Finding Love


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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I was really bummed out. My wife had left me and had taken my two boys with her. She could go. I couldn't care less. It had been over between us for several years. Oh, we still loved each other, we just didn't like each other. Does that make sense? Let me explain. Sex was never a high spot with us. We fucked like teenagers when we were young but the magic left after the first boy was born. We had no relationships at all for over a year. Then one night we got, what she liked to call, frisky, and did an all nighter. Very reminiscent of our time before marriage and the first year thereafter.

The next morning she was a shrew. She told me that I was an animal and she just couldn't take the sex anymore. I had no idea what was going on but I loved her and I would do anything to make her happy. Five weeks later she told me she was pregnant again and it was all my fault. Well, I should hope so. I didn't think that another rooster had been in the hen house. This pregnancy was not to be believed. She decried my animalistic behavior to any and all who would listen.

Timmy was born sixteen months to the day after his brother Tommy. I was proud of my lads. They were beautiful babies. I enjoyed being with them and feasted on the attention they drew when we were out in public. As they entered junior high they had taken on such beautiful features as to make them the envy of every parent and the object of affection of every girl. I know that I was infatuated by them myself but hey, I've always known I was a boy lover. These were my sons though and that little bit of knowledge would remain in my mind only. I had only done the cursory playing about as a pubescent teen and never let my desire become common knowledge.

I don't know what was happening to my wife during these years. We had a perfect relationship on the surface. We enjoyed cuddling together and expressing our love one for the other. We kissed as though we were newly weds. And as I said, I truly loved her. I worshiped her. I think that was part of our problem. I bought her gifts constantly. She accused me of smothering her. Most women would have welcomed my gifts, she shunned them.

I had reverted to total masturbation as my only form of release. I would never cheat on her. That was just not in my makeup. As a matter of fact I had never met another woman who turned me on, so to speak. I fantasized about boys and sucking their dicks when I sought relief. I never had thoughts about my own boys, thank the powers that be. I fantasized about imaginary boys. I never put a face to them and I was careful not to envision anyone I knew.

I had a close friend that I had learned to confide in. He was single and six years older than me. Our conversation turned to sex one afternoon as we played a little handball on an open court. We went to his place for a private conversation and he admitted to being a boy lover. He told me that the worst thing that a person like us could do was to begin to fantasize about a real person. Those fantasies would lead to actually wanting to do something with that person as the mind began to see them as a willing object in the fantasy.

This made absolute sense to me. I knew that if I were to look upon a boy and dream about him it would take no time until I was hitting on him and then I would find myself with a husband sharing a jail cell with me. I kept my sex life between me and the shower stall for many years.

I turned thirty three four months after Tommy turned fifteen. Timmy was thirteen and puberty had set in strong with him. We had two neighbor boys that were seventeen and thirteen. The four boys were inseparable. They spent hours playing with each other and spending the night at each other's homes. We and their parents often joked about interchangeable sons. My neighbor boys lost their father to a hunting accident five years back and the mother was raising them on her own.

I had a series of meetings to attend in another town just over a hundred miles away. It was decided that I would stay at a motel during the meetings which would only last two days. This was the first time that I had ever been away from my family since I had gotten married. My friend told me that he wanted me to find out if I was really gay or if this was strictly fantasy. I was terrified and excited. We got adjoining rooms in an expensive hotel quite a way from the meetings. Neither one of us wanted to take a chance on being discovered. About nine PM there was a knock on the adjoining door from his room. I opened it and my fantasy life came to reality. Standing before me was a beautiful boy of about fourteen or fifteen. He was stark naked. He had all the features of a hebophile's best fantasy. (FYI: I prefer hebophile to pedophile. Peda suggests children. Heba was a Greek god of youth and a person who prefers young people above childhood is therefore a hebophile.) This boy was blonde. Muscular, blue eyed, and hung. He was sporting a very thick and very hard seven inch cock. The sides of his head were shaved with the top being long enough to pull back into a pony tail about five inches long. His ears stuck straight out and my first impression was of a yellow cab with the doors open.

