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The Glory Hole Oak Tree

Chapter #1

By: Paul S. Stevens

"Why are you always so cruel to me?" Todd asked his brother. "What did I ever do to make you hate me so much?"

"You were born, that's what you did!" Victor declared.

Victor had dished out yet another mean and evasive answer that left Todd in the dark as to understand his brother's utter contempt for him.

"Well then, excuse me for being born!" Todd rebuffed.

"There is no excuse for you, you little weenie!" Victor said ending Todd's argument with two quick jabs to his arm.

Todd was a typical thirteen year old boy. Today, like most days, Todd and his fifteen year old brother Victor were getting on each other's nerves. Their constant bickering had finally gotten on their parent's last nerve. The four of them all being confined in their motor home together was not helping.

"Why don't you boys go somewhere, do something," their dad suggested. "Get away from each other for a while. You're driving your mother and me crazy!"

"Good idea!" Victor said.

"Don't go too far please!" their mother reminded them. "Dinner will be ready in about an hour so please be back by then."

"Don't worry mom, we will!" Todd promised for the both of them.

The two boys raced out of the family motor home and Victor started down the trail as Todd watched his brother storm away.

"Don't you go following me you little turd," Victor threatened. Then under his breath, he mumbled, "but if you do, it'll be okay with me you little shit, I still love you."

"I wouldn't dream of following you," Todd scowled. "I don't want to get bored to death!" He didn't hear the part his brother muttered to himself. In a way, he wasn't supposed to. He wanted to call his brother something more insulting in return but he didn't want to add any more fuel to the fire that was already blazing between them.

Todd sadly observed his brother for a couple of minutes until he disappeared from sight. With determination to have some fun on his own and away from Victor, Todd started walking in the opposite direction and set out to explore the surrounding area where he and his family were camping for the weekend.

Todd and Victor's dad had educated them at length about the rich history and tragic tales that surrounded the National Park and Campgrounds long before they began their journey. He didn't know if his son's knew the popular meaning of a contemporary Gloryhole and deep down he hoped they didn't know. He just made sure they understood the historic meaning of the term `Glory Hole' so there would be no confusion.

Factually speaking, the `Glory Hole Recreation Area' is an ideal spot to take a family camping. The camp site itself is located at `New Melones Lake' (located in `Calaveras County' in `Angels Camp') which is the fourth largest lake in California (trailing behind Oroville, Shasta, and Trinity) and is located on the Stanislaus River. The 12,500 surface acre lake is situated along the edge of the Mother Lode. This is the very same gold vein that prompted the California Gold Rush of 1849. At 1,100 feet above sea level, the diverse and resource abundant `Foothill Oak Woodlands' hugs over a hundred miles of shoreline. There is an abundance of lakes and reservoirs in the Sierra foothills. People come from all over California to enjoy the boating and fishing available here and their dad was told by his boss that the `Glory Hole Recreation Area and Campgrounds' was the ideal place to camp.

Todd had been thinking about the history lesson his dad had taught him as he casually hiked through the area, enjoying nature and breathing the fresh air. He also was enjoying his freedom to do anything he wanted without his brother telling him where to go and what to do. As he strolled aimlessly in no particular direction, he came upon a curious thicket of young Baby Oak Trees and as he came closer he found himself drawn to the center of the small grove where one single Grand Oak Tree stood gloriously regal and majestic, effortlessly towering above its neighboring kin.

As he entered the closely gathered cleft of trees, he became aware that he was not properly dressed for this kind of exploration as the twigs and branches reached out and slapped at his exposed flesh. He was wearing nothing more than a pair of athletic shoes, socks and a tight pair of red Speedos. Despite his inadequate attire, something was attracting him to this one particular tree and the sensation increased the closer he got. Soon, it became apparent that it was a sexual attraction because it had caused him to have an instant erection for no apparent reason. He paused for a moment, contemplating the ridiculous notion that he was sexually attracted to a tree.

His boyhood unexpectedly sprang to attention in the same way that it would every time he gets close to his secret crush, Woody Goldstein. His body would always react the same way every time Woody would get close. He would get weak in the knees and his heart would start racing, his mouth would get dry and he would loose the ability to move or speak. For almost a year now, Todd had been trying to work up the nerve to make friends with Woody. Todd knew that Woody was gay since last summer when he and his best friend Adam Edwards discovered masturbation together at a weekend sleepover. That's when Adam revealed that he and Woody Goldstein had done it several times at camp that year.

