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The Glory Hole Oak Tree

Chapter #3

By: Paul S. Stevens

"Hello Todd, hello Vincent," Tim said in greeting.

"My name's not Vincent, it's Victor," he corrected. Tim wasn't winning any Brownie points with his gross error.

"Oh, sorry about that," Tim apologized. "What can I do for you guys?"

"Is there more stuff you can tell us about the alien?" Todd asked first.

"Oh, sure there is!" Tim said. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything this time," Victor piped in. "We found our dad here this afternoon and we need to know the whole story if we're going to find a solution to our mutual problem."

The three boys got comfortable at the base of `The Grand Oak Tree' and got ready to listen to everything Tim had to say.

"Okay, where to start, let's see," Tim said thoughtfully. "You see, right now, Xitherus is in seclusion, kind of like sleeping. She knows we're here but is unconcerned of our presence. She knows that all three of us are on empty and therefore unimportant to her. She's not putting out any chemicals to try to attract us and she won't respond to us in any way. So we can sit here and talk about her all we want.

"In my health education class, we were taught that out testicles make millions of sperm cells every day?" Victor said.

"Two hundred and fifty million a day to be exact," Tim confirmed, "but they're immature sperm cells. It takes close to three months to mature into fully viable fertile cells. To Xitherus, trying to consume immature sperm cells is like eating a green strawberry. A red ripe strawberry is soft and sweet, juicy and delicious whereas a green strawberry is hard and dry, sour and unappealing. Xitherus sees sperm cells in the exact same way. To her, the sweeter and juicier they are the better."

"How long has Xitherus been here?" Todd asked.

"About two years or so I guess," Tim began. "I was the very first human she ever encountered. She was hungry, weak and scared and she desperately needed help. Not knowing what I know now, I innocently help her find shelter from the elements. She was kind of odd but non-threatening in appearance and she was obviously an adolescent and appealed to my nature to protect those in need, even if they were from another planet. I found this old Oak tree here that had been hollowed out by lightning and I assisted her to get inside of it as a temporary shelter. Once inside, she adopted it as her new home. She burrowed out that Gloryhole right there all by herself. Using me as a guide, being the only human she had encountered up to that point, (lucky for her I was a male) she took into account the location of my penis and its height in relationship to the ground. Then she made it face directly above a large root that protruded above the ground so that a wide variety of short and tall males could reach her feeding cavity easily. Once I had done my good deed, I became her first human meal."

"Quite a thank you wasn't it?" Victor said.

"Actually, it was!" Tim admitted. "It turned out to be the most incredible experience of my life. She isn't evil. She just is what she is!"

"And what is that?" Victor asked.

"A lost soul," Tim said with a hint of affection. "She had been left here by accident, following a brief survey by an alien ship. She is a genetically engineered species that was created by a race of humanoids called the Emveric. She and millions like her were biologically bred and cloned for one purpose, to eliminate their enemies. They didn't believe in guns and bombs or war in the conventional sense. They would leave these creatures on their enemy's home world and let them do their thing."

"What thing was that?" Victor asked.

"They eliminated their enemy's total population by attracting all the males on the planet to feed, rendering them all infertile. Then, subsequently they would continue to be incapable of bearing children for several months at which time, they would inevitably go back to her willingly to get wiped clean again and again for the rest of their natural lives. In a matter of a couple of weeks, nearly every male on the planet would succumb to the creatures control sparking a perpetual sterilization process that never ends. This works quite well at keeping the male population sterile at all times. After about two or three generations of that, the population would drop so dramatically that they would virtually be wiped out without the Emveric ever needing to fire a single shot."

"Why couldn't the inhabitants just stop them or wipe them out?" Todd asked.

"Because the beast would implant her personal DNA directly into her victims, each male would be compelled to return to the very same creature for his next infusion," he explained. "If she were to be killed or if she died of starvation, the other creatures would not accept her widowed males and they would eventually all go insane and die. Because of this, most of the males would form a bond to their symbiotic partner and protect and care for her with their lives."