He pushed past me and shut my adjoining door and wrapped his arms around me. He put his face to mine and kissed me in the most amazing and cock hardening kiss of my life. I had been laying down reading the newspaper and was only wearing my lounging shorts, an old pair of very comfortable gym shorts. During our kiss my shorts disappeared and I was guided to my bed. He pushed me down and swept the newspaper aside then straddled me with his cock hanging above my face and my cock disappearing in his mouth.

This was a very take charge kind of boy and I don't think that we would have gotten anywhere if it had been left up to me. He was obviously experienced and I knew from my brief conversation with my friend at the door that he had talked about my inexperience with the boy before he came in. I didn't hesitate. I went for it. I took the first cock to enter my mouth in eighteen years all the way to his pubic bush, which was neatly trimmed. He had my entire cock in his mouth and he began to pump me. I had only been blown once in my life and that was by a kid under the bleachers at a football game. None of the boys I played with would blow me. They would jack me while I sucked them. They would even let me suck them, after I had gotten them off, until I got mine also.

This boy's balls were bouncing on my eyes and I was enjoying watching. I was so horny that I shot my load almost at once. He suckled me as he continued to face fuck me. When he shot I thought that I was ready to die, quite happily. He finished ejaculating his last drop and raised up enough for me to swallow then he lay back down and continued to nurse me as I nursed him. He put his hand between my legs and began to probe my butt hole. I was looking up at his pink little rose bud and I was hungry for it. I felt his finger enter me and I went over the edge of ecstasy. I have been missing so much in my life by sticking with straight missionary sex or a straight forward hand job. It never occurred to me to try any variation. I was being educated tonight.

The boy spent the night teaching me about my body and about man/boy sex. I was an eager learner. I enjoyed fucking him much more than I had ever enjoyed fucking my wife. Was it because it was him, because it was a boy, or was it just better sex? I don't know but I reveled in my new discoveries. My friend knocked on the door at six thirty. The boy jumped up and ran in to his room. I was a little disappointed. I had finally made up my mind to let him fuck me. I found my shorts and went to the other room just as my friend shut his outside door, the boy was gone.

My friend told me that he knew this boy and his friend from other trips to town and they arranged this night for my benefit. He and the boy's older friend had spent the night while the younger guy educated the virgin. The only discussion came about an hour later over coffee and eggs. I admitted that I had really enjoyed myself and would be willing to do that again. We went to our meetings and at one pm I headed home.

When I walked in the door I died. Half of my house hold belongings were gone. All of her clothes and personal items were gone. All of the boys clothes and furniture was gone. Also gone were their bikes, balls, and other teenage boy toys. They had left me. I sat down at the breakfast bar and cried. I blamed myself for bringing this on. If I had not gone out of town, if I had not had the hottest night of sex, ever, if I.....I couldn't quite put my finger on where I had gone wrong but it was my fault. I am not a drinking man so three drinks later I was drunk. I went to Tommy's room and slept on the floor.

I didn't go to the office the rest of the week. I didn't go in the following week. Every phone call had me looking at the caller I.D. box and I didn't answer for anybody I knew. I was hoping that she would call. None of the calls that came in came from a number of anyone that she would go near so I didn't answer.

Finally I ran out of easily prepared food and had to go out. I wandered aimlessly. I went to a home and garden show. This kind of pulled me out of the doldrums. I was looking at a spa. I had thought for some time that it would be nice to have one to come home to and just sit and soak in. I bought one. I got more than I needed for me alone but I am the eternal optimist.

Monday I went to work and quit my job. I had more money than I could ever spend. If she sued for divorce she could have the house. I had hidden my money for years and there was no way that she could find it if she ever suspected that it was there. I don't know, she was quite naive. I don't think that she ever thought about money. We never discussed it. She just bought what she wanted and that was that. I wanted to be sure that she had money to feed my kids so I left the checking account alone. I watched my account every day through on-line banking. She wasn't writing checks. I canceled the credit cards. I never heard anything. I began to worry that maybe she didn't leave me but that something had happened.

