Finding My Manhood, Part II


Author's Note: This story contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters between adult men, some of whom are related. Do not read this story if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to do so or if you have any moral objections to the content. This is a work of fiction, based solely on the fantasies of the author. Any similarity to any persons, places, or events is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


This story is a tale of personal discovery, relationships, pain, hardship, and the ultimate triumph that comes from finding the place in this world where you belong. Though sex will be an important part of the story, not every chapter will have graphic sexual scenes. If you are looking for a story that is only about sex, then this is not the story for you. However, if you are looking for a story that speaks to our fears, our sense of love and loss, and our desire to find a place to belong (while still including graphic sex from time to time), then please keep reading.


As well, this story does not address safe sex. Though all sexual encounters in real life should consider sexual safety as paramount, those elements have been left out of the story. Please practice safe sex with the consenting, adult, partners of your choice.






"If you want to come, the front door is unlocked. Just come on in," Matt had said to me the night before.


I gripped the doorknob, turned it, and opened the door slowly. What I saw made my heart stop beating momentarily, and made me eminently more nervous to enter the house.


Scattered around the living room, the room to which the front door emptied in to, was at least 10 different men. Each ranged in age from my age (or, perhaps, a bit younger) to past my father's age. The room was softly lit with dimmed wall sconces, candles, and some table lamps draped with red and purple sheer cloths. Soft, classical, music played on the stereo. The men, scattered on couches, chairs, and even the floor, were all completely nude.


Immediately to my left, a short, well-built, hispanic boy of about my age was just stripping his clothes off. I walked in to him in nothing but a pair of extremely sheer - nearly transparent - white, mesh, bikini briefs. His uncut cock, with its thick shaft and hairless surroundings, were straining at the material as he disrobed. He smiled at me and gave me an intentional show by pretending to yawn, thus leaning back and pushing his crotch forward.


"Hey, there!" said one jovial, nude man, who looked to be in his late 30's. He was lounging on the couch, his hard cock in his hand. A boy, who looked like he was only 14, with smooth angel-like features, curly black hair, baby blue eyes, and a small button nose, was leaning up against him, fingering the first man's hole while his own cock dripped precum like a faucet on full-blast into the towel beneath them both.


"Umm....hi....," I said, tentatively. The scene around me, as erotic and amazing as it was, stunned me to silence. For a moment, I thought I had entered the wrong house. But, if it was the wrong house, I wasn't sure I wanted to leave.


"You looking for Matt?" asked the young cherub who was knuckle-deep in the jovial man's ass on the couch.


"Uh...yeah," I replied.


"He's in the kitchen," the guy replied with a smile, "just through that door there." He gestured with a nod of his head toward the push door along the opposite wall.


I slowly made my way through the crowd of nude men, taking it all in. I saw the young cherub. I saw guys who looked like a pair of college fraternity pledges. I watched as two chubby guys in their twenties fucked on the stairs. An older man, perhaps in his mid-to-late 50's, lounged in a recliner, stroking his cock with one hand and smoking a cigarette with his other.


Pushing open the swinging door with my hands, I entered to kitchen. Standing with his back leaned up against the sink, smoking a cigarette and casually playing with his balls, Matt looked like a Greek god in his fully nude state. He had a casual grace and air of confidence about him that made me weak in the knees. Just glancing at his piercing eyes made my heart soften and my cock stiffen.


Standing against the adjoining counter was a man in his early-to-mid 40's. He had dark brown hair that was just starting to gray a bit at the temples. His chest was built and lightly dusted with a small amount of dark chest hair. Dangling between his legs was a nice cut cock, on the smaller side but still good-looking, completely devoid of all hair. He was opening a bottle of wine and didn't seem to notice that I had come in.


"Hey, Rob, you made it!" bellowed Matt in a wonderfully happy tone of voice as his eyes met mine. He seemed truly excited to see me as he sprang away from the counter and crossed over to me.


Placing a hand on my shoulder, Matt turned me to the other man in the kitchen.


"Hey, Terry, this is Rob. He's the one I told you about, that I met yesterday," Matt said, smiling broadly.


I froze in place. Matt told this guy about me? About meeting in the library? Jacking in front of each other in the bathroom? I could feel it as it happened. My face, in fact my whole body, was turning a bright shade of red. I was embarrassed, inside and out. What would this guy think of me?


"Nice to meet you, Rob," Terry said, extending his hand and stepping away from the counter a bit. As he took a few steps toward me, his balls and semi-hard dick bounced in time with his movements.


