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Getting It Up There Part 2 - The Morning After, The Night Before
by Ian Britton (ians.stuff@theoffice.net)

I couldn't remember if my eyes were closed or not. Either way, all I saw was the darkness. I had long since given up trying to get to sleep. The events of the evening just kept replaying over and over in my head. The warm, moist air of the bathroom, the clamminess of my skin, the way Liam's lips felt against my body and the feeling of being that close to my brother. My mind was spinning.

No matter how much I tried, I couldn't figure out how we had come to be in that situation tonight. There had been nothing in our past that had even hinted that either of us may have been attracted to guys instead of girls. There was never any intermit physical contact between myself and Liam. Sure there was the rough and tumble of play fighting ever since I could walk and talk. There had even been a couple of real scrapes between us in the heat of the moment. Though, as far as I can recall, there has been nothing, nothing at all, to have ever suggested to me that Liam and I would have ever had the kind of close, affectionate, sexual adventure as we had tonight.

I opened my eyes to get the first glimpse of the morning light streaming in through the window. I could feel something on the back on my neck. Soft, warm and moist lips pressing against my skin. And then the softness of the tip of a warm tongue licking up and down. I kept still for a moment. Trying to work out what was going on. I knew who it was of course. Everything was moving so fast though. There was nothing I could do about it. I realised that I didn't want to do anything about it.

Liam pulled the duvet on my bed back. I kept my back to him, although my eyes were open, facing the window, concentrating on the light of the morning. He climbed in behind me and pulled the cover back over both of us. Two arms clasped my body tight. Finger tips rubbed each of my nipples. I could feel the heaving of Liam's chest at my back with each strong breath he took. I curled myself back up to him, signalling that I was enjoying this. Through the thin cotton of my boxer shorts, I could feel my brother's penis, stiff and erect, pointing upwards towards his stomach. My hands gripped my own cock that was standing out, trying to push through my shorts. I opened the three buttons at the front of my boxers to release my hunk of meat through the front of my boxers.

His finger tips moved down from their expert massage of my nipples which were now standing stiff and erect, just like my cock! Liam pushed his hands inside my boxers and brushed through the slight patch of pubes just above my bollocks. It wasn't long before he had gripped the base of my tool and was running his fingers around it, exploring upwards, feeling every pulse of bloody as it flowed in to try and make my cock even harder than it was! He expertly hooked his thumbs on either side of the waistband of my shorts and pushed them down, manhandling my shaft that had been sticking out of the vent. I later recalled seeing him do this on his own shorts when he was younger and getting ready to get into the bath or the shower. Although I don't think I took much notice of it, I don't suppose I would have really!

With his left hand, Liam took a firm hold of my cock and started to stroke it, gently, in short moves. I could tell that Liam was really turning himself on by playing with his little brother. The small of my back, where the tip of his erect cock was pushed up against be became very wet and sticky with what I guessed was precum. He pressed himself forward into me again, this time I could feel not only his erect dick snaking up my back, but also the softness of his balls and a couple of his roughly trimmed pubes against the soft, supple skin of my arse. Still he continued to jerk my prick with those little short movements that threatened to tip me over the edge with just about every stroke. I felt him move his right hand around to my back. I could feel that he was tracing down with one finger on my back and another on his stiff dick, using it as a guide until he got down to my arse crack. He opened my crack slightly and allowed the girth of his prick slip snugly inside the crack, he seemed to push his dick right up to me, so that the broadside of his meat tickled the entrance to my hole each time he made even the slightest movement. He moved his hand further down and brought it up between my legs. With his fingers he played in the space between my legs and stoked the back of my ball sac. He took a firm hold of my balls, holding them tightly, he increased the rhythm of his jerking. Expertly pulling back the folds of my foreskin so that the sensitive tip of my cock was exposed all the way down to where the head of my cock meets the shaft, and back up again. All the time, holding onto my balls, squeezing them tightly. Two more massive strokes, pulling my foreskin all the way back over the head of my cock and then rolling the uncovered head of my prick against my belly and it was two much. I counted. One, two, three, four, five of the biggest streams of cum that I have ever let go of, meaning that I had shot probably the most impressive load of my short life all over my bed. Liam didn't let go of my bollocks. I soon realised why. Without either one of us touching his bollocks, Liam had shot a load all over my back. Exhausted, we lay there, soaked in our own cum.