An overwhelming urge to jack-off filled Todd's senses. He took one good look around to be sure he wasn't being watched or followed. His desire to satisfy himself was strong but not so strong as to let his brother catch him beating-off. He definitely didn't want to have to deal with anymore of his brother's hurtful ridicule. The tightly grouped grove of small trees provided a secluded area with ample privacy. He sat at the base of this centrally located Mighty Oak Tree and then pulled his Speedos to his knees, exposing his throbbing need. He took things well in hand as he wrapped his palm around his aching pole. The warm summer breeze wafted a faint hint of an alluring sensual fragrance that reminded him of the way Adam's little boy boner smelled when he would suck on it. It was that enticing erotic smell that was etched in Todd's mind every time he buried his nose in Adam's sparse but sexy aromatic pubes. As Todd sat at the base of that tree, intensely jerking-off, that same enticing scent got stronger. His curiosity got the better part of him and he stood up to investigate. As he continued to stroke his swollen boner with his Speedos now clenched around his ankles, he set out to locate the source of the tantalizing smell that turned him on even more now as he closed in on his target.

As he scooted his feet around to the other side of the tree, he discovered a small circular hole in the tree that appeared to be the source of the intoxicating cologne. It was just the right height from the ground and just the right circumference around for him to entertain a wildly erotic idea. He walked up to the hole and found it was just about two inches to high for him. He looked down at the ground and saw a root that was elevated above the surface that he could stand on top of. He stood up on it, drew his feet closer together and plunged his little boy boner directly into the beckoning hole of the tree trunk, imagining it might mystically come to life.

He experienced a rush of adrenaline as the fear of the unknown fueled his sexual curiosity. He got sensuously aroused as he imagined that in a perfect world, inside this hollowed out tree trunk sat Woody Goldstein who was just waiting for Todd to come to his hole so he could suck him off. Just as Todd's imagination started running wild, he felt something move inside the hole. Before he could pull his favorite body part out of harm's way, it gripped him so tightly that he couldn't move. He felt a stinging at the base of his captured boyhood that reminded him of the last time he got a shot at the Doctor's office.

With lightening speed, he began to feel strange as a warm feeling blanketed his entire body. As he tried again to withdraw from the hole, he discovered he was paralyzed from head to toe and had been rendered helplessly frozen in place. Surprisingly, he wasn't scared anymore and he no longer felt the need to escape. In fact, he was beginning to enjoy having his Dick in this hole of wonder. A wave of pleasure permeated every inch of Todd's body as he felt the sensation of a hundred tongues surround the head of his penis. At first it felt slimy and stingy like a jellyfish as it sucked his penis into its gelatinous body eventually encompassing his entire cock and balls. Once his groin was totally encased in this unnatural material, it got warm and tingly and induced a feeling of exhilaration deep within his bowels. Then a few moments later, Todd experienced a curious sensation. He felt something defile his body. It was warm and wet and slippery and it entered his penis through his tiny piss hole and moved down the inside of his forbidden boy pipes. It aroused him even more as it tickled and stimulated the inner plumbing of his interconnecting tubes within his maturing sexual organs. Then he felt an electrifying surge of vibrations that entered his scrotal sack and then internally envelop his sensitive balls, surrounding them with the same wicked sensations of a hundred licking tongues.

As he stood frozen in front of this unearthly passageway between this world and beyond, his eyes rolled back inside his head and he moaned deeply as a wave of pleasure coursed through his body. He felt every hair from head to toe stand on edge as a burst of tingles radiated outward from the very core of his being. He realized that he had spent the last several minutes teetering on the explosive edge of the most powerful orgasm of his life. He found himself wishing that these seductive and sexually enticing sensations would never end. He tried to will himself to cum but something that the tree was doing was preventing him from succeeding. Then he realized what it was that was happening to him. The tree was literally drinking his sperms, consuming them directly from the source. The tree had used him like he was a piece of produce that was ripe for harvesting. Once the tree had ingested all it could absorb from his small immature testicles, it withdrew from his body. As it moved backwards through Todd's reproductive system, it triggered a prostate orgasm in Todd like nothing he'd ever experienced before. For an occurrence as strange and bizarre as it was, it was still one of the most memorable experiences he'd ever had and one he was eager to repeat as often as possible.

For as young and immature as his young male body was, he still received a triple dose of sexual pleasure that rivaled a religious experience. Once the tree released its grip on Todd, he backed away a couple of steps and tripped on his bunched up Speedos that had gotten caught around his ankles. He then collapsed on the ground as his bare ass dropped onto a cushion of Oak tree leaves. He was unable to move for a minute or two as he slowly came to his senses. The experience had left Todd dazed and confused. He was just plain exhausted. The tree had zapped all of Todd's energies both physically and mentally. He looked down at his crotch and noticed the small red dot where the tree or the entity within the tree had stung him, injecting him with something that rendered him immobile. He also noticed his penis was somehow larger. It had gotten longer and fatter and it felt super sensitive to the touch. After enough time had passed for him to recover and drift back down from his unusually long and powerful post orgasmic euphoria, Todd gathered his thoughts and stood up, pulled his shorts back on and started walking back toward the campground as he seemed to literally walk on air from the after effects of the entire incident.