I went next door to talk to Sharon. I had really never talked to her except in passing. We were always cordial but she and my wife were friends. What she told me sat me on my ass with my mouth hanging open. My wife had a girl friend. They had been seeing each other for several years. She had told Sharon that she might leave but she didn't want to take the boys. She hated to leave them but they wouldn't be happy with her. She had a real quandary on her hands.

Sharon called her boys in and told them to tell me what made my wife decide to leave. They told me that they had a Timmy sandwich. I guess I looked puzzled. Tommy was at ball practice and Sharon was working late. My wife had gone to see Sharon. She walked in and heard the boys in the family room. When she walked in Timmy was in the middle with the oldest boy, Seth, sixty nining each other while the youngest, Ernst, fucked Timmy.

Sharon told me that she was aware that all four of the boys were homosexual and that her two had come out to her several years earlier. She told me that my two were very active and the four of them were together almost daily. I was shaking. Seth and Ernst were crying and telling me how sorry they were. I was speechless. I never ever expected anything like this.

My wife came unglued and grabbed Timmy by the hair and literally dragged him home. She called her girlfriend and she and two other women showed up with a truck. They loaded everything up and were gone. Sharon started helping me and together we tracked down the girl friend.

I had to do some detective work and I let friends of mine make the contacts. My wife was indeed at her girlfriends house. She had put my boys in juvenile detention. She had told the authorities that the boys were incurable homosexual predators and had been preying on the neighborhood boys. She told them that I had been molesting the boys for several years but that she couldn't prove it. She knew that I had quit having sex with her several years ago and she didn't know for sure what I was doing but had suspected that I had someone else. She was shocked when she found out that I had a thing for my own sons. The police were investigating.

I was sitting at the kitchen counter when the door bell rang. It was the men delivering the spa. When I opened the front door there were several business cards from different police officers advising me to call within twenty four hours. I never use the front door so I don't know how long these cards had been there. I showed the men where I wanted the spa, where the water was, and the electricity. Then I went inside and used the phone. Sharon came in with a pot of coffee. I showed her the cards and she sat down and stared at me. I reached the first detective and he told me he needed to see me, he could come straight over.

When the detective arrived I had Sharon and her boys with me. The detective had done his homework and they had already cleared me. The only reason he wanted to see me was to ask me why I didn't want the boys to return home. I was floored. My wife had told the police and the Juvenile authorities that I had thrown all of them out and had burned their clothes and furniture. He showed me pictures of the boys burned furniture in a vacant field with their bikes on top. She had lost her mind.

The boys were home within the hour. It was heart breaking to hear what they had been through. Their mother had told them that she had called me at the motel where I was attending the meetings and told me what she had seen. She told them that I said I never wanted to see the little faggots again. She told them that she feared for their safety and was going to put them somewhere where I couldn't get to them to hurt them.

She had told the police that the boys had been molesting boys all over the neighborhood and that she had seen them with boys as young as five or six. The boys had been questioned over and over until they gave up everybody that they had ever had sex with. It turned out that Tommy had a boy friend that he had been intimate with for over a year. Bobby West was a cute kid that was always hanging around but I never thought anything like this was going on.

It was only six thirty. I herded the boys out the back door. The men were just putting their tools away. The foreman told me that the heater was on but that the water wouldn't be warm until morning. I thanked him and signed his work order. The boys were chattering excitedly about the spa as we climbed in my Escalade. We headed to the mall where we outfitted both of them with all new clothes. I spent over a thousand dollars buying everything from shoes and socks to shirts and ties with everything in between.

They would need school supplies but summer was just starting so I had time. I took them to one of the sit down restaurants in the mall where we had a good meal and a long conversation. The boys had been having sex with each other since Tommy was twelve and Timmy ten. Seth had been messing with Ernst about the same length and Timmy and Ernst started jacking each other off later that same summer. Ernst told Timmy and Tommy about Seth's big dick and he finally got Seth to show it to them. He had, however, had to suck Seth off before he would show it to the others. Timmy was fascinated and wanted to try sucking also. Seth had tried to pull his dick out of Timmy's mouth before he shot his load but Timmy lip locked on him and took the whole load. Tommy licked the last couple of drops and they all decided that they liked it. Seth had a problem though, he liked men not boys.

