I was about 11 years old at the time this all happened to me. My name is Shawn and I weighed about 75 pounds and kind of short for my age. I have shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. My cousin Greg was 16 at the time. He is about 5'7" and weighed about 130 pounds. Greg has shoulder length blond hair, parted in the middle, and crystal like blue eyes. All the girls simply adored Greg because he was so down right gorgeous. At this time, and at present for that matter, I was not into girls.

School had just let out for the summer and Greg and I decided to build a fort behind my parents home. It took us about 3 weeks to build our fort. It was not much, but at least it was ours. We lived out in the country and there was not a whole lot of things for kids our age to do, but create different things from our imagination. Our fort was our creation. I looked up to Greg, not only because he was my cousin, he was my only friend.

One day Greg suggested we sleep in our fort that night. My parents gave me permission and I could hardly wait for Greg to come over so we can begin our camp-out. Greg came over after lunch and we walked to our fort. We both carried our sleeping bags and Greg brought some candles in a tote bag. We set everything up on the floor and we began to talk. Greg asked, "Hey Shawn, you ever did it with a girl?" "Did what?" was my response. He said, "You know, have sex with a girl"? I was kind of shy and really did not want to lie to him, so I said no and that I was not interested in girls. He laughed and said, "Man, there is not anything in the world like having someone give you a blow job". Call me young, innocent, or stupid, but at this time in my life, I had never heard of a blow job. Greg saw the puzzlement on my face and said, "A blow job is when someone sucks your dick". My face must have turned red because all Greg could do was laugh. I asked Greg if anyone has ever sucked his dick. He said, "Plenty of times."

In my eyes, Greg could do no wrong. He was gorgeous in every way and I often fantasize about seeing him naked. Growing up in the country, leaves a lot to desire as far as sex goes. I was not even familiar with the term "gay" yet, must less, know what it meant.

That conversation went on for some time until Greg pulled out a porno magazine. We were sitting next to each other on the floor and started looking at the photos. I was definitely more fascinated with seeing the guys than the girls. I looked at their cocks in total amazement. Their size was enormous compared to my little one. Speaking of little ones, mine was rock hard in my shorts. I tried to nonchalantly, adjust my hard on without Greg seeing me do it. We both were wearing shorts and nothing else. I found myself looking at Greg's body for the first time, in a different way. He was very tanned and had a small patch of blondish brown hair under his arms, very small nipples, and totally hairless on his chest. His legs from the knees to his ankles had some light blond hair scattered in very thin layers. My dick was so hard that it actually started hurting me. Greg noticed my discomfort and asked me what was the matter? I quickly stated that I had to pee. We were about 15 feet in the air and he said to just let it rip from the entrance instead of climbing all the way down. I rolled to my side in hopes of covering my problem up and went to the entrance to pee. I just had pulled my zipper down, when Greg stepped to my left side and pulled his zipper down too. He smiled and said he had to pee too. I was still fumbling with my dick when I saw Greg's dick for the first time. To me, it was huge. He was soft and it hung about 4" with a very large mushroom head. I saw just a little bit of his pubic hair sticking out and they were blondish brown in color. I was totally fascinated in seeing his cock. I watched him pee and forgot about my own dick. Now, here I am standing next to Greg watching him pee and my cock is sticking straight out for all to see. I had totally forgot about my hard on and peeing as well. Greg looked down at me and he was just a smiling, and so was I for that matter. I watched Greg shake it and fold it back in his shorts.

We talked about everything in general, but all of our conversation seemed to evolve around sex. I felt special that Greg would talk to me about stuff I considered "grownup" talk. The sun was just starting to fall when Greg opened up his tote bag and pulled out a pair of spandex shorts. I asked him what he was doing and he said changing into something a bit more cooler. Without any hesitation or warning, Greg pulled his shorts and underwear off and stood there naked as the day he was born. His pubic hair was shaped into a perfect V and his hair was a light blondish brown. His balls were perfectly rounded in a sac that hung somewhat lower allowing his silver dollar sized balls to bounce freely. Greg turned around and I got to see first hand at what a real bubble butt is supposed to look like. Well rounded and considerably whiter than the rest of his well tanned body. He bent over to get his shorts off the floor and I saw his butt hole looking right at me. His balls hung down so everything was in plain view. I really had no clue what I was supposed to have been doing, but my cock was harder than before and straining against my underwear and shorts to be free. My right hand was inadvertently stroking my cock through all the material. Greg turned around and his cock appeared much larger than before. It was much larger. His cock was at full attention, sticking straight out and slightly upward. It must have been about a good 8 inches and really thick in width. His mushroom head was much larger than his cock and looked almost angry as if trying to speak. Greg shoved his meat into those tight shorts and sat down.

