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The Glory Hole Oak Tree

Chapter #2

By: Paul S. Stevens

"It sounds like there's nothing we could do!" Todd said dragging his feet on the ground as they half heartedly returned to the motor home.

"Don't give up so easily Todd," Victor said. "Tim doesn't know everything. I'm sure there's stuff we can do that no one else has ever tried or thought of. The bad thing right now is... well... I'm feeling horny all the time... I mean a lot more than normal."

"I know exactly what you mean," Todd agreed. "Remember what Tim said. We both can have all the sex we want as long as we shoot dry."

"I guess were going to have to get along better now if we're going to help each other out," Victor said winking at Todd.

"I love you Victor," Todd confessed, "and I'm sorry I got us both into this."

"I... I... I... love you too... you little turd," Victor softly stammered, "and don't worry, I don't blame you. It's that thing in the tree that's to blame so don't let that come between us, okay?"

"Sure," Todd answered as he only partially agreed with his brother's assessment. He still felt somewhat responsible and was determined that he'd do whatever he could to make it up to Victor, even if it took him a lifetime.

They had been on vacation and on the road sightseeing for a week and a half now and it was their second day at the Glory Hole Campgrounds. So far, other than the Gloryhole experience and sharing a little sex play between them, Todd and Victor were board out of their minds. The only thing they could think about was sex and the tree. After hanging around the motor home for hours playing hand held video games, acting all board and being rather snippy with each other, their mother finally spoke up.

"Why have you two been moping around here all day?" she asked. "Go out and live life. Enjoy the `Great Outdoors' while we're still here. We're going to be going back home before you know it. Go out and have some fun. Why did we bring those motor bike things with us if you're not going to go out and use them?"

A huge smile came across the boys faces as they had forgotten all about their dirt bikes.

"What a great idea, thanks mom!" Victor said.

"See ya later mom!" Todd said as he almost tripped over himself from excitement.

They both raced out the door together, both happy to be doing something to relieve their boredom and sexual tension. They pulled their bikes off the trailer and wheeled them around to the front of the rig. They topped off their gas tanks, hopped on their bikes, slipped on their pads and helmets and fired up their engines. In seconds, they were on their way to a new adventure. Todd instinctively followed his brother up the trail and as they came to a fork in the road, Victor came to a stop so he could say something to Todd. Victor pulled off his helmet and Todd did the same to hear what his brother had to say.

"Stop following me you turd!" Victor yelled to his brother above the noisy sputtering of the two dirt bike engines. He slipped his helmet back on and sped off as fast as he could down the left trail leaving Todd stunned at the cross roads with his helmet still in his hands.

Victor was already breaking the vow that he made when Todd struggled to get him safely back to camp yesterday. Todd stood motionless at the merged roads, his head hung low, his machine still sputtering at an idle, his heart wrenching with betrayal. He couldn't believe that his brother had just done this to him after everything that they had gone though recently. Tears began to form around the edges of his eyes. Then a moment later he heard the familiar sound of another dirt bike approaching. It was Victor returning. He pulled along side Todd and removed his helmet again.

"Sorry little bro," Victor hollered. "Force of habit you know! No more ditching now, I promise! Come on! Let's go find the riding course!"

They briefly smiled at one another as they put their helmets back on and rode off together. They quickly found the designated dunes that had been constructed specifically for the off-roading crowd. The one and a half acre obstacle course resembled a mock riding track, complete with hills, jumps, twists and turns. For Todd and Victor, the thrill of riding came second only to sex as they both found the whole biking experience erotically intoxicating.

The whine of the motors and the wind in their faces was like erotic, sensuous foreplay. The speed and power of the massive engines that growled rumbled and vibrated between their legs was like lovemaking. The thrill of climbing and jumping the hills that propelled their wheels off the ground was like an electrifying orgasm and the sensation of defying gravity and cheating death itself was like the afterglow of an explosive climax that made their hearts race and their boners pop!