Tommy and Seth started to suck each other regularly until school started and Tommy spent the night at Bobby's house. Bobby had learned about sex that summer also and he wanted to try sucking Tommy. Tommy didn't tell him that he liked it, he just went along like Mr. Innocent. Bobby was good. Tommy said he was very good. Tommy said that he let Bobby talk him in to trying it. Tommy took the boy's three and a half inch tool in his mouth and got him off. The two boys were hooked. A year later they started fucking and they got Seth to fuck them. They both enjoyed the larger dick in their asses and got together frequently for repeat performances.

They were both frightened about how I was taking this news and they kept their heads down as I pushed and prodded making them tell me every tiny detail. I made them tell me about the feelings that they had. I wanted details of what it felt like to suck a dick. I made them squirm as I prodded for information. We had always had a very open relationship and shared everything with each other. I played on that as I told them how disappointed I was that they had been doing these things for over three years and had never consulted me about it. They asked me what I would have done if I had known. They were sure I was going to freak out and punish them or make them move out.

I paid our check and took the boys out into the mall. I found an empty bench where we would have some privacy, at least couldn't be heard. I pulled the boys into a huddle with one on each side leaning in so they could hear as I almost whispered. I told them that when I was a boy I had sucked a few of my friends. I told them that I had never had a blow job from a guy and had only had one girl try it and she was drunk. I told them that their mother never did it and then I told them about our sex life and my masturbation. I told them of my fantasies and what had happened on my trip while they were being abused by my wife. They both sat there sucking air through their gapping mouths. I had tears in my eyes as I told them that I had never been fucked but if they had any designs on my ass I was open to it. They hugged me and told me that they wanted to have the complete sexual experience with me. Tommy confessed to having fantasized about me several times and Timmy had experienced some desire but had considered it to be forbidden fruit. They had no idea that I was sexually starved and deprived and both of them vowed to remedy that situation, tonight.

I was a nervous wreck as we headed home. The boys could tell and they tried to reassure me. I expressed my feelings about incest. They said we would just keep it in the family. I had not changed the locks so all of us secured every window and door. We did not want their mother to walk in on us. The only bed in the house was the king size bed in my room. I made a big production of undressing them.

I started with Tommy. I had a little plan in my mind for my first born. I took time to lavish both of them with deep tongue kisses and stopped often to kiss each of them so that they stayed as excited as I could get them. I started with Tommy's tee shirt. I pulled it over his head then began at his forehead. I kissed and licked every inch of his face. I licked his ears and chewed on the soft cartilage that they were made of. I sucked on his tiny little nose and even stuck my tongue up in it eliciting a long string of ewwwws, from both of them. I kissed him making sure that I laved each tooth in its turn. I licked under his tongue and all over the rough surface of the roof of his mouth. I tried to reach his uvula to flick it with the tip of my tongue. He was humping and pushing his body against me as the heat of his passion consumed him.

I worked my way down his thin chest and nursed his nipples. I wiped my face with his perfect arm pits then licked them clean. They tasted like the finest aphrodisiac ever made. I dropped to his feet and removed his tennis shoes. He had been wearing them for more than a week and they had a powerful odor. I wasn't sure I could do this and I told them so. I gagged at the smell a few times. I hate the smell of dirty feet but these were my son's feet and I wanted this. He kept reassuring me that he understood. I told him that he could understand why I had to do it then. I rubbed the tiny appendages over my face and by now naked chest. I removed his socks and massaged his beautiful, high arched foot including his toes and in between. I then began to lick his size nines and kiss them. I ran my fingers between his toes and cleaned out his toe jam, making a big production of it before I licked between and around each one. I sucked his big toe like a dick and delighted in hearing his melodic giggles as he squirmed on the bed beneath me.