I closed my eyes and lay back, feeling the heaving of Liam's chest as he breathed deeply, recovering from our latest adventure. I had a moment to think clearly for the first time since I had woken up. I had wondered, whilst laying alone in my bed before I went to sleep last night, if what happened in the bathroom yesterday was a dream. My extra special wake-up call this morning, indeed proved beyond any doubt, that I was not dreaming. And to tell the truth, I was enjoying every moment of being seduced by my big brother.

After what seemed like hours, but was in reality only a couple of minutes, Liam sat up and started stroking his fingers through my short blond hair.

"I'll go down stairs to the kitchen first and then you can follow, ok squirt?" he asked me. I responded only by nodding my head. I was still trying to get used to what was happening without trying to speak to the guy that I had known and loved as my brother for fifteen years, the same guy I think I was falling in love with.

Liam wiped what remained of his cum from the tip of his dick onto my back. He got up and out of the bed and I sat up to watch him. He slipped on a pair of his beloved white Calvin Kleins that clung to his body. I knew that this was all he would wear to go downstairs to breakfast. He didn't mind being seen like this, even though there was that unmistakable bulge in the front of his pants and the material clung tight to his arse. My parents didn't mind him walking around the house like this first thing in the morning. I had never minded seeing him like this. But then again, I had never really looked at him and his body in the same way that I was looking at him now. I knew that breakfast was going to be very difficult for me this morning!

I watched Liam disappear out of my bedroom door and down the stairs to breakfast. I got up out of the bed and stroked my hands through my mound of short, lightly coloured pubes and ran my hand down the length of my dick that was still, even now, semi hard. I pulled up my shorts and tucked my bollocks inside, positioning everything very careful inside them before buttoning up the front. I took my white dressing gown from the hook on the back of my door, slipped it around myself, squeezed my balls through the material of both my gown and my shorts, took a deep breath, and went down to breakfast.

Both my parents where sitting at the breakfast table when I went downstairs reading through the financial newspapers while Liam was at the counter pouring out some cereal. I sat at the table for a moment and spoke to Mum and Dad. They told me that they were both going to a conference in Manchester which was about twenty miles away from our house, and that they would be gone for the whole day and that Liam was in charge. I looked up at my brother at the breakfast counter, he looked me straight in the eye and winked. I immediately felt the blood rush to my face. Thankfully for me, my parents were too busy packing their notes into their briefcases' to notice that my face had lit up like a bright red lantern.

It wasn't too long before they had both left the house and were on their way to their conference. I remained sitting at the table drinking a glass of orange juice that I had poured for myself. I looked up once more at Liam who throughout the whole event had remained at the counter in the kitchen. He put his spoon back into the bowl of cereal that he had finished eating and came over to the table. I immediately realised why he had stayed behind the counter. If you had the sort of thing that was sticking out of the front of his boxers, you'd want to stay covered up whilst your mother was in the room!

Liam came right up to were I was sitting and placed his hands on the top of my head. He started stroking his fingers through my short mop of blond hair. My hands moved up to the tent in his boxers and I felt his hard dick. The feeling of the blood pulsing through Liam's meat through the tight, stretchy material of his shorts was like nothing else I'd ever felt. Once more the heat of his naked body hit me in the face as he pushed himself right up to my face. My face met Liam's perfect washboard stomach. I got decidedly more brave by sticking out my tongue and moving it around a little on his hot flesh. I put my hands on either side of his waist and continued my licking. Right the way over his stomach to his navel, where my tongue met with Liam's treasure trail, I followed it all the way down to the waistband of his shorts and hesitated for a moment.

Different pictures flashed through my mind. Things that I couldn't remember doing. I could see me when I was younger, much younger, sitting in the bath when Liam came in to use the toilet. I remember watching as he pulled his pants down and sat on the toilet and started to take a shit. I cam remember putting my hand down to my soft, short, pick and giving it a squeeze and letting out a slight giggle as I enjoyed the feeling. Was this what had caused us to come together in this way now?

I could hold back no more. My fingers went down to the waistband of those pure white shorts. I stopped once more and looked down the tent that I had been feeling up a few moments before. Then, with a sudden rush of confidence, I pulled his shorts down. The material realised itself over his cock and fell down to the ground. Liam remained still, just his fingers kept moving through my hair, ruffling it up as he stroked from the front to the back of my head, over and over again.