Dirt biking was exactly what the boys needed. It wasn't sex but it was the next best thing. It occupied their minds and gave them something to focus on besides sex. It also gave their bodies something physically demanding to do to unleash the pent-up sexual frustration that was starting to become a way of life for the two of them. After an hour of heavy riding, they started to become experts at the challenges that the designated course had to offer. They decided to take a break and head back before they ran out of gas and had to walk their heavy machines back to camp. It was well passed their lunch time and they knew they had to check in anyway before their parents started worrying.

They rode into camp smiling and giddy from the ride as they turned off their engines and dismounted. Their mouths started to water as the smell of pan fried hot dogs wafted through the screen door of the motor home and hit their noses as they approached the door.

"Hi mom, that sure smells good!" Todd smiled as the two of them climbed into the motor home.

"Yes, moms always know how to bring their sons home," their mom paraphrased. "Just put something on the stove and `Bingo', there they are!"

"Yeah, you sure are a real wizard at that mom, there's no doubt!" Victor praised being careful not to call his mother a witch, the gender opposite of a wizard.

"Where's dad?" Todd asked.

"Oh, he went off hiking," their mom said.

"Hiking?" Victor said in disbelief.

"Yeah, hiking," his mom verified. "I know, your father usually doesn't go in for that kind of thing. He isn't exactly what you call the `Outdoors Type'. Anyway, he said something about `The Wilderness Was Calling To Him' or some foolish thing like that! I'm sure we'll be okay though, he's a big boy and he certainly knows how to take care of himself, right?

When Todd and Victor's mom quoted their dad saying `The Wilderness Was Calling To Him', they looked at each other and a horrible thought crossed their minds. Totally disregarding their growling stomachs, they raced out the door, leaving their mother in the motor home completely clueless as to what was going on. They made a beeline straight for the infamous Gloryhole, running all the way. They made it to the grove of trees and could hear their dad's echoing voice howling from within.

"Take Your Time Love... Oh My God, Slow Down... Go Easy On Me... Oh My God... Holy Shit... What Are You Doing To Me...? How Are You Doing That...? That Feels So Good... Oh So Awesome... Do More Of That... Yeah...! That's Right... That's What I'm Talking About Right There... Yeah Baby!"

Their dad was already approaching his finale as the boys negotiating the grove of trees, locking in on the sound of their father's voice. As they entered the clearing, they stopped short of reaching their dad as he stood there, stark naked with both arms stretched out and hugging the tree tightly as if he were holding on for dear life. He was visibly trembling and shaking as he suddenly fell silent. They stood frozen as they beheld the image of their father's twitching naked backside intimately entangled within the entities control.

Because their dad was already in his silent stage, they knew from experience that they were most likely too late. They were unsure about what they could possibly do anyway. Then, their father began laughing unexpectedly. At first, the boys found the laughter infectious and started giggling softly along with their father, imagining the sheer delight he was experiencing. Then, their father's orgasm swiftly overtook him with the speed and strength of an exploding climax. It literally caused his laughter to transform from a light hearted titillating laugh to an eerie, creepy tortured one. It was an uncontrollable spasmodic laughter that emanated from the center of his tormented soul that was being over stimulated beyond its tolerance. The onslaught of orgasmic sensations that was coursing through his brain was so intense that it brought him to the edge of a catastrophic breakdown. The boys had never heard this kind of laughter come from their father before and it scared them to think they might be too late to be able to help him. They soon came to wonder if their father might be in mortal danger. The experience was so intense and powerful for him that the boys feared he might have a heart attack, suffer a stroke, or worse.

Todd and Victor were poised and standing ready to catch their father once the entity released him. His huge swollen cock audibly plopped out of the hole as he turned and noticed he was being watched. Aside from a brief glance once or twice, it was the first time the boys had ever seen their father's fully naked body. He stood there for a moment in a trance-like daze, not caring at all that he was fully exposing himself in front of someone. Once again, the boys froze in place as their eyes beheld the uncomfortably awkward yet sexually arousing sight of their father's man-sized, fully erect cock that caused their own little boners to swell to full size. They felt momentarily ashamed and self–conscious that the sight of their father's naked body had sexually aroused them. Their expanding dicks embarrassingly stretched and strained to break free from within the confines of their pants causing them to tent quite prominently.