"Is that going to happen here?" Todd asked.

"No, Xitherus is the only one of her kind on this planet," he assured him. "However, there is a risk."

"What risk?" Victor wondered.

"The Emveric made all the creatures female," Tim indicated.

"So!" Victor scoffed.

"So the creatures could become asexual over time," he warned. "It's possible for the creature to use all the male sperm cells she collects and infuse them into her own DNA to create a Xitherus/Human hybrid if you will."

"My God that's creepy!" Victor sneered. "So tell me, how much does this creature eat anyway? She's already feasted on Todd and me yesterday and you and our dad today."

"Well, she's very much like a snake," Tim said. "She can eat a lot all at once and then go for long periods of time without eating again. Also, she expends a lot of her energy and personal resources to harvest a single male visitor. Even though she will consume every last sperm cell in his body, it still only yields a few teaspoons full. One thing is for sure, a human could never survive on a few teaspoons of food per day like she can, no matter how rich the substance is. Remember, sperm cells are so small it takes a microscope to even see them."

"So that must mean that she needs to feed nearly every day all year long," Victor surmised.

"That's right," Tim said. "One of the ingenious designs the Emveric creators endowed their creatures with was a system of storage units that work like fat cells in humans. In the lining of her digestive tract is a series of nodules that mimic human male testicles that create the perfect environment to keep and store her reserves. She has several dozen of these nodules that can store trillions of sperm cells in each one. These nodules keep the sperm cells she harvests alive and fresh for far longer then even we can within our own balls. When she starts to go several days without eating, she can tap the reserves she keeps in her nodules, keeping her alive until the next victim falls prey to her sexual allure."

"So are we going to become slaves to her and never be able to have kids of our own for the rest of our lives?" Todd asked fearing his young life was already over.

"I don't know," Tim confessed. "I only know that everything I've tried has failed. The Emveric virtually thought of everything when they engineered this weapon so it couldn't fail."

"Well," Victor said with authority, "I took a computer programming class last semester and one of the things I learned is, when writing a program, you put in what is called a `Back Door' somewhere in the file. This way, if the program crashes, you still have a way to regain control of it. Let's say for example that some of these creatures got loose on the Emveric home world just like it happened here. Then the Emveric population would fall victim to the creatures devastating effects just like their enemies would. If the Emveric truly thought of everything, then they also thought about incorporating a `Back Door' into the creatures DNA to protect them from falling prey to their own weapon."

"Wow, I never thought about that before," Tim revealed. "Victor, you are definitely a smart and sexy guy."

"Excuse me," Victor said not sure if he heard Tim correctly.

"I said, you've got both brains and balls!" Tim expounded.

"You've got quite a pair yourself, and I know because I've seen them!" Victor flirted.

"You guys are being gross," Todd complained as he felt left out of the conversation that had turned rife with sexual innuendo between Victor and Tim. "As long as we're talking about balls, how did your wiener get so big?"

"Todd, that was totally inappropriate!" Victor scolded.

"No, it's all right, it does have a bearing on what we're talking about here," Tim indicated. "Xitherus has several chemicals in her saliva that inevitably leaves large traces behind in her male's reproductive tract as her tendrils inhabit his body. First, a chemical that softens the Suspensory Ligament of the penis is introduced and then she pulls on the penis so she can better manipulate her tendrils while feeding. This causes the penis to lengthen about a quarter of an inch. The larger her victim's penis is, the easier it is for her to feed. The more times her males return, the larger they get each time. This is my eighth time feeding Xitherus and she has stretched me by two full inches now. Before I encountered her, I was six inches, now I'm a full eight."

"Your dick isn't just long, it's fat too, fatter than our dad's," Todd revealed.

"Todd, that was also inappropriate!" Victor scolded him again.

"Really, I have more girth than your dad?" Tim smiled, bursting with pride.

"Well, as long as my big mouth brother already spilled the beans, yeah, it's true!" Victor confirmed.

