherings for some alone time, time to clear my head. My brother usually joined me, as

fed up with the family as I. He even had taken to sleeping in my room during the break

so that we could make a quick escape together in case we needed to leave in a hurry. I

enjoyed his company so I didn't mind, even though he snored horribly every night.

Having my brother around was nice since we didn't usually spend every waking

moment together when I was in school. I used him as my buffer for the family, but I was

finding it hard to get in some me time. I was aching bad for some time to myself. It had

been a long time since I masturbated, what with my family always around, and my

brother constantly by my side too. I finally couldn't take it anymore. I was starting to lose

sleep over it. I figured I could get away with it while my brother was sleeping. His

snoring was a pretty good indicator of whether he was fast asleep or not. As long as I

kept a towel easily accessible near the bed so I wouldn't have to move around a lot. I

just needed a quick release.

My mind drifted to scenarios I had used before: would it be plumber tonight?

fireman? or maybe that sexy grad student who was my TA for statistics? It didn't matter,

I was hard just thinking about the possibility of sex. I rubbed my palm down my stomach

prolonging the anticipation for that first touch. I played in the soft, downy hairs that

covered my chest and stomach. I wasn't by any means muscular, but had a lean body

that only made other things appear bigger. Finally, I slipped my hand underneath my

shorts and touched my dick gently, teasing it awake with the lightest of touches and the

dirtiest of thoughts. I loved how it slowly hardened and brought slight twinges of

pleasure, tapping into something deep inside me, when I coaxed it to life. I took hold of

it and cautiously pulled my shorts down to my ankles trying to minimize the creaking of

the old bed I was sleeping on. I squeezed the head, rubbing the pre-cum that had

started with my thumb and licked it off my finger. It tasted so good. Fully hard, I was

about 7 inches and pretty thick, and worked up like this, I swear I was even bigger. I

grabbed my cock, and squeezed, tensing throughout my body with the force of my grip.

My brother was still soundly asleep, snoring, so I knew I could continue without

fear of interruption. I wrapped my hand completely around my warm dick feeling the

blood coursing through it causing my hand to slightly vibrate. I needed this so bad.

Images flashed in my mind, of men sucking me, licking me, tasting me. I stuck my

fingers in my mouth imagining sucking on a dick, getting it wet and warm with my

tongue, swirling my fingers around my mouth and licking between the spaces of my

fingers. I reached those fingers down my body slowly, touching the tip of my dick and

rubbing in slow, excruciatingly long enticing circles, and continued down my balls into

the cleft of my ass. I rubbed my fingers in my crack, feeling the light sweat that had

started from working myself up. All the while, I started to slowly jerk my dick with an

intensity, spitting in my hand at times to lube myself up and make it easier to reach a

climax. My dick was so hot, the head felt like it was on fire, pulsing with heat, and I

couldn't help making little pleasure noises, small groans of relief and surprise every time

I felt a wave of pleasure roll over me. My fingers were slowly working around my

asshole, teasing my hole, rubbing in slow circles and sometimes entering my ass

slightly. I loved the feeling of something in my ass, I'd known for a long time that I was a

bottom. I knew exactly what buttons to push and how hard to push them in order to

push me over the edge. Rubbing my dick harder and faster was starting to bring me

until I couldn't hold back any longer. I slid my hand up and down the shaft squeezing the

head on each stroke moaning wildly. I could feel it slowly start beneath my navel, a

quickening of pleasure as if I would be turned inside out. My dick was starting to pulse

as the first drops of cum started to leak out of my dick. I came in long, thick spurts while

rubbing the head with my thumb to prolong my orgasm. As soon as I felt my body give

over, release into the orgasm, I shoved my two fingers into my asshole, penetrating

myself, adding to the raw pleasure of it all. Cum shot out of my cock hitting my face and

covering my hairy torso in thick sprays. I threw my head back against my pillow as I

fingered myself and continued to jerk the cum out of me, amazing sensations filling my

body. When I was empty, I laid back, unable to move for a minute, my hand still

wrapped around my dick, cum covering my chest. Everything stopped for a moment,

and a ringing entered my ears, a complete absence of noise or movement. My vision

was blurred and I was starting to drift off slightly.

