I left off with having Greg stuff my ass with his huge cock while we spent the night in our fort. The next morning, I sucked Greg off to savor his delicious nectar and we both went home. Me, of course, having one heck of a sore butt.

All day long I kept remembering the previous night and could hardly wait until my cousin Greg would give me more. My parents had gone off and I was out in the yard just killing time when my other cousin Shannon came over to where I was. Shannon is 15 years old, stands about 5' 11" and weighs a solid 180 pounds. He has jet black wavy hair which he parts in the middle. Shannon is very athletic and in his own way, and in the eyes of many others, very good-looking. He has a faint little moustache which he is very proud of.

He walked up to me and wearing nothing but very tight and very short cut off shorts and flip flops. After a night with Greg, I began noticing everything about Shannon. His chest was totally smooth, yet very muscular. The six pack abs rippled as he walked. "Hey Shawn, what ya doing?" "Killing time", was my response. Shannon said, "Why don't you take me to your fort and show me around?" I agreed.

We climbed up the ladder and once inside, I got the shock of a lifetime. "Hey shit-head, I know what you and Greg did in here last night, you faggot!" My heart sank out of my chest and I began to shake with fear as tears started to welt up in my eyes. He said, "Don't cry you little cock sucker! I heard you scream in pleasure as Greg was slamming his cock in and out of your ass. I saw you lick his ass hole and watched you as you begged to drink his sperm! You like sperm you little faggot?" I was speechless and felt like I was going to faint as I coward in the corner of the fort just barely looking at Shannon, not knowing if he was going to tell my parents or anyone else for that matter. Shannon shouted, "Answer me faggot! Do you like drinking sperm!" I was afraid to answer, or at least give him the right answer.

Greg had left his tote bag on the floor and Shannon opened it and brought out a jar of the Vaseline Greg used to lubricate me with. He opened it up and screamed, "Did Greg use this to put his cock up your ass?" I nodded my head yes, more in shame and in fear. He just looked at me and was shaking his head, like in disagreement. After what seemed like hours of silence, Shannon said, "Look, what will you do for me so that I won't tell anyone what I know?" I mentioned doing his chores, but he just shook his head no. I started pleading with him that I would do anything as long as he would not tell on me. He said with a smirk on his face, "Anything?" I said, "Anything." Shannon looked me up and down and said, "Strip!" I undid my shorts and he yelled at me to stop crying. I was not really crying, but I did have tears in my eyes. After I undid my shorts, they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I was standing there with just my underwear on and Shannon yelled, "Strip!" I hooked my underwear and pulled them off of me. I was completely naked standing in front of Shannon and my cock was not as nervous as the rest of me. It was rock hard. Shannon pointed at my cock and said, "Damn, your dick is real little!" I did not say a word. Shannon just stood there and looked me up and down.

"Get on your knees, faggot!" I did, but on trembling knees. Shannon removed his flip flops and started unbuttoning his cut-offs. He slid his shorts off and kicked them to the side. His legs are muscular and covered with black hair. He slipped his underwear off in one stealth motion. Now, he too, is totally naked. His cock was soft and hung below very large balls, slightly covered in black hair, about 5 inches. His balls hung very low and I knew then that his cock was much larger than Greg's monster. He walked over to me and I watched as his huge member swayed all over the place with each step. "Open your mouth you little cock sucker!" My lips parted as he placed the tip of his mushroom head in my mouth. Instantly, his cock grew enormously. I could not get my hand around Greg's cock or my mouth around his head, but Shannon cock was gigantic. It was thicker and longer than Greg's. It must have been at least 10 inches long and the girth seemed to be in comparison with a 20 ounce coke bottle. I couldn't even get my mouth over his head. All I could do was lick his piss slit. Shannon had one of his hands holding the base of his cock and using it to slap my face with his cock. "Keep licking it shit-head!" I held my tongue out as far as it would go and tried to catch up with him moving his cock all over my face. "Lick my balls boy!" I inched forward a bit using my hands on his legs to steady me and started giving his grapefruit sized balls a tongue bath. "Yeah boy, lick my nuts, lick em good!" The odor that attacked my nostrils was quite different than that I smelled of Greg. It was not soapy, not really clean, but sweaty and it was driving me crazy with lust. I licked as far under his balls as my tongue would allow me. Shannon was moaning and saying, "Oh yeah, that's it, keep licking my balls you little cock sucking faggot!" For some strange reason, be it his abusive talk towards me, or his odor, but I was really starting to enjoy this. My hands left his muscular legs and rested on his extremely solid and athletic butt. As my fingers needed in his butt cheeks, they found his crack. My fingers revealed that he had some hair in his crack, and that it was moist due to him sweating.