As he walked back to his family's campsite, his thoughts were consumed with two things. First, despite how poorly he and his brother were getting along, he wanted to tell Victor all about how he came upon this tree and the heavenly encounter he had with it. Then second, as time went on, a growing lust for a repeat performance started to become an obsession as he seriously considered sacrificing himself to the tree again by offering himself up for a second milking. The fact that the entity within the tree stung him, injected him with a paralyzing solution, entered his body through his penis and literally sucked the sperms right out of his balls all seemed to be unimportant compared to the unimaginable gift of pure bliss that the entity bestowed upon him.

The entity survives on a unique symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit. It delivers a highly addictive biological reward to the individual who willingly allow themselves to be fed upon by the entity's insatiable hunger. It feeds exclusively on human sperm cells that it obtains directly from the testicles of healthy human males. When a sexually fertile male wonders close enough to it, the entity releases a powerful pheromone that sexually attracts him (and only him) to its feeding hole. Once a male subject is lured and baited into freely offering his penis, the entity goes to work drugging its victim. The drug immediately goes to work in the victim's brain causing it to release a continuous flood of endorphins that allow the entity to have unlimited access to the host's testicles thereby allowing for virtually unlimited feeding.

When Todd returned to the family motor home he found his brother had already returned ahead of him and his mom was just putting dinner on the table. Todd was unusually hungry since his encounter with the Oak tree had depleted his energy reserves. Nevertheless, he couldn't wait for his family to finish dinner so he could get Victor alone and tell him all about is adventure.

Once everyone finished their dinner, Todd helped his mother clean up a bit and then he told Victor to meet him outside. Victor was uncooperative and totally uninterested in anything Todd had to say. Todd literally had to pull Victor outside by the arm as he promised him it was important.

"Okay, we're outside, what's so damn important?" Victor chided.

"I discovered something in a group of trees that I want to show you," Todd began.

Victor listened half-heartedly as Todd re-enacted the entire incident for his brother. Once he was finished with his story, he offered to take Victor to the area to see it.

"I think you're on something dude!" Victor claimed. "There's no way that any of what you just told me could possibly be real. Besides, what makes you think I'd put my dick in the hole of some tree trunk? You must really think I'm a real idiot!"

Todd thought about what he could do to convince his older brother he was telling the truth. Then it came to him.

"Here, I'll show you it's real," Todd said as he pulled his Speedos down a few inches to reveal his undeniable proof. "This is what happened afterward."

Victor gazed upon his little brother's pecker and gasped.

"Shit! No way, what happened?" Victor asked. "Your dick's bigger than mine now!"

"This is the gift the tree gave me for feeding it," Todd revealed. "It's so great, you got to try it!"

"All right," Victor conceded. "Now you've got me interested. Go ahead, show me this thing!"

The two boys asked their parent's for permission to go exploring together.

"Hey dad, is it all right for me and Todd to go exploring?" Victor asked.

"Sure!" his dad answered. "I'm glad to see you boys finally getting along and doing something together. Just be back before it gets dark all right? And hey Victor, this better not be a trick to go ditching your brother somewhere. Someday you're going to need each other's help so you boys better start learning how to look out for each other. So Absolutely No Ditching! Got it?"

"Sure dad! No worries!" Victor agreed.

Once they got permission and made their promises, Todd suggested that the two of them change into long pants so they can more easily traverse the terrain. Then Todd eagerly led Victor to the site of the Grand Oak Tree. As they approached the area, Todd noticed the scent that had attracted him the first time was completely different. It didn't have the same effect on him this time. Even so, Todd noticed that Victor was heavily aroused, first by his primal sexual behavior and second, by the visible tenting that his brother's boner was producing inside his pants. The entity seemed to know that there were two of them this time and it seemed to be targeting Victor by appealing to his unique pheromone susceptibility. Suddenly, Victor began to act like Todd wasn't even there as he spied the hole his brother had described to him and boldly approached it. It was almost as if he were hypnotized as he stepped up to it and confidently dropped his pants. He seemed to be completely unconcerned that he was exposing himself in front of his brother. Appearing to be free of any inhibitions, he delved his cock fearlessly into the void. A moment later, Victor felt the first evidence of the entity's presence.

"Ouch, the son of a bitch bit me!" Victor cursed.

Even though Victor objected to the paralyzing sting of the entity, the serum was already coursing through his veins and he failed to move in time to avoid the immobilizing effects. Todd had totally forgotten to inform his brother about that particular little fact as Victor's outcry caused Todd to wince as he painfully relived the event a second time. Todd became worried that he may have unwittingly exposed his brother to the unpredictable dangers that he himself had dismissed earlier in light of the pure joy that the overall experience provided.

"Oh my God, I can't move!" Victor indicated.

"Do you need any help?" Todd inquired.

"No... I think I'm okay... Yeah I'm okay," he said. "It feels kind of weird and kind of good at the same time," Victor said as he relayed a blow by blow description of his experience.