"Well," Tim continued. "That's the second thing about her saliva. It's rich in L-Arginine. It's an essential amino acid that is present in small quantities in all plants and animals. It's one of the most essential building blocks of proteins in the body. It has recently become known as the sex nutrient. It is the main ingredient in all the penis enlargement formulas on the market. It is responsible for making our cocks bigger, both in length and in girth. Not only that but it makes us horny all the time and gives us harder erections! Even though it's only a side effect, you might consider it as her gift to us for our sacrifices!"

"It sounds like you admire her," Victor said.

"I do," Tim said. "We share a unique bond. I saved her life. I'm special to her and she's special to me."

"Then maybe if your relationship is as strong as you say it is, you can appeal to her senses and find out if there's a `Back Door' she hasn't told you about." Victor suggested.

"Hey, can you guys smell that?" Todd pointed out.

"Yeah, Xitherus is summoning someone," Tim said.

"Maybe it's me," Todd said sniffing the air.

"No... it's not meant for any of us!" Tim said in a trance like voice. "Someone is coming... A stranger... I can feel him coming... Xitherus has caught herself a new victim...!"

Tim's close proximity to Xitherus allowed him to feel her relentless mind control and chemical gesticulations. A few minutes later, a boy appearing to be about fourteen year of age entered the clearing. He was scantily dressed and cute as a button. A prominent bulge in his Speedos was ample evidence that he was completely under the spell of the Gloryhole entity.

"We're not going to let him go through with this are we?" Todd panicked and looked at his brother. "Victor, we have to do something!"

The stranger walked right passed the three boys, unconcerned with their presence and stepped up to the all powerful Gloryhole and tossed his Speedos aside.

"Well Tim, if you're not going to stop him, we will right Todd?" Victor threatened.

"Right!" Todd answered.

"Okay, okay, you're right," he said detaching himself from the unintended psychic bond between Xitherus and the stranger. He walked up behind the stranger and pulled his naked body out of harm's way in a nick of time.

"What are you doing?" the stranger cursed. "I've got to get over there. Let me go! There's something in that hole that I need real bad."

"Victor...! Todd...!" Tim cried out trying to get their attention. "I'm going to need your help if we're going to break this guy out of this trance."

"What do you want us to do?" Victor asked not knowing what Tim had in mind for the two of them.

"Get Naked!" Tim commanded. Victor and Todd looked at each other as if Tim had gone mad. "Come on you guys, take off your clothes, quick!"

Victor and Todd took a moment to contemplate the situation as Tim struggled to hold on to the stranger. They figured that the stranger was already naked and they had already seen Tim naked earlier today. It all came down to a matter of trust. Did Todd and Victor trust Tim enough now to risk exposing themselves to him and this new guy? Todd answered that question without hesitation by shedding his clothes first. Todd's willingness to trust everyone was contagious and soon Victor followed his brother's lead. Tim finally got control of the stranger and coaxed him to the ground.

"One of you, start jacking him!" Tim ordered and then stripped naked himself.

Without hesitation, Todd reached over and began stroking the stranger's dick as he pretended it was one of the hot dogs he and Victor were playing with earlier. Immediately, the stranger relaxed his stiff body and he began moaning softly in appreciation.

"We have to engage his senses with an abundance of sexual stimulation until he orgasms," Tim explained. "Only then can we break the mind link that's controlling him."

The three boys surrounded the stranger's body and then chose a body part to focus on. Tim took control of the stranger's dick away from Todd and boldly drew it into his own mouth. Victor and Todd watched Tim in awe. The two of them had only recently discovered mutual masturbation between them. When their dad sucked on them earlier today, they were too heavily within the throws of passion to register within their minds. What Tim was doing right now was something far beyond that as they focused their full attention on him. In the past, they had spoken freely amongst their friends at school about blowjobs as if they knew all about it. The fact was, they had never witnessed it close up and personal before today. They were utterly captivated by the sight and couldn't pull their eyes away. It was like watching their very first porno movie and Tim was demonstrating what the true meaning of `Hard Core' really meant. Tim broke his sucking action for just a moment so he could lift his head to speak.