It was then I realized my brother wasn't snoring anymore. The room was

completely silent. I stopped breathing for a second trying to hear any slight movements

that would indicate whether he was awake or not. I couldn't hear anything, all was still. I

quickly and carefully grabbed the towel that was hanging at the end of my four-poster

bed and cleaned myself up. Normally, I would play a little with my cum, drag it across

my chest with my fingers, stick those fingers inside myself pulling and pushing into my

guts, even jerk myself off again using my cum as lubricant. I obviously didn't have the

opportunity to do that now, so I wiped my chest off and rubbed the towel over my dick

until I was clean, and pulled up my shorts. I threw the towel on the floor and went to

bed, satisfied. It didn't take but a couple seconds to drift off to sleep, listening to my

brother slowly start to snore again. I was pretty positive he hadn't woken up. Even if he

had, he had roommates in college, I'm sure he caught one of them masturbating on

more than one occasion. So what was a little self-pleasure between brothers.


The next day was christmas eve. One day closer to when me and my brother

would finally be heading back to New York, what I'd begun to think of as home since

leaving here 3 years ago. I was starting to count down the days in my head, to when I'd

be back to my normal schedule, my normal life, and finally get some privacy.

Today was the day we had all the family over for christmas dinner. All my little

cousins, my uncles and aunts that lived in the area would come over for some turkey

dinner, dessert beer and wine at our house, and leave before the children fell asleep on

the couch, exhausted from wondering what santa would bring them. Being the jaded

older cousin, I kept telling them it only gets worse with age. I didn't know what I was

getting, and I honestly didn't care. Probably some random clothing items, maybe

something electronic, oooooh, possibly that camcorder I had asked for. Like I said, I

didn't care.

I usually try staying to myself when the whole family is over. They tend to act a

little skittish around me anyways, since I'm sure my parents told them about my little

"thing." They probably all think I'm confused and am just experimenting with guys.

Unfortunately for them, I wasn't just experimenting, I actively sought out sex with guys. I

loved guys, and everything they came with. That smell that only a man can smell like,

like sweat and sex. Some people can call it musk, but I think of it as cologne. There is

nothing sexier. Except maybe body hair. I loved my guys hairy, the more the better.

There was nothing hotter than a furry chest, a treasure trail leading into a man's waist-

band hinting at things lower and darker, more scandalous.

I shook myself out of my fantasy. I need to stop doing that. I was in the middle of

talking to my aunt Minya about college and my plans for graduation and when I started

to drift off and think about sexy, hairy, tall, dark, handsome, strong, beefy men...

I had to excuse myself to the bathroom.

Once I snapped out of it, I was back into the fold, mingling and fielding questions

about my love life with those relatives who were just a little more curious about my

sexuality than they would ever truly let on. Sometimes I imagined myself just saying

what i truly thought with generous helpings of expletives and many references to male

genitalia...and pictures, I could draw them pictures. "Why yes Aunt Leslie, see what you

do is hold the penis in one hand and place your mouth over the head providing suction

while simultaneously using your hand to provide stimulation to the shaft."

I caught my brother watching me. I was talking to Aunt Leslie and felt like

someone was staring at me. I could feel heat on my back, like a warm wind blowing

against me, ruffling the back of my head, playing with my hair. I looked behind me, and

he was across the living room, just watching me. Weird.

I excused myself and went to sit next to him. He was alone except for some of

the kids playing around the tree, shaking gifts and trying to figure out what they were,

most of them weren't even theirs. I fell down into the couch next to him, close, causing

him to shift slightly and scoot over so I could have some room.

"What's going on intense-staring-guy?" I asked him.

"What do you mean?" He was being guarded, which wasn't exactly like him. My

brother didn't do tight-lipped. He was loud and in your face and didn't make apologies

for it.