Todd relaxed a bit. He remembered that once the tree stung him, it just kept getting better and better from that point on. He sat down on a cushion of leaves near his brother and watched his brother take his turn like a voyeur deriving sexual sustenance from the intimate act of surveillance. Todd started getting turned on again as he identified with the series of sensations his brother was now experiencing for his first time.

"Wow, I'm feeling my cock getting drawn inside something warm and tingly. It's starting to deep throat me man. It feels like a dozen tongues are licking me from all sides. This is really hot!"

Todd was excited to be witnessing his brother get sexually gratified now and hearing his personal account of his experiences as they transpired caused Todd to relive his experience vicariously through his brother. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and began to stroke himself as he watched his brother's react.

"Holy crap, now it's got all of me inside it. I can feel it licking my entire dick from the tip of my dick to the base of my shaft and now it's taking in my balls too. I can do this all day man, this is great!"

So far, Victor was experiencing everything Todd had experienced and now Todd began to remember what came next and wondered how Victor was going to take it.

"Oh..., Oh no... It's going inside me. Todd, it's going inside me... No... Oh No... Stop! Please Stop!"

Todd remembered feeling a little strange as the entity entered him but it didn't hurt him and he certainly didn't get scared but it was different for Victor. Boys his age are more sexually mature and more protective of their balls and the entity had just violating that invisible boundary.

"Don't fight it Victor, it won't hurt you," Todd reassured his brother. "This is where it gets really good!"

"I'm scared," Victor admitted. "It isn't going to eat my balls is it? I don't want to loose my balls man!"

"You're not going to loose your balls, trust me!" Todd promised.

"Okay, if you say so!" Victor said, "but if I do loose my balls, I swear you're so going to loose yours!"

"Tell me what you're feeling right now," Todd instructed as he encouraged his brother to continue his erotic narration and take his mind of the fear and anxiety he was feeling.

"Okay, I guess it's not so bad after all," Victor said calming down a bit. "It feels warm and slippery like a tongue but it's licking me from the inside. Again, it's kind of weird and kind of cool. Wait... wait... now I feel it inside my ball sack. Wow that feels good. I can feel it expanding inside me making me bigger. That's so cool. Oh wait... Oh My God, it's sucking and squeezing my nuts. Oh... Oh...Oh Shit Man, that's the most intense thing I've ever felt. Holy Shit that's good! Oh man I'm cuming, I'm cuming, Oh man I can feel myself cuming."

"Your not cuming yet, you just think you are!" Todd informed him.

"Un-fucking-believable man," Victor said using language he seldom ever used. "I've never felt the urge to cum for so long without shooting it. It's like my sperms are right at the tip of my dick just aching to jump out. I'm right there on the edge man! I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep going like this. I don't know if I can hold on... I mean I don't know... I mean... I mean... I..."

Victor's ability to continue describing his experiences ceased as the orgasmic sensations began to double and even triple in intensity. The entity began kneading his testicles to coax them to release the last bit of sperms that were stored deep within them. Victor could do little more than moan now as he started to drift off into another dimension where men have orgasms that can last for hours at a time. He felt himself grow weak as the entity drained his balls of the last few drops, literally licking him clean to the point of near sterilization.

Once the entity siphoned off all the sperm cells from Victor's testicles, it began to ooze a trail of its climax inducing serum into Victor's reproductive tract as it wickedly withdrew from his body, triggering a massive cascade of multiple orgasms along the way ending in a prominent prostate orgasm so powerful that it enveloped his entire mind, body and soul.

As the last of the entity's tendrils receded out of Victor's urethra, it released its hold on him and he stumbled backwards a couple of steps and then fell right next to Todd, his head landing right in Todd's lap. His breathing was shallow and his eyes were glazed over. He looked like he had been partying all night and was ready to sleep for the next twenty-four hours. Victor's monumental experience seemed to drain his life-force from his body more profoundly then it had done to Todd. Todd was a little more sexually immature compared to his brother so the effects on Todd's body were less pronounced. His brother's limp body was evidence that he had just received a sexual experience that defied description and the very idea of that fueled Todd's oncoming orgasm. As Victor came down from his post orgasmic euphoria, he turned toward his brother and finally acknowledged his presence once again.

As Todd gaped at his brother's nearly naked body, his dick started throbbing and he quickened his pace. He madly stroked his boner as he felt his climax draw nearer. Then Victor did something that was completely out of character for him. He grabbed Todd's arm that he was stroking himself with and pulled it away. Then without hesitation, he drew his little brother's cock into him mouth, swallowing it whole. Todd was in shock for a moment and then totally accepted his brother's unexpected gesture.

