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Dave MacMillan




I drug my sorry ass into the apartment and almost forgot to shut the door, I was so wiped out.

I should've got more into G.I. Joe when I was a kid. It would've sure helped with that one question on my history final. Who the fuck cared about the differences between how the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians governed themselves anyway? I flopped onto the couch and decided a little nap wouldn't hurt. Ned would be another hour getting home.

The phone started ringing just as my brain was shutting down. Fuck!

I toyed with just ignoring it for about ten seconds. It was probably some damned telemarketer; but it could be Ned trying to reach me or another shoot. Besides, the phone was on the side table right above my head. "This is Rick," I said as I brought the receiver towards my mouth.

"You're Rick Varnadore, right?" the voice on the other side said.

"Yeah. Who's this?"

"Emil Paulik, Rick. I'm calling for Prince von Muribor..."

I recognized the last name. A guy named von Muribor was the president of Global Entertainment, Ned's and my boss. I hadn't heard that he was a prince, though. My brain went on high alert. "Karl von Muribor?" I asked.

"Yes, Karli." There was a chuckle on the other end of the line. "He would like to meet you and your brother."

I was pretty sure that I was picking up on an accent now, a faint one.

"Are you able to come to Washington this weekend?"

"Washington?" I asked, more than a little bewildered. "DC?"

"Yes. We're here for the week and would like to meet our hottest stars, Rick." There a pause. "And discuss your futures with us."

Our futures? My stomach did a flip flop right there and then. This just might not be good at all.

"I'll have to talk to Ned before I can commit both of us," I told him. "Is something up?"

The pause this time was longer. I had the feeling that Emil Paulik was working his way through the idiom instead of Ned having to agree to this meeting.

"Rick, Karl likes to meet our employees," Emil said finally. "He -- we like to feel that Global Entertainment is a family. You and your brother have been with us too long for us not to have met in person."

"You guys have all been great," I said and felt like I was babbling.

I was pretty sure I was picking up on some vibes here but I wasn't figuring out what they were about. That made me nervous.

"Thank you, Rick. Hopefully, you'll feel the same about us after you've met us." He chuckled at his put-down of himself and the president of Global Entertainment. "Let's do this. Talk with your brother about this weekend. If we don't hear from you tonight, we'll send the company airplane down tomorrow morning to pick you up."


I didn't even know if Athens had an airport, much less one that I was sure was a jet.

"I suppose Atlanta would be best," he mused. "It'll be there by ten tomorrow morning. In front of the Lufthansa check-in."

"I don't have your phone number -- you know, to let you know in case we can't make it."

He laughed and gave it to me. "See you tomorrow, Rick Varnadore."


So, call me a worrywart! I don't know from nothing; I'm just a queer redneck from south Georgia, trying hard to get rid of labels and just be me.

Ned and I had been sucking and fucking for Global Entertainment for more than a year. We had nine vids out already, and each one had broke the five thousand sales mark. We were as big as Global's Johan Kys was maybe 10 years ago.

We'd get a call to set up a shoot. Except for the director and camera crew when we were shooting our porn vids, neither Ned nor I had ever met anyone from Global Entertainment. Well ... There was the scout who recruited us -- but we hadn't seen him since we signed on the dotted line. We got our monthly checks like clockwork and a copy of our latest vid in the post and were paid in cash after wrapping up a shoot.

Everything was swimming along, smooth as silk. Why did the top brass of Global Entertainment suddenly want to know us?

What happened if this von Muribor guy wanted a piece of my tail? Or if one of the other big wheels did?

Shit! There was only one guy who porked me -- who ever had -- and that was Ned. Just like I was the only one he fucked. We didn't fuck, we made love. It was a nice little perk that we got paid for doing it for the camera. I hadn't looked, but I hadn't found anyone I wanted to replace him with. And I didn't want to think about changing what we'd had this past year. It was a good bet, though, that letting somebody other than Ned between my legs would change it.

And I'd just die if Ned did anybody else.

I just was so not into sharing.

Why in the name of God had we got into the porn business in the first place?

I was still worrying when my brother got home. Okay! My worries kept climbing higher and higher, carrying me with them. I was actually a nervous wreck by the time my brother opened the door, home from his calculus final.