I moved up and hooked the waist band of his jeans with my teeth. He was wearing button front Levis and I pulled the buttons open with one movement of my head. As his jeans parted I was hit with his musk. He smelled so sweet. He was in dire needs of a shower and a change of clothes but no perfume in the world compared to the aroma hitting my nose right then. If I could bottle the smell of boy sweat and the flavor of boy cum I would be rich beyond imagination. I pulled his jeans down and suckled his bulge through his bun huggers. I soaked the tiny white garment with my slobbers.

I licked down the inside of his thighs and back up the length of his skinny little boy legs letting his sparse covering of light brown hair tickle my face as I went. Again I stopped to deep kiss Timmy and keep him in the circle letting him know that he was next. I rolled Tommy onto his stomach and attacked his firm buns. I poked my finger through a small hole in the worn out garment and tore it off of his ass. His crack now exposed I began to lick in it. I picked up the torn underwear and used them to wipe the crack of his ass. They came up extremely dirty. His whole body blushed. I handed the torn rag to Timmy and told him to go get them wet with hot water and to wring them out well. I licked the tight globes and the small of Tommy's back until Timmy came back. I used the wet garment to wash Tommy's ass crack and around his hole then I went in and did it more throughly with my tongue. I put an arm around his waist and lifted him up so that he was on his knees and I spread his legs exposing his little pucker to me. I could tell that he had been fucked. It was larger than a boys rosebud should be. I worried about the physical that he would have to take before he started sports in school this fall. I moved forward and began to eat.

I had a live wire on my hands, or should I say my tongue. He was wiggling and moaning like a mad man. I looked at Timmy and told him that he should go wash his butt hole if he expected this kind of service. He was off the bed in a flash. He was back about the time that I was ready to roll his brother over. When Tommy's meat came into view I moaned. He was beautiful. He may only be fifteen but he was definitely my son. He was hung with a solid six and a half inches of solid uncut thick cock. I pushed his foreskin back to be once again bowled over with a heady aroma. The headcheese was thick and white and his glans was red and angry looking. I grabbed up the wet rag of his underwear once again. I took some of the smegma on my fingers and took it to his nose. I explained the infections and diseases the he could get from this unclean act. I told him that he could always dampen a piece of toilet paper and wipe his exposed glans when he took a piss.

I wiped away the heaviest part of the cheese and then I took his cock deep in my mouth. Timmy disappeared into the bath room again. I sucked Tommy's dick slow and long. I made sure that I had every foot of his cock in my mouth and my nose firmly planted in his soft, smelly pubic hair. I pushed a finger into his back door with no resistence. I sucked and probed for a short time then I added two more fingers to the mix. I knew he had been fucked and met almost no resistence. He was tight but I knew that I would have to work with him and Bobby or he would have trouble holding his shit in a few more years. I felt his cock swell and fill my already stretched jaw as he shot the first volley of his lovely boy juice deep down my throat. I moved my mouth up to catch the following shots into my mouth. He filled me as he fired off six more large shots of his hot jism into my hungry mouth. I sucked him dry and cleaned his softening tool and let him lay back as I grabbed Timmy.

I shared the remnants of Tommy's offering with Timmy. He eagerly licked at my teeth and tongue searching for every trace. This boy was a natural kisser. He was doing things to my emotional being that I had never experienced. His mother could kiss. She was the only one I know who could suck my toenails in. Timmy was a chip off of her block. I gave him the same treatment that I had given his brother as Tommy looked on. As before I didn't let Tommy feel left out and I would turn and kiss him as I proceeded to bring Timmy to the same heights that I had done to him.

When I got to Timmy's underwear I was met with a different scenario. He had indeed washed his little crack and his foreskin. His cock was very impressive. He was sporting a solid five inches of very sweet meat. He was dripping like a cheap faucet. I had never realized that a boy could leak like this. His precum was sweet. I could drink a quart of that right now. I had two fingers up his tiny pucker and was finger fucking him, making sure to hit his prostate often. He filled my mouth with a load that rivaled his older brother. I knew that I was going to seriously enjoy sucking these boys anytime that they should allow me too.