"I mean, why are you staring? I thought my back was gonna catch on fire. What's

up with you? You're all broody..."

"I'm fine."

"And the glib award for the evening goes to...Seriously, this is usually when you

lightly laugh, tell me I'm an idiot, and...ok, what the hell is wrong with you?" I was

starting to get annoyed. If he wanted to act this way, fine, but I was only giving him one

more chance before I just got up and left him alone, let him figure it out on his own,

whatever the fuck was wrong with him.

"I don't know, I'm just tired, and bored, and hungry...I'm annoyed."

"Let me guess, Mom wanted you to do that thing again for everyone, that thing

where, you know...Don't let her get to you..."

"That's not it." He got up quickly, using my leg to help him up off the couch.

Muttering to himself, he left the room with a twinge to his shoulders. Something was

bothering him and I thought I knew what it might be.

I kicked myself for thinking that I could get away with last night's show without

him waking up. I didn't think it would be such a big deal even if he did wake up, but

obviously I was wrong. I knew that we didn't really openly talk about my sexuality and

my preference for strong, hairy, men, but I thought we were good with all that.

Apparently, things unsaid can really build up and blow-up in your face when you're not

expecting it.

He was probably really uncomfortable having seen me masturbate and

unsure how to talk about it...if he wanted to talk about it at all. I didn't even want to talk

about it. I'm not even sure I would know what to say. "Sorry?" no that doesn't sound

right. I figured I would just leave it alone and let him work it out for himself. Hopefully he

would just forget about it and we could move on.

After awkward, confusing dinner, I retired to my room. Throughout the

turkey, stuffing, and potatoes, he was quiet, uncharacteristically quiet. I watched him

shovel heaps of food onto his plate without so much as a "pass the salt" or "this

cranberry sauce is good." He was usually the first to compliment the chef, which in this

case would have been me. I let it go. Or I at least tried to let it go. I couldn't help but

stare in his general direction waiting for a look, a glance, any indication that he wasn't

totally freaked the fuck out, that he was really fine and just needed a little time to get out

of this funk. Sitting in my room didn't really allow me to get away from that nagging

feeling either. I couldn't do anything but sit and stare at the wall, thinking about what the

fuck I was going to say to him to make this whole awkward situation go away.

He walked in, surprised that I was in the room.

"You scared me," he begrudgingly said to me. It looked like I was going to have to

make the first move here. I still wasn't sure what I was going to say. I mean, what can

you honestly say that could make seeing your brother jerking himself off not an

awkward situation. It was going to be hard, no matter what I said, so I decided to just

dive right in.

"You know if this is about last night, I'm really sorry. I thought you were sleeping, I

mean you were snoring pretty loudly, so I thought it would be alright if I know,

and I couldn't help myself, it's been a while since I had the time to just sit down and take

care of...that, so...I didn't think you would mind, but by the time I was done, you


He interrupted with... "Dude, what the fuck are you talking about...did you jerk off

last night?"

I didn't say a word, which I guess was just like saying yes.

"Seriously? I was like 10 feet away from you. Do you not know how to control


"So that's not why you're mad at me...?" I imagined myself crossing my fingers. I

didn't want to be responsible for his horrible mood. If anyone is responsible it's him, self-

serving bastard.

"I'm not mad at you...Although, now, I'm not so sure."

I let the silence take over the conversation. Obviously, I would jump to the

conclusion that my late-night pleasure fest was the reason he was so moody and spill

my guts in an effort to smooth things over and instead completely overreact and reveal

that I'm a sex freak who can't control himself when I could have just let it go and he

would be none the wiser.

"You really were jerking off last night? I mean, you weren't worried I would wake-

up and beat the shit out of you for traumatizing me."

"I actually wasn't thinking of you at all last, no...I wasn'

that the right answer? I feel like that's the right answer."

Silence again, and thicker this time.

"So you're saying, you've never, like, fantasized about me, like know

what I mean."