It was completely dark outside and Greg had already lit the candles. We were both sitting there when Greg finally spoke, "Shawn, can I talk with you without you telling anyone what I said?" I said sure. After about a million promises not to tell he said, "OK, here it goes. I have had sex with more than a few girls, but I really want to see what it would be like to have sex with a guy". "Can I suck on your dick?" I really was caught off guard with his question and became rather embarrassed. I said I don't know if I should. He said, "Come on, you won't have to do anything but lay there, I will do all the work". Greg was, after all, my version of a hero. I finally agreed to do it.

Greg asked me to stand up and I was nervous as all get out. I stood there on trembling knees as Greg undid the top fastener to my shorts. I felt his fingers graze against my hard on and it felt like electricity shooting up my veins. He slowly pulled the zipper down until it reached bottom. He pulled the shorts enough to where they fell to the ground. I stepped out of each leg while Greg steadied me by holding onto my butt with both hands. His hands felt really good squeezing gently my butt cheeks. My cock was stretching my underwear as Greg hooked the insides and slowly slid them down. My little 4 inch cock stuck straight out from where I was standing. After I stepped out of the underwear, Greg asked me to lay down on one of the sleeping bags. I did so with some type of excitement of not knowing what next to expect. He laid down beside me and started caressing my chest with his right hand. He lowered his face and I could smell his heavenly breath against my nostrils. He kissed my forehead, licked my ears and our lips collided. I felt his tongue penetrate my mouth and start exploring all over. I repeated what he was doing. While we were kissing, I felt Greg's hand gently cover my little hairless balls and give them a soft, yet gentle squeeze. Sounds started coming out of me that I was unable to control. He started licking, sucking, nibbling, and kissing my neck thoroughly. I thought I had died and went to Heaven. Greg licked and sucked on each nipple causing me to yell out in ecstacy. My body was moving in ways that it never had before; uncontrollable movement. He worked his way down to my belly button and looked at me and asked, "Are you OK with this so far?" I felt like saying shut up and keep going, but all I could murmur was, "OhhYeahhhhh." He licked the inside of each thigh very carefully, taking the time to softly nibble forcing me to go even crazier than I already was. All of a sudden, I felt his mouth cover my dick. The heat and the excitement forced me to scream out to anyone who dare listen. I could feel Greg's tongue as it rolled along the shaft and glide over my mushroom head. Greg pushed my legs open wider to give him better access, but I guess instinct took over for me. My knees rose up as my legs spread out as far as they could go. This thing called a "blow job" is great!

He took turns working on my cock and my little balls. My body was on fire from shear pleasure. Greg stopped and said, "I want to try some". I cut him off and between breaths said, "Go ahead!" Greg asked me to turn onto my stomach. I did as he asked. I felt his hands rub gently over my butt cheeks. I felt Greg changing positions. He was behind me, but now he was turning so that his knees was by my head. I noticed that he now was naked. Greg licked my spine up and down while his hands caressed my butt and balls. This felt so good! His hands were casually spreading my cheeks apart but by this point I really didn't care. I could feel the heat from his breath along my crack and I tried desperately to see his cock from my advantage. I was unable to do so. His knees held my head softly in their clutches. His tongue glided over my butt hole causing a tickling sensation forcing me to let out a faint giggle. His tongue was lapping at my hole and soon the tickling sensation was replaced by cries of passion. His tongue was prying my hole open with a soft, but forceful effort. The louder my moans became, the more force his tongue implemented. My hand found his muscular, lean legs and started rubbing them all over. My head was tossing from side to side while my body bucked from this new found excitement. My entire crack was completely wet form Greg's saliva by this time. Even Greg was moaning from putting his tongue in my butt. It was not too long before Greg inserted a finger and I could tell the difference from his tongue and his finger. A sudden shock of pain filled my body as I cried out , "It hurts, it hurts!" He told me to relax and the pain would soon go away. It seemed like forever, but it did. His finger was moving slowly in and out of my hole while his left hand played with my dick.

