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Getting It Up There
by Ian Britton (ians.stuff@theoffice.net)

I never thought that people with money could be lonely. It just proves how wrong a guy can be. I'm James, I'm 15 and I live with my parents and my older brother in the big house at the top of a small village called Caldervale which is in the south east of England.

My Dad is the CEO of a multi-national technologies company, CompuNat, you might of heard of it. That's basically the only reason that we've got this money. It turns out that the company was set up on the back of four or five different companies merging. We used to live comfortably when Dad was just the Chairman of one of the smaller companies that merged. At least then we lived in the real world, and I had some friends to hang around with.

I don't even go to school anymore. We have a man who comes in each weekday, 9 till 2 and teaches me and my brother. My brother's name is Liam, he's nearly exactly two years older than me. I suppose because of the way we live now and because he is the only person around my own age that I get to see on a regular basis, we've got to know each other more intimately than would otherwise have been the case. And I know for a fact that he is missing the chance to do what 'normal' lads of his own age would be doing. Take last Thursday for example. I suppose that's when it all began.

It was about seven o'clock in the evening. Mum and Dad had gone out to some business dinner that Dad had insisted they had to go to. Mum was not happy about only being given a couple of hours notice, she said that she had no time to get the nanny in to look after me. Naturally, I was very relieved by this late engagement! Liam had been told to keep an eye on me and to make sure that I didn't get up to anything I shouldn't. I mean, look at this face. Cropped blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, brilliant white grin. As if I'd do anything I shouldn't! Although having thought about it, my brother looks exactly like me, except he's 6ft 1" to my 5ft 7", and he's always doing things he shouldn't! Anyway, Dad almost had to physically push my Mum out of the door to get her to leave us on our own for one night.

Right, where was I? Oh yeah. So I was sitting in my room minding my own business just watching the TV. There's only so many soap operas that you can watch in the space of one evening though, so I decided to go for a wander around the house and try and find something for me to do.

As I moved down the hallway to the stair case I passed by the main bathroom. I noticed that the light was on inside and I could hear the sound of the shower running. I thought that Dad might have forgotten, in his mad panic, to switch everything off in the bathroom. I opened the door and walked in. In the top left corner of the room sure enough I saw the shower was switched on with no one underneath it. Then I caught a movement in the corner of my eye and I looked to the centre of the room to where the big circular bathtub is and my jaw dropped. Liam, my big brother was sitting on the edge of the bathtub with his back to me working out on his prick. I might be young, but I'm no fool. I know what a guy is doing when their right arm is moving up and down as quickly as his was!

Unsure of what I should do for the best, I froze. Liam must have sensed the pair of eyes that were stirring directly at his back so intensely I thought for a moment I would burn a pair of holes right through him, because I saw his arm slow down and then stop. Remaining in his position on the edge of the tub, with his back to me, he turned his head and looked over his left shoulder, saw me standing by the doorway, and then he grinned.

"Looks like you're having fun there squirt!" he said, breaking out into a laugh.
I couldn't work out why he was taking the biggest invasion I had ever made into his privacy in such a jokey way. I could only reply with a confused, "Huh?".
"Take a look!" Liam answered as he slid, keeping the front half of himself concealed from my view, into the steaming hot tub, whilst pointing down at my crotch with his right arm.

I looked down at the part of my anatomy that he was pointing to. I couldn't believe that I had tented my Adidas pants without realising it. This time I really was stuck. Here was me, standing in the bathroom with one almighty stiffy sticking out right in front of me as my big brother was lounging, totally naked in the bath starring straight at my pants.

Soon the silence was broken as Liam spoke to me. "Come on then squirt, are you getting in then?".
"Wi--wi--with you?" I asked, somewhat taken aback by the whole situation.

"Well I don't see anyone else around here! What's up, not shy are you squirt?" he said to me, starting to giggle again. I realised that my dick was still as hard as ever.

The truth was that I wasn't shy at all. When I used to go to school we always showered after PE it didn't bother me at all. Although I have to admit to having never seen my brother naked since before he started 'growing up', and the same for him seeing me.