"Come on you guys, I can't do this alone," Tim said. "Do something!"

Tim resumed his sucking as Todd and Victor both went for the easiest target. Todd took the stranger's right nipple and Victor took the left. They bent over and carefully gave the stranger some much needed attention. The stranger unexpectedly reached up and hugged Todd and Victor tightly, one in each arm.

"I love you guys!" the stranger cooed as he squeezed the two of them with great affection.

This took both Todd and Victor by surprise. They had never been openly affectionate with anyone before let alone another boy. Even though it startled them at first, they actually enjoyed the feeling of closeness as the stranger touched them. Todd, who was much more innocent and open to trying new things than Victor ever was, felt a rush of boyhood curiosity and moved into position to give the stranger a quick kiss. The stranger's attractive face and full ruby red lips made it easy for Todd to gather up the nerve to go for it.

The stranger's eyes were already closed as Todd drew closer. Todd closed his eyes as well as his lips merged with the stranger's. The feel of their soft voluptuous young lips erotically touching each other sent an unexpected wave of electricity through both boys. Todd felt sparks fly down his backside as the sensation took his breath away. The stranger instinctively offered his tongue to Todd as he reached up and pulled Todd's head closer to his own. Again, Todd was taken by surprise. The stranger had used his tongue to separate Todd's lips and enter into his virgin territory. Todd was being opened to a new level of sexual exploration once again and he offered no resistance to the stranger's advances. The thrill of two tongues touching and dancing in an oral ballet caused Todd to grow goose bumps that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. A wave of tingles surged across Todd's fully occupied oral grotto and a shot of adrenaline rushed through his body. For the first time, Todd could actually feel his cock's newly stretched quarter of an inch that Xitherus had endowed him with. It made him feel more manly and mature. His swollen cock grew and enlarged so much that it began to throb and pulsate in rhythm with his rapidly beating heart.

Victor, who was now watching Tim fervently sucking cock and his own brother fervently sucking face with the stranger was starting to feel left out and got the idea of getting more personally involved by taking advantage of this unique opportunity. He had been secretly fantasizing what it would be like to suck on Tim's outrageously large cock from the moment he laid eyes on it when he and his brother walked in on Tim's intimate rendezvous with the Gloryhole.

Now that everyone else was engaged in some kind of sexual activity, Victor casually made his way to Tim's jumbo wiener and indulged his fantasy. He knew that his brother had a crush on Tim but at the moment, he was busy doing something else and he wasn't going to let this opportunity slip away. As excited as he was, he was still a little reluctant when it came right down to it. This was going to be Victor's very first attempt at a real blowjob. Another thing that Victor found a little intimidating was Tim's unusually big specimen which was one hell of a piece of manhood that rivaled his own father's full grown column of virility. At first, he put Tim's dick in his hands and felt the weight and mass of his enormous hunk of boy meat. It felt far more substantial in his hands than it appeared as he compared it to his own cock which he knew intimately. To feel someone else's cock in his hands made Victor's own swollen dick grow harder as it felt strangely wicked and nefarious. Tim's cock began to swell and harden in Victor's hands as his gentle touch ignited the fire that was raging out of control within Tim's deceptively calm exterior. Without missing a single blow of the blowjob that Tim was performing on the stranger, he shifted his body over to give Victor easier access to his twitching dick as he enthusiastically encouraged him to proceed.

Victor closed his eyes, held his breath and gave Tim's ridged pole one quick swipe of his tongue expecting the worst. That simple act of experimentation by Victor was ample stimulation to elicit a moan of appreciation from Tim, whose voice vibrated the core of the stranger's cock Tim was sucking on, which in turn caused the stranger to moan, which in turn caused Todd, who was French kissing the stranger to moan that generated a chain reaction of oral ovations that catapulted everyone closer to a combined group orgasm. Once Victor realized that it was he who had elicited this unusual recitation of `The Moaning Tabernacle Choir', that he became eager to repeat his experiment and redouble his efforts. Furthermore, he was now sufficiently convinced that putting another boy's cock in his mouth was not as objectionable and revolting to his olfactory and oral senses as he had anticipated so he drew Tim's cock in as far as he dared and began to perform his very first blowjob.