I took Terry's hand, shaking it in greeting. I was nervous, having no idea what was going on or why everyone was naked.


"Alright, Terry," Matt said as he placed an arm around my waist, "let me chat with Rob for a few minutes, get him up to speed. You go back to the brothers and I'll rejoin you in a bit, hopefully with our guest here."


Terry smiled and walked away, telling me that he hoped to see me soon as he did. Matt, his arm still around my waist, escorted me toward the kitchen table.


"So, you probably have no idea what's going on," Matt said, as he pulled out a chair for me. "I'm sorry for that. I didn't know what to tell you yesterday. I was actually kinda afraid that you wouldn't come. But, I'm really glad you did."


I took a seat, my hands in my lap, a bit confused as to what I had just walked in to. I had been invited to a party, which had made me immeasurably happy. Yet, I had walked in to...what? An orgy? A nudist movie night? I had no idea and, while the site of the nude men in the house had intrigued and aroused me, it also made me feel extremely nervous and self-conscious. I wasn't that proud of my body to begin with. Was I expected to be naked with all those other guys? Would they judge me?


"Yeah," I started, turning to look at his nude body as he took a seat next to me.


"You bothered by what you saw in there?" Matt asked, resting his hand on my thigh as he moved in a bit closer.


"No, not really. Just surprised, I guess. I didn't know there were going to be a bunch of naked guys." I smiled, nervously at first then more amused than anything.


Matt laughed right along with me.


"No, I suppose you didn't," he replied, making me feel more at ease. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to, but I'd really like it if you did."


"Would I have to get naked?" I asked, my mind now focusing on my physical flaws. All I could think about was the fact that I have a belly, very little muscle definition, and am hardly anyone's ideal of a perfect nude specimen. Beyond my happiness with my thick cock and full-sized balls, there wasn't much about my physical self that I cared for.


"Well, everyone else is, so it would be nice if you got nude to join us. But, that's up to you. No one will pressure you or look down on you. Take your time. Get naked when you want to."


"Thanks," I said, shyly looking down at my feet.


"You're welcome," Matt replied, giving my thigh a gentle squeeze and moving his hand a few inches closer to my crotch.


I felt good sitting there next to him. Matt's voice was calming. His presence was reassuring. I knew that what he said, he said out of kindness.


"No problem, stud," Matt said, his hand finally sliding up and cupping my crotch. Giving it a few gentle squeezes, he said "so, you wanna head in to the party?"


"Sure," I replied, taking a deep breath.


He took me by the hand and led me back in to the living room. The men in there were all in a good mood, relaxing in the nude, talking, having a few drinks. A couple guys were stroking themselves, while some stroked others. The young, angelic, boy from earlier was now on his knees, deep-throating Terry, who I had met in the kitchen.


As I moved toward an empty seat on the end of the couch, Matt gave my hand a reassuring squeeze and whispered "you'll be fine, just go with the flow." I was determined to enjoy myself, as the sites and sounds around me certainly invited a great deal of enjoyment.


While Matt and I had been outside, another two guys had arrived, bring the total number of guys in the home, including me, to a full fifteen. It was dizzying, yet extremely erotic. Every guy in the place, except me, was completely nude. None of them seemed the least bit shy about showing off their bodies, reaching out to touch their neighbors. "My body is your body, and your body is my body" seemed to be the rule of the party.


After about half an hour, I began to get much more comfortable in my surroundings. Matt was busy with hosting the party, and as such was consistently going back and forth to the kitchen to get more drinks and snacks. He tried to talk to me as much as he could, but he was busy enough that it never seemed to be in any more than five-minute spurts.


"Mind if I sit here with you?" a voice asked, shaking me watching Matt as his gorgeous body made another round through the room to check on drinks.


Looking to my right, the cherub was off his knees and sliding on to the couch next to me.


"No, I don't mind," I replied.


"Good!" he said, with an enthusiastic grin, "I'm Riley."


"I'm Rob. Nice to meet you," I said, holding out my hand to shake his.


"Nice to meet you too," he said, as he grabbed my wrist and directed my hand to his nude crotch. He wrapped my fingers around his semi-erect cock and smiled at me, his baby blue eyes sparkling in the soft light.


It wasn't the type of introduction I expected, but I certainly wasn't going to turn it down. He was an angel in the flesh. His skin was smooth, soft, and pale. There wasn't a hair or imperfection to be found, as if he had been molded out of soft white marble rather than flesh and blood. My cock, which hadn't fully gone down since I arrived, instantly sprang back to full mast.


