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The day that Julian and Mary Reed heard that they were expecting, they couldn't be happier. Finally they were going to have what they always wanted. God knows they have tried in the past, so for it to finally happen was a miracle in its own way. Julian treated his wife like god during her pregnancy, ofcourse not only because of the precious cargo that his wife was carrying but he loved her more than anything in the world. About five months into Mary's pregancy, she came home once Wednesday afternoon after her appointment with her doctor. Julian saw that Mary had been crying and rushed over to his wife's side. When he asked her what was wrong, she only managed to smile at her husband before telling him that they were not expecting one baby, but that she was infact carrying two twin boys. She showed him the photo of the sonar that the doctor had printed out and small tears were formed within Julian's eyes as he saw the blobs on the photo that resembled their boys. One was a dream come true, but two! That was just a sheer gift from the Man upstairs. The night of the twenty- first of March 1988, Julian got a phone call from his brother, Leon. He invited him to have a drink with him, but Julian declined, as Mary's time was getting closer and closer. Leon said that in that case he would come over. Leon and Mary had been friends ever since the second grade and it was infact Leon who had introduced Julian to Mary. They sat and chatted the whole evening about all the stuff that they used to do aswell as their time in school and college, when Mary suddenly screamed. Within a flash, Julian and Leon were next to her and she quietly whispered into her husband's ear that her water had just broken. Leon rushed outside to get the car ready while Julian very gently helped her to the car. This was it, this was the moment that they have waited eight months for.

When Julian was allowed to see his wife and his twin boys, he couldn't move. The emotions running through him was undescribable, as he quietly stepped inside the hospital room and saw Mary sleeping under the covers. Next to her were two bundles of baby blue coloured towels. When he came closer he saw his two twin boys for the first time. They were the most beautiful boys that he had ever seen, but ofcourse any parent wants to believe that of their children. He slowly picked one up and held him close to his chest, only for a minute, before the little boy started to cry. Scared shitless that he might have hurted his son, he put him down next to his brother. Then he slowly picked up the other boy but before he could, he started to cry aswell. A bit stunned, he quickly put him down. Julian quickly turned to Mary and he gave her a kiss in her forehead. He couldn't love his wife more than he did right at that moment. When Mary and Julian took their babies home for the first time, they put them down in their separate little beds that Julian had made for them, as he was a carpenter. Julian and Mary looked down at their boys peacefully and then they slowly kissed eachother. Their lives were complete. But as soon as they left the room, they heard the twins crying. Each picked one boy up and looked at their nappies, tried to give them their bottles and tried to cheer them up, but nothing seemed to work. Suddenly Julian remembered something and he told Mary to put the two together in one bed. Mary, who was very emotional at seeing her boys crying, was prepared to cry anything at this point. The moment that they put the two twin boys together, they both stopped crying. Mary threw her arms around her husband in relief. This happened over the next few weeks aswell, everytime that Julian and Mary attempted to separate the two boys, the more they cried. Julian spoke to the doctor about what to do but the doctor admitted that it was nothing out of the ordinary for newborn twins to not wanting to be without eachother as they were together in the mother for over eight months. He suggested that Julian and Mary leave things as they were for now. Sooner or later, the two would finally agree to separate.

