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Dave MacMillan


I lay on the bearskin rug, a fire roaring in the fireplace to my right. I was on my back. Naked. Under my big brother. Ned's dick was buried in my throat. Mine in his. Ned already had two fingers up my butt and was doing all the work at both ends -- one-handed push-ups, no less. Because he was going to be fucking me in a few minutes. I massaged his buttcheeks lightly, feeling how smooth they were, and getting off on our sex.

A shoe moved between my feet, nudging them apart. I hoisted my legs and Ned caught them behind his arms. I figured the cameraman is zeroing in on my big brother's lips sliding up and down my hard dick. Then, he'd get a close up of the finger action in my ass. Ned cradled my balls, raising them up to the root of my dick. Yep, that camera was trained right on my hole being spread by my brother's big fingers.

I knew the scene as well as Ned did. He was supposed to jump up, pulling out of our sixty-nine, and move around me while holding my legs up and spread. I wished it were already happening; I hadn't had his meat in my ass since he took me in the shower this morning.


Ned fell off me, his fingers still in my butt as we both looked towards the man crossing the room to join us. I let my legs drop so they could rest while the director told us how he wanted the fuck scene to go. I looked at Ned, studying him like I always did. I just couldn't get enough of him. Six feet of tight, smooth body. Eight inches of thick, cut meat. Curly jet black hair and the cutest pug nose. Green eyes that could hold me all day. I had it bad for my brother; and I was real thankful we'd turned out like we did.

We quickly assumed the position like the professionals we'd become. Ned grinned down at me. "Love you, Rick," he whispered just before his lips touch mine.

Oh, God! Yeah! Ned was leaning into me, his dick already sliding home in my ass. My legs were draped over his back and my butt was hiked, making it easy for him to enter me.

As Ned pressed his pubes between my spread thighs and into my balls, my mind wandered and I found myself remembering how we got started making porn vids. I still couldn't believe it'd only been a year.

* * *

Ned had just finished his freshman year at the University of Georgia and I'd just graduated from high school and had my birthday. His first full day home we drove over to St. Simon's Island for some surf and sun. It was a typical south Georgia June -- hotter than hell -- and we were stretched out on the hot sand in our speedos.

"I've got to find a job for the summer, Rick," Ned told me very seriously as he turned on his side to look at me. That was about the hundredth time I'd heard the same exact words since we woke up that morning, and I figured the old man had had a man-to-man talk with his oldest son sometime last night. Dad was a man of few words, but he was damned persuasive with them.

"All you're going to get are the dregs, Ned," I told him, fighting my smirk. "Every kid in the county started looking for summer jobs back around Easter."

"Think you can get me on at that video rental joint where you're working?"

I grinned. My big brother's sights had sure got lower since last month when he was home to do his laundry and hit the folks up for money. "I can try. But we've got applications bursting out of the filing cabinet. Maybe you can get on weekends at one of the movie houses?" That was a real dig, but I couldn't help it. It was a real charge to find myself in a better position than Ned. I hadn't been on the receiving end of one of dad's man-to-man talks in almost three months but I hadn't forgot the experience, either. Ned would soon feel like he'd had his balls ripped off his dick if he didn't get something going quick. Ned was acting like he could feel them being pulled already.

A guy walked past us along the beach but I wasn't really noticing. I could feel my body baking even through the sun screen and I was trying to build up enough energy to go hit the ocean.

I was pushing myself to my feet when I realised the guy had stopped and was studying us. "Fag attack," I hissed under my breath to Ned. I stood and studied the guy right back.

The man was shorter than us and was old -- maybe even in his thirties. He wasn't muscular but he wasn't in bad shape for an old guy. He had a camera hanging from a strap around his neck, an expensive-looking one.

"You guys from around here?" he asked. He had one of those smooth accents that didn't tell me a damned thing except that he wasn't from Georgia.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to make something of the way he was looking at us or just forget it. It was awfully damned hot. While I was considering, Ned looked up at him. "Yeah. What of it?"

"I'm a scout for Global Entertainment. I'm always on the look-out for good-looking guys. Mind if I take some shots of the two of you?"

I decided I was right on the money about the guy. I also decided I wasn't going to be a redneck about it. I shook my head and took a step towards the ocean.

"Where?" Ned asked suspiciously.

The man shrugged. "Out here is fine with me. I'll scan them into my computer and send them back to Germany tonight."