The stranger's breathing patterns began to change and Todd withdrew his lip lock.

"Oh boy here it comes," the stranger announced. "It's coming so fast, you better watch out. I... I... Oh...!"

Tim pulled off of the stranger's cock and started to stroke him vigorously.

"Hey everybody, watch this!" Tim said as he increased his speed, bringing the stranger to an explosive climax.

"Oh My God, here it comes!" the stranger announced as he took a deep breath and arched his back, raising his buttocks off the ground a good six inches.

Todd and Victor turned their full attention to the stranger as he began to spew his load. A couple of drops of semen splashed out of the stranger's cock and got flung about from left to right as it shot passed Tim's pounding fist. They were somewhat disappointed at the small yield the stranger had to offer but they still looked on anyway as they continued to watch Tim erotically pound the stranger's spewing Vesuvius.

"Don't Stop... Oh God Please... Don't Stop!" the stranger pleaded.

A few moments late, the stranger's official orgasm began. The few drops the boys witnessed before was the pre-cum that the stranger's dick had expelled before the real show began.

The first shot abounded in a circular display of thick white rope-like cream that ran down Tim's hand, covering it with a glob of warm velvety ooze. The second shot blasted so hard that it splintered apart in mid air and landed in multiple directions spreading across the stranger's torso. The third and final shot of the stranger's opulent cum fest soared eight inches up and defined a perfect arc as it double-backed over the stranger's own balls. It slowly rolled over his glistening egg sack and slithered between his legs, tickling his skin as it torturously dribbled down his crack. A small amount of extra cum continued to seep out the stranger's cock until Tim finally slowed to a stop. The stranger reeled from his experience for a moment and then suddenly became aware of what was going on. A part of him was thankful and completely beguiled that these three boys would save him as they did but another part of him realized he was not completely in control of himself. Without warning, the stranger sprang to his feet, grabbed his Speedos he had tossed aside and ran naked from the clearing, disappearing in seconds.

"Well that was rude!" Todd observed.

"We didn't even get to find out his name," Victor huffed.

"More importantly, we didn't get to warn him about Xitherus," Tim said.

"Yeah but at least we saved him for now," Victor said.

"Yeah you're right," Tim said. "Let's all keep a lookout for him. If any of us see him around the campground, make... sure... you...!"

Tim stopped what he was saying in mid sentence and his facial expression went blank. The Emveric engineers endowed their creatures with telepathic abilities to enable them to draw their victims to them from afar. Xitherus had taken this ability one step beyond. In the last two years, she had developed her skills to include communicating with humans above and beyond just luring males into her trap. Even though there was only one human she ever reached out to, she managed to master the technique. As Todd and Victor watched Tim vigilantly, they realized that Tim had fallen back into his earlier trance.

"Tim, are you all right?" Todd asked.

"You look the same way you did when Xitherus was controlling you," Victor noticed.

"Yes, she's communicating with me," Tim said in a labored monotone fashion. "She's upset that we foiled her efforts and made her loose her meal."

Tim's eyes started to get red and tears began falling from his face.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" Tim said.

"What are you talking about?" Victor wondered. "What are you sorry about?"

"Why are you crying?" Todd asked.

"But I do... I do love you!" Tim said.

"Love who?" Todd asked.

"Todd, don't you get it?" Victor explained. "Tim and Xitherus love each other. Of course, it all makes sense now. He's probably the only human she's ever communicated with. That's why he knows so much about her. He saved her life and she feels eternally grateful. She branded him so he would have to continually return to her, keeping him coming back to her for life."

"If they're in love, they're not going to help us!" Todd feared.

"No Todd, this might be just what we needed," Victor said.

Victor turned to Tim and tried to get him to send a message to Xitherus on his behalf.

"Tim, please tell Xitherus something for us," Victor beseeched.

"Yes, go ahead!" Tim said as he prepared to deliver Victor's message.