He took one look at me sitting on the couch and holding my knees. He dropped everything and knelt before me. He took my hands in his and said: "Has something happened to the folks?"

I sat up and stared at him. And snorted.

Our folks? Mom? Dad? Jeez! Where had that come from?

"Karl von Muribor has requested the pleasure of our company for the weekend, Ned," I said; it was almost a whisper. "Prince von Muribor," I amended.


"The guy who owns Global Entertainment -- you know, the company that pays us to fuck," I said. "Him and his friends. They're sending their jet to Atlanta tomorrow to take us to meet them in Washington, DC."

He sat back on his heels, a puzzled look on his face as he assimilated the information.

He looked -- I don't know -- so totally and completely Ned Varnadore that I just had to smile. God! I loved him so. I promptly forgot all the fears I'd been having the past hour and leant forward to kiss his cute pug nose. I was so damned glad he was with me now and could decide what we were going to do.

Let me clear this up right now -- I am not some girlie little faggot letting his big, strong man do everything. I'm as tall as Ned -- six feet -- and just about as strong. I've proved it before and have no hang-ups about doing it again. I've got my own life outside of our relationship, and I live it. Especially when it came to my hobby. I'd bought vids of just about all of the old films I could find since Ned and I started making porn. It's just that letting Ned make the final decision about things concerning us was part of my comfort zone.

It's just worked out that, from the moment his dick slid into my butt that very first time, Ned just sort of took over making decisions about things that affected both of us. He hadn't fucked up yet. I'd got used to it over the past year and a couple of months. In fact, I was happy with it. Following Ned's lead as far as we were concerned was definitely part of my comfort zone.

"You know," he mused, "I'll bet we're the only two Americans they've got on the payroll."

"Where did that come from?" I asked, studying his face for some kind of revelation.

"It's just that everything's been so impersonal from the get-go." He met my gaze and his lips turned up at the corners in a little smile. "Everybody we've met from Global is German, and they're headquartered in Berlin. We haven't even met the other guys in our videos -- their scenes are spliced in after the shoot. And, from the looks of them, I'd say none of them are American."

"Yeah," I snorted. "None of them have had skinned weiners that I've seen."

"That and they actually look like they're speaking another language. Our scenes are dubbed and it shows. Our lips just aren't forming the words we hear in the video."

"Okay," I said, feeling really dense. "So, we're the only Americans they've got, and the relationship has been pretty long-distance up to now. How does that connect to them suddenly wanting to get to know us?"

He shrugged. "Maybe they're planning on expanding into the American market. Or, maybe, they're looking at doing something they think we'd be good at. Who knows?"

"Maybe they want to spread us around," I added, giving voice to my fears.

"Spread us around?"

"You know -- having one of their other models bonk my butt or having you pork somebody else."

He studied my face closely for a moment. "That isn't going to happen, Rick," he said finally. "We're lovers and something like that would ruin our relationship for you."

"For you, too," I mumbled. "Wouldn't it?"

"I'd be one pissed-off boy if you ever let anybody have a piece of you."

"But we need the money, Ned," I groaned. "There's school, the car..." I looked around the room. "This place ... We've got pretty used to the money."

"And Dad's not been footing any of the bill since we started for Global." He took a deep breath. "We've got enough money socked away that we could last a year -- as long as we're both super tight."

"A year?" I groaned. "I'm only a sophomore this year. That means two more years of college for me."

His finger touched my lips. "We both went to summer school. If you pass everything this term, you'll be a junior next semester. I'll be a senior. We could just about make it."

He stood then and grinned. "Look at us, little brother. We're making mountains out of mole hills."

"Maybe," I allowed.

"Probably a lot more than maybe, Rick. Global Entertainment is a business for these guys, and we're making them loads of money. Let's just see what they want." He grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. "In the meantime, I feel pretty frisky now that I'm through my last final."

I batted my lashes. Sultrily. Like Mae West would have done. "Why don't you come up to see me sometime, big boy?" I said, making my voice throaty like the blond bombshell used to do in her heyday.

Okay, so maybe I can be a drama queen. But only sometimes. But only when I'm just horsing around. Only with Ned, though. And only if I using lines from old movies.