"Germany?" I asked and found myself getting interested. Shit! I liked all those old castles looking down on some damned river over there -- I even had pictures of them tacked up on my walls. Germany had to be a real pretty place. I was willing to bet it was a lot cooler than Georgia was too.

"How much are you paying for these pictures?" Ned asked, going immediately for the bottom line.

The man grinned. "Are both of you at least eighteen?"

"I had my birthday just last week," I told him. "Ned there is a year older."

"You can produce birth certificates if we decide to hire you?"

Ned nodded. "How much to take pictures of the two of us?"

"Twenty-five apiece for what I want today. A lot more if Global wants to see more of you." He pulled his billfold out of the waistband of his trunks and retrieved a card. He took the pen he had clipped to his camera strap and wrote his name and room number on the card before handing it to me. "Call me tomorrow night and I can tell you what Berlin decides."

"Name's Ned. This is my brother, Rick," Ned told him as he stood up and walked over to the man. "What do you want us to do?"

* * *

My balls were drawn up tight on my dickshaft, pulling me from the memory. My knees were in my pits and Ned was banging my ass long and slow. I reached over the back of my thigh and gripped my pole, beginning to jerk off and trying to synchronise my stroking with Ned fucking my ass. He smiled down at me as the cameraman lay down beside us to get a close up side shot of me beating my meat. The other camera was over my face and trained on Ned's dick sliding in and out of my ass. I pulled my pud for my camera while Ned fucked me for his.

* * *

It was really weird. Me turning out gay and all. Me and Ned both. Together. I'd have never believed it -- not in a million years. I wouldn't change a thing that had happened this past year, though. But, then, I'd always been lucky.

Ned called the man the next afternoon. He couldn't even wait until evening like the man had told him. Germany wanted a complete lay-out -- were we interested? My brother didn't even ask me; he set us up for a session at the man's motel the next morning at ten.

Big brother was seeing dollar signs and not looking for the bear traps laid all over the place in plain sight. Me? I was the tag-along kid brother following his lead. I had a rinky dink minimum wage job, and those dollar signs looked good to me too. I had mom's old car that Ned had had for the couple of years before he went off to college, and I could just barely afford the gas and insurance -- paying for a big date was out of the question. I didn't date much anyway, but I was suddenly imagining all kinds of things to do with real money. Anyone would have seen us coming from a mile away and known us for the rubes we were.

We got to the Motel 6 at nine thirty, and I was wondering if I should be a redneck or just plain old Rick. Ned was damned adamant the man was legit -- after all, we both had twenty-five dollars we hadn't had before. His argument made a lot of sense -- but I was still a little suspicious. I'd heard all the scare tactics churches and parents throw at a growing boy the past ten years, and I hadn't had a year of college to learn to push them way back towards where they belonged.

I relaxed the moment I saw that the guy was fully dressed -- even normal looking -- and decided things were indeed legit. He might be a fag but he acted normal -- I put the redneck part of me to bed. We sat and drank coffee -- Ned and me at a tiny little table and the scout on his bed facing us.

"Okay, guys, I'm going to have to ask you to do some pretty personal things," the scout told us, getting quickly down to business. "It's all right if you don't feel comfortable answering them. We'll just part company as friends and I'll go ahead and interview the other eight guys coming in after you."

I felt Ned tense without looking over at him. It was going to be us or somebody else. Big brother was seeing himself cleaning up after the drunks at the multiplex down on the southside of town on weekends if we didn't get this job. I think he would have promised his first born right then and there. Me? I drank the weak coffee from the motel's vending machine and tried to wake up.

"What do you want us to do this morning?" Ned asked, volunteering me unasked.

The man nodded. "I'm going to need lots of sexual tension. Kissing, touching, getting naked and even hard -- things like that. Think you guys can do that?"

"How much?" Ned asked.

"Two fifty each for a complete spread."

Ned whistled and his elbow punched my arm. "What do we need to do?" he asked.

The man pulled out his camera and moved around to the other side of the bed. "Kiss your brother," he told me.

"Say what?" I woke up and started out of my chair, my face flushing like it had the first time my dick unloaded in math class with me sitting on the front row.

"You want him sitting or standing?" Ned asked.

"Standing. Both of you."

Ned stood. His hands took mine and held them. His face came towards mine and I couldn't believe what was happening.


Only she wasn't there.

Ned was. And the man with the camera. And me.