Victor had decided to do his brother this one favor for two reasons. First, as a thank you for sharing this earth shattering experience with him and second, because he was still in the throws of passion from being sexually stimulated by the entity. Since Todd had been jacking himself the entire time he had been watching his brother, he was already close to popping. Todd took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He stiffened and arched his back and he released his orgasm with one big long spasm. Victor prepared himself to receive Todd's semen and savor his very first taste of his brother's cum as he waited for Todd to explode.

As Victor sucked and licked Todd's cock and balls, he noticed that his cock was substantially larger in size and thickness from what he remembered his brother being the few times he'd ever seen him naked. He also noticed his balls were considerably smaller. Even though his ball sack was enlarged and swollen, the actual testicles buried beneath were much smaller than Victor thought they should be. Once Todd relaxed and fell back into the pile of leaves, Victor realized his brother's orgasm had already passed.

"Thanks Victor, that was so awesome," Todd said.

"No problem," Victor said. "I was waiting for you to shoot your wad so I could taste it. Why didn't you shoot anything?"

"I did shoot it!" Todd insisted.

"Dude, nothing came out!" Victor said. "Don't you shoot stuff out your dick?"

"Yeah, I've been able to shoot sperms for months now."

"Well, I'm telling you, nothing came out! By the way, your dick may be bigger now but... have your balls always been this small?"

"Fuck you Victor, that wasn't very nice!"

"No, I mean it, feel them right now and answer my question!"

Reluctantly, Todd examined his own balls. He rolled them around between his fingers and discovered that Victor was right. His eyes welled up with tears as he turned to his brother.

"What happened to my balls?" Todd cried. "That fucking tree did eat my balls!"

"I knew it, I just fucking knew it," Victor cursed.

He reached down and inspected his own balls but they were still too sensitive to do a complete examination. Nevertheless, he was able to ascertain that his balls were still there but they were substantially reduced in mass from their normally abundant size.

"Okay Todd, both of us still have our balls but they're definitely shrunken," Victor observed. "I don't think it's a good idea to ever do this again!"

"Yeah, I think you're right," Todd agreed. "Let's head back to camp."

As the two boys rose to their feet, Victor felt a little woozy.

"Hey Todd," Victor stated. "I don't think I'm going to be able to make it back."

"What do you mean?"

"I can hardly stand up. The tree took all my energy away. I don't think I can make it!"

"You've got to Victor, you've just got to. I'll help you okay, just lean on me. Don't worry, we can make it!"

Todd was determined to help Victor get back to the motor home one way or another. He felt it was his fault that Victor was in this predicament in the first place. After being somewhat naked together and sharing this unique experience, Victor started to see his annoying little brother in a completely different light. In addition, Todd demonstrated his love for Victor by showing his concern and not just ditching him. Victor wondered that if the tables were turned, if he would've done the same for Todd. Victor made a vow to himself that if Todd could get them both back to the campsite without having to go for help, he would start treating Todd with a little more patience and respect.

Todd managed to get both of them back safely although by the time they made their way back to camp, they were both ready to drop. To the surprise of their parents, they both stripped down to their underwear and went straight to bed. They even slept close to each other for the very first time in their lives.

About four o'clock in the morning, both boys woke up to a raging hardon that prevented them from sleeping. They both sat up and looked at each other for a moment.

"Are you thinking about going back to that tree?" Victor whispered.

"Hell yeah," Todd answered.

"Have you forgotten about our balls?" Victor reminded.

"Oh yeah, I did forget but I still want to go," Todd said.

"We can't afford to let our balls shrink anymore than they already did!" Victor warned.

"Your right but I want to do it again so bad!" Todd revealed.

"I know, I do too," Victor confessed. "It's given me this boner and it's so hard it hurts!"

"Me too," Todd confirmed. "It won't let me sleep!"

"Well, we need to try anyway. Victor said. "Let's try to put it out of our minds and go back to sleep. We have a whole lot of re-growing to have to do!"

"Okay, your right," Todd smiled.

Victor winked at Todd and the two of them dropped back into bed. As they laid there unable to sleep, they both stared at each other's boners that were tenting up from within their white boxer briefs. After about ten minutes of that, they conceded to sneak out and pay their new friend a late night visit despite the dangers involved. They slipped on their long pants, shirts, shoes and socks and quietly exited the camper without waking up their parents.

Thanks to a brightly shining full moon, they swiftly made it to the infamous Oak tree and then decided who was going to go first. They both noticed an absence of the sensuous odor that they had both encountered on their first visit. Everything seemed different this time. Maybe it was because it was night and things always appear different in the dark. They agreed that Todd would go first and he approached the hole, dropped his pants, stood up on the protruding root and plunged his slightly larger and definitely harder erection into the mouth of the beast. He waited for a response and cringed in anticipation of the initial sting the entity is known to deliver. After several seconds, nothing happened. He pumped his dick in and out of the hole and shook his hips wildly making his cock wiggle and shudder inside the hole to try to evoke a reaction. After a few minutes of this, Victor suggested he try and see if he could get its attention. Todd agreed and sat his bare bubble butt on the cushion of fallen leaves and watched his brother go through the same steps and procedures he had already tried with no success. With his pants still down to his ankles, Victor joined his brother on the cushiony leaves as they sat side by side on the ground contemplating what went wrong.