Both of them stated they that wanted to do me. I told them that I was thirty five. I was sex starved and I had some very special needs. I did not have the sexual experience that they had but that I wanted to remedy that. I had some fantasies and I asked them if they would be willing to help me live some of them. They agreed. I told them that they could not see me naked yet. That didn't go well but they agreed. I asked them to turn their backs as I got into bed. I slipped my pants and underwear down and got under the covers. I folded the blanket back and covered my self to the waist with the sheet. Then I folded the blanket on top of that so that I wouldn't tent the covers and give them a clue.

"Boy's my favorite fantasy is to sixty nine a hot young cum filled boy while he is getting plowed in the ass by a young hot friend, or in this case maybe brother? Could you guys do that for me? Just one time. If you don't like it I won't press it. I just want to lay there with a fountaining cock in my mouth and a nice pair of balls across the bridge of my nose while I watch a big thick cock going in and out of his tight ass hole." I was talking so much I thought that I was talking them out of it. They were both staring at me with wide open mouths and eyes as big as pies.

"You're kinky." Was their joint reply. They loved the idea and wanted to know if they could have a turn sucking each other as I fucked them. It was my turn to catch flies with the wide open mouth. I asked Timmy to lay on top of me and spread his legs for his brother to fuck him. Timmy got on top of me and hovered with his cock over my face. "I'll do this but I want to suck you while I get fucked." I told him okay but that he would have to crawl under the covers to get to me that I had a reason for not wanting my dick seen at this point. I told him that it would get too hot so he could push the blanket off and use just the sheet to hide me but to be very careful not to let Tommy see my cock. They didn't know if the old man was crazy or what but they agreed and Timmy lay his full weight on me as he pulled the sheet over his body. He let out a gasp as he took hold of my cock. I warned him not to make any sounds or to give anything away.

I rimmed Timmy and got him really wet. I took Tommy into my mouth and got him wet and he lined his big boy cock up to his brother's hungry back door. I watched fascinated as his dick disappeared inch by inch into the hot flesh of my youngest. As he pushed in Timmy was shoving his cock deeper into my throat. I was sure he was going to poke a hole somewhere and his dick would stick out of my neck. I wrapped my arms around the baby soft, smooth skin of my terrific young sons and stroked them and let my fingers worship them as we lay there in a pile of sexually charged man flesh. Tears poured from my eyes. I was so overcome with the most intense emotions of love that I had ever experienced.

Timmy had my entire length in his mouth. I was overwhelmed. The boy in the motel had deep throated me but he was a professional prostitute. My son was a five foot two, one hundred pound baby boy. He was able to do this for me. Was it experience or was he doing this for me? I have to say it again I was in love. Tommy pulled back and Timmy moaned sending vibrations down my root. Tommy was almost completely out when he reversed course and pushed back in. This again brought a reaction from Timmy that transferred to me. As Tommy got into a rhythm Timmy began to pump in and out of my mouth and at the same time he was bobbing on my cock. I hadn't wanted to cum. I had planned to abstain and let the boys get their satisfaction but I was on the losing end of that equation. I felt Timmy swell and he filled my hungry mouth. That set both Tommy and me off and the two of us filled Timmy's body from both ends. I had not had release since my trip some ten or twelve days prior and I think that Timmy was in serious trouble but he took my cum without comment.

Spent Tommy rolled away. Timmy started to roll away but I pulled him down and began to feltch the load of hot big brother cum from his just fucked ass. He lay his head on top of my cock with the sheet covering me and moaned beautiful sounds. He almost purred he was feeling so good. He tasted good too.

We lay there in sexual gratification, gasping for breath and feeling our emotions return to normal. Timmy rose and turned around laying his head on my right shoulder and Tommy lay his head on my left. Both boys laved my face with kisses and lots of tongue. I was dizzy trying to turn back and forth between them returning their kisses.