"So, what brings you to our little gathering?" Riley asked, continuing our conversation and not letting me take my hand off his crotch.


I figured, since Matt had already let the cat out of the bag with Terry, I would do the same with Riley. Matt had said people don't judge, so I didn't worry. I let it all out. I told the angel about the library, the restroom, stroking each other, the bold invitation, and everything that had gone through my head over the past hour. Riley seemed to take everything in stride, pausing occasionally to ask a question or rub his body against mine.


In turn, Riley told me about himself. He was 18, and not 14 as he appeared to be. "Dame late bloomer," he had described himself with a grin. Though, he also told me that he loved the attention that looking so young got him from the other guys in the room. "There's a lot of daddy/son fantasies that I love to fulfill."


As well, Riley was introduced to this group, about two weeks after his 18th birthday 9 months ago, through a chance encounter. David, he said pointing to the Hispanic guy who had given me the fake stretch when I first arrived, had seen Riley at a local park. The two cruised each other a bit, before disappearing behind some trees to trade blowjobs while families picnicking in the August heat were none the wiser.


A week after his encounter with David in the park, Riley saw the hispanic cutie again in the same place. This time, they just jerked off together behind "their trees." David invited Riley to a party the following week, and the rest was history.


"So, you've been coming here since? How often are the parties held?" I asked.


"Every other weekend we have a get together like this one. And one weekend every other month we have a full brotherhood event," Riley said with a very proud grin.


"Brotherhood?" I asked, more than a little confused.


"That's what we are, a brotherhood. I guess you could call us a fraternity or an order if you wanted to, but we use the term brotherhood."


I didn't know how to respond. I had a thousand questions, sure. But, how do I start...and where? I had no idea what Riley was talking about, but I knew that the 'brotherhood' was serious to him. Was I just invited to a cult meeting?


Before I could even ask, Matt stood up and asked for quiet in the room.


"My brothers, thank you coming tonight. It's great to see so many of you here. Though we are missing several of the brotherhood tonight, who were unable to join us, we are honored and privileged to have the company of the brothers that are here."


The assembled group of nude men all nodded solemnly in agreement. They seemed to understand the weight of Matt's words and took them very seriously.


"There are a few points of business to attend to tonight, before we get on with the evening. First, just a reminder that two weeks from now is Communion weekend," Matt continued, referring to Memorial Day weekend, which was two weeks away.


"Father Edward, who could not be here tonight due to a family commitment, and I will be arriving on Thursday evening to set up the lodge, bathhouse, and worship tent. Friday morning, anyone else who would like to attend is welcome on site. We have enough beds in the lodge for 60, so please don't hesitate to bring a friend or male family member who you think would benefit from the brotherhood, and who the brotherhood would benefit from having.


The opening fire will commence immediately at sundown on Friday night and the fire will be put out at sunrise Monday morning. Remember, from the point the fire is lit on Friday until it is doused on Monday, full Temple rules and dress will be enforced."


"Temple rules?" I asked myself. What had I gotten myself in to?


"We will have two initiations that weekend," Matt continued, shaking me from my thoughts. "Acolyte Riley will be beginning his next step on his bath to full brotherhood. He has grown a lot over the past several months, and I am sure that his remaining time as an acolyte will prove to be just as powerful, meaningful, and fulfilling as the past months have been."


With that, there was a rather joyous round of applause in the room. I looked to Riley, who smiled and nodded to the room, his face lit up like a five year-old at Christmas.


"As well, Brother Thomas," Matt said, gesturing toward a man in his 50's who looked like a Hell's Angel with the biggest set of balls I have ever seen on a human being, "will be bringing his son to join us as a new Acolyte."


Thomas stood up, and asked Matt if he could say something. When Matt replied affirmatively, he spoke to the room.


"As Brother Matthew mentioned, I will be bringing my son along for Communion weekend. Eli is 18 as of two weeks ago, and I think he would benefit greatly from the brotherhood and membership in the Temple. His mother and I divorced last year, and Eli has been having a rough go of it lately. He's had a lot of girlfriends - he is a rather popular boy in his high school - but now that he's graduating and getting ready to start college, I think it's time he receive a proper education on what it means to be a man. I know he isn't sexually active yet, and I'd rather he have his first education in that with a group that loves him, respects him, and will protect him...rather than some teenage floozy just looking for a quickie."