"How about we go to our bedroom right now instead?" he suggested, his hands dropping down to my butt and pulling me to him as he wagged his brows at me.

I kissed him with everything I had. Our tongues dueled. I ground my crotch against his. We got hard. I pulled him tighter against me and started getting into rubbing my nipples over his through our shirts. His hands kneaded my butt through my jeans. I started leaking. I was feeling sort of frisky after my finals, too.


That night, we were on our bed, naked, and sixty-nining.

I loved the feel of Ned's dick, every single vein, ridge, and valley of it. Eight inches, thick, cut, with a big mushroom head. Its shaft was slightly browner than the rest of his skin, but not much. I didn't care how I was feeling it -- with my hand, with my lips and tongue, or with my asslips -- as long as I was feeling it.

There was no-one but the two of us and we had forever. Our hands caressed each other's bodies. We were an extension of each other, luxuriating in each other's essence. We moved slowly on each other, making love to each other. Endless, unhurried, unfrenzied love.

It was as if I was plugged into eternity -- as if both of us were.

There was a stutter in our eternity and then another as my balls tightened and began to churn. Ned's hand on my butt pulled me closer and he buried his nose in my balls. He had all of my seven and a half inches and began to hum soundlessly. The vibrations of his throat muscles on the knob of my dick did what they always did, they pushed me into my orgasm.

I began to suckle Ned as he swallowed, his throat squeezing my knob as he swallowed each new blast.

When I was spent, I pulled away and lay on my back. Ned's tongue trailed slowly up my body. His warm breath and the wet warmth of his tongue against my skin kept me plugged into our eternity.

Ned lay on his side when his lips reached my neck and pressed his body against my side. He propped up on one elbow to reach my face. I raised my leg over his and brought my heel back to his butt. Our lips met and my mouth opened in invitation to his tongue. His arm went across my chest to pull me closer, and I moved my hips so that they pressed against his belly. He moved his hard cock into the open space between my spread legs. I reached down to position it and hold it until he could ease it in.

I lay on my back, my hips swiveled to meet his at my side, our lips locked together. I sighed around Ned's tongue as his knob broke through my sphincter and eased its way home. His kisses, his holding me, his dick moving in and out of my butt -- they all possessed me, making me his. I dove deeper into the eternity that was our togetherness.

Ned began a slow, steady push into me. I opened up for him, taking him deep. He moved slowly in me, I ground against him. My anal muscles squeezed Ned's dick each time he pulled backward and opened fully as he began to push back in. Our bodies moved together as one. Our tongues curled over and around each other in their own slow dance. My dick hardened completely again and was its usual slightly smaller version of Ned's.

My body and its various parts worked on instinct with Ned's, my mind followed the emotions and feelings spreading through my body -- melding and becoming one with them.

This wasn't one of our vids, and it wasn't a hurried fuck between cram sessions or researching last-minute term papers. I was not feeling passion. Ned was not fucking me. What we were doing was not sex. I felt peace at being one with Ned. What we were doing was our way of achieving that unity, the pleasurable way.

I floated on the gentle swells that washed through and over me, rocking me. My free leg slipped between his, raising my butt enough to provide a more comfortable angle to our union. My dick stayed hard, leaking pre-cum as it rode my belly. I felt safe, complete, in Ned's arms. The soft, squishing sound each time his sweat-covered groin met my sweat-and-lube-coated butt soothed me.

Ned's lips left mine, his tongue retreating from mine and moving down to my nipple closest to him. His teeth caught it and began to chew gently on it, sending electric shocks to my dick. The swells I'd been floating on became waves pushing me higher and higher. He began to pound my ass hard and fast. I gasped and grabbed two handfuls of his hair, pulling him hard to my chest as I became a rocket rising off its launch pad.

Ned pushed deep inside me before I reached orbit and throbbed. He held me to him tighter. Together, we rode the Milky Way.

"Want to try for three?" he asked as he nuzzled my ear.

"I'm spent," I mumbled, "and we've got an early day tomorrow if we're going to be at the airport by ten."

He nodded against my back and started to pull out of me.

"No," I said, pushing back on him to hold him in place. "Stay in me and hold me tight."

"You've got it, Rick."