"All right then." Liam said, sounding a little impatient, "I'll come and get you then!". This is when I realised that his original question, if I wanted to go and join him, was not a question at all. At least not one that I had a choice of answers to! He took hold of the sides of the tub and heaved himself out. His body, like mine was tanned having only recently come back from a few weeks in the Maldives. The warm water ran in streaks down Liam's smooth chest. Liam spent a lot of his time in the gym that we had installed in the basement. The results are plain to see. Heavily built up pecs complimented by two fairly flat, but very broad nipples, hard, muscular arms, and his pride and joy, a flat, washboard stomach. Not that I'm anything of a skinny weed myself you understand. I spend plenty of time in that gym too, just not as much as him!

So now his whole torso was out of the water, and my eyes were fixed on the show right in front of me. I felt myself wobble with anticipation, not really considering what was going to happen when he was eventually out of the tub all together. My eyes were glued in his belly button, and then as he heaved more of himself out, the treasure trail that I had seen just about every morning since it started growing now when he came down to breakfast in just his boxer shorts. And then the top of his bush of thick pubes. The first thing I noticed about this little bit of forbidden fruit that I was seeing was that it was exactly like mine. I too have pubes you'll be pleased to hear! Short, and very lightly coloured. This was the case with Liam. I can remember thinking to myself later on that he must trim his pubes to keep them as short as they are. Then the base of his dick started appearing and my cock started to visibly shake with excitement inside my pants. At one stage I thought that I might blow a wad before he had even shown anymore skin. His cock seemed to keep on coming out from behind the constraints of the sides of the bath tub, and I could clearly make out his ball sac on either side, his jewels obviously hanging low because of the heat from the water. Then I could make out the unmistakable folds of skin that covered the end of his prick. He continued to rise, his legs, thick and covered only in a very light smattering of lightly coloured hair, although I kept my attentions focused on what was between those athletic legs!

Liam stepped out of the bath tub and began walking towards me. I thought for a second about making a dash for it down the stairs. But I reconsidered. 'Why should I run downstairs? This is what I want to happen, isn't it?'. Before too long, even if I decided to run, I wouldn't have had time to get away. I could feel the heat coming off my brother's wet body hitting me in the face as he got closer. He stretched his two bulked up arms out towards me, grabbed me and pulled me up close to his soaking wet form. I could feel all of his torso as the water seeped through my flimsy white cotton T-shirt, whilst my rock hard dick pushed against a part of Liam that was equally as warm and as wet as his chest, just a lot softer!

After a couple of moments I felt cold air against my own, now damp, chest as Liam let me go from his grip. He took hold of my arm and moved it down to his cock. I felt that feeling of a cock just beginning to swell under the arousal of my closeness and the touch of my hand on the warm flesh. As I took a firm grip of this expanding tool, Liam let out an audible sigh of ecstasy. It was something that I had known myself only a couple of times when I had given myself a really intense hand job. Unsure of what to do, I did what comes naturally, I started to stroke it, backwards and forwards. Starting off slowly, I began to almost rock my hand over his cock, pushing his foreskin back as far as it would go before pulling it back towards me, covering once more the top of his prick. With each of my slow, deliberate strokes, I could feel the organ grow harder and harder in my hand. The tips of my fingers that clasped this big monster started to tingle with the mixture of the heat rising from his skin and the pulse of the blood as it rushed to fill every possible space in that tool.

Liam, although breathing deeply and slowly, moved his hand from mine and went for the top of my shorts. I took this opportunity to look down, to make sure I wasn't dreaming, that I was actually holding another boy's cock, my brother's cock. And it was true. I saw my hand, shaped into a fist, and running through the middle a big 8" piece of meat with the foreskin rolled back from the tip, exposing the bright red helmet complete with one or two drops of clear fluid leaking from the end. I felt Liam's hand go underneath the bottom of my T-shirt, even the feeling of his hand on my belly was threatening to push me over the edge, thankfully I didn't cum! Then I felt his fingers lingering at the top of my running pants. I wasn't wearing any underwear. Liam was being very slow, very deliberate, just as I had been with him. I couldn't help myself, I stopped the strokes as I enjoyed my own personal show.