Their father took three or four steps toward the boys under his own power and then dropped to his knees right in front of his audience. Their dad barely acknowledged their presence as his mortal body had just stared death in the face. He looked up and recognized his sons through the eyes of a drunken stupor.

"What have we here?" their father asked as he reached out to touch the apparent excitement in his boy's pants.

"Hey dad!" Victor said. "We need to talk!"

"Not until you show me what you're hiding in there!" their dad leered, his voice dripping with sexual innuendo.

"Dad!" Victor stressed, trying to reach his father from within his alien induced spell.

"Come on, let me see how my boys have grown!" he said as he fumbled to unsuccessfully pull both of their pants down at once.

Todd assisted his dad in pulling his own pants down exposing his recently enlarged dick. He was anxious to show his dad his most recent gains in his boyhood. Todd was enjoying all the new sexual experiences he was having over the last twenty-four hours. Even though this felt naughty and forbidden, he felt overwhelmingly excited as it both thrilled and scared him at the same time.

Victor on the other hand, was not as forthcoming and open to new things as Todd was, maybe because he was older and more sexually self–conscious about his body. Nevertheless, he knew how he himself felt when the tree first released him and left him reeling from the massive after effects of the entities' feeding ritual. With that in mind, he took pity on his dad and decided to give in to his temporary condition and humor him. He slowly pulled his pants down to reveal his own considerably substantial and recently enlarged dick. Now everyone was totally exposed in front of each other. The boys were standing with their dicks throbbing in front of their father and their dad was kneeling in front of his sons, his cock pulsating with each heartbeat and his sons impressively endowed dicks right at his eye level.

With their father still under the influence of Xitherus, and everybody's hormones still raging out of control, something quite unexpected happened. Their dad reached out to his sons and pulled them closer to him, drawing both of their cocks into his mouth at once. Todd and Victor looked at each other, their eyes full of uncertainty and conflicting emotions. Both fear and exhilaration coursed through their veins as their faces flushed with blood and their ears got hot.

Todd started loosing control right away. The feeling of his engorged little boner being sucked on by his father was almost more stimulus than he could endure. In addition to that, he could feel his brother's considerably fatter cock touching and rubbing alongside his own. The very idea that their cocks were commingling with each other within their dad's invitingly warm and highly sensual oral cavity propelled Todd's oncoming orgasm into the stratosphere.

Victor was heading towards a considerable climax of his own as he remembered all the incredible encounters he'd experienced on this camping trip so far. First, reliving the Gloryhole incident in his memory and the life altering orgasm induced by Xitherus got his precum flowing hard and heavy. Second, his sexual experimentation with Todd was more compellingly taboo and wickedly enjoyable then he would ever have admitted to his brother, and that got his balls twitching. Then watching Tim feed the tree and then seeing his cock up-close-and-personal, admiring its size and comparing it to his own father's impressive man meat was so erotic that his seminal fluids started crawling up and loading into his firing tubes. The third and final phase of his journey towards the ultimate orgasm was happening right now, having all three male members of his family together and sharing this unique sexual bond. The culmination of these three events hurled his climax forward as he came closer and closer to pulling the trigger and shooting his seminal wad out his throbbing boy pistol.

As the boys approached their combined orgasms together, they noticed that their dad had been stroking himself all along. As they turned their attention away from themselves and toward their dad, he began pounding his own giant man cock with great vehemence and fervor. Everyone started getting hot and heavy now as their combined orgasms all reached their apex of delight. One by one they each passed into the realm of climactic inevitability.

Todd was the first one to cum as his entire body began to shake uncontrollably. His orgasm gripped him so deeply that his eyes rolled back into his head and he nearly lost consciousness. He held his breath, threw his head back and shot his dry load into his dad's mouth with all the intensity of an erupting volcano. Even though Todd had only dribbled an insignificant amount of cum, his dad still noticed the faint flavor of his son's male offering and doubled his sucking action. A few seconds later, Todd's weakened knees gave way and he collapsed onto the ground, completely winded from his incredible experience.

