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Whether the twins were aware that they were not like other brothers that they knew, it never came to them, as they didn't believe that what they had with eachother was concidered to be wrong, weird or even perhaps gay. There were lots of kids, especially boys who joked around by saying that certain boys were gay. Whenever it happened, Kian and Kieron would remain quiet. They knew what being called `gay' meant. At least they knew was that they never wanted to be without eachother, that is, if they could help it. For the first time, the Reed twins didn't talk to eachother about a certain topic...being called gay...

The following two years that past was testing times for the twins. There was a scenario when they were eleven, where Kieron made a new friend at school, called Paul. Now Paul had made friends with Kieron first and, as some boys age eleven are, didn't want to always have Kian being part of the package as he visited Kieron, or when Kieron went to his house. Paul spoke to Kieron more than once about Kian always following them and how he had hated it. Kieron knew that Paul didn't like Kian very much, so he decided to stay away from Paul. When Paul questioned him about what the hell was going on, Kieron simply said that if Paul wasn't going to be Kian's friend and accept him as his brother, then their friendship was over aswell. Paul was really hurt by what was said, but Kieron was standing firm. Kian was his brother, his twin brother, they had always been together, why be separated by a boy who didn't like Kian? Paul never forgot that and he infact started a hate campaign against the twins. He would gather some friends and wait for Kian and Kieron after school, where they would gang up on the twins and beat them up. Neither ever said anything to Julian or Mary as they were too afraid by what Paul might do. One day after school, Kian was waiting for Kieron, after their teacher wanted to speak to Kieron and some other kids in private, when he saw Paul and his buddies coming over to him. Kian wanted so much to run away but he didn't want to be observed as a sissy boy, so he remained where he was. Afterall, they were still on the school grounds. What was the worst that could happen?

"Hey look, it's the national faggot! Where's Kieron? We all know you can't survive without him!"

"Shut up, Paul! He's my brother!"

"That may be, but you caused me my friendship with him because you can't live without him and have to be his toyboy everywhere he goes. What do you guys say; we give him a bit of his own medicine?"

Now Kian was getting worried. He started to move backwards as Paul came closer, and the next thing he knew, Kian tripped over a branch on the ground and fell hard onto his back. Kian's eyes started to tear up by the sheer pain coming from his back, when he felt a shattering pain in his stomach. He dubbed over in pain, when Paul gave him another kick. Kian started to cough up blood which along with his tears, seem to give Paul a sadistic feeling of pleasure. He pulled Kian towards him and whispered in his ear.

"You faggots stay away from me. When you see me, you ignore me and turn away. If you two homo's so much as look at me, I'll make sure that you'll never be looking identical ever again? You got me?"

Kian slowly nodded, which made his head hurt. As Paul shoved him back on the ground, he heard laughter as Paul and his cronies walked away. Kian couldn't remember how long he had layed there and he put his head down on the ground as darkness overtook him. Kieron came out of the classroom, turning left towards the outside where Kian was waiting for him. All that he saw was red...and Kieron heard himself screaming as he ran towards his brother.

"Kian, what happened? Was it Paul?"

Needless to ask. Kieron waited for his brother to answer, but he got a fright as Kian didn't move. Kieron tried to pick Kian up, but he was just too heavy. Now seriously worried and starting to cry, Kieron ran back into the school building to look for help. The secretary phoned an ambulance and then phoned Mary at home and Julian at work. Both of them were stunned that something like this could have happened and they both rushed to the hospital, each sending a quick prayer to the Man upstairs, hoping that their boy would be okay.

Mary reached the hospital first and rushed to the reception area, where the nurse told her where Kian layed. When she entered the room, she gasped. Her sweet little boy, whom she and Julian had watched grow up, natured and cared for, laying in the bed, under the white sheets and he wasn't moving. Next to him was Kieron, his eyes drenched in tears and with Kian's hand in his. For any mother's heart this was too much to see her child in this kind of way and Mary Reed started to break down. Kieron really didn't want to release Kian's hand, but his mom looked like she was about to faint. He grabbed a chair and guided his mother to sit down. Mary closed her eyes and looked at Kieron. She grabbed him and held him close, while quietly sobbing. When Julian entered the room, she released Kieron and that gave him the chance to sit next to Kian's bed once more. He took that little, identical hand that layed so peacefully still on the bed and held it tight. This was his entire fault. If he didn't break off his friendship with Paul, nothing would have happened. Kian would still have been alright. They would have been home, playing video games or eating or doing homework. Together.