Just as my finger touched his butt hole, Shannon grabbed me by my hair and said, "Suck my cock, boy!" I started licking and sucking the best I could while Shannon was using one hand to pump his cock up and down, and his other hand still had a good hold on my hair. "Yeah boy, you like sperm, now I'm gonna give you some. Keep your damn mouth open and don't spill a drop, you little cock sucking queer. Don't swallow it yet, hold it all in your mouth and I will tell you when to swallow!" His knees slightly buckled as his hand was pumping his solid oak member with a fiery passion. My tongue and lips was working on his head when Shannon yelled, "Here it comes boy, take it, take it all!" With that, I felt the first jet of his sperm hit the inside of my mouth, followed by several more jets of cum. It was hot and my mouth was beginning to get full of his juices as he kept pumping his cock. I did as he told me; I did not swallow and my cheeks poked out filled with his seed of life. His cock went limber and he quit pounding it. "Tilt your head back and open your mouth. I want to see if you swallowed my spunk!" I did as told and he said, "Good little faggot. Slowly let some of it go down your throat." His was definitely way more saltier than Greg's, almost on the bitter side. The sad part of it all is that the more I swallowed, the more I wanted. After it was all gone he made me tilt my head back and open my mouth so he could see that I swallowed it all. "You like my sperm don't you boy?" Uh, huh was all I could mutter.

He finally let go of my hair and told me to lie on my back on the sleeping bag. As usual, I did as told. I was laying flat on my back awaiting Shannon to tell me what to do next. "You like putting your tongue in a hot nasty ass don't you? You sick queer, your going to eat my ass and you better eat it good. You understand me boy?" Yes was all I could whisper. Shannon straddled my body with both legs and I watched as he started his descent with his ass towards my face. His tight butt cheeks parted and I could see his hole covered with little black hairs. His butt hole looked real tight as it got real close to my mouth and I could smell his strong sweaty, musky odor get stronger as his ass got closer. "Put your tongue in my ass you little punk. I want to feel your tongue all over my ass, now!" His odor was overwhelming, but not unpleasant; in fact, somewhat intoxicating. My tongue lashed out and found his hole. It swirled all around it and up and down his ass crack. "Oh yeah, that feels sooooo good. Put your little gay tongue inside my ass right now, punk!" My tongue darted in and out and used pressure to break his grip. I had my tongue in his butt hole, driving it in and out like a mad man. Both of his hands had a grip on his butt cheeks spreading them as far as they could go to give me more of a deeper penetration.

Shannon got on the floor with his butt sticking in the air, on his hands and knees and yelled, "Stick that tongue back in my ass!" I did so eagerly. I tongued his hole for a rather long time while he was stroking his cock. He had some of the lube on his hand coating his cock with it as he stroked it up and down, while my tongue explored his inner butt hole.