Victor was the next one to cum. Now that Todd had been taken care of, their dad was able to give Victor his full attention. He began vigorously taking Victor's cock all the way down to the base, immersing his nose completely into Victor's small but fragrant pubic patch. He reached around and grabbed Victor's butt cheeks and pulled his body even closer, driving his son's cock so far into his mouth it brought new meaning to the term `Deep Throat'. Victor held off as long as he could. He wanted this amazing gift his father was giving him to last forever but his dad's proficient actions were too effective for him and he quickly succumbed to his rocketing orgasm.

Victor recognized the sensation of his oncoming orgasm as it progressed past the point of no return. He tensed up as his orgasm overtook him and his legs trembled as he fought to remain standing. He closed his eyes as he literally saw stars circling and dancing on the surface of his eyelids. His blood pressure rose and he took a deep breath. He felt himself prepare to shoot his load as his balls pulled back on his sexual trigger and literally blasted away. The ejaculating muscles that normally pump out the abundant seminal fluids were dry heaving. As they would contract, the absent fluids elicited an unusually spectacular sensation. Just as Todd had done, Victor also dribbled an insignificant amount of cum and again his dad noticed the faint but mature flavor of his older son's token expenditure. As his dick began to soften, Victor's dad released his son's withering penis and began to focus on himself. Victor joined his brother on the ground and both boys watched their dad finish himself off with great interest. This was a memory that neither one of them would soon forget. They fantasized that this might turn out to be an activity that they could share with their dad from time to time and not be just this one time, tree provoked faux pas.

Now that their dad had satisfied both of his sons, he rested on his heels, leaned way back and extended his hips out, elevating his throbbing cock into the air in a show of domination and male supremacy. He increased the speed of his pounding fist in an effort to finish the carnal concupiscence that all three of them shared in. Their dad's exuberance was so enthusiastic that his balls were bouncing and dancing about as if they had a life of their own. Todd and Victor were so mesmerized by their father's alpha male ball busting insurrection of lust that they started to get turned on all over again as their dicks swelled in anticipation of their father's second climax of the day. He let out a growl as he shook his head from side to side and bared his teeth.

"Oh baby, here we go," their father announced. "Now watch what your old man can really do!"

He took a deep breath and held it firm. He slowed his stoking rhythm and allowed his cock to engorge with blood. The head of his cock visibly swelled and become shiny as the edges of his cock head flared out and pulsated with each down stroke. His face turned red and his eyes glazed over. His orgasm entered into the critical stage where it becomes impossible to stop or discontinue it and he eagerly moved to commit. His bulbospongiosus muscle contracted several time in its attempt to discharge the missing ejaculate. He discovered he had no sperm to shoot. The hyper erotic sensation of a totally dry orgasm caused him to gasp as he had forgotten what a dry orgasm felt like since it had been over thirty years since he last had one.

"Oh Fuck that was incredible!" he said. "I shot blanks. I don't understand it but it felt fucking fantastic."

The boys understood it all too well. They got up off the ground and went over to hug their father. They had a lot of explaining to do but for right now, they were happy that their dad had survived the Gloryhole incident. They counted themselves lucky to have been present to benefit from their dad's post hypnotic adventure that they had just shared together.

"What are you two doing here?" Their dad asked as he slowly started coming to his senses.

"Well, we kind of discovered the tree before you did," Victor confessed.

"Oh, well I can see why you didn't tell me about it!" Their dad scolded. "You two just wanted to keep this all to yourselves right? I've got to go back and do this again!"

Their father was acting like a kid at an amusement park, running back in line to ride the rollercoaster again. He tried to get back on his feet so he could return to the Gloryhole but he ended up falling backwards instead. He fortunately landed on top of a soft bed of leaves, ending up flat on his back. His manhood was still erect and it pointed straight up, beckoning to the heavens above.

"Can you boys help me get back over there?" he pleaded. "I can't seem to get up!"

"No Dad, it doesn't work like that," Todd said.

"I really think I can go another round right now if you just help me get over there," their dad indicated.

"You don't understand dad, the tree won't take you back right now," Victor informed him.

"How do you know that?" he failed to understand in the same way that a drunk who's had one too many drinks can't understand why the bartender won't let him have just one more. "What's going on here? Where am I? How did I get here? Where are my clothes? I'm completely naked! How did I get naked? Victor, can you find my clothes for me please?"