With what Thomas was saying, I was getting both less and more confused at the same time. I began to understand that this group was a highly sexual one, and that the brotherhood openly engaged in sexual activities with each other...with family members, even. But, I was more confused about this "Temple" that had been mentioned. Was this a religious order sitting around me? A Masonic lodge? That part, more than ever, seemed to be getting cloudier rather than clearer.


"His initiation will happen Saturday morning at sunrise," Thomas said, as he addressed the assembled group, "so, Friday night I will be speaking to the brotherhood individually to decide who I think would be best to be a part of my son's Acolyte ceremony. If you are interested, let me know then and I'll consider you for that honor. This is extremely important to me, and Eli as well. Though he doesn't yet know what is to happen, I know my son and I know that he will welcome the experience and the brotherhood with open arms."


With that, Thomas sat down. Moving his hand to his face, he gently wiped a tear from his eye and reverted his gaze back to Matt.


"Thank you, Brother Thomas," Matt said. "I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we look forward to helping Eli become a man."


For the next several minutes, Matt continued to address the group. He spoke of officer elections, group dues, and upcoming party dates. If this group hadn't been fully nude, it would have sounded as though he were addressing the local Kiwanis Club or PTA. The disconnect between the business-like message being delivered, and the nude man delivering it, was rather jarring.


"And, on a final note," Matt said, "I am sure you have all noticed we have a new man with us tonight. Rob," he said as he pointed to me, "was invited as my guest. He has not yet been fully versed on the brotherhood or the Temple. As such, he has not yet chosen to remove his clothes. I thank you all for making sure he feels welcome in my home and among my brothers."


Another chorus of applause followed Matt's introduction of me. Several man smiled at me, and a couple even squeezed their cocks as they looked my direction. This caused a a very familiar, and not unwelcome, stir in my own pants.


"In a few minutes," Matt said, pulling me out of my thoughts, "I will be taking him aside to fully explain who we are, what we do, and extend a formal invitation to join our ranks. If he so chooses, we will all welcome him as a potential future brother. Acolyte Riley, I would like you to join me when I do, please."


Riley nodded in agreement as Matt again thanked everyone for coming, and sat down.


Choosing the seat on the couch opposite me, which kept Riley between us, Matt answered a few questions about the officer elections from a tall, well-built, and enormously hung, black man sitting in the chair next to the couch. Turning to me, Matt asked if I would join him out on the patio.


I stood up and followed Matt toward the back door. Sliding the door closed behind us, Riley dutifully followed behind.


"So," Matt began as he sat on a long wooden bench against the patio's railing, "what's going through your mind, sexy?"


He gestured for me to join him. I took my seat next to him on the bench while Riley, seeming to know what his purpose was, got on his knees between Matt's legs. He stared up at Matt, like an eager puppy waiting for a pat on the head from his master.


"I'm not sure," I said, alternating my glances between Matt, his beautiful cock displayed in front of me, and the nude cherub on his knees.


"If you're like me, the first thought in your mind is 'What the hell did I just witness?!'" Laughing, he placed his hand on my thigh again and slowly began rubbing it up and down.


"Yeah, that's about right," I said, growing a bit more bold and sliding my hand from my lap to his inner thigh. I had been eyeing his cock since I got here, but the shock of the situation I had walked in on had kept me from acting on anything I wanted to do.


"Well, what would you like to know?" Matt asked, as his left hand stroked my thigh and his right hand reached out to run his fingers through Riley's hair.


"What is the brotherhood, exactly?" I asked, just wanting to get everything clear.


"Let me show you."


Matt paused for a moment and nodded to Riley, who moved his body a bit closer to Matt. Taking Matt's cock in his hands, Riley began to stroke it to full mast. As I watched, Riley took Matt's thick cock in to his mouth and began to suck. Bobbing his head up and down, the young cherub worked that cock like a seasoned pro.


With his left hand stroking up and down in sync with his mouth, he moved his right hand down to the Matt's ass. Sensing the acolyte's hand in place, Matt spread his legs a bit more and gave the boy access to what he was searching for.


Without pausing in his mouth for a moment, Riley slipped his finger in to Matt's hole. Groaning a bit and biting his lower lip, Matt was in ecstasy. My own cock was straining at my paints, growing painful as I watched the scene play out in front of me.


Turning to me, Matt said "this. This is the brotherhood. This is what we are about. We celebrate what it means to be a man, to love other men, to be unashamed about who and what we are in the company of our brothers."


"So, it's about sex?" I asked, not sure whether a yes or a no was preferable.