"Maybe the tree is asleep," Todd wondered.

"Yeah, maybe it is," Victor agreed. "Let's try again after breakfast, okay?"

"Okay, but I'm horny right now!" Todd complained.

"Yeah, me too," Victor said as the two of them stared at each other's cocks again.

Without saying a word to each other, they reached across and took each other's boners firmly in hand and began a brotherly round of mutual masturbation. Todd and Victor had never been close as brothers. They were at each other's throats most of the time but the series of events that occurred over the last several hours had somehow brought the two boys together in a way that took them both by surprise. Todd and Victor had also never allowed themselves to be seen naked in each other's presence. Now, they were feeling the sting of regret for all the lost time that they could have been sharing and enjoying this kind of closeness and intimacy if they had only been a little nicer to each other.

"That feels real nice Victor, why haven't we done this before?" Todd asked.

"Because I've been a shitty brother to you and I'm sorry," Victor apologized. "This is nothing close to way the tree hole feels but I hope it will make up for some of how I've been treating you lately."

"It's not been just you!" Todd confessed. "I've been a little turd to you too. I like being friends a whole lot better don't you?"

"If it feels like this then hell yeah, I do!" Victor confirmed as he wiggled a little closer to his brother and smiled.

The two of them enjoyed being intimate with each other as they shared some mutual sex play between them. They assisted each other in taking care of their raging hormones that the tree had awakened inside them, igniting their flood of sexual desires. Their heightened sexual state caused them to climax quickly. They enjoyed having their boners stroked in this way and agreed it was far better than just jacking themselves alone. As they reached nirvana nearly simultaneously, they noticed they both experienced a dry orgasm. They had oozed a minuscule bit of fluid with no real substance. Nevertheless, having a dry orgasm again reminded them of how much stronger and intense their orgasms used to be before they matured into bona fide sperm-shooters. Now that they had taken care of each other's sexual cravings, they got up, pulled their pants back on and returned to the motor home where they quietly snuck back to their beds. They returned to the same position they were in earlier and got comfortable. Now that they were both sexually satisfied, their boners deflated, granting them a short reprieve. Now that their dicks were no longer calling the shots and dictating their actions, the boys were able to drift off to sleep.

In the morning, the boys slowly stirred awake as the smell of bacon and eggs permeated the motor home. After Breakfast, the boys once again asked permission to go exploring.

"You boys want to go exploring again?" their father asked in disbelief. "Together?"

"I don't know what got into you two but I like it!" their mother added.

"Sure, go ahead," their dad granted. "And remember, the same rules apply. Don't go too far and watch each other's backs. Got it?"

"Got it!" the boys answered in unison.

They raced out the door together and hurried back to the Grand Oak Tree. As they got close to the area, they smelled a powerful scent that was musky and pungent and not at all alluring the way it had been for them yesterday. Then they heard something that caught their attention.

"Stop a second, do you hear that," Victor whispered. The boys stood still a minute and listened.

"Oh God... Oh My God Yeah... Yeah That's It... Holy Shit That's Good... Eat Me Baby... Yeah That's Right... Eat My Balls Out... You Can Have Every Sperm... Every Last Little Swimmer... Lick Me Clean... I Made Them Just For You... Freshly Grown... You Can Have Them All... Don't Leave A Single One Behind... They're All Yours! "

Todd and Victor quietly got closer to the tree and discovered they were not alone. They were pleased to have discovered someone else here they could watch and learn from. There, facing the tree was a boy about sixteen years old standing naked from head to toe. His clothes were piled in a heap on the ground next to him and his cock was apparently buried deep into the hole. He was carrying on and boasting quite verbosely about the erotic sensations he was receiving. They both got as close as they dared without being detected and observed the stranger's arousing gyrations. Their own dicks swelled as they watched and listened to the stranger make passionate love to the entity of the tree. Todd and Victor knew that once the stranger's compelling narration stopped, his orgasm would be imminently close. The stranger yelled out one last howl of excitement and then held his breath, rendering him silent for several seconds. Then his overpowering climax took his breath away as he gasped for air and began sporadically breathing from his loss of bodily control. Once the tree released him, he stepped away from the hole, exhausted and dazed and physically stunned. He tried to remain standing but his legs eventually gave way and he collapsed to the ground appearing to have passed out.

Fearing for the stranger's safety and believing he might require resuscitating, the boys rushed to his aid.

"Are you okay?" Victor asked looking down into the stranger's eyes.

"Who Me?" the stranger responded in a slurred speech pattern. "I'm Great!" he said as he slowly floated down from his post orgasmic euphoria.

"You looked like you needed help," Todd said.