It seemed like a good while we stayed in that position and Greg asked, " Do you want to try another way?" By now, I was more than willing to try anything. I said sure. Greg said, "I want to play with your butt hole some more if that's OK with you." I must admit, his finger sure did feel good in my hole. So, I said let's try it this way. "You lay on your back and I will get on my knees". Greg laid on his back with his gorgeous and huge cock piercing at the fort ceiling. I positioned myself with my knees straddling his stomach and my butt towards his face, but most importantly, I was now face to mushroom enlarged and angry cock head. Greg reached over and got something out of his tote bag and my hands were all over his massive cock and pubic hair. It was some type of lubricant, because I could feel globs of it going along my crack. As Greg inserted his finger again, my mouth instinctively tried to get his cock head in my mouth. It was way too thick for me to get my mouth on it. I was unable to get my hand around it to start with. I licked and sucked his shaft and head all over while stroking it up and down. I licked and sucked his balls and found myself enjoying this new activity, while his finger was ramming in and out of my hole. His left hand was stroking my cock while I was doing the best I could to suck on his. His cock was so hard, but so soft to the touch. Greg yelled out, "Stop, stop, I'm gonna shoooooot, st, st, stop, ohhhhhh shitttttttt, cummmmiiinngg!" My mouth was on his head and my hand was stroking his enormous piece of meat when the first shot hit my throat in thick globs. It was very warm, but not bad tasting. After the initial shock went down my throat, I decided to hold what I could in my mouth. His cock slowly started deflating and boy did I have a mouth full. I slowly took gulps, swallowing a little bit at a time. It was not bad, it actually tasted good to me. I was almost sad that all of his sperm was gone from my mouth, but his finger never forgot where it was at. It was ramming in and out of my butt hole like tomorrow would never come. Though his cock was soft, I placed it back in my mouth, because I wanted more of his juices. Without realizing what I was doing, my body was rocking back and forth on his finger.

Greg asked me to lay on my back again, so I did. He started sucking my cock like a mad man. Somehow, he positioned my body to where my ankles were actually touching my ears. His finger went back to work on my hole. I was getting lost in the feeling when I suddenly awoke to a sharp pain in my butt. Greg inserted another finger, but this time the pain was not as fierce. God, was I getting close. I had jacked off a few times, but not for very long. It just felt good doing it. Greg's mouth was working on my cock and his 2 fingers were buried deep inside me, when I felt the tremendous urge to pee. I screamed out, "Ahhhh, gotta peeeeeeeee, gotta peeeeeee". Greg continued sucking and ramming the fingers in my hole. Just as I was about to let go, Greg slammed a third finger in my hole. It all happened at once. My body was shaking, quivering, and bucking as I let everything go. Greg was moaning as I thought I was pissing in his mouth, actually, I did not know if it was pee, because it felt very weird. It felt great. After a few seconds, Greg let my cock fall out of his mouth and said, "Shawn, you shoot one hell of a load." He removed his fingers from hole and we laid there for awhile.

We finally caught our breaths and I noticed Greg's cock was rock hard and so was mine, for that matter. I blurted out to Greg, "I want you to squat over me!" He said, "What?" I said, "I saw your butt earlier and I want to put my tongue in your butt like you did mine". Greg stood up and his bubble butt was now facing me. I watched him straddle my body and lower his butt to my awaiting tongue. He had little blond hairs slightly scattered around his little brown eye. He smelled of soap and sex. My tongue did not fully wait for his hole's arrival. It reached out and started licking it immediately. Greg moaned in pleasure and I moaned for my own pleasure. His hand started playing with my cock as my tongue drove in automatic. Greg's left hand was beating his own monster. Within a few minutes, Greg yelled, "Gonna shooooot"! I stopped eating his delicious butt to say, "Shoot it in my mouth, shoot it in my mouth!" We both hurriedly got to our knees and I placed my mouth over his opening while his right hand was stroking with fury his monster of a cock. I felt his delicious, warm sperm hit my mouth, but I trapped it all to savor until the last drop had been swallowed. When he finally finished, I took my own sweet time drinking his sweet nectar until my mouth held no more of his wonderful and thick seed.

