Getting What He Wanted (2010)

Paul tossed and turned on his bed, his mind filled with lustful thoughts of wanting to be with someone special in his life. This was his third night of not being able to sleep and usually he would get up and put on X rated video to get his load off. But tonight it was different....

He was feeling daring.... bold.... eager... (all those words that described courageous.) He just had this feeling to get up and do it.

Paul got up from his bed and crept into the bathroom. He turned on the light revealing his nice 25 year old, swimmer's built physique through the long mirror. He stared at his hard on through white boxer briefs.

He reached down and gently rubbed his thick 8 incher. He wanted so bad to feel a mouth around his cock, a real mouth instead of his FleshJack that he had wore out constantly.

He pulled out his cock from the tight briefs and started to jack himself slowly. Precum oozed from the top of the head and slowly dripped down to the cold floor in a long, sticky strain.

He took his finger and wiped the head covering it with his juice then popping it in his mouth. This immediately got his senses charged up. He repeated the same motion, milking his cock and eating the hot viscous liquid.

Soon that tall sexy stud the molested his mind everyday came to vision again. A moan was released from his lips. Paul dared not to say his name in fear of cumming too quick, that was just the affect that man had to him.

He spit on his hand and stroked his cock again, then looking at the mirror of himself. The vision of that hot stud appeared in the reflection holding him around his waist, kissing up and down his broad shoulders and neck.

Paul leaned back up against his smooth body and closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of the man's breath and thick lips making contact on his skin. Another long soft moan rumbled from his throat.

The man's hands traveled down Paul's chest lightly circling around his hard nipples. The man's breath got stronger when his hands traveled further down his body, passing his abs and down the lightly hair pubes.

When the man kissed him, he moaned.... moaned a little too loud....waking him up from his vision. It was time to do what he got up to do in the first place.....

He walked out of his room and slowly crept down the hallway with his cock still bouncing out of his underwear. The only light was from the moon illuminating the hallway down to his destination.

All the while, he couldnt help but to think how long ago he done this. About four years ago to be exact back where he'd grown up........

The door to the room was slightly ajar and the soft snores of the person on the other side were finally heard. Paul smiled nervously at the anticipation of getting what he wanted.

He pushed the door opened and walked in and crept closer to the bed the sounds of the man's snoring grew louder as he sneaked closer.

The moonlight from window outlined the muscled older man, the lower half of his body covered with the bed sheet while the rest was revealed.

"So beautiful." Paul whispered.

He leaned down and rubbed the man's lightly hairy chest. The friction, made his senses kick into that zone again.

He pulled the white sheet down to expose the man's soft, dormant cock. His mouth began to water and he was anxious to get what he wanted. He glanced at the man's peaceful face, he really didnt want to disturb him but he just needed to get this off his chest.... dick....

He leaned down and began to suck on his cock. He was very gentle and easy on the man's dick. It was soft but the thickness filled his mouth. The taste was addictive to him... an aphrodisiac, that made him moan.

The cock slowly harden in his mouth and he started to taste the sweet, salty flavor of precum mix with his saliva. The light wet slurps of his lips and he his soft moans were the only sounds in the room.

His tongue worshipped the expanding cock and with every slurp he made, the man's cock was hard like cement.

"MMmmmm..." Paul moaned. This was just the second thing he wanted to do, he would have to back track and hope that the stud didn't wake up from it.

Pre juice pumped in his mouth as his hand clamped around it and masturbated the man. The light but deep groans escaped the mans throat, Paul didn't know if the man was awake or not.

He decided to stop sucking and track back. His cock was harder then it ever was, pulsing and throbbing through his tight briefs. He finally released his hard on and it pointed directly at the studs face, like it had a mind of its own.

Paul slowly moved his body on top of the man, straddling him with his cock head grazing the man's soft lips. " God..." Paul whispered, slowly grinding his cock on the mans thick lips, precum trailed on and around the man's lips like lipstick, but more like a lubricant.

Paul couldn't stand it any longer. He held the man's nose and the mouth open to breathe, he sticks his dick in his mouth and slowly pumped in and out. The warm, wetness of the mouth was just what Paul needed to feel.   

He fed the man's mouth and with each slow thrust, Paul could feel his balls tightening up. After all the practicing he had done with the FleshJack, on prolonging his orgasms, having the REAL thing was a different story!

"Ohhh.... Uhhh...AaaHHH!!! He yelled. He pulled out and sprayed the man's face and chest with his massive load. He couldn't believe he sprayed as much as he did especially since this was his third time getting off today.

Just then thats when he realized, what if them man woke up! He grabbed his underwear off the floor and wiped the man's face and chest, but then Paul stopped. He stared at the man's cum glazed chest and began to lick off his on juice, cleaning it from his body.

The man's scent and the taste of his body was mind blowing, within seconds his dick was growing back to life again. "Oh fuck!" he said in his mind. He had to think of something to get rid of this.

That's when he glanced at the man's glistening shaft lying semi hard on his chest.

"Got it." Paul whispered. He finished cleaning the body and straddled his body once again. He put there cocks together and with both hands wrapped around each other, he rubbed them together.

"Uhhhh.... OOooo... Yeah..." He said. He stared down at the man's hunky body and completely got off on this stud. The friction turned very slippery as there precum mixed together and the sounds of loud smacking filled the room.

Paul's eager, horny body fucked the man's big dick hard and he wanted to do this forever. He leaned down and kissed the mans body and sucked on his nipples. Then kissing the man's cheeks. All the while the man was still sleeping like Lion.

Paul didn't care, he was getting off and thats all the mattered. This went on for five minutes but it seemed like longer to him. When he came, the whole bed shook from the intensity of the Earth shattering orgasm. He wanted to scream and yell to the world how he was feeling but he couldn't.

Once again, he didn't disappoint with another massive load that covered the man's chest. Out of breath, out of mind, and weak from the energy sucking climax. He decided to use the underwear instead of his tongue to do the work this time.

When Paul had enough strength to get up from the bed and stand he slowly crept back to his room. The thought of leaving anything behind was the last thing on his mind...

The next morning the man woke up feeling oddly sticky. He rubbed himself down and wondered what the odd smell was and some flaky dried substance was on his chest. He wondered.....

"Did I have a wet dream?... But wait, why does my cock hurt so much?.... Damn, what's this strange taste in my mouth?!"

The man looked around his room to see if anything looked odd, but didn't notice any changes except on his night stand.

Before Paul had left for work, he left a note on the nightstand, the man began to read it:

"Every since you've moved in with me, I could not get you out of my mind. I had missed the fun times we had together before you went to work. When you called me to say that you finally left mom... I was so happy. Now I can have you, all to myself. Thanks for giving me what I wanted last night..... Mike.... See you when I come back from work."

Your Loving Step Son,



**I hope this wasn't too corny for you all, but I just felt like trying a romantic story this time around, let me know if you got off to it.***