I wiggled against him until I had as much skin-to-skin contact as it was possible to have. Spooned up against Ned and sated, I drifted into a world where we were always connected.

* * *

It was cold and blustery the next morning, even after the sun had come up. Ned drove, pointing the car towards I-20 which we'd then take into Atlanta. North Georgia country roads weren't something Ned enjoyed driving, not when two interstate motorways came within thirty miles of Athens. I was wiped out from finals. I needed a couple of days of sleep to recover. I leant my head against the cold window and tried to dose. Only, my mind refused to shut down to let me.

I couldn't stop wondering why we'd suddenly been invited to DC to meet the boss and his friends. And I couldn't stop worrying.

I didn't doubt for a moment that Ned would let either one of us get into messing around with somebody else, on or off camera -- even if it meant we left Global Entertainment and gave up the money we were making.

But Ned only had two more semester before he got his degree. I had four. We'd been pretty frugal. Our clothes stayed pretty much Wal-Mart even after we started receiving Global's checks. We didn't eat out. Our biggest expenses were the car and a two-bedroom apartment. The car was a used VW Golf, and the owner had taken care of it. It was also paid for, but it'd still eaten up a chunk of our earnings.

Neither of us was willing to let Dad and Mom see a queen-sized bed in just a one-bedroom apartment. And they were known to drop in on us on occasion. We'd have been dead if they were ever to figure out our sleeping arrangements.

The long and short of it was that we just didn't have enough money socked away for us to get through the amount of school left to earn our degrees.

Dad would probably help us out. No probably to it; he would. But it'd come with strings. And he was damned suspicious already that we'd just finished our third semester without any help from him.

Dad hadn't come right out and asked us where our money was coming from, but some of his comments sure left the impression that he was sure we were selling drugs.

I almost laughed at that one.

I could just hear Ned explaining things -- no, Dad, we don't sell drugs, I just fuck Rick on camera. He'd say it that way, too; my brother didn't have a diplomatic bone in his body when it came to the folks. It would be Ned who'd be doing the explaining, too; I got tongue-tied damned fast when our old man started asking personal questions.

I wondered if he'd let us have one last look at the ocean before Dad beat us to death. Shit! I'd want one last look at Ned and one last chance to hold him -- that'd be just about enough to hold me for eternity if I was forced to jump into it early.

Only, that kind of shit wasn't going to happen. Ned and I had a very long talk about our family after we accepted that we wanted in each other's pants. We'd come up with a sort of 'don't ask, don't tell' policy on the family level. Only, even if we were asked, neither one of us was going to tell. We figured that, after college, we'd get far enough away that even nosier parents than ours what we were doing on a personal level.

Besides, it wasn't as if we were taking away their right to grandkids; we had a little brother who'd just turned thirteen. From a couple of things Mom let drop the last time she appeared at our door unannounced, the kid was just finding girls and Ned and I could be uncles before he was out of high school.

If little brother was going to act like a rabbit about sex, I just hoped that Dad had bought him his first rubber already.

Maybe a little messing around with these Germans wouldn't be too bad. I liked the independence our working for Global Entertainment gave us. I figured Ned and I could give a little if the price got raised a bit more than we'd first figured. They sure did have a pretty country. I decided that I'd stay open to any possibilities that I stumbled into and hoped this von Muribor guy wasn't too old or fat.


I woke up as Ned pulled into a parking space on the roof of the long-term parking lot across from the North terminal. The digital dash clock read nine thirty. Beyond the windshield, several pages of last Sunday's comics swirled in an eddy across the tarmac and concrete. The sky was darker than it'd been when I fell asleep.

"They're calling for snow starting this afternoon," Ned said, noticing my gaze.

"Perfect time to hole up in the apartment, play toesies, and stay warm, if you ask me," I grumbled.

"Zip up, Rick," he said. "It's thirty-four degrees out there and the humidity factor takes it down to single digits."

"Why the fuck am I in Atlanta then?" I groaned but pulled the zipper up on my parka.

I pissed and groaned while I waited for Ned to open the hatch so we could our things and continue until we'd got on the elevator.

"Sweet Jesus!" I moaned as the door closed on us. "It's even cold in here."

