Finding My Manhood, Part IV


Author's Note: This story contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters between adult men, some of whom are related. Do not read this story if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to do so or if you have any moral objections to the content. This is a work of fiction, based solely on the fantasies of the author. Any similarity to any persons, places, or events is entirely coincidental and unintentional.


This story is a tale of personal discovery, relationships, pain, hardship, and the ultimate triumph that comes from finding the place in this world where you belong. Though sex will be an important part of the story, not every chapter will have graphic sexual scenes. If you are looking for a story that is only about sex, then this is not the story for you. However, if you are looking for a story that speaks to our fears, our sense of love and loss, and our desire to find a place to belong (while still including graphic sex from time to time), then please keep reading.


As well, this story does not address safe sex. Though all sexual encounters in real life should consider sexual safety as paramount, those elements have been left out of the story. Please practice safe sex with the consenting, adult, partners of your choice.






I didn't understand, at the time, just what was truly in store for me. Had I known, had I even had an inkling of how deeply I would be changed by these men...this doe-eyed and immature feelings of lust and love would have given way to primal passion, and maybe even a bit of fear.


But, the reality is that I didn't know. I didn't know what was in store for me. And, as I look back on those days, I am glad I didn't. I don't, I DO know...I wouldn't have had the courage to go through with it had I known. I wouldn't have joined the Brotherhood. The Temple of Eros, the place that became such an empowering and integral part of my life, would have been left as another in a long list of things I let fear talk me out of.


As I drove home, my mind replayed every moment of the night in vivid detail. The passing streetlights became the softly lit lamps and candles of Matt's living room. The feel of the seatbelt against my chest became first Riley's, then Matt's, tender embrace. The rain which began to fall became the shower in which my two gentle lovers had caressed my skin and made me feel wanted, truly wanted, for the first time in my life. My hardening cock pulled me back in to the feelings of Riley's soft and tender hole.


In my mind, my tongue was exploring his most intimate space. The taste of his angelic ass was intoxicating. His smell, his taste, and his essence washed over me. I continued playing the scene in my mind as my tongue was replaced with my cock. Reaching my hand down to my crotch as I navigated the dark and rainy streets, I squeezed my crotch in memory of his tight hole.


Before I knew it, I was home. My memories and daydreaming had made me as horny as I had been at the party. Pulling in to my driveway, I knew I would have to relieve the ache in my balls if I had any hope of getting some sleep.


I locked the door of the car and made my way silently toward the front door. Turning the key and opening the door silently, I quietly prayed that my parents and sister would still be asleep. They never cared what time I came home, but if I woke them up I would hear about it for days.


I made my way up the stairs, down the hallway past my parents' bedroom, and in to mine. I closed the door behind me and reached for the lamp on my dresser. Illuminating my room with a soft glow, the lamp light brought me back to Matt's house.


Peeling my shirt off, I rubbed my chest and stomach lightly. My hands were Matt's hands in my mind. His touch was light and comforting, sexual and sensual. He was bringing me back to a place of ecstasy and sexual power.


Unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down, I slid my right hand down the front of my black briefs. My hand became Riley's hands, the angel softly stroking my hardening cock. In my mind, his hands moved from my cock to my balls, cupping them gently.


I stripped off my briefs and laid down on my bed. Closing my eyes, laying atop my blankets and allowing the scenes of the night cascade through my mind, I began to explore the evening again. In envisioned what was, what could have been, and what would hopefully come in the future. From fact to fantasy, my mind spun a tale of lust and sex all on its own, bringing me to the height of passion time and time again as I lay in my softly-lit room and stroked myself in silence.




I was in the shower, Riley soaping my legs and Matt gingerly massaging the warm lather in to my back. My cock was swelling as my teenage lust swelled to unheard of levels. I was becoming nothing more than my cock, all logical thought and reason and fear escaping me like the steam from the warm shower in the cool air.


Reaching down to Riley's head, I wove my fingers through his beautiful hair. I guided his mouth toward my aching dick, and felt his warm mouth envelop my shaft while his hand took hold of my balls. Up and down his mouth worked on my meat, expertly sliding his tongue down the entire length of me.


While Riley worked my cock over like an angel possessed, I reached over to Matt and placed my free hand behind his neck. Pulling him closer, I planted my lips on his and our tongues met. I parted his lips with my own tongue and tasted his mouth with my own. Our kiss only grew in passion as Riley, still on his knees, was making my hips buckle in unrivaled ecstasy. I felt my body give up all resistance as pure, unadulterated, unrestrained animal lust grabbed me from deep within.


The scene melted before me, as the walls of the outdoor shower were replaced with a large, soft, and inviting bed.


Matt pushed me down gently on to my back, spreading my legs as he did so. As Riley kissed my chest from neck to the base of my cock, Matt allowed his tongue to begin exploring my anticipating and eager hole. In and out, his tongue tasted every part of me and only made me more and more desperate to feel him inside of me.


As Matt and Riley licked and kissed my prone body, the bedroom door opened as David entered. His stocky and built Latino frame was silhouetted against the soft candles of the room as he walked slowly toward the bed.


Standing at the side of the bed, David pushed his mesh briefs to the floor and slowly began to rub his thick, uncut, and gorgeously caramel-colored cock against my cheek. Drips of salty, sweet, and sticky precum coated my face and my mouth watered in eager anticipation of what I knew was to come.