"Not really. It's about who we are as men. The brotherhood is about celebrating being a man. We celebrate our bodies, our minds, our souls, our masculinity, and we do that for each other too. Sex is a part of it, but not all of what we are.


The Temple of Eros - that's our official name - is a place for men to learn what it means to be a man. We do that through each other, through our shared struggle and experience AS men. Our power comes from within. It's our hearts, our souls, our minds, and yes...even our cocks. Being a man is a powerful experience, and we support and bring out that power in each other.


We have no secrets from each other, no inhibitions, no reservations. If we want sex, we help each other. We recognize the power in being men, the power in having a hard cock, and we celebrate and honor that power in one another without remorse or judgment."


"No inhibitions? What do you mean?"


Matt took a minute to respond. Caught up in the feeling of Riley's warm mouth sliding up and down his shaft, the boy's hands massaging his balls and fingering his hole, my friend was lost in sexual ecstasy. Sweat began to bead up on his body as he slowly gyrated his hips in response to the acolyte's skillful movements.


"No inhibitions, not in our...oh, fuck..." he groaned as Riley's finger hit Matt's prostate, "...not in our group. We don't judge, we don't hold back, and we do what makes us happy and feel good."


I could see that. Seeing Riley's enthusiasm cock was making my own cock nearly explode. I could feel the precum seeping out and soaking my tight briefs. I could barely contain it any longer.


"Do what makes you feel good, Rob. No inhibitions. No judgment. Do what you want to do," Matt encouraged as the acolyte's finger probed even deeper in to his hungry ass.


Taking a deep breath, I stood up and reached down to my belt. Undoing the clasp, I let it fall open. I reached for the button on my pants, eager to finally get my hard cock out in to the open.


As I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, I couldn't imagine what had taken me so long to warm up. I had no shame about jacking myself in the library bathroom, so what had taken me so long this time? Maybe it was the shock of the situation. Maybe it was my discomfort with my body. I had no problems with people seeing my dick, but the rest of me? That was a different story.


With a deep breath which mixed fear and excitement deep within me, I lowered my pants to my knees. My cock stuck out in my black, lycra, underwear. A clear pool of precum had formed, and now free of the confines of my pants, it started to seep through the underwear and drip in the open air of the night.


"Yeah, that's good," Matt said, as his hand reached out to stroke me through the tight confines of my underwear. "Don't hold yourself back, sexy."


Taking Matt's encouragement within me, I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall from my shoulders. I stepped out of my pants, and felt the cool summer air caress my bare skin. All that remained of my clothing was my underwear, and I was enjoying the feeling of those against my skin.


Matt looked me over, smiling. He was pleased that I had joined in with the rest of the men of the party and allowed my inhibitions to go. Reaching toward the waistband of my underwear, he pulled the front of them down and let my cock spring free.


Riley, taking his first pause during his marathon sucking of Matt's cock, looked up and examined my body.


"Nice. You're even cuter with your clothes off," Riley declared, still on his knees and stroking Matt's cock.


I blushed at the acolyte's comments. It made me feel special to have someone as buff and hot as Matt think I'm sexy, and someone as innocent looking and boyish as Riley to think I'm cute. Those were adjectives that I had rarely had ascribed to me.


Matt ran his hand over my bare stomach, making me a bit nervous about my belly and the few extra pounds I was carrying. But, he didn't seem to care. He caressed my stomach, up to my chest, and then down to my crotch. When his hand touched my bare cock and began to stroke it, the electricity of his touch nearly made me orgasm immediately.


"Do what you want," Matt reminded me. "Don't ask. Don't think. Just feel."


I closed my eyes for a brief moment, and pushed my inhibitions aside. "Just do it," I told myself.


With another deep breath, I let go. I didn't allow "what if" to stop me. I didn't let worry or concern cloud my mind. Instead, I just did what I felt was right for me.


With Riley so focused on Matt's cock, I wanted to taste Riley. The young man was on his knees, so dutifully pleasuring the man who had brought us both outside. He seemed lost in a world of his own. Other than his brief appraisal of my nude body, Riley never took his attention, or mouth, away from the big, thick, cock of our host.


Moving my way behind him, I mimicked Riley's form and got on my knees. Spread in front of me was Riley's beautiful ass. His two, soft, round cheeks were perfectly hairless. Spreading slightly in response to his body bobbing up and down on Matt's cock, the mounds of his ass made his perfect pick hole come in to view.