After Julian and Mary made sure that Kian was stabile, they quickly popped out for a coffee. Nothing could get Kieron away from Kian at that point and time. He still had Kian's hand in his. Gently he brought it to his face and he kissed it. Then he placed Kian's hand on his chest, as to somehow, let Kian hear his heartbeat, to will him to wake up, so that he could see his twin brother, who he loved more than his parents, himself, than anything else in the world. Suddenly a feeling that Kieron has felt a hundred times when being with his brother, but have never known what exactly to call it, came over him again. Quickly, he stood up and looked out of the door, no, his parents was no where to be seen, nor anyone else. He closed the door and returned to Kian. He lovingly brushed Kian's hair from his face and then he kissed his brother's forehead. A warm, sunny feeling began to spread through him as he lifted his lips from Kian, and, knowing exactly what he was doing, he kissed his brother's cheek, his nose, his neck and finally, his lips. He pulled back, almost scared, at what he had done. He and Kian had ofcourse kissed before in the past, but this was something else. It meant something. He sat down once more and took Kian's hand into his.

"Please wake up, Kian. I love you so much. Please wake up. I miss my brother," he whispered.

Eventually Julian and Mary told Kieron that they had to go home.

"Mommy, how can we go home without Kian, we can't leave him here?"

"Sweety, your brother is in a very deep sleep. He has to stay here tonight. But I promise that you can see him again tomorrow after school. Yes, Kieron you are going to school. After school Daddy or me will come and fetch you and then you can see Kian. But there is nothing that you can do for him now."

Reluntantly, Kieron released Kian's hand and gently placed it on the bed. He wiped his tears and walked out of the room. When they got home, no one was in the mood for TV or talking. Mary made Kieron some dinner and he quietly ate it. After that, Julian told him that he had to go to sleep to be ready for the next day. Just as Kieron climbed into his bed, Julian entered his room.

"Are you alright, little man?" he asked.

"Is Kian going to be okay?"

"I don't know, my boy. Hope and pray is all that we can do at this moment. Here, let me tuck you in."

After Julian had made sure that Kieron was warm enough for the night, he kissed his forehead, and Kieron knew that his daddy was crying. He had never seen his father cry before. When outside Kieron's room, he could hear his father blow out his nose.

The next day arrived and still Kian had not woken up. The doctors didn't want to admit this, but they were beginning to wonder if Kian wasn't in a coma. For an eleven year old kid, he had been really badly hurt. Two of his ribs were broken, he had a bad cut on his head and his back had a red, swollen glow to it. The full damage could only be assessed when Kian would eventually wake up. Mary and Julian told Kieron that he had to go to school, as they knew that there was nothing to do but wait. In class, the teacher told them that Kian had a bad injury and that he was in hospital. She also asked the other kids to pray for him. Kieron looked at Paul as the teacher spoke, and he was a white as a sheet. As the final bell rang for the day, Kieron ran to the front gate, where his dad was waiting for him to take him to the hospital, when Paul stopped him.

"Why is Kian in the hospital?"

"As if you don't know! You did that to him!"

"Hey, sure I roughed him up a bit, but we just played with him, is all."

"You're a liar, Paul. I don't know why I ever made friends with you. You're not a person, you're a monster. Im going to see my best friend in this world, my brother, Kian. And if Kian dies or something, I will kill you for taking my brother away from me!"

Kieron turned away from Paul and started to walk towards the gate, when he heard Paul speak at him.

"While you're there, why don't you suck his cock and come and tell me how it tastes tomorrow, you little faggot! I may be many things, but at least im not in love with my own brother!"

In a flash, Kieron was on top of Paul, hitting and punching him for all that he had. He had no idea how badly he was infact hurting Paul, when Julian, who had been waiting to pick Kieron up, pulled him from Paul.

"Kieron, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Daddy, it was him who did that to Kian! It's him! He has been angry at us for a long time, he did that to Kian!"

Julian gave Paul one long look before he grabbed Kieron's arm and led him towards the car. As he locked the door, he pulled his young boy towards him and into a hug. Kieron started to cry as all the stress and fear came pouring from him. As much as he tried to ignore what Paul had said, it still banged around in his young mind. The way that Kian made him feel when he was near him...was he in love with his twin brother?

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