Part of my brain heard clicks and other noises like the camera was working overtime but, mostly, I was focused on Ned's mouth. We were really going to do it. I just stared at Ned as his face swam closer to mine -- like a deer caught in headlights. "No one's gonna know, Rick," he whispered. "He's going to pay us two hundred and fifty dollars each."

"He's taking pictures!" I mumbled.

"Those go to Germany. Nobody we know is ever going to see them. Lean towards me and kiss me -- or else I'm going to beat you to a pulp right here in front of this guy."

I stared at Ned. We'd not fought since I was twelve. I'd learned then what a year in age meant and that it was not a good idea to piss Ned off. Now, he was threatening me. Did I kiss him or get the crap beat out of me?

Oh, shit!

Well, what was a damned kiss between brothers anyway? I reminded myself that we'd done it before and judiciously forgot just how little we were when Mom got us to do that for the Instamatic. I screwed my eyes shut, leaned across the table, and puckered my lips.

His lips touched mine and electrical shocks exploded all over my body. I wasn't thinking as his arms went around me and his tongue pressed against my lips. My arms went around him and my mouth opened in invitation. My dick stood at attention. I turned off my brain and just went with the flow.

"Take each other's clothes off," I heard the man say, his voice far away from us as I continued to give my mouth up to Ned and his lips AND his damned tongue. Along with my brain and body.

Somehow, we got around the table and were facing each other. His fingers worked at the buttons of my shirt and I didn't resist. I had this big-assed tongue down my throat and my dick was harder than it'd ever been. Ned pushed my shirt off my shoulders while I pulled his out of his jeans. He started working on the waist button of my shorts and, before I knew it, his hands were on my bare ass, his tongue still deep in my throat.

We did everything two healthy, legal guys could do on a bed that morning -- except actually suck and fuck. And the guy kept taking pictures of the two of us doing it. We each left the motel two hundred and fifty dollars richer. Ned was flying. I was re-evaluating my frames of reference.

* * *

My balls were ready to explode. My dick was harder than when it's just me alone. And Ned was pounding my ass hard -- like he always does. I erupted. He kept on going -- like my assmuscles weren't clutching him hard, squeezing him tight, and holding him in me.

Ned loved this shit. He loved hamming it up for the cameras. After all, it was his dick in my butt. But, then, that was what makes it so good for me -- him fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I shot spunk everywhere.

I took a shot in the mouth but I had that little act down to a real science. The fans loved to see me eating my own cum while getting my ass reamed good. Ned slowed it down, returning to those nice long, easy movements of his dick in and out of my gut. He knew I'm good for two orgasms whenever he fucked me, as long as he varied his attack.

He leant into me and nuzzled my ear. My hands left my still hard pole and roamed his buttcheeks. His lips moved along the side of my face until they reached mine. Our tongues started duelling before he could put his into my mouth. It was another of our little acts for the fans. It was for the cameras -- but it was for us too.

* * *


I looked over at him as I turned the key in the ignition. "Yeah?"

His eyes were hooded as his gaze met mine. "You know what this shit is all about, don't you?"

I nodded and pulled out of the parking space in front of the talent scout's motel room. "That guy's company makes fag fuck movies," I told him, laying it on the line for us. "Boys sucking and fucking each other."

"How do you feel about that?"

I pulled out into traffic before I answered him. "I don't know."

"You ever thought about it?"

"Not really. I wanted to see what you looked like naked when I hit puberty, I checked the guys out in the shower after gym class, too." I glanced over at him. Ned was watching me. "You know, just to compare. I didn't think too much about sucking and fucking, though."

He laughed. "I guess not. Dad would have had your hide hanging over the living room mantle if he thought you did."

"You're thinking about it now though, aren't you?"

"This two fifty in my pocket has me thinking a whole lot. How about you?"

It'd take me a whole month to clear that kind of money at work. After the government had taken a major slice of it before I saw it. Yeah, I was thinking about it.

I was thinking about how good Ned's lips had felt on mine. How big his dick was. How tight his body was. What his big dick would taste like. How his body would feel moving against mine. I was thinking all right, the real queer stuff.

"I'm thinking about it," I admitted.

"You've got a nice body, Rick. A decent sized dick too."

"It's better than decent sized!" I growled. "It's seven and a half inches."

He grinned. "I've got you beat by half an inch, little brother." He spread his legs and I saw him adjust his dick under his jeans. "He said this Global Entertainment would want to do a screen test if they like us."