Between his legs, his cock and balls, just as hairless and perfect as the rest of him, bobbed up and swung in time to his body's movement. His cock was on the smaller size, perhaps about 5 inches and cut. As well, his balls were a bit smaller than average. But, on such a small and angelic young man, they only added to his heavenly beauty.


I reached my right hand between his legs and gently cupped his balls in my hand. In response to my touch, Riley let out a soft moan and wiggled his butt at me. He clearly liked where I was and wanted more. Moving my right hand from his balls to his smooth cock, I began to stroke. Riley's cock was smooth as silk. His skin was soft and perfect. Not a hair nor the slightest blemish marred his package, making my hand glide effortlessly over my new toy.


Spreading his checks a bit wider with my left hand, I leaned in closely and took a deep whiff. His scent was warm and musty, inviting me even further. The heat from his inviting hole beckoned me in.


I leaned foward just a bit more, extended my tongue, and dove right in. Licking at his hole, I let go of it all. I cared about nothing but the feelings I was experiencing. My cock was leaking precum in a steady stream all over the deck beneath my knees. My tongue tasted the sweetness of Riley's youthful hole, his moans just spurring me on even further. I lost track of time, of other people, of the world around me, as my mouth and nostrils filled with the deliciousness of Riley's most intimate space.


Once his hole was nice and wet, twitching in response to my probing, I leaned back and straightened up. Matt's eyes were closed, his hips gyrating underneath Riley's mouth and hands. I positioned myself closer to the eager cocksucker, and readied myself for what I wanted.


"Don't think. Just feel," Matt's voice rang through my head.


I pushed forward, my cock head brushing against Riley's waiting hole. Without a word spoken by any of us, I pushed my thick, cut, cock about an inch past his tight sphincter.


His ass was hot, and welcoming, and enveloped me like a glove. It was heaven, and I never wanted to remove myself from it. I pushed another inch in, and Riley moaned softly. Another inch, and his moan turned in to a whimper. Minute by minute, I got my full seven inches of cock in to the acolyte's hole.


Riley was moaning loudly, pushing back against my hips and cock. He wanted to feel me inside of him as much as I wanted to be inside. He seemed to be trying to take more of me in than I had to give. Another inch? Maybe two? Three? How much more, if I had it to give, could this eager bottom take?


I opened my eyes and looked at Matt. His eyes were open too, and locked on mine. His pale green eyes bore in to me, a look of animalistic lust burning across his face. He wasn't thinking, just feeling. What he was feeling, as well, was pure instinct and pure pleasure. What was right or wrong, moral or immoral, was gone from him. Replacing it all was nothing but the pleasure of his cock and the power of being a man.


Our eyes remained locked on one another as I began a slow, rhythmic, and deep slide in and out of Riley's hungry ass. I pumped deep, my balls slapping against his as I picked up speed. Each thrust of my cock sent Riley's moans a bit higher in pitch and a bit louder. Within a few minutes, I was thrusting so hard, and so fast, that his moaning made it impossible to properly suck Matt's cock.


Matt didn't seem to care. He moved his hand down to his waiting cock, taking over the job that the young Riley had been doing not moments before. As we stared at each other, we synced up our rhythm. His stroking matched my thrusting. My thrusting matched his stroking. We were purely fueled by lust and hormones, our bodies aching and sweat pouring off of us.


I knew I couldn't last much longer, and with my hormones surging through my body and my emotions running on overdrive, I surprised myself.


"FUCK!," I grunted, "I'm gonna cum!"


"Shoot for me, stud," Matt replied, his voice rough but soft. "Fill him! Fill him up!"


With one final, deep, knee-shaking thrust, I buried myself in to Riley as far as my cock could go. Waves of orgasm shook my body to the core as shot after shot of cum rocketed from the tip of my cock in to the boy's bowels. Seven hard jets of white hot cum seared his insides as Matt watched, finally grunting his own impending orgasm.


Aiming his cock toward Riley's face, Matt unloaded five hard streams of his own in to the hungry bottom's waiting mouth and on to his face. The cum dripped off his face as I slowly pulled my softening cock out of the tighest, warmest, best hole I had ever been in.


Shaking, I sat down behind Riley as Matt collapsed against the back of the bench. As Riley rolled on to his back, it became apparent that he had cum on his own. His cock was limp, dripping out the last remains of his load, which was puddled on the ground beneath him.


Shifting position, Riley put his head in my lap and gently, playfully, touched my soft and spent cock.


"So," Matt said, breaking the silence, "you think the brotherhood is for you?"


"Yeah," I responded with a smile. "I think I could get used to this."