His fingertips grazed the top of the explosion of my pubes. It was like I could feel the movement of each of my pubes as the tips of his fingers brushed over them. He took his hand out of my trousers and took a step back from me for a moment. My hand slipped from his cock, and immediately felt like I had lost something. Liam stood in front of me for a moment, seemingly considering the situation that he now found himself in. Although the situation could never be totally serious, he was standing in front of me totally naked with his 8" dick sticking out in front of him, and I was opposite him with my 6.5" effort trying to escape through the front of my pants.

He looked at me again, and I gave him a smile. This seemed to reassure him as he smiled back at me, giving me another of his wide, white, grins, showing me that everything was just fine. He approached me again, with his arms outstretched. I thought for a moment that he was going to pull me up close to him again, but as he came up to me, his hands made their way to either side of my running pants and in one quick action, he pulled them down to the floor. Without my having a chance to adjust to this situation, his hands moved to my T-shirt and he pulled that off two. He stood back again. Both of us now naked. My dick sticking out from a very slight patch, although not much more than he had, of lightly coloured pubes, my balls clenched tight up to me, this caused by the immense arousal that I was now experiencing.

Liam moved his hand down to his own throbbing tool and gripped it tightly. He turned away from me, allowing me to get my first real look at his tight, rounded arse. I could see that he had a very fine layer of those lightly coloured pubes grazing the sides of his arse crack, and I guessed that he must have them running up his arse crack too. This was something that I was yet to get. I was still trying to get used not to trapping the pubes that surrounded my bollocks in the flies of my trousers! He headed off back towards the bath tub. I had by this time decided that I knew what Liam was after, and more importantly I realised what I was after!

We both stepped into the bath tub. Liam lay down with his back resting against the edge and spread his legs wide. I obliged and sat down between his legs. Liam pulled me right up so that his massive cock ran up against the small of my back. He reached his hands around to my front and for the first time, took hold of my dick. The feeling of another guy holding onto my dick was totally amazing, and not for the first time I was afeared that I was going to shoot even without Liam doing anything. It was clear that my big brother knew exactly how to treat a cock. He made the strongest strokes that I could ever imagine, certainly like nothing I could have ever done to myself. On the downward stroke he pulled my foreskin all the way back, allowing the warm water to lap up against the most sensitive part of my cock, gently licking against the edge of that part that is usually well covered by my skin.

Liam brought me to the edge a couple of times, but somehow he managed to sense that I was close, and slowed down and stopped so that I never actually came. I could feel his own dick against my back, seemingly straining for someone, anyone, just to give it a tug. I could feel Liam grinding up against me a couple of times as if trying to get some relief for his straining tool. All the time, he was gently kissing and licking the side of my neck and my shoulders. He raised his mouth to my ear and started to gently nibble at the soft skin.

He whispered in a soft voice that I had never heard him use before; "Do you want to get off now?".

I tried, but found that I couldn't speak to answer him. But I wanted to get some release more than anything else in the world. Even just the feeling of his hand on my rock solid dick was arousing me beyond belief. I simply nodded.

"Have you ever fucked a woman before?" he asked me, still in his soft tone.

I have to admit to being slightly surprised by this question, although it didn't seem to put Liam off his stroke, he kept going for it. I shook my head to reply that I hadn't.

"Would you like a go on me?" he asked.

I said nothing. Wondering what he meant. Before I had another chance to consider what he meant, Liam had pushed me forward and was coming around in front of me. He sat in front of me and I looked down at his crotch beneath the water. He had hold once more of his own massive piece of meat. He turned around again and then lifted himself up so that he was leaning across the edge of the bath tub with his arse raised out of the water. He reached both of his arms around to his back and took hold of each of his arse cheeks, prising them apart. I was given the most spectacular view of my brother's arse crack, with, as I had suspected, a nice layer of blond pubes running up inside. He moved his index finger on his right hand into the crack, and then I saw where he pointed to, his arse hole, and I realised just what Liam had meant.