"Tell her that there's a very wise Earth saying that goes like this," Victor said as he paraphrased the message: "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be."

Tim passed the message on to Xitherus in silence and then passed on her response back.

"She said she understands," Tim recited.

"Now it's time to ask her about the `Back Door' so we could all be set free," Victor instructed.

Again Tim passed on the message to Xitherus in silence and then passed on her response.

"She does possess the ability to set us free," Tim revealed.

"Good," Victor responded. "I would hate to have to sit here for the next several days and rescue every boy who wanders into her little trap."

"She promised to set the three of us free right now," Tim said.

"She's got to let our dad go too!" Todd said speaking up for their dad's absence.

"She agrees to let him go as well," Tim said. "Todd, you go first."

"What do I do?" Todd asked.

"Do what you did last time," Tim instructed.

Todd eagerly walked over to the tree and felt a rush of excitement as he inserted his boner into the hole once again. Just like the first time, Xitherus captured his expanding cock and once again stung him. This time the sting was delivered on the underside of his ball sack. He felt the familiar sensation of her pulling on his dick and stretching it even further as her long and delicate tendrils traveled passed the urethra and into the vas deferens, over the bladder, down the spermatic cord and into the Epididymis. Todd welcomed the erotically charged procedure he found himself undergoing.

Unlike the first time, Xitherus was not removing something from his balls, she was depositing something. Todd felt his balls growing and expanding as she infused them with the first stage of her correctional antidote. The sensation of his balls expanding and swelling within his ball sack as she pumped him full of her reversing elixir, made Todd exceptionally horny. His balls began to feel full and heavy and it made him want to touch them, squeeze them and play with them. It was an erotic feeling and once again he felt himself begin to return to the condition he was in before his first encounter with Xitherus.

He was once again the sexually maturing horny young virile boy with his whole life ahead of him. This newly infused feeling of male potency and masculinity made him love being a male, making sperms and shooting cum. He started to focus on his cock and felt an exhilarating and intoxicating sense of power as he began to teeter on the edge of another cascading multiple orgasm.

As Xitherus withdrew from his balls, he felt a new sensation. As she traveled backwards over the bladder, down the vas deferens and out the urethra, she released the second stage of her freedom promising procedure. It was a peculiar feeling of being injected with a cold and numbing substance that left him feeling slightly buzzed like he was on the verge of being drunk. As her tendrils withdrew from his reproductive tract, the seminal fluids that had built up in his ducts and tubes quickly filled the void and triggered a series of mini orgasms, each one growing in intensity that built up to a final explosion of cosmic proportions.

He gasped for breath as each increasing orgasm multiplied exponentially, flooding his brain with the pituitary rewards that makes sex the phenomenon it is. His body quivered and jerked with each muscular contraction until he reached the acme of all orgasms resulting in an out-of-body experience that gave him visions of benevolent angels rejoicing in divinity. As Xitherus released Todd's cock, he let loose of one powerfully wet blast of semen that made him extremely happy that he could shoot his maturing boy cream once again. He removed himself from the tree and wandered over to sit down and rest for a moment as once again, he felt pleasantly drained and comfortably tired.

As he rejoined Victor and Todd who had been watching him with immense curiosity, he noticed he was slightly sore internally. For the first time in his life, his cock seemed like a cumbersome burden on his body as the mass of it lightly tugged at the tender ligament that had been stretched to its limit causing it to feel like a dead weight on his aching groin. He didn't complain about it though because the unbelievable rewards and benefits Xitherus had endowed him with were worth enduring a little discomfort.

"That was so awesome," Todd exclaimed. "Now it's your turn Victor!"

Victor went up to take his turn and followed the same procedure. He cringed as he waited for the inevitable bite he remembered so well from the first time. Even so, he was not prepared when she made her sting below his balls. In a few moments however, it didn't matter. It was totally forgotten as the monumentally sensual sensations took over.