"A screen test?" I croaked, trying to imagine doing again what we'd done today. "When did he say that?"

"When we were leaving. You were already getting into the car."

"What would we have to do?" I asked carefully. I suddenly didn't want to think about this. I had two hundred and fifty dollars in my pocket I hadn't had before. It was enough. I'd never imagined I'd do most of the shit I'd just done in that motel room.

Only, it wasn't enough. I wanted to kiss Ned some more. I wanted to touch his naked body. I wanted to beat his meat. Shit! I wanted to taste his cock and suck him off even. And those kinds of thoughts were making me wonder about myself.

"We'd have to fuck and suck on film. He said it was a pretty sure bet we were in."

I turned to face him, my mouth open. I felt cold as shit. "You mean suck and fuck -- you and me?" I yelped.


"I ain't ever done that kind of shit!"

"We're talking good money here, Rick."

"How much?"

"Four figures a month guaranteed. We'll negotiate how much with each skin flick we do -- if we make the grade."

"We'll have to suck each other's dicks, Ned!" I wailed. "One of us will have to let the other fuck him."

"With some practice, we ought to be pretty good for our screen test," he told me matter-of-factly.

I was ready to collapse when I pulled into our driveway. Shit I'd never thought about doing was suddenly almost a done deal -- at least, big brother Ned was acting like it was. I was scared shitless. And more than a little interested.

* * *

Ned was sweating like a whore in church and it was dripping on me, mixing with the cum from my first load. I licked the drops that hit my lips; I liked the taste of my big brother. His strokes in my ass were hard and short now, driving me and the bearskin rug across the floor. The fucking fire had got hot now that I'd moved closer to the fireplace.

My dick was hard and my balls were again trying to strangle it, they were riding it so tight. I reached over the back of my leg and started fisting my favourite part of myself again. Big brother was getting close and the fans liked it when we shot together. I liked it too. It made me feel so connected to him.

* * *

Ned locked the door to my room behind us. He was studying me when I turned back to face him.

"How do you want us to start this, Rick?"

"Start what?" I demanded. I wasn't being stupid. I was still trying to get a grip on what had happened this morning and what Ned was telling me it meant we were all about.

"I think we ought to try out sucking first."

"Jesus!" I stared at him.

"But we ought to get in at least one fuck before the folks come home this evening."

"You are one crazy asshole," I told him and plopped on my bed, bringing my legs together at the ankles and my hands together over my crotch. I'd seen his dick this morning; I was damned uncomfortable at the thought of it being anywhere near my asshole.

I watched as Ned unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of his jeans. It fell to the floor. He toed his loafers off next and I realised my big brother fully intended to get naked with me and that was for one purpose only. He planned on having sex with me. I was hard as a rock as I watched him getting naked.

He unbuttoned his jeans and had his zipper half way down when he figured out I was making no move to get undressed. "Come on, Rick. Get those clothes off so we can try this shit out."

"Maybe you ought to take them off for me."

"I will if I have to," big brother growled. "But I'll also twist your balls until you squeal like a pig if you make me do it."

Never let it be said that mom raised any fools. I got the message -- loud and clear.

Without thinking what was queer or not, I pulled off my shirt, unsnapped my shorts, and pulled the zipper down. My ass rose off the bed and I was ready to start pushing cloth off my ass as soon as Ned did the same thing. I was willing to stay up with big brother but didn't want to jump out ahead with this shit. I wanted room to start back-pedalling if he did. I was operating on remote control, still in shock at what I'd already done that morning and my fucking curiosity at what queer sex was like.

Ned pulled open his jeans and pushed them and his briefs over his ass at the same time. He pulled them off each leg and I stared at my big brother's big cock as he got naked. "Your turn," he told me and smiled at the interest I wasn't trying to hide.

I pushed everything down to my knees and bent over to pull the shorts and underwear off my legs. I leaned back on the bed and studied my big brother. We were both naked and hard. I could smell sex in the air.

"Who's going first?" Ned asked.

I decided then and there I wanted to taste his dick. I wanted to feel him shooting his load in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. I just hoped he was hungry enough for porn money he'd do me first. "It's your fucking idea, you go first," I told him.