"Enough, enough, stand up punk!" We were both on our feet when he said, "You like having a hard cock ram your ass, don't you? Turn around and bend over cause I'm gonna fuck you real good!" I said, "No way Shannon, your cock is way bigger than Greg's and besides my butt is really sore!" "You little shit, I don't care if you are sore, I am gonna bury my meat in your sore little ass and you can scream all you want!" I was shaking my head no and replied, "Before Greg did any of that to me, he put some of that lube up my ass with his fingers for a while to help me adjust." He grabbed my hair really hard and held my head back and turned me around and angrily said, "Bend over, right now!" He told me to bend over and grab my ankles with my hands. I nervously did so. My eyes were tightly clenched awaiting the worst. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP to my butt with his hand. My toes instinctively curled at the tremendous pain on both cheeks of my butt. "Keep your hand on your ankles, faggot!" SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP to my already burning cheeks. Tears were falling from my eyes onto the floor. Shannon was standing to my left and reached around me from the other side and took a firm hold on my small balls and yanked them under me and tried to pull them up to my ass. I fell forward, but the wall held me up and he slapped me on the butt cheeks 10 very hard and very fast times. My feet were doing a miniature dance to the pain and pleading with Shannon only fell upon deaf ears. He slapped my butt cheeks several more times and yelled, "Spread your legs and hold your ankles you crybaby faggot!" I was doing the best that I could to get in the position he wanted and my ass was on fire all over due to him spanking me.

I felt the head of his cock up against my little butt hole. My head was shaking"No" as I pleaded, "Please no, it won't fit. It's gonna hurt, please don't, I'll do anything else you want me to, but" While in the middle of my plea, Shannon rammed the head of his cock in me and the pain of being torn apart filled my entire body. He wasted no time and in no way was gentle as he slammed all 10 inches into my burning and already sore ass. He was driving his huge cock deeper and deeper inside me and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. My insides felt as though they were on fire and the large, extremely large poker, was Shannon's steel rod of a cock. He kept pounding and grinding his cock in and out of me and I was unable to catch my breath when he started to slap my butt cheeks with his hands once more. Whop, Whop, Whop, Slap, Slap, Slap - He was hitting me with a vengeance. Now my insides are on fire and my butt cheeks are on fire as well. "Take this cock you little queer, take it, you love it, oh yeah, feel it inside you, ahhh, a tight asssssssssss!"

After some time the intense and severe pain died down and it actually started to feel kind of good. Shannon had a death hold on my hips as he was slamming his enormous piece of meat in my ass. The sounds from his mighty thrusts could have been heard quite easily as his pelvis slammed against my butt cheeks. I really don't know how we got into the next position, but Shannon lifted me up while his cock was buried deep in my butt. I was now off the ground, my back facing the floor and Shannon holding me up with his arms. My hands were locked around his head and my legs were tightly gripping his side. I could feel every inch of his massive member as it drilled its way inside me. Going much deeper and a lot wider than Greg explored with his huge cock. Shannon continued to pound me like crazy and I was lost in my own little world. My ass was not hurting anymore, it was being pleased. We both were doing our share of moaning, groaning, and saying meaningless things. I started to give my little cock some attention with my own hand while feeling the enormous object go in and out of my butt like a pile driver. I was shaking all over when Shannon screamed, "Gonna shoot, gonna shoot, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I could feel the hot jets of his sperm as it shot out of his cock deep inside me. Thick and powerful jets of his cream came pouring out as he continued to ground and pound my butt hole. I shot my own load all over my stomach and chest and a few squirts struck the side of my face.

As Shannon lowered me to the floor his enormous, now limp cock slipped out of my butt hole and slapped the side of his leg. "You little shit, you shot your load all over yourself. Clean yourself up right now! Right now, boy!" I used my fingers and scooped up as much as I could and raised my fingers to my lips. "I wanna see you drink your own sperm, cocksucker!" I licked and slurped my finger till it was clean and retrieved more of my own spunk and repeated the process until I was all cleaned up. "You're a good little cocksucker. That ass of yours is real tight and I'm gonna use it a lot more for now on. You understand that, boy!" I was still trying to catch my breath so I nodded in agreement.