Finally calm again I asked Tommy if I could fuck him. He readily agreed. Timmy snickered. He knew what was coming. I had Tommy get on his hands and knees over his brother as they swallowed each other's main member. They were so perfect together. I lay there looking with awe as they suckled each other with total abandon.

I remembered my task and moved behind Tommy. I pushed his knees closer toward Timmy's shoulders as I took my position between his skinny young thighs. Bending over I laved his perfect little rosebud with slobbers, getting it as wet as I could. I lined my cock head up and pushed against him. I was not prepared to enter him yet but his ass grabbed my cock and swallowed it. The head of my cock disappeared in milii-seconds as I fought going too deep too fast.

Tommy gasped and looked back at me. I leaned forward and kissed him. His lips were wet with spit and precum. I licked them clean then buried my tongue in his mouth and slowly pushing my dick into his tight pucker. He was very much tighter than the boy in the hotel. This hole felt like it was an inch wide and my cock was a foot wide. It was like shoving a baseball bat up a gnat's ass, tight. Tommy sucked air as he broke our kiss. I smiled at him and Timmy laughed. "You've never had a cock that big up your ass, big brother." Timmy was in hysteria.

"How big....oooohhhhh man. That feels so good. How big is it?"

"Just a tad over nine and a half inches and a little more than six inches around. I don't have it all in you yet. Can you handle it or do you want me to stop?"

"Go for it. It feels great."

I pushed in another two inches as Tommy bent over and took Timmy's cock back into his mouth. I continued to enter him as he got into a rhythm on the cock in his control. I knew he was having the time of his life. I bottomed out and began to withdraw, slowly.

I was afraid that I was hurting my oldest and dearest heir but the sounds coming from his mouth were all pleasure. He was humming on his little brothers cock songs of joy and good feelings. Timmy was reveling in the vibrations combined with the gyrations. He couldn't contain himself any longer and blew his load. That triggered Tommy who's spasms squeezed the juice from me. The three of us lay together in sexual bliss and fell into a deep, restful sleep.

Sharon and I sat drinking coffee as the food cooked. The boys lounged in the spa. She placed her hand on mine. I looked into her eyes and saw a future in them. "I have loved you for so long," she said. "I would sit and listen to Claire..."

"Please don't say that name!"

"I know, Dave. She called you the man, you called her my wife. You had very little love left in you. I know, I watched you. You loved her so deeply but she was draining you. You tried to love the boys but there is a part of you that pulled you away. It was as if you felt your love was forbidden for them. I know that the boys are gay. I know that they have fantasies about you but they don't see those fantasies as realistic. You may have changed that last night. I see a change in the way the three of you relate to each other today and I hope... Well I wish the very best for you." She sniffled and wiped her eye on her apron.

"There is someone else who loves you more than life itself. It is a forbidden love that can not be requited but a deep love never the less. Yes, Dave, I'm talking about Seth. He cries himself to sleep dreaming about you. His strongest sexual fantasies are of you. He has hundreds of pictures of you. He takes his digital camera everywhere he goes and he has pictures of you doing everything. He has many pictures of you peeing at different urinals. From the angle I suspect the camera was in his pocket. Does he stand to your left when you pee?" I nodded. "You hold your dick with your right hand so he has the best view of you from that angle.

"Dave he has many pictures of you asleep on your bed with the covers kicked off. You sleep nude and he has used your bed as a posing stage. He has a life size blow ups of your erection. He has one fix foot tall composite of your 'morning woody', he calls it, on the inside of his closet door. He has a life size composite of you flat on your back with an erection and your emission on your belly hanging on his ceiling over his bed. I have caught him staring at that picture for hours. I don't think it is healthy but I don't know how to stop it short of throwing him in bed with you."

"He is eighteen. He could ask me. I might let him live his fantasy." She looked at me and for the first time ever I knew she was looking at me. She was searching me deeply. She smiled and embraced me. Our kiss was deep and passionate. I wanted her. My whole body responded to her soft touch. "Of course I could marry you, become his step father and then incestuously molest him."