He grinned. "We're in this together, Rick. We'll both make good money. Let's do it together -- at the same time." He saw my confusion. "Sixty-nine, little brother. You do me while I'm doing you." We moved into position length-wise on my bed and I was staring up at his big, wide dick pointing at my mouth and the floppy balls hanging down behind it.

* * *

I grunted as my balls started to churn. Ned's eyes were closed. He slammed into me one last time and immediately jerked away. He pulled out of me fast and I saw his teeth are clenched as he yanked the rubber off his dick. I wailed away at my meat to get the spunk rolling.

He sat back on his heels and my legs eased back down to the floor so that I was straddling his spread knees. He knelt over me, his fist flailing his dick. His fist hit his pubes and stopped, he opened his eyes to find out where my face was, and adjusted his aim. Rick knew I liked to eat his cum and the fans loved to watch me do it.

I watched the head of his dick as I started to unload my second one of the afternoon. At home, he'd be unloading in me or I'd just suck him until I had it all. But this was a vid -- the fans wanted cum in the cum shots. So, Ned and I had worked it out. He pumped his spunk for the fans to see, ropes of the stuff -- and he aimed them at my face. He'd become a damned good shot the past year. The fans saw cum and I gulped down his jizz. The fans loved the extra visuals and we'd become Global Entertainment's favourite American pornstars because of us doing what comes naturally.

After Ned shot his load and I ate a good three quarters of it, he lay on me and kissed me. Real deep. Showing me and the world that will watch this vid how much he appreciated me.

I could dig that. I appreciated him just as much.

* * *

I shot just before my brother did and he took it all. His throat muscles swallowing did real nice things to the head of my dick. What the hell! If he could, I figured I could. Besides, I was liking all those new sensations -- including his finger fucking my asshole while I blew my load.

Ned was still plugging my butt with his finger -- only now he had two of them in there. They were feeling real good and I was staying hard. I pulled off his eight inches and looked down between us. I couldn't see much but it felt real interesting.

My eyes bulged when he worked a third finger in and dove for home. I ground my butt and moaned as new sensations really started to crash over me. I looked at his hard dick hugging his belly over me and wasn't scared of it any more. "You want to get off in my butt, don't you, Ned?" I asked hesitantly.

He was off me and between my legs before I could bat my eyes twice, much less think. My big brother had never been one to give a guy a chance to back out of anything -- he wasn't about to this time, either. He raised my legs and propped them up on his smooth chest. His fingers pushed into me while he leaned into me, hiking my ass to his dick's level. Those fingers came out of my hole and guided his hard meat to me. He quickly leaned even further into me and put his lips firmly on mine. His dick pushed hard at my butthole and, before I could think to close things down, was through my assmuscle and heading for home.

I gasped and suddenly had a mouthful of tongue looking to wrestle with mine. I was fuller than if I'd gone a week without a shit. My muscles flexed and tried to figure out how to expel Ned's big dick, even as it kept sliding deeper into my bowels. I stared up my brother and wondered what I'd done to my relationship with him. Then I was feeling his pubes tickling my balls and scraping the insides of my thighs. His balls pressed against my asscheeks.

He looked me over and grinned. "You like this, don't you, Rick?" His hand wrapped around my hard dick. "Wiggle your ass around on it, little brother. Get to know it real well."

I did as I was told and instantly my eyes widened as I stared up at him and his dick started massaging my love gland with all my moving around. "Jesus!" I moaned as he continued to grin down at me.

"Feel good?"

I sighed, knowing what I was letting myself in for. "Fuck me, Ned," I told him, letting myself experience all the sensations coming out of my butt. "Fuck my ass good."

* * *


Ned rolled off me, our lips still locked together.

"Okay, love birds, it's a wrap. You guys got it right the first time, as usual. Go get dressed." The director might be good with fuck videos, but he sure as shit didn't know a thing about being romantic.

Ned's face retreated and he smiled. "I guess we do need to get going. You've got that history final tomorrow and I've got calculus."

"Do we really need a college degree, Ned?" I asked as he pulled me to my feet.

I was being serious. Together, we were making more than dad, and he'd been working thirty years for the government.

Ned ruffled my hair as the director paid us. "It's history, calculus, and midnight oil tonight, baby. We ace these finals and we'll fly to New York for a week of fun, okay?"

I wrinkled my nose in mock disgust and went over to my pile of clothes by the door. I guessed I could put up with history until sometime in the night -- until the itch in my butt really started flaring again and I needed Ned to scratch it for me.