"Actually, I'm glad I don't know what you mean."

Well this conversation took a left-turn somewhere. What the fuck was he getting

at. Do I fantasize about him? Well, I, NO, I don't think I have ever fantasized

about him. I mean he's my brother. Sure he's pretty ripped, and does have a generous

amount of hair covering his chest. I know because one time in the gym when he was

undressing...NO, no I definitely do not think about him sexually.

Something was going on because I realized he was watching my face, studying

it, watching the thoughts go through my head. I stopped, stopped thinking, stopped

moving, stopped breathing, but just for a second, and looked down at my hands in my

lap. He slapped my thigh, playfully, reassuringly, confusingly, and let his hand idol there

for a minute or two until I looked up.

"You. Are. Such. A. Queer." and laughed. Just like that, he made a joke about it

and completely turned the situation on it's head. I didn't know whether to run out of the

room screaming or to join him, laugh my ass off and joke about what a dick he was for

putting those thoughts into my head in the first place.

"I mean, I obviously would be flattered if you thought of me in that way...I know

I'm a good looking guy, and so are you..."

I don't think the sentence should have stopped there. Why did he stop there? It

was getting confusing again.

"I mean, if you were to like make a move, I don't know what I would do. I mean, I

guess I would be a little freaked out, but I don't know what I would do."

More confusing.

"I mean, nothing like that has ever happened to me before, you know, like a dude

coming on to me and wanting to get...physical with me, so..."

I was freaking out in my head. I couldn't open my mouth for fear of saying

something totally wrong and completely fucking ridiculous. Was he joking? Was he

serious? He's my brother, he's Ryan, my older, annoying, goofy, physically fit brother. It

was wrong on so many levels. And why did he keep saying "I mean...", who was he

kidding. He was stalling for time, talking out of his ass, and saying whatever he was

thinking, which at this point was going to get us both into trouble. I had to step in. I had

to suck it up and be a man. I had to take some responsibility and stop this before it went

any further. I took a breath and cut him off before he could start again.

"Look, I think you might want to just lay down for a little while, have some alone

time and think about some stuff, so I'm just going to leave...and, yeah..."

Way to be responsible, asshole.

I got up off the bed, listening to the soft creak of the old wood, and made my way

cautiously to the door. Hand on the door handle, I opened the door slowly, but it was

stuck. Great, just great, the door is stuck, why the fuck is the door...My brother's hand

gently, softly pushed the door closed again, reaching around me, brushing my arm and

my side to slide the door closed, and turn the lock.

I couldn't move.

I was basically up against the door, my back facing him, and I couldn't move. I

could feel his breath on the back of my neck, lifting those little downy neck hairs with

each exhale, vibrating against my skin, making me catch my breath, letting me know

that I was feeling something exciting but confusing, something different, new.

All thought flew out the window, and I was left with only sensation, as he took his

hand away from the door, slowly trailing his fingers through the folds of my shirt, slightly

lifting the fabric to expose my skin underneath. Every light touch was like electricity,

causing me to catch my breath, each sharp inhale pushing back into him and feeling his

strong body, his weight at my back, breathing in his scent. He leaned his head down to

kiss along my neck, soft touches of lips that made me give tilt my head, give him more

to work with. It was like I was his puppet, moving exactly where he wanted me, without

a thought of my own.

Everything was in slow motion like we were underwater. He continued to kiss my

necking gently taking my flesh into his mouth at times and sucking on it before letting it

go bringing slight twinges of pain. His hand teased along my stomach and up my chest

playing in the hairs covering my body and raising my shirt up. With both hands, he

raised my arms without any protest and slid my shirt up and over my head, discarding it

to the floor beside me. Slowly he turned me until my ass was leaning against the door,

my bare back rubbing against the hard grain of the wood, until I was completely facing

him, looking into his eyes.

