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Julian opened Kieron's bedroom door and walked over to his son. He was glad that he and Mary were finally able to separate their twins from sleeping together. Not that it was unnatural, but still...it didn't feel right to let Kian and Kieron be together all day and all night. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but somehow this budding friendship between his two boys made him feel just a little uneasy. He gently started to shake awake the lump under the covers that was Kieron...what the fuck? "Shit!" Julian angrily through the covers off the bed and stared at the pillows that only Kieron could have put there.

"You two are in big trouble now!" he screamed and stormed off to Kian's room. Kian, having been woken up by his father's screaming, knew that he was too late to wake Kieron and quickly rolled off the side of the bed and he dove under the bed just as Julian opened the door.

"Allright you two. You keep on doing this and...Kian, where is your brother?"

Kian just hoped that Kieron would somehow figure out what he had done. Hopefully their father would think that Kieron was him and that they hadn't slept together.

"Son, I asked you a question! Where is Kieron?"

Kieron sat up in Kian's bed as he woke, and looked around him, a little confused. He didn't see Kian anywhere and why was his father talking to him like he was Kian? Shit they were in trouble...but where was Kian? Then something clicked in his mind...he just hoped that he was right. If not, they were going to be in big trouble.

"Hey Daddy, it's just me here. Kieron must be in his room."

"Well he isn't and since you two demand on being together all the time, where else but here would he be?"

"Maybe he is watching TV, Daddy. I really don't know where he is." That, ironically enough, was the truth.

"Well, if you see him, tell him that I want to speak to you both. Sorry if I scared you, son." With that, Julian walked out of the room. Kieron nearly shit himself when he saw Kian climbing out from underneath the bed.

"Thanks buddy! I thought we were finished for sure!"

"Why does Daddy not want us to be together? We've always been together! Mommy told us that we were born together. And now we are both in trouble! That's not fair, Kian..."

Kian's young, seven year old heart went out to his brother as he saw him starting to cry. He climbed into the bed and grabbed Kieron into a hug. He could feel Kieron's tears falling onto his shoulder. Kian desperately wanted his brother to stop crying so he decided to do what their mother always did when they got hurt. He released Kieron from their embrace and took his face in his hands. Slowly he kissed the tears away from his brother's face. While he did this, he gently stroked Kieron's hair as he felt his brother's body shake beneath him. Then he stopped when he felt Kieron's hand on his face aswell as the twins held eachother's heads in their hands. Two identical faces looked into two pairs of identical eyes and slowly their faces came together. Their foreheads pushed against eachother. Kieron was so confused, he really loved his brother and having felt his tears being kissed away, his equally young heart felt an incredible love for his twin brother. Kian was confused aswell. He and Kieron have always been together but the way that he was feeling now...this...he has never felt like this before. Before they could do anything though, they heard someone coming up the stairs and they quickly separated, with Kieron this time, climbing underneath the bed. When the coast was clear, Kian stormed out of the room, really scared about what he felt. He also tried his best to ignore Kieron of the rest of the day.

This went on for the next couple of days. Julian and Mary were stunned to notice that their two boys were staying out of eachother's way all together. Except for when they walked home from school or when they ate dinner together, they simply ignored eachother. Mary and Julian so badly wanted to talk to the two boys but they decided not to interfere, and to let this phase sort it's self out. One Monday afternoon after school the two boys were walking home once more when Kieron saw Kian turning left into another street. Thinking that Kian wanted to show him something, he followed him. When Kian became aware of his brother's precence behind him he turned around to face him and Kieron could see that he was angry.

"Why do you always keep on following me everywhere? Can't you do anything for yourself?"

Tears immediately sprang to Kieron's eyes as he took in what Kian had just screamed at him and his bottom lip started to quiver.

"Kian, what's wrong? We've always walked home from school!"

"Well, things have changed. Go home and stay the hell away from me."

"You...you don't really mean that!" Kieron screamed, his voice breaking because of the sobbs in his throat.

"You think im joking? Go home!"

In the end, Kieron wiped his eyes, turned around and slowly started to walk home. He nearly fell off the pavement a couple of times as his tears were muddling up his eyes but he kept wiping them away. He was determined not to show his mother that he had been crying. When he got home he ran straight to the bathroom and he washed his face.

"Hey sweety, where's your brother?" Mary asked as she saw Kieron coming out of the bathroom. Ashamed as she was to admit it, she didn't have a clue to whom she was talking to at that moment as Kian and Kieron's manurisms was always the same.

"Kian...he...he got held up by...sports! Yeah, I think they want to pick Rugby teams or something."

"Kieron, why didn't you wait for him? You know that you guys are too young to be wandering around on your own! Wait until your father hears about this!"

Kieron let his face drop to his chin and he walked quietly to his room. When he got there, he closed the door, locked it and started to cry softly. He didn't want his mother to hear. He was going to get into trouble because of something that he didn't do. And when Kian gets home, he will tell the truth and then he, Kieron, would be in even more trouble. Kieron's tears fell onto his shirt as he thought about the old days, the times that he and his brother were so close. He missed that. He missed all the fun he and Kian used to have. Most of all, he just missed Kian.

Kieron had fallen asleep from crying but he was awakened by his mother knocking on his door. He forgot that he locked it. When he opened the door, he saw his mother standing there, out of breath and with her eyes red and puffy.

"Where is Kian? Tell me, Kieron! Is he in here with you? Tell me!"

"Mommy, I told you he is still at..."

"Kieron Reed don't you lie to me! Ive just been to the school to wait for Kian and guess what? No Kian! The Rugby coach didn't know what I was talking about! I make a fool of myself infront of a complete stranger and that because you lied to me! Where is Kian?"

Just then, the front door slammed closed. Mary turned around and ran downstairs with Kieron following her.

"Stop right there, Kian!"

Kian stopped and looked at his mother. He was in real trouble now. Then he saw the look on Kieron's face and he got angry again. Why did his brother have to split on him? Was it revenge on Kieron's part because he screamed at him?

Kieron walked over to him and put his arm around his brother. Kian just wanted to shake it off, when Kieron spoke.

"Mommy, im sorry that I lied to you. I just didn't think that you would actually go to the school. The thing is...I told Kian not to come home. I had a fight with him today and I was so angry so I told him that. Im sorry Kian. I still love you."

Kian couldn't believe that Kieron was telling a lie right infront of their mother. Why was he doing this? Kian felt guilty as hell for what he did to his brother.

After they ate dinner that night, it was decided that Kieron was going to be grounded for two weeks. Kieron just nodded and went about eating his dinner. Kian couldn't eat. Kieron was getting into trouble for something that was not his fault. He excused himself, telling his parents that he didn't feel well. Mary told him to go and lie down.

Kieron was lying on his bed with his eyes closed when he heard the door open. Somehow, he knew who it was. Kian sat next to his brother on the bed and softly touched his arm.


"Listen, Kian I did that because I didn't want you to get into trouble. I don't know what I did to you to make you be so angry with me, but I hope that you can forgive me."

This time it was Kian's eyes that were filled with small tears. He lied next to his brother and he pulled Kieron closer to him.

"Thanks buddy. I love you too."

That feeling came back to both of them, but this time, they didn't fight against it. Kian pressed his lips onto his brother's while Kieron sighed and put his arm around Kian's neck. Kian held Kieron at the waist while they kissed and sighed inside their seven year old souls.

At the same time, they whispered `I love you' to eachother and they meant it. In due time, they would find out what those feeling really meant, but for now, the twins kissed eachother because they loved eachother as the twin brothers that they were.

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