He felt her enter his body once again and he enjoyed the experience much more this time around now that he didn't fear the unknown. He felt his cock get pulled and stretched again and he felt Xitherus dive deep into his interior organs as she made her way to Victor's more mature and slightly larger testicles and entwined herself within his Epididymis where she infused the area with her `Back Door' solution.

The expanding skin of his scrotal sack felt awesome as she filled them with her fluid that was designed to reverse the curse. The awareness of his inflated balls gave him a sense of sexual supremacy and testicular machismo. Once she finished phase-one, his balls had nearly doubled in size. He became acutely aware of their substantially heavier load and smiled in appreciation.

As she moved into phase-two, she spread the second half of the cure throughout the series of tubes and vesicles within his system. An ice-cold numbness caused his ducts to expand and harden. The resulting spasms caused him to experience a sequence of climactic orgasms that repeated with growing intensity. As she brought him along to an explosive finale, Victor surrendered as he became overwhelmed by a wave of soreness and delight that was both erotic and raw. For the first time, Victor experienced the strange but enjoyable feeling that comes from the subtle mixture of pleasure and pain.

The series of rising orgasms that culminated into one huge climax hardly prepared him for what was to come. The last of the escalating orgasms had passed and Victor knew that the big one was at hand. As he entered the zone of inescapability, he braced himself for a mind shattering explosion. What resulted was so far beyond what he had prepared himself for that he nearly lost conciseness. His heart raced, his mouth got dry, his eyes rolled back into his head and he slipped into a parallel universe where time slows down and orgasms last for hours at a time as they feed the soul and nourish the body. As Xitherus withdrew from his body, he too shot a wildly wet orgasm that gave him a sense of being sexually restored and whole again. Feeling satisfied and freed from the hold that Xitherus held over him, he joined his brother on the proverbial laurel leaves.

"It's your turn now Tim," Victor said.

Tim walked up to Xitherus and slowly inserted himself into her domain. He felt the sting of her primary injection an inch below his balls. She entered his body as she had done eight times before but this time with a difference. There was a gentle kindness to it as the two of them deliberately proceeded at a much slower pace than she had done with Todd or Victor just a few minutes ago. In her own alien way, Xitherus was tenderly and passionately making love to Tim in a way that only she could, from the inside. Once she was immersed inside Tim's body, she sweetly manipulated her undulating tendrils as if she were caressing her lover.

Now that the boys knew about the special relationship Tim shared with Xitherus, it was plain to see the bond that existed between them. They got turned on again as they watched the two engage in a taboo ritual of interspecies love making. It was an amazing sight to behold how they seemed to interact so effortlessly and intimately in spite of the fact that they virtually had nothing physically in common with each other. Tim whimpered several times as Xitherus poured her heart out to him in an effort to demonstrate how much she'd miss him if he were to decide never to return.

Before she was ready to release her parole granting serum into his system, Xitherus initiated a personal form communication that resembled a telepathic mind link. For the first time, Tim discovered how rare and beautiful this unique creature was and how much love and passion she was capable of.

One of the things the Emveric engineers didn't care about was the creature's emotions. Unlike the creature's victims, the creatures themselves don't form any bonds or attachments to their flock other than their concern that they return. In the case of Xitherus and Tim, Their relationship grew out of necessity and fate. It was the unique combination of Tim's kindness to Xitherus when he rescued her and the fact that she was a scared and abandoned little adolescent looking for help that allowed her to create this one of a kind connection to Tim despite her genetic makeup. She was what she was, but to her, Tim was a one of a kind special creature she owed her life to and felt obligated to.

Over the course of Tim's eight visits, she began to form this loving bond for him and it only became stronger with each visit. As Tim grew and matured, her love and attraction to him evolved into a sexual one. She was already as close and intimate to Tim as two beings could be as her tendrils were completely engulfed inside Tim's reproductive system occupying the very core of his sexual being. She released her first stage of her enslavement busting antigens that inflated his testicles to super size. He felt a surge of sexual preeminence and masculinity that had been missing in his life for the last two years. It also excited Xitherus as she experienced the sensation through the mind link she was sharing with Tim.