Right then, I knew. I knew he wasn't joking. No man with that look in his eyes is

ever joking. That look means only one thing. Well, it means a lot of things, but none of

them safe. It was a dangerous look, promising sex and darker things. Right then, it

clicked. I knew I wanted this, wanted to take what he was giving me: one night with him.

Something I never knew I wanted, but in that moment knew was what I had always


I lifted his shirt up and over his head, doing my part by moving things along to the

more interesting parts. I looked in his eyes and without so much as a word told him I

was in, willing and able.

I leaned into him, placing my naked chest against his, feeling the electrifying

contact of skin against skin. His skin against my skin. And I kissed him.

I kissed him like I've never kissed anyone. Slow at first, it grew and took on a life

of it's own, my mouth feeding off of his, breathing in his air. I licked across his lips

playfully making him smile, reassuring him with my tongue. I ate at his mouth and he ate

at mine like I was the sweetest thing he'd ever tasted. The darkest thing he'd ever

tasted. The sounds of our lips connecting like firecrackers. My mind caught up to my

body and I was surprised to find them in total agreement. I knew this was so wrong, but

I couldn't stop, couldn't break away from his kiss. I needed to see this through. So as I

was kissing him, licking him, sucking his lips between my teeth, biting and feeding at his

mouth, I gave in completely, and decided that for the night, I was his and he was mine.

I pushed him down onto the bed, never breaking contact. Now that I had it, I

couldn't stop touching him. I needed to touch him. I broke the kiss, keeping my hands

running over the thick hairs on his chest. I stuck two fingers into my mouth and brought

them out to slide wetly down his chest, to his impeccable abdominal muscles, to the

thick treasure trail that disappeared into his pants. His eyes closed and his head fell

back onto the bed, as I played along the edge of his pants, leaning my head down to

lick across his jaw and down his neck ending at his stomach. At that moment, I

wondered what his nipple would feel like between my teeth or rolling across my tongue.

I kissed up his stomach, occasionally licking the furry trail leading up to his

nipples. I actually got a hair stuck in my mouth and had to stop to spit it out. He looked

at me and laughed his knowing laugh. I smiled and melted hearing that laugh. But I

couldn't be dissuaded from my mission.

I locked on to the left one hard, him gasping in reaction to my surprising attack. I

licked across it, playing with his nipple, feeling the texture of the smoothness of it mixed

with the coarseness of his chest hair and making it hard between my teeth. I sucked

and bit at him gently enjoying the moans of pleasure I was getting out of him. I was

playing him like an instrument. I added to the symphony by letting my hand trail down

his stomach to reach down his stomach and tease at the waistband of his jeans. With a

sharp movement I fought to be underneath the tightness of his jeans to grab hold of his

dick. As soon as I touched him, he raised up in a breathless gasp. He was already so

hard, ready for more, his boxers damp with the beginnings of pre-cum. I held onto him

tightly as I sucked on his nipple, my eyes raising to look him in the face as his mouth

hung open and his eyes closed in ecstasy. I knew what I wanted now, knew what I

wanted in my mouth, to explore just as I did his tender nipples. Before I lowered myself

to him, he brought me up to meet him and kissed me. A light touch of lips that was more

than just passion, that spoke of love in just one brush of lips and tongue.

I couldn't wait any longer. I unbuttoned his jeans slowly drawing out the

anticipation for what was to come, to make him writhe beneath me in expectation of my

mouth wrapping around him. Sliding his jeans and boxers down his legs to the floor in

one long sweep, I raised my eyes to look at him. He watched me as I slowly raised and

lowered my hand still holding his dick jerking him, teasing him. He could barely keep

himself raised up on his elbows as he lay on the bed. I could tell what he was feeling,

feel what he was thinking. Without breaking eye contact, I lowered my mouth to him and

brought him to meet my lips. I kissed the head softly squeezing out whatever pre-cum

was left after taking off his boxers. Licking across the head, I ate every bit of cum before

placing him between my lips and sliding down the length of him. I took all of him into my

mouth, all 8 hard, thick inches of him, letting him swirl around my tongue for a minute