My eyes drifted downwards once more and into view came my brother's 7" piece of meat and that shaved patch of bright blond hair covering his lot. The moment was made even more sensual by the glint of light that reflected off Liam's hard, firm body. I continued with my tongue down through Liam's pubes and along his shaft. Deliberately I moved my face back and went up and down his shaft with only the tip of my tongue so that he could check out the way his little brother was getting ready to go down on him.

With my fingers, I gently pushed Liam's foreskin all the way back, as far as it would go, uncovering in throbbing red head. I pushed my lips right up against the head of his prick. I moved my head back once more, opened my mouth and moistened my lips with my tongue. Opening my mouth just wide enough for Liam to push his cock in. It must be some kind of telepathy with brothers, because Liam seemed to know just what I wanted. He started to feed his prick into my mouth. His hands going to the back of my head to support me, he kept pushing it in. Stopping every so often to allow me to swallow that monster down my throat as he went.

The feeling of his rock solid iron bar in my mouth was driving me crazy and I decided that it was time for me to take over and do some of the work. I started moving my head up and down on him. The tip of his cock kept touching the back of my throat before I swallowed him down and moved him back out again. The feeling of the thin covering of skin on his shaft as it stretched my mouth wide was truly amazing! Though Liam decided whilst I was really getting into the feeling of having my brother's cock down my throat, that this wasn't how it was going to be.

He withdrew his stiff prick from my mouth and took hold of me, putting one hand on either of my armpits, he lifted me up and placed my down on the breakfast table. Clearing aside all the boxes of cereal and bowls that had been left out before our parents went to work he laid me down so that only my legs were dangling off the side of the table. He undid the cord on my dressing gown to reveal that I too had tented my boxer shorts, and the events so far that morning had caused a pretty big wet patch of precum to soak my shorts.

I lifted my arse up off the table as Liam took hold of the waistband on my shorts and pulled them down and off. My hard prick sprung out and hit my on the belly as it lay there, throbbing. I had to do something with it. I had to touch it. I started playing with myself, Liam stood back for a moment, his prick still as hard as mine, he watched me playing with my throbbing meat. The smirk on his face told me that he was enjoying watching me give my own private performance.

Liam considered that it was time to get to work. He came back up to me on the table and pulled me down so that he would have access to my arse. He placed his hand in one of the used cereal bowls so that his hand was covered with the milk. Slowly, but deliberately, he moved his wet hand to my arse and rubbed the milk up and down my crack, concentrating on my arsehole. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and moved them apart so that he had total access to my hole. I was watching everything. Just the sight of Liam taking hold of his own cock, readying himself to guide that thing into my hole was really threatening to tip me over the edge. Although this was a totally new experience for me, I could tell without any problems that the feeling around my arse, was that of another guy's cock about to enter me. With only the milk to soften me up Liam pressed his fat cock against my hole. Relentlessly he kept pushing until I must have given way and he started to enter.

I can't deny that the first couple of inches, as the head of his dick punctured that ring of muscle inside my arse, I was in total agony. I think that Liam might have been enjoying watching his little brother squirm in pain and even scream out a couple of time, because he kept playing with his balls and helping me to jack off as I yelled and twisted, still he kept his cock coming. Very gently, and very, very slowly, but without pausing Liam pushed everything he had inside me. I looked down and saw that there was only about two more inches until Liam was inside me completely. He looked up and me, and for the first time he stopped pushing. He tugged my cock for me a couple of times. Leaving his hand clamped around my dick, he looked me straight in the eye and said; "You're going to enjoy this squirt!".

With the most tremendous force, he hit the remaining two inches of his cock inside me and hit some spot that I didn't know existed. I screamed the house down. Not in pain, but in the most unbelievable ecstasy, shooting reams and reams of my seed all over me, Liam and the table. My arse clamped down around his dick, and for the first time I actually realised that I had another guy inside of me. I managed to steal a look at Liam. His eyes seemed to glaze over and he almost collapsed on top of me as an amazing warming sensation hit inside of me, throughout my belly as he unleashed his load into my bowels.

We stopped. Liam lay on top of me for a moment. We spent five minutes just laying there as the morning sunshine streamed in through the window. The sunlight reflected off the morning dew that covered the grass on the lawn outside. Liam rested his head on his elbows and looked at me again. He said nothing, just gently pressed his lips against mine and coaxed my mouth open with his tongue. We kissed. My first kiss. Liam was proving to me that this was more than just sex. We were brothers and as every guy knows, brothers stick together.

- December 1997

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