Their dad was starting to come to his senses quite quickly now and he cupped his hands over his exposed genitalia in vain as he suddenly felt a surge of modesty overtake him while he impatiently waited for Victor to retrieve his clothes. He had only a vague recollection of what had just happened to him and he refused to believe it. How he got here and how he came to be naked was all fuzzy as well and why the boys were here with him made no sense at all. Other than the earth shattering experience he just encountered with the tree, which was too vividly real to deny, he chose to let all the rest go as if he were a victim of a sleepwalking dream.

Victor scouted around for his dad's clothes and found a trail of articles that started out past the outer circle of the baby Oaks and led all the way to the center of the clearing. It was as if his dad had started disrobing long before he even got close the entity. Victor could only imagine how intense her grip on him must have been in order for him to have behaved in such a way. As he started gathering his dad's discarded items, he started thinking. Todd had the most benign experience with Xitherus and he was the youngest of the four victims. Victor himself who was two years older than his brother Todd had a little more vigorous of an experience. Tim, who was two years older than Victor had an even more forceful experience. Then witnessing his dad's experience clearly showed the magnitude of difference on someone much older. Victor was starting to see that the effects of the tree's influence became stronger and more profound the older the victim was. This meant that each and every time his family would have to return to Xitherus, the more powerful the effects would become on each of them. This was a major concern for Victor. His resolve for finding a way out of this `No Win Situation' started to become an obsession. There had to be a way!

Their campsite sat on the very last lot on the outer most circle of the park, which was situated about a quarter of a mile from the Gloryhole. Even though their campsite sat at the extreme boundaries of the entities sphere of influence, Xitherus had sensed their father's presence and began a long range offensive that physically and psychically reached out to summon him. He had been enduring a constant blitz of telepathic imagery for the last forty-eight hours and it was starting to take its toll on him. In addition to this, he had been abstaining from sex of any kind from before the family trip began ten days ago. This was the last leg of their vacation and with all four family members all being in close proximity with each other, he and his wife kept things strictly hands off. In a weakened state, the entity finally took control of his waking mind and drew him to her like a moth to a flame.

A few minutes later, Victor returned with his dad's clothes. His father thanked him and then piled his clothes over his exposed midsection in an attempt to hide his embarrassing predicament. Then he tried to casually dress himself in front of his sons despite his visibly shaky hands and trembling body.

"So, I'll ask you boys again, how do you know about this tree?" Their dad inquired.

"Well, I guess it's my fault," Todd said.

"I told you before Todd, it's not your fault. It's the entity in the tree that's to blame, not you!" Victor scolded.

"Hold on a second," their dad said. "What's going on here?"

Todd and Victor joined their dad on the leafy ground. Now that their dad was fully dressed again, they began their story starting with Todd's first exposure and then Victor's encounter a few hours later. Then they told him about Tim and everything he had to say about Xitherus.

Their dad sat quietly and listened attentively to the unbelievable story his sons were spinning. Once they were finished, he smiled at them both and chuckled at their vivid imagination. The fact that he himself had just been fed upon by the entity, thereby leaving him drained of his precious life-force seemed to mean nothing and gave little credence to his son's credibility. Like typical parents, their dad dismissed the boy's story as pure imagination. It was wildly sexual in nature and a bit disturbing to him but still, boys will be boys.

Determined to perpetuate the idea that nothing happened, their father mustered all his strength together and the three of them slowly made their way back to camp in silent denial. Once they returned, they discovered mom in a pretty bad mood. She was both mad at the boys for taking off like they did and worried sick about her husband for being gone so long.

"What the hell happened to the three of you?" she huffed.

"I had a wonderful hike into the woods dear and then the boys found me and we hiked back together," he said casually over simplifying the truth and totally avoiding the real issue. His level of denial was so deep that the boys looked on with disbelief at their father's level of deception.

"Well did you have a good time?" she asked. All three of them shook their heads `yes' in the affirmative.

"It was pretty strenuous and it really tired me out," he admitted. "I'm going to go take a nap for a while!"

"Okay then, whatever you say!" she said giving up on all three of them.