before wetly taking him out of my mouth. He strained against my hand as I sucked him,

and licked along the shaft, paying attention to the curve where it meets the head, and

kissing along that ridge, bringing him to moan and writhe above me. I brought him in

and out of my mouth slowly at first, tasting every inch of him letting my saliva cover his

hard dick. I ate at him trying to bring my nose to his pubic hair and deep-throating him

as best I could. I wanted all of him in my mouth, every last piece of him. I couldn't even

stop for air. I sucked him in and out of my mouth getting faster and then slower to play

with the velvety texture as he slid between my pursed lips. His elbows gave out from

underneath him falling onto the bed in pleasure, unable to control the groans escaping

his lips. They sounded like desperation, as if he was pleading, begging for more. At one

point he got so loud, I had to take him out of my mouth and tell him to be quiet. He

laughed drunkenly, and I smiled, and realized that this was everything I ever wanted, to

seem him long and hard above me, at my mercy, waiting to give him that one lick that

would send him flying, metaphorically speaking. I don't think I've ever been more sure

about anything. Feeling the soft, velvet of him in my mouth, I knew this is what I had

been waiting for. Why no other guy had lasted, had been able to satisfy me.

"I'm gonna cum if you don't stop soon."

I had lost myself in what I was doing, happy to do nothing else but this.

"Well, isn't that the point?"

"Of course, but there's still so much more I want to, why don't you get up

on this bed and I'll see how your ass tastes."

I was so turned on by the dirty talk. My brother talking to me like that was an

unexpected turn on. I was already hard just from having him in my mouth. And I too

wanted to know how he thought my ass tasted. In the blink of an eye, I stripped off the

rest of my clothes and crawled my way up his naked body. I met his lips with mine and

luxuriated in his kiss, the feel of his tongue playing in my mouth and exploring my


I moved further onto the bed on all fours grabbing my dick to squeeze and tease

myself as he got behind me. I could feel his presence behind me and pushed back

against him to feel his dick slide across the cleft of my ass. I started to rub against him

feeling the hardness of him move against my opening until he slapped my ass making

me cry out a little.

"Stop that...not yet..."

I smiled to myself. I couldn't wait until the part where he finally slipped his dick

inside me. I reveled in the thought of him completely naked and hard behind me,

anticipating what was bound to happen.

My breath caught in an unexpected gasp as I felt his tongue penetrate my

asshole. I'd never actually let anyone eat me out before. A new, strange sensation

engulfed my body as heat spread inside me, my breath catching. He licked down my

ass, starting at the height of my ass and working his way down between my cheeks

before coming to lick down my balls. He was so slow and attentive, exploring the depths

of my ass with his mouth, gently kissing my asshole and lower parts, driving me wild. I

could feel the wetness he left behind, the thrill of the sucking and biting as he made his

way down to bring one of my balls into his mouth. He grabbed my dick and started to

stroke me as he sucked one ball and then went to the other. I giggled at the strange

sensation, at the thought of my brother behind me, jerking my cock while he licked

along my asshole. I started to push my ass into his face, begging him to continue,

aching for his tongue to slide along the length of my ass, to push inside of me and get

me wet, ready for his still-hard dick.

I moaned in pleasure, unable to keep myself quiet. I grabbed hold of myself,

slowly pulling at my cock so he could focus on eating my asshole out. He was a natural.

Every stroke of his tongue, every bite on my ass cheek, every time he probed his strong

tongue into my welcoming hole, I felt electricity throughout my whole body. I could feel a

pressure building just below my navel, hooking deep inside my gut that reacted to his

every touch bringing me one step closer to orgasm. I had to stop touching myself for

fear of going too soon. At this rate I could have already cum three times, but I wanted to

save myself until he was inside of me, so that we would go together.

I couldn't take anymore. The foreplay was excellent, but I needed to feel him

inside of me, wanted to feel the length of him pushing his way inside of me.