The stranger smiled as his glassy eyes gazed up into the blue heavens. He seemed to be in a different world as he slowly returned to his senses. As the stranger struggled to come out of his drug induced stupor, Todd and Victor looked over the stranger's beautifully handsome and ruggedly muscular body. His massive cock, which was still fully inflated from his encounter, appeared to be a full ten inches in length. Their own dicks struggled to break free from the confines of their tight jeans as they admired the stranger's body.

"What's your name?" Victor asked.

The stranger paused as if he had to think about it a minute and then answered, "Tim!"

"Hi Tim, I'm Victor and this is my brother Todd. We've been watching you. You sure have a great body!" Victor blurted out without thinking.

"Oh thanks," Tim said.

"And your dick is huge!" Todd commented thinking it was okay to say that after Victor had made his verbal blunder.

"Oh Shit I'm Naked!" Tim realized as he bolted up into a sitting position and looked at his clothes that he had hastily discarded in a pile six feet away.

"Don't worry, we know about the tree," Victor said. "We were here yesterday!"

"You guys made a sacrifice to Xitherus?" Tim gasped.

"What do you mean `sacrifice'?" Todd asked.

"What is a Xitherus?" Victor inquired.

"Did you guys put your cocks in that Gloryhole over there?" Tim asked, using language they might better understand.

"Yeah!" Victor answered.

"Both of you?" Tim asked.

"Yeah!" Todd confirmed.

"And that was your first time right? Tim continued to interrogate.

"Yeah! What's with all the questions?" Victor wondered.

"There are some things you guys should know!" Tim explained.

He got up and put his clothes back on and then rejoined Todd and Victor on the gathered leaves.

"In the sex world, that thing over there is called a Gloryhole," Tim began. "I'm not sure but I think that's how this campground got its name."

"No!" Victor corrected. "When the miners of the California gold rush of 1849 would strike it rich digging for gold, they would call it a Gloryhole."

"Dad made such a big deal about telling us the gold rush story. Maybe dad knows about the hole and told us about the gold rush so we wouldn't go looking for the sexy Gloryhole." Todd wondered.

The three of them looked at each other for a moment and then shook their heads `No' as they disregarded that absurd possibility.

"Anyway, that thing inside there is an extraterrestrial."

"You mean like E.T.?" Todd asked.

"I wish," Tim continued. "It's an extraterrestrial as in `Aliens from outer space' and it has a name, it calls itself Xitherus."

"How do you know so much about it?" Victor wanted to know.

"This is my eighth time here in two years," Tim revealed. "I convince my family that we have to come here every three months. I can't go any longer than that before I start going out of my mind. If you guys have a few minutes, I'll tell you what I know!"

"Sure, go ahead!" Victor said. Both boys wanted to hear what Tim had to say but Victor was especially concerned about what the future might hold for him and his younger brother.

"Here are a few things you may already know," Tim said getting into a more comfortable position on the ground as he prepared to educate his new friends with his personal knowledge and experiences.

"First, Xitherus for the most part, is immobile. She has to lure people to her for her to be able to feed. She does that in two ways. First, she has an ability to read minds and induce hypnotic suggestions. That means that she can sense a human male from a quarter mile away and entice them to approach her. Then second, once the subject is close enough, she samples his pheromones and then releases a counter pheromone cocktail that attracts him and only him and fills him with an overwhelming sexual desire. Once the male catches the scent, nature takes over. The primal instinct to mate forces the male to pursue the scent. It doesn't matter whether the guy is straight, bi or gay, it all works the same. Once he discovers the source of the attraction, she entices him to put his cock into her feeding hole by psychically suggesting he'd fulfill his wildest fantasies by inserting his manhood into the void. This scenario works incredibly well except that there are few prospects that ever venture within her quarter mile sphere of influence out here in this vast woodland area, therefore she has a built in return policy."

"What does that mean?" Todd inquired.

"It means you're forced to come back," Tim informed them.

"How does it do that?" Todd wondered.

"By stinging her victims," Tim stated. "When you guys fed Xitherus, did she sting you at the base of your cocks?"

"Yeah!" Todd and Victor both nodded in unison.

"That's how she does it," Tim explained. "She has four elements to her venom. The first element is a paralyzing agent that instantly immobilizes her prey, preventing her victim from escaping until he's persuaded to stay willingly. The second element is an active stimulant that first, targets the host's brain, forcing it to release a steady flow of Endorphins that first mask any pain caused by her aggressive feeding techniques and second, causes an overall sense of pleasure and well being as she's doing it. The third element is the reward substance. Once she's extracted every sperm cell from her donor, she withdraws her tentacles and tendrils from his body oozing this climax inducing serum throughout his ducts, glands and vesicles resulting in a spectacular cascade of multiple orgasms that most males will never experience in their entire lifetimes. Now here's the rub. The fourth and final element of her complex set of naturally occurring chemicals is what I call the return factor. It is a time release drug that, over time compels her dinner guests to return over and over again."