Once more I froze and just looked on as my brother proceeded to finger himself right in front of me. Then, all of a sudden, I lost my inhibitions and quickly moved up to him, my dick sticking out in front of me. I took hold of his arse cheeks and grabbed hold of the hand with the finger that was plunging in and out of his arse. I ran the index finger of my own right hand down to meet his, and for the first time, felt the edge of Liam's arsehole being stretched by his finger. Just as Liam pushed his finger inside himself once more, I pushed my own finger underneath his and felt the warmth of his dark hole.

We continued working his arsehole for a good five minutes. Then I couldn't hold on anymore. I needed a release. Another wave of heat, what must have been bravery, swept through my whole body. I pulled my finger out of his arse and grabbed hold of Liam's hand, and although he was all ready on another push inside himself, I pulled his finger out and stretched his arse cheeks, almost like I was ripping them apart. Liam seemed to know what to do. He took hold of my dick, and with a little help from me, lined it up with his hole. I could feel him starting to push out like he was trying to have a shit, I took my moment and pushed in.

The foreskin on my penis started to fold back as I pushed further and further, deeper and deeper into him. Soon, with the folds of my foreskin at the entrance to Liam's hole, the tip of my dick was inside him. It became clear that Liam was growing impatient. He moved his hands around from his dick which he was tugging furiously and onto my arse cheeks, and with one violent push, he literally launched me forward, pushing all 6.5" deep inside him, as I did so Liam let out what I can only describe as a very loud grunt.

Pushed in all the way, with my pubes mixing in with the ones he has in his arse crack, I stopped for a moment to take in the whole feeling of the moment. I think that Liam was glad to stop for a moment too. It felt weird for a while. I tried to concentrate on the feeling surrounding my dick. It was like it was being gripped by soft, damp, warm sponge. I moved about a bit, pushing around the sides of Liam's chute with my cock. Feeling something hard pushing up against the tip of my dick.

"Push it in and out squirt!" Liam told me. He sounded happy enough, though it was like his voice had become rougher. I did as I was told and started thrusting my cock in and out of Liam's hole. I gripped on to the sides of his body as I slammed in and out of him as fast as I could. As I pulled out I could feel my foreskin wrapping out the end of my cock, some of it even came out of his arsehole. I watched in amazement as I plunged my cock deep inside the body of another person, another boy, my big brother. Liam was breathing heavily as all this was going on. My balls kept slapping against his skin as I built up speed. Liam was pounding his own meat like there was no tomorrow.

And then I got the most intense feeling. I knew what the feeling was like when I was about to cum, but this was more intense than I have ever known. It built up from the pit of my stomach, down through my groin and then up from my balls. I couldn't have warned Liam even if I had wanted to, and I didn't! He knew what was coming though because with one last effort, I rammed all of my meat into him, it seemed with even greater force than the first time, and held it there. It seemed like forever between me getting it up there and finally feeling the release of my spunk as it followed from my dick into him, cleaning out his insides. I shot the biggest wad ever that night. I remember looking down and not seeing a drop of my cum leak out from my big brother's arse, that's how tight my dick had his hole plugged up.

I could feel my dick starting to go limp inside Liam's arse, and although I did not really want to move, I knew I had to. I took my spent dick out from inside him and sat back down in the tub to give it a rinse. Liam looked at me and smiled. He aimed his dick in the air, tugged his foreskin back from over the tip of his cock and shot one all mighty load right over my head and onto the floor behind me. Then, he too, now with his spent bollocks starting to go soft, sat in the bath tub again. He spread his legs, and I took up my place in between them. He rested his hands gently on my bollocks, ran his fingers through my pubes and we lay back letting the warm water lap around our hot, sweaty and very tired bodies.

In an instant all the heavy breathing and grunting had stopped, and everything was just as when it began. Silent. Except for the thing that drew me to the bathroom in the first place. The sound of the water from the shower hitting the floor.

The End

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Labour has come home to the people of the United Kingdom tonight. Moreover, across this land tonight, the people have come home to Labour. I promise, we will repay you for your trust. We will not let you down.
-Taken from the speech of a new Labour MP on the night of Labour's General Election victory, May 1st 1997.

The man who said those words, and the Labour government has stuck to them. I, and the rest of the people in this great nation should be eternally grateful for saving us from the mess of 18 years of destructive Tory rule. - Thank you.
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