"I'm ready now" I said against the covers of the bed. I lifted up slightly, "I'm ready

to do this. I need to do this."

He looked up around my ass to look me in the eyes and say "Don't get gay on

me now, we're having such fun."

That's my brother.

"Just do it. Fuck me. Fuck me now."

"Ok, ok. Do you want the whole family to hear you?" he whispered with a smile. I

could tell he wanted it just as bad as me. The playful banter, the jokes were all a smoke-

screen. I could see it in his face, in his eyes, that he wanted me just as much as I

wanted him. "I'm gonna fuck you so good, you don't even know."

"Then shut the fuck up, and do it."

"Yes, sir"

We both smiled at each other, that knowing smile again.

He got behind, pulling my ass up a little to meet his groin. I'd never had anything

as big as his dick in my ass before so I was mentally preparing myself for some pain.

But as I felt his wet dick dripping with my saliva and his cum slide in between my ass

cheeks teasing my hole, my mind went blank. There was only sensation. The sensation

of his strong hips pushing his dick between my cheeks; the sensation of his big hands

holding onto the crests of my hips firmly; the sensation of my hand stroking my dick to

hardness again. I wanted to be touching myself when he finally pushed into me. I

pushed against his dick grinding it against the slick opening of my asshole and sliding

up and down it's length waiting for the moment when...

"Wait...," I came back to myself in a rush. "Do you have a condom?"

He stopped, still holding onto my hips. "Fuck! I didn't even think about it."

I thought for a second and decided in a moment, "Just fuck me."

With that he aimed the head of his dick at my puckered asshole and shoved all 8

inches of himself inside me at once, causing me to scream out momentarily as I pushed

my face into the bed to muffle my voice. It hurt. It hurt bad.

"Are you alright?" he whispered.

I couldn't speak yet, just slowly nodded into the bed as I bit down into the covers.

"I thought it would be better if I did it all at once."

I nodded again, "Just go slow."

He did, at first. I calmed myself and relearned how to breathe as he slowly drew

himself out of me, every inch. My asshole was adjusting to the width of his dick. As the

pain started to subside, he pushed his way into me, gently, pulling my hips back to meet

his, forcing me to arch to allow all of him to enter me. With each stroke my ass relaxed

and pain turned to pleasure as I felt the rawness of him sheathed inside of me. I smiled

to myself thinking how outrageous it was that I was letting my brother fuck me, that my

brother wanted to fuck me, and that I had never wanted anything more.

"I'm good now. I'm good. Now, fuck me please, just fuck me."

He didn't wait to be told twice. He picked up a little speed pushing himself in and

out of my asshole, each stroke getting longer, each stroke pushing more and more of

him into me so that I felt as if he would fuck right through me and split me down the

middle. He moaned behind me, gathering momentum and gaining speed, eventually

slamming his rock-hard dick into my guts with unexpected force, pushing me forward.

Each time he pushed inside of me, I resisted putting more and more pressure onto his

dick, making it tighter, making him fight to push all of himself inside of me. I felt ecstasy

at the thought of him inside me, filling me up and pushing me over the edge. He plowed

into me with the strength of his hips, sliding his dick into my expectant asshole, riding

my ass with the strength of his hands on my hips, holding on for dear life. He fucked my

ass raw, and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. Just thinking about it was going to

make me cum without even touching myself. With every stroke, I gasped in pleasure.

He fucked me hard and fucked me gently, sometimes slowing to revel in the feeling of

the tightness of my asshole. Every nerve inside of me reacted to his dick worming its

way inside of me. My insides were on fire with my need for him, the passion that we

shared. I started to push back into him every time he would thrust forward trying to put

as much of him inside of me as physically possible. The sound of my ass slapping

against the front of him, of him moaning and muttering above me, made me wild. I knew

he was going to go soon. I could feel him starting to slow, but I wasn't ready for it to end

just yet.

"You need to stop, I'm not ready for you to cum yet."

He slowed, still hard inside of me, taking a moment to catch his breath. "I don't

know if you really have a choice, I'm close."