Ned shook his head slowly and grinned. "Chill, little brother. We're going to have a fun time in DC -- unless you stay in this mood the whole time."

I smiled my best little-boy smile at him. "I'll try and be good, Daddy. I promise."

We both laughed and I wanted to hold him close. And hated the whole Bible-belt thing because I couldn't.


We sat on a bench across from the check-in desk for Lufthansa, and for any other European airline that flew into Atlanta. We didn't make small talk -- I looked around and Ned propped his head in his hands.

Okay, my brother and I are sort of the silent type. You know, the Gary Cooper kind of guys. It didn't really matter; he knew what I was thinking half the time and I knew what he was thinking the other half. It worked out.

Ned and I both were on the cross country track team back in high school. We'd got used to having nobody but yourself with you as our feet ate up the miles. Besides, if you'd grown up in my Dad's house, you'd have learnt fast to keep your mouth closed until spoken to.

"You are Ned Varnadore, yes?" a heavily-accented baritone asked Ned.

I turned my head and saw that my brother had sat up, was shaking hands with someone, and that there was a hand on his shoulder. A very masculine and young looking hand. My gaze following the hand, I found myself looking at the most beautiful man I'd ever seen.

I recognized him, of course. Johan Kys. His body and his voice. Even with the shades on. We'd been able to find a couple of older Global Entertainment vids after we'd had our screen test and knew what we were in for. He didn't look a day older than he had when he made those -- and that had to have been ten years ago now -- maybe more.

He not only looked as if he was maybe sixteen, he looked -- I don't know -- perfect. As in flawless, cream-colored skin. As in straight light-brown hair that stayed in place even when he moved. As in even white teeth that gleamed. As in brown eyes that looked into your soul -- only now, I couldn't see his eyes because he was wearing some really dark shades.

Johan Kys was the only guy, other than Ned, I'd thought I might let between my legs -- if I wasn't between his. I'd known the first time Ned fucked me that I was a bottom; but there was just something about this guy that made me want to change stripes.

Of course, that was before I knew that I was completely and hopelessly in love with my brother.

Johan smiled when he realized I was staring at him. "And you must be Rick Varnadore." His hand left Ned's and moved towards mine. "I have enjoyed all of your films. I so looked forward to meeting you on this journey to your country."

My hand, on autopilot, intercepted his just before it reached my chest. It was smooth to the touch and -- really cool. I hoped that the poor guy hadn't been waiting outside for us. Maybe he had to smoke a cigarette.

"Are you both ready?" he asked as he released my hand. "I don't mean to rush you, of course; but our pilot wishes to be on the ground before the storm arrives."

"Sure," Ned said. He stood and picked up his bag. Johan took a step down the corridor and Ned caught up with him.

I picked up mine and started to tag along after them.

Johan stopped and turned to face me. "Forgive me please, Rick," he said. "I should have waited for you to pick up your things. I didn't mean to walk away from you..." An outline of blotches began to grow on both cheeks. Big blotches. Becoming more than just outlines.

A look of horror crawled across his face. I stared at him, dumbstruck.

A moment later, a hand fell onto my shoulder. "Hi there, guys," a guy with an American voice said from right beside me, scaring the crap out of me.

I jerked and turned my head to look at him, even as I tried to pull away from him.

Damn, but the guy's hand was strong. It stayed in place and I wasn't moving. And he looked just as perfect as Johan did. I was pretty sure that neither one of them had ever had a zit in their lives.

"I'm Jody, Hansi's friend," the guy said to me.

Ned took that moment to turn back to see what was going on in my little world.

"If you don't mind, I'll take you guys on out to the plane."

I turned back to Johan to see if this was all on the up and up. Only, he wasn't there any more.

I met Ned's worried gaze with a what-is-this-shit look. He shrugged but moved closer just in case.

People popping up out of nowhere and other people disappearing into nothing? I was beginning to have some really funny feelings about this weekend trip of ours.

I laughed suddenly, seeing so clearly how silly I was being. Ned and I were perfectly safe. And we were going to have a lot of fun with five really cool guys. And we were really going to love what Global Entertainment had in mind for us. I didn't even stop to wonder how I knew there were four other guys traveling with this von Muribor guy.