"That would be my choice."

"Should I fuck him or his mother first?"

"He needs you the most. I'll always be here."

We served the boys dinner then the three youngest went with Sharon to do some shopping. I took Seth to his bedroom. He was shaking with fear. I pulled his wet bathing suit off and casually looked at his firm young body. He wasn't much larger than Tommy. He was five foot six and weighed around one hundred and forty pounds. He was sporting an enlarging tool of a healthy six and a half inches. It was slowly pumping with his heart beat as it filled out. I pushed him to his bed and lay beside him. I looked at the picture of me on the ceiling. "Wow, I look hot. If I could lay here and look at that everyday I would never get anything done and I would have a very sore dick from the constant jacking off."

I rolled up on my left side and grabbed his upstanding root with my right hand. It was very thick with an extremely long foreskin bunching into a flower at the end. It had grown to a very respectable seven and a half inches of rock hard boy cock. I looked him in the eyes as I slowly pulled back his sheath. His eyes rolled as he sighed, long and low. I bent over and kissed his lips. His eyes opened as he kissed me back. He tried to press his tongue into me as I pulled away and took his tumescence into my mouth. His head went back to his pillow as his hips arched up forcing his young cock deep into my throat. I massaged his overly large balls as I started to suck and bounce on his full length. My hand left his nuts and probed around his ass hole until a finger found its mark and pressed in. With an audible gasp he pushed back on my finger as I began to fuck it in his tight pucker and suck his cock for all the cream that I knew lurked there.

I removed my finger and added one then went back inside. This doubled his pleasure and his reactions to my actions. I then tripled up on my fingers being sure to assault his prostate. He rewarded me a copious load of hot creamy jism that slid down my throat. It was much thicker than my boys young juices but he did have three years of maturity over them. I continued my movements and suction as he released his load then fell back on his bed totally relaxed. I moved around and put his legs on my shoulders and with no preliminaries I pushed my cock into his eager hole. He met me with a hard push letting me enter to my pubic hairs with virtually no resistence. I pulled him up to kiss me as I began to fuck him with all of my strength. I was not easy. I was fucking a cock hungry, legally a, man. He was fucking back as if ending a life long hunger strike. We rooted like the happy pair of faggots we were, out tongues ever entwined as we breathed each other's air over and over.

It wasn't a long fuck. It by far wasn't long enough. I had an amazing orgasm that made the stars come out. He was right with me shooting a humongous load of creamy white globs of thick cum between us. I looked at his cum. It looked like long white boogers. Thick and slimy. I scooped a long three inch strand of it up and it hung from my finger like snot. I hovered it over his mouth and he stuck out his tongue and took it in. I scooped up a string for me then we returned to our kisses. I rolled to my back pulling him into me. I left my dick buried in him as we lay and just held each other. Twenty minutes later my cock found new life and he began to pump me. He fucked himself on my nine and a half inch tool as he drooled on my chest. He was overcome with lust.

I felt him stiffen in climax and I pulled him forward and took his cock in my mouth. He immediately turned around and took my cock into his mouth and finished me off. We both shot our loads in unison and both basked in each others love. Then we fell asleep with each other's cocks in our mouths.

I heard whispering. "They're in here. Shhhh, be quite. Awww, they're so precious. Let them sleep."

"We're awake," I said as I pushed Seth's soft meat from my mouth. "We'll be out later." I pulled Seth's legs apart and began to rim him. My cum was still oozing from his well fucked ass. Tommy walked in and sat down beside us. I knew by the look in his eyes what he wanted. I wanted it too but I wanted it for me this time. I maneuvered myself on top and took Seth's cock back in my mouth as Tommy spit in my almost virgin ass. He lined himself up and slowly pushed in. I was still new at this and it still hurt like a mother fucker but I really did want my boy to fuck me as I sucked my new boyfriend. Yes I knew then that Seth and I would be together for a long, long time.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

Hangin' hard, dude.

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