Reaching my hand up, I guided his cock in to my waiting mouth. Sliding my tongue under the foreskin, I encircled the smooth head of his dick once...twice...three times, all while David moaned in appreciation for the loving way in which I pleasured his thick piece.


Seeing Matt tongue my hole like it was a sweet dessert he must savor, for fear of never having again, while I deep throated David's beautiful cock, Riley once again resumed his expert sucking of my own cock.


The four of us found a natural rhythm, as my body became a playground open to the three beautiful men in bed with me. It was pure, loving, and unrestrained. We were all lovers, we all wanted each other, and we knew how to pleasure each other without words. Nothing was spoken as we continued our erotic display of animal pleasure.


Removing his mouth from my hole, I sensed through my closed eyes as Matt rounded the bed and took up a place next to David and next to my mouth. His cock danced across my cheek as David's had as I continued my passionate sucking of the Latino's massive piece of meat. Riley, ever the dutiful acolyte eager to please that he was, had moved his mouth from my cock back to my stomach and chest and began to tenderly kiss every inch of my exposed skin.


Moving my mouth from David's to Matt's cock, I licked the precum from the tip of his manhood. It was just as salty and sweet as David's, but somehow seemed even more precious to me as I savored every drop. Licking from the tip of his cock to his balls, I wanted Matt to feel every bit of pleasure I could give him.


While I paid dutiful attention to Matt's growing and hardening cock, I felt a familiar pressure pushing against my hole. Slowly, that pressure was replaced with the feeling of being filled up to my breaking point. I could feel a hard piece of meat gently sliding its way in to my ass. It filled me, took my breath away, and made me grab the sheets in my hands in an attempt to hold on to the bed.


Just as soon as I could feel a pair of heavy balls hit my pale white ass, the thick meat began to pull out again. I felt empty, both physically and emotionally, when that cock pulled out of me. But, once out, it slid back in gently. In and out, it filled me and left me wanting more in a never ending cycle of lust and loss. It was a roller-coaster of extremes as each thrust in made me soar to the height of ecstasy and each slide out made me plummet to deep sense of emptiness.


I never wanted that cycle to end.


I could feel David and Matt taking turns rubbing their cocks across my face and sliding them in to my eager mouth. I could feel the warmth of Riley's mouth as he kissed and licked my neck. But, above them all, I could feel the enormous feeling of animal lust ripping through me as my mystery man fucked me with every ounce and centimeter of cock he had.


My moans became more passionate as my ecstasy grew. They were guttural and intense, welling from within me like a fount of pure hormonal fury. I couldn't stop myself as I reached down and began to pull on my own throbbing cock. Bucking, moaning wildly, and stroking myself with reckless abandon, I gave in to every last ounce of pleasure and instinct.


As I could feel my orgasm approaching, I needed to know who the mystery man in the bedroom was. No cock had ever filled me, enraptured me, and filled in me such raw animal power as his.


Pulling David's cock from my mouth, and pausing only to lick on Matt's as I moved my head, I glanced down the length of my body, passed my own furiously stroking hand and precum gushing cock.


There, buried balls deep in my hole, a hole that never wanted the feeling to end, was the built, hairy, and amazingly sexy body of my own father. His chest heaved in sync to the rhythm of his pounding. His balls slapped against my ass with force. His cock pushed further and further in to me with each stroke. I loved him, and I never wanted the feeling to end.


"Fuck me, Dad. Fuck my hole," I moaned as I felt David and Matt take up places on either side of my body.


"Fill me, Daddy. Breed your boy!" I screamed loudly as each of them began to suck on my nipples.


It was ecstasy. It was pure, unabashed, uninhibited, animal lust. I could feel my body losing control. My mind was spinning. My cock was throbbing like never before. My balls were full and aching, dying to release.


"You want my cum? You wanna feel your Daddy's seed in you, baby boy?" Dad asked, using the childhood nickname he had for me, the one that always made me feel young and in need of protection and love.


"Yes, Daddy. Fill your baby boy!" I screamed, bucking against his cock like an animal. I wanted to feel every bit of him. I wanted his gorgeous, thick, cock filling me up.


I grabbed my cock and stroked wildly, feeling my father's manhood stretch my hole and show me just how much of a man he is. I couldn't control it anymore, my hormones taking over any sense of logic or emotion. I was my cock, and my cock was all that mattered.


"I'm cumming, baby boy!" Dad grunted, his thick cum shooting out just as my own cock explode. One. Two. Three. Four. Rope after rope of hot, sticky, sweet, and delicious cum exploded from my cock and coated my stomach.




I slowly opened my eyes, allowing my fantasy to fade from my mind. It was only then that I took stock of myself on the bed. I was nude, my feet pulled up and knees bent. My left hand was still on my sticky, cum-covered, and softening cock. My right hand was at my ass, my index and middle fingers buried up to the knuckles in my hole.


Pulling my fingers from my ass, I groaned softly and lowed my legs.


"Did that feel good?" I heard, from my doorway.


Startled, my eyes shot to my door, and my body froze. Standing there, wearing nothing but an untied bathrobe, his own cock hard and standing at full attention, was my father.


Reaching down and opening his robe further, fully exposing his hard cock, full balls, and hard, hairy, muscular body, he stared me in the eyes.


"Baby boy, I think we should talk."