For the first time, Xitherus was experiencing the effects she had on humans from Tim's perspective. Up to now, her perspective had been from the stand point of feeding to stay alive. It made her sad to know how she had been thoughtlessly enslaving all these humans in this way for years. This wasn't even one of the worlds that the Emveric race was at war with. The only crime these humans committed was that they were fertile males whose sexual attraction was so easily manipulated and ensnared.

Once she had infused the entire dosage into Tim's balls, she began her withdrawal, releasing her second stage of the procedure. A wave of cold tingles traveled trough his tubes and vesicles that triggered an onslaught of multiple orgasms that males rarely experience.

Again, Xitherus experienced Tim's sensations as the orgasms he was having increased in both strength and frequency the farther she withdrew. Through the mind link, Tim and Xitherus were sharing the experience and in a sense, both of them were having a simultaneous climax together.

Xitherus was beginning to feel that she was evil in generating such overwhelming joy in her males for a few minutes and then causing great angst and agony for months on end afterwards. This feeling of self loathing in combination with the knowledge that her one and only soul mate might leave her for life now that she had released him caused such immense sorrow within her that she had a form of a breakdown. The level of affection that was shared between them ran far deeper than anybody had realized and the separation anxiety took its toll on both of them. As she slowly continued to exit out of Tim's body, the cold feeling of her secretions turned into a bitter cold sentiment that poignantly symbolized the finality of their farewell.

Todd and Victor heard a gut wrenching sound that emanated from within the tree. It was a mournful sound that was filled with sorrow, pain and heartbreak. No one had ever heard Xitherus generate any kind of audible sound before and it was clear that her anguish caused her to respond with an alien equivalent of weeping.

Even so, as a gesture of good faith, demonstrating that there were no hard feelings, she granted Tim one last grand slam orgasm that had Tim busting a huge load of very hot and exceptionally abundant boy cream that she symbolically declined to ingest as a token of his newly acquired freedom. Feeling emotionally distressed and sexually exhausted, Tim went over and sat with Todd and Victor and started crying. Todd and Victor were at a loss as to what they could do or say that would soften the devastating blow that Tim needed to come to grips with.

"I'm so sorry Tim," Victor consoled. "I know she meant a lot to you!"

"I know I'm gonna remember her, you and this place for a long time," Todd added.

"I know your upset but it's not over yet!" Victor indicated to Tim. "How are we going to get our dad here?"

"You don't have to do anything," Tim softly said as he wiped the tears from his face.

"What do you mean?" Victor asked.

"He'll come back on his own, trust me!" Tim said.

"How can you be so sure?" Todd asked.

"When you made you sacrifice to Xitherus, did you come back later that night?" Tim asked Todd.

"Yeah!" Todd answered.

"Both of you?" Tim asked looking over at Victor.

"Yeah!" Victor answered.

"So did I, everybody does," Tim explained. "Its all part of the learning process everybody goes through when they first become life long members of the `Gloryhole Oak Tree Club'. I can guarantee he'll come back tonight all on his own. You guys won't need to do a thing. Xitherus made a promise, she'll take care of him when he comes back later. We're all off the hook now. We can all lead a normal life again!"

"Xitherus said not to jack-off or anything for twelve hours, Tim continued as he struggled to maintain his composure. "She said our Suspensory Ligaments were going to be a little tender during that time because she had to stretch us out twice in a row to do the job.

Tim's voice had a ring of distraction to it like he couldn't concentrate on what he was saying. His facial and body languages were also betraying the fact that he couldn't focus. He was one messed up guy.

"I have to go now," Tim said as he put his clothes back on and left Todd and Victor to their own devices.

The End of Chapter #3


Here's A Sneak Peak into Chapter #4

When there dad arrived at the centrally located oak tree, he saw a young man engaged in a `Gloryhole Oak Tree' ritual. Staying out of sight, he watched him for a moment and got extremely turned on by what he saw. It was more than sex, much more. What he was witnessing was something more like lovemaking and that piqued his sexual curiosity. Maybe the story his sons had told him earlier about this tree was not all fantasy after all.


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