Julian and Mary decided to call their two boys Kian and Kieron. Two names that was close in pronounciation and spelling, symbloising the closeness of the twins. Over the next few passing years, the twins stayed as close as they were. Julian would sometime go into their room and see the two boys quietly sleeping, with their arms around eachother. One time Mary told him that the twins were watching TV when she brought them each a juice, and she saw that Kieron was leaning in to Kian, who had his arms around his brother. Neither Mary nor Julian had ever thought that this was somehow unnatural; as the twins had been close all their lives. When the twins turned five, Julian and Mary enrolled them into a pre school that was only a few blocks away from their home. The twins were very happy at the school as they told their parents how much fun they had each and every day. There was something that was bothering Julian though, he could understand it that when he had asked the twins if they had made any friends thus far, they said no, but when a month had past and they still said no, Julian decided to go to the school and speak to their teacher. Just before he entered the classroom, he saw Kian and Kieron sitting by themselves, watching the other children play. Julian thought that the sun was messing with his eyes, but no. Kian's arm was around Kieron and they didn't seem at all fazed that they were on their own. Frowning, he entered the classroom. Julian's suspicions were correct after this talk with the twins's teacher. She told him that Kian and Kieron didn't want to play with the other children and that they put up a great fight if someone dares separate them. Apparantly, she had devided the two into separate groups for a colouring assignment. She had quickly gone to fetch some more crayons and when she came back, Kian and Kieron had grabbed a single page and they were colouring it in together. That left Julian and Mary with more questions than answers as the twins refused to go somewhere without eachother.

It was a big day for the twins and their parents when Kian and Kieron were enrolled in the first grade. Mary cried a little as they dropped the twins off. Julian was also a bit teary but his chest was also bursting of pride as he saw his two boys growing up. Little did he know that Kian and Kieron would discover a lot of things about eachother aswell as others in that school. One afternoon Kian and Kieron were walking home when Kian slipped of the pavement, hurting his leg. Being only seven years old, Kian started to cry when he saw the blood. Kieron helped his brother up and helped him to walk home.

"Mommmy! Kian hurt his leg! He's bleeding!" Kieron screamed when they arrived home.

"Take him to the bathroom, will you? I'll get a plaster."

When Mary entered the bathroom, she stopped in the entrance by what she saw. Kian was still crying and holding his leg, while Kieron was rubbing his back and kissing his brother's face. She also heard Kieron whisper `I'ts okay' into Kian's ear. She cleared her voice and got to work on Kian's leg. As the next day was Saturday, she said that they could watch TV a little later than usual. When Julian came home, she told him what she saw. Julian wanted to laugh it off, but it has been seven years already. The twins just refused not to be together. Mary started to watch the twins everyday after they came home. They immediately went about doing their homework, if they had any, and after that they would play video games or watch TV, but whatever they did, they would do it together. One afternoon Julian came home early and started to open the door, when he saw Kian give Kieron a kiss on the cheek and Kieron snuggling into his brother. Julian acted as if he didn't see anything, but immediately went to the twins's room, making a few changes. Just before dinner, the twins went into their room, only to see that their room had been changed dramatically. Julian came up behind them and the twins looked at him, clearly confused.

"Daddy, what's going on?"

"Son, Mom and I thought that it was a good time for you and Kieron to move into separate rooms. You're old enough now to have your own room. If you look in the spare room, you would see that all of Kieron's stuff is in there."

"Daddy, but we don't want to..."

"Come on, guys! You're not babies anymore are you? You are in school and you are growing up. You don't want everyone to think that you are still babies, do you?"

As much as Kian and Kieron wanted to be together and sleep in the same room and in the same bed, they didn't want their father to think that they were still acting like babies and they reluctantly agreed. Julian and Mary sighed with relief as the problem seemed to be worked out. But this arrangement brought on a new problem. Suddenly the boys didn't want to go to sleep. They did everything that they could to stay up a little later, and Mary and Julian knew why. They didn't want to go to sleep as they would be in separate rooms. One night Kian was asleep in his room, dreaming that he and his brother were playing in the backyard, when he was forced awake by a sudden movement on the bed. He opened his eyes to see Kieron crawling up to him.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" Kian whispered.

"I couldn't. I missed you." Kieron whispered back.

"You don't think I miss you? Why did Daddy do this? We were so happy here together."

"Could I sleep with you tonight? Im kinda still scared of the dark."

Kian immediately lifted the covers up and Kieron gratefully climbed in next to his brother. Kian's arms went around his brother and Kieron sighed, being with his brother calmed him down like nothing else did. Kieron's small, little hand pressed onto Kian's chest, moving it to his shoulder. Kian kissed his brother's head and together in eachother's arms, the Reed twins fell asleep.

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