"Yeah, that's why we both came back today," Victor guessed.

"No, you don't understand," Tim sadly informed them. "She's not interested in you now. You've got nothing to offer her anymore. She's consumed every last sperm cell in those tiny balls of yours."

"Hey, just because you're older than us doesn't mean you can insult us like that!" Victor scolded.

"You mean you haven't discovered that your balls have shrunk since you made your sacrifice to Xitherus?" Tim said.

"Okay, I guess it just hasn't sunk in yet," Victor conceded.

"I understand," Tim apologized. I should have said `We' because I'm in the same situation as you are. Xitherus knows when our balls are empty, we give off a different kind of odor that she can detect. If she were to take any one of us right know, it would be like going through the trouble of peeling an orange and discovering it was hollow. Her venom and her vital bodily fluids are precious resources to her that she can not afford to waste."

"Maybe somebody should stop her!" Todd suggested.

"You're forgetting the return policy!" Tim reminded. "You guys don't have a clue yet what's about to happen to you. Let me explain it to you a little better. The return policy I was talking about has two parts to it. Primarily, it's a highly addictive neurotoxin that acts like a virus. It surrounds and latches on to the neurotransmitters in your brains and it makes you seek out another dose of the drug that only she can provide. The other half of the return policy is a time released antidote that starts to run out after about sixty days so as soon as you've replenished your sperm supply, you're forced to seek her out and sacrifice your newly matured batch of sperms. After getting your balls emptied, it takes sixty-eight days to maturate a new batch of sperms. All along the way, you can have all the sex you want, jack-off, do whatever you want but nothing will satisfy the deep addiction that compels you to return here. You'll also discover that the more cum you waste between feedings, the longer it takes to replenish your reserves. Xitherus will not accept you back unless your balls have replenished themselves to at least a minimum of ninety percent of their capacity. The neurotoxin is so powerful that you'll want to be ready as soon as possible to get your next fix. The longer it takes for her to accept you back, the more agony you'll have to deal with. If you guys are feeling compelled to go back to her now, just think how out of control you're going to be in three months from now when the antitoxin has run completely dry! As I told you, for me personally, I can't go for more than three months before I start to go savagely out of my mind with both agony and anticipation."

"What do we do now?" Todd asked, almost in tears.

"I don't know!" Tim honestly answered. "I can tell you this much. Don't waste your time going to the doctor or emergency room. I've been through all that. I've gone through all kinds of tests and medical procedures and I've tried many different kinds of medications, hormone therapies, diets and nutritional supplements. My parents thought I was a druggy and put me through a rehab program. I can tell you, none of that worked at all. My best advice to you is to enjoy all the sex you can now while you're still having dry orgasms. Once you start shooting sperm again, stop! Don't waste even one sperm cell so you can be ready to return as soon as physically possible.

"So, there's nothing we can do then?" Victor questioned.

"Well, this is my eighth time feeding Xitherus," Tim advised. "I've learned a lot about her. Each time I've come back here, my psychic connection to Xitherus has grown and I keep learning more about her each time. Because of that, I've learned a lot about myself in the process. I've learned a lot about sex and men and medicine and doctors and therapists and specialists and I can tell you, I wish I never came here in the first place. I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday to stop you from making the biggest mistakes of your lives. I wish you well and may you have an easier time than I."

"I think we should be friends and stay in touch with each other," Victor said. "We may be able to help each other out somehow."

"Okay, sure!" Tim said. "Other people I've met here in the past have been very mean and unfriendly to me. They say that I should've put up a warning sign keeping people away."

"Well, why didn't you do that?" Todd innocently said.

"For purely selfish reasons I assure you!" Tim said.

"What do you mean?" Victor asked.

"I don't want to come back here in three months and discover that she's died of starvation!" Tim explained. "If I don't get my fix, I'll surely die as well. I've come close to committing suicide every time the cycle draws to an end. We are all like Salmon who always come back to the same stream to spawn or die trying. So in a sense, our lives are dependant on her well being, therefore, keeping her alive is in our best interest!"

Victor pulled his cell phone from his pocket and entered Tim's name and contact number and the three of them parted ways. As the boys walked back to camp, their minds were working overtime digesting all the information Tim had revealed to them. Their mood was somber as they felt helplessly trapped in a bleak and dismal future.

The End of Chapter #1


Here's A Sneak Peak into Chapter #2

When Todd and Victor returned to camp from riding their dirt bikes together, they found mom was alone in the motor home.

"Where's dad?" Todd asked.

"He went off hiking," their mom said. "He usually doesn't go in for that kind of thing but he's a big boy and I'm sure we'll be okay!

Todd and Victor looked at each other and a horrible thought crossed their mind. They raced out the door and made a beeline straight for the infamous Gloryhole.


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