Greg asked me, "Do you like the taste of my sperm?" I replied, "NO, I love it!" We both smiled and he said he loves my sperm too. We were both on our backs and Greg's hand was gently sweeping my face when he leaned forward and said, "Shawn, I really would like to make love to you tonight". I asked him how can we do that. He said, "I will put my cock in your ass." I immediately said no way cause your cock is way too big, it just won't fit. He told me it would be like the finger; some pain at first, but then the pleasure will replace the pain. I continued to disagree and he continued to beg. In the mean time his cock was rigid as a pole again.

I reluctantly agreed to try it. He rolled up a sleeping bag and had me lie on it with my lower stomach. I did so with some hesitation. I could feel his fingers grease my hole with some more of that lube stuff, while his free hand was lubricating his cock. I was so nervous, I was shaking like a leaf. He told me to try and relax and I kept thinking to myself that is sure easy for him to say. He's not the one getting ready to have his ass tore apart by a monster. I felt Greg shift in position and turned around to see him. He was directly behind me and my legs were spread farther than the law of gravity should ever allow. I saw eye to eye his huge mushroom shaped cock head looking ever so angrily as it started its descent to my 3 finger probed butt hole. He told me to look straight ahead, so I did. I felt his head as it tried to invade my little hole. Greg was using some pressure, but it is simply, just to damn big. He put more lube on his cock and on my hole and tried again. This time he used more pressure and I felt my hole being pried apart. I screamed and screamed and Greg held his head in that position, which was barely opening my hole. He kept pushing and I thought I was being ripped apart while still alive. I knew how bad Greg wanted to do this to me and I really want to allow this to happen, but this pain I was now feeling was so unbearable. He told me to push like trying to take a shit. I would have tried anything to cause this pain to go away. I pushed for all I was worth and Greg was trying to force more of his enormous cock in my butt hole. After what seemed like an eternity, his big mushroom head pried its way in. I could feel it explore deeper and deeper inside me, causing a painful burning as it crept forward. By now, I was crying because of the pain. There was no pleasure. Greg kept yelling, "It's so tight, it's so damn tight!" All of a sudden my ass muscles decided to cooperate and his cock slid all the way in. I could feel his beautiful pubic hairs softly brush up against my cheeks. Greg started to hump me slowly and the pain started to slip away, but I still was not experiencing any pleasure as of yet.

His pace quickened and so did the pleasure I was so desperately seeking. I was now driving my hips in conjunction with his movements and my whole body was out of control. Apparently Greg was getting close, so his pace slowed to a slow in and out. Greg removed the sleeping bag from under me and I was now on my knees with my head on the floor. I could really feel his cock tear into my hole from this position, but it felt great with every stroke. I reached back and spread my own butt cheeks as far as they could go to get as much of his cock in me as possible. The force of his thrusts was sending me forwards across the floor of our fort. We were both screaming things out of sheer pleasure. While he was ramming his monster in my ass, he lifted my right leg up and I could almost feel his cock go deeper. I was pounding my own cock with a vengeance. Without me doing anything, Greg lifted me up and turned me onto my back. He hooked both of my legs with his arms and leaned forward causing me to scream because his cock just went deeper than ever. He was pounding my ass and I was pounding my cock. His eyes were close, but I was looking directly at my gorgeous cousin while his body went back and forth sending his huge meat deep inside my bowels. He unhooked my legs and used his hands to guide my legs to the point where my ankles rested above my ears. God, could I feel his cock go to work on my ass. Between Greg screwing the living hell out of me and me stroking my cock a mile a minute, I shot my load so hard that the first 4 spirts of thick glob landed in my own mouth. Man, I got to taste my own sperm. It really did not have much of a taste at all. Greg leaned down while continuing his pile driving method on my ass and slammed his tongue in my mouth. I heard him grunting and moaning as we continued to kiss. I felt his thick, sweet nectar shoot deep inside me as bursts after bursts of his creamy load filled up my ass.

Even after he shot his load inside me, he continued to slowly screw me while we kissed. His hand stroked my cock to the point that I was fixing to shoot another load. Greg quickly pulled his cock from my ass and placed his mouth over my cock and drank all the seed I could offer him. We kissed and massaged each other, but neither one of us knew that there was another cousin who heard and more than likely saw, everything.