The boys found the pan fried hot dogs still sitting in the pan on top of the stove that their mother had seared earlier. They took two each and decided to eat them just like they were, without any buns or condiments. With a hot dog in each hand, they raced out the door and sat under a nearby shade tree to talk as they ate.

"Did you see the size of dad's wiener?" Todd asked Victor.

"Yeah, it was almost this big!" Victor said illustrating his point by taking his two hot dogs and holding them end to end as they both laughed.

"No! Not that big, this big!" Todd said illustrating his point by taking a bite out of one of them and then holding them end to end, similar to the way Victor had just done but a little shorter. They both laughed again.

"Did you notice how big Tim's wiener was?" Victor asked.

"Yeah," Todd said. "His was pretty big too but not as big as dad's!"
"About like this?" Victor mocked taking another bite of his hot dog and again, putting them end to end.

"Yeah, like that but fatter," Todd indicated and instead of putting them end to end, he put his side by side. Then he wrapped his thumb and forefinger around the two dogs and motioned his hand up and down like he was stroking Tim's wiener.

"Is that what you wanted to do to Tim's wiener?" Victor coyly asked.

"No!" Todd feigned disgust momentarily and then smiled. "I wanted to do this!" Todd once again illustrated his point by using his hot dogs as a visual aid. He drew the two ends of his hot dogs together into his mouth and sensuously sucked them, rolling his eyes, flicking his tongue and moaning enticingly.

Victor busted out laughing and then joined his brother, the too of them pretending to service Tim's larger than life boner. Victor took another bite of his hot dog leaving only three inches left.

"Look, now I'm sucking you're little dick you dork!" Victor said.

"Oh yeah...? Really...?" Todd fumed. "Now it's my turn to suck you!" He took the last of his hot dog and swallowed it whole leaving nothing left. "Oh that's right... your dick is so small, there's nothing to suck on!"

This time, Victor was the one to feign disgust momentarily and then they both laughed at their dirty little nasty-boy absurdities.

"Hey, what are we going to do about dad?" Victor said. The two of them stared at each other for a moment and their mood changed as they pondered that extremely serious question.

"I know!" Todd answered. "Let's ask Tim!"

Victor truly didn't believe that Tim knew anymore than he already told them yesterday. He also didn't like the `Know-It-All' vibe he got from listening to him prattle on about Xitherus.

"I don't like him!" Victor confessed.

"Do we know anybody else who knows about the tree?" Todd said.

"No!" Victor said.

"Then we don't have any other choice do we?" Todd asked.

"Okay, you win! I'll call your new boyfriend!" Victor sneered.

Todd stayed silent because he knew Victor's dislike for Tim was based on jealousy. Todd and Victor had just discovered sex between them and the very next day, Tim comes into their lives. Victor was able to see Todd's infatuation with Tim right away and he didn't like it. Victor was now stuck between a rock and a hard place being jealous of Tim and Tim being their only source of information.

Victor pulled his cell phone from his pocket, wandered around the area until he got a signal and then called Tim. Victor told Tim what had happened and Tim agreed to meet with them at the Gloryhole Tree in an hour.

It was going to be a tricky matter to meet with Tim at the Gloryhole Tree. Now that dad was aware of the entity's existence, he might try to circumvent their attempts. He might do that for two reasons. Either he would forbid them to go to protect his sons from the dangers involved, or he might still be under the false impression that Todd and Victor where hogging the tree all to themselves. When the time came to meet with Tim, the boys made up a convincing ruse and left for their rendezvous without suspicion. They left without changing into their long pants to avoid any awkward questions and carefully made their way to the Mighty Oak Tree. A few moments later, Tim joined them.

The End of Chapter #2


Here's A Sneak Peak into Chapter #3

"Hey, can you guys smell that?" Todd pointed out.

"Yeah, Xitherus is summoning someone and it's not meant for any of us!" Tim said in a trance like voice. "Someone is coming... A stranger... I can feel him coming... Xitherus has caught herself a new victim...!"

A few minutes later, a boy appearing to be about fourteen year of age entered the clearing. He was scantily dressed and cute as a button. A prominent bulge in his Speedos was ample evidence that he was completely under the spell of the Gloryhole entity.


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