"Oh yes, I do." I made my point by shoving my ass hard into him drawing a gasp

from his lips and then bringing my hips slowly forward so that he slowly slid out of me. I

turned around on all fours, and got on my back, facing my ass toward him as he

kneeled on the bed hovering over me. "I want to watch you fuck me. I want to see you

cum inside of me."

Without a second to spare he leaned over my body, through my legs and kissed

me, grabbing at my ass and legs, kneading my flesh. His lips met mine and instantly I

was hard. He pushed his lips against mine, forcing me to open my mouth to him. I

opened to him and let him explore my mouth with his tongue as I fed at his mouth and

grabbed behind his head forcing him to stay. While he kissed me, he used his hand to

guide his dick to my hole, and breaking the kiss for only a second, he moved his hips

forward and entered me once again sighing into my open mouth, eyes closed with

pleasure. I wrapped my legs around his hips as he fucked me and held his head in

between my arms, all the while licking and sucking his lips into my mouth, kissing him

and feeling his dick shove into me. I threw my head back with the feeling of him inside

me as he lifted himself above me, placing his hands on my chest for leverage. I held his

hands intertwining our fingers as he quickly moved in and out of me, taking the time to

slide every inch between my cheeks and into my guts. That feeling again behind my

navel started to surface, bringing with it all sorts of new sensations. I could feel him

forcefully hit against the insides of me with each stroke intensifying the pressure deep

inside. I watched him as he moved his hips back and forth above me, fucking me with

precision and passion. He moved his hands to hold onto my legs, using them to better

guide his cock in and out of me. I watched him lick and kiss my calf, placing my legs on

his shoulders as he continued to fuck me faster and faster, shoving every inch of him

inside me. I stroked my dick up and down, jerking myself as he pulled completely out of

me and pushed his way back inside a couple times. Each time I felt something building

and growing deep in my gut as I stroked myself. I was going to cum, I could feel it. One

last time he shoved his entire 8 inches into my asshole as I moaned with pleasure and

started to cum, waves of pleasure hitting me, forcing my dick to convulse and shoot

showers of cum onto my chest and all over my hand. Seeing me cum, Ryan pushed

himself inside one-two-three more times until I felt him grow bigger and spray my

insides with his seed. He cried out as he came inside my ass, shoving himself deeper

and deeper into my guts, getting every inch of him inside me.

I collapsed beneath him, exhausted. He looked down at me with the stupidest

grin on his face as he stroked my dick once more causing me to buck against his hand

from a pleasure bordering on pain. He smiled again, knowing how completely

exhausted I was from being fucked silly. Still inside of me, he took two of his fingers and

drew them through the cum on my chest and stomach, and brought them to his mouth. I

watched in astonishment as he put his fingers inside of his mouth and sucked my cum

off his fingers. Then, he leaned over and kissed me, softly and gently, with the sweet,

salty taste of my own cum on his tongue. A surprising taste, especially because it was

my brother's tongue.

We lay there for a moment completely exhausted, holding each other. My mind

was hazy, unable to think beyond what just occurred. I could feel my brother's warm

breath against my chest as he rested on top of me. A feeling of calm excitement waved

over me as I replayed the images from the past 30 minutes in my head. I smiled to

myself, thankful for this one happy night. Something I hadn't had under this roof in a

long time. I let Ryan drift to sleep with the rise and fall of my breath, his naked body

laying next to mine, his hairy legs covering my legs. I played gently with his short, brown

hair and laid a single kiss on his forehead as he started to softly snore beneath my


I began to think of what this would mean in the morning. I tried to imagine what

the consequences of this night could be, how it would affect our relationship, how things

had changed no matter what we would say in the morning, about our future. But every

thought brought me back to this one moment of him in my arms, completely vulnerable,

satisfied, happy. I don't think I will be getting a better gift tomorrow morning. I may not

have asked for it, but this is the one thing, the one gift that I always wanted.