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The Glory Hole Oak Tree

Chapter #4

By: Paul S. Stevens

"I hope he's going to be all right," Todd said.

"He's a big boy, he'll be okay," Victor assured him.

"Are you talking about his age or his wiener?" Todd wondered.

"Why you dirty little boy," Victor laughed as he made Todd turn red from embarrassment. "Actually, I was talking about both!" This time they both laughed and then he continued. "He just needs some time to work this all out, that's all!"

The two of them were still naked as they sat together on the leaves. They looked at each other in silence for a couple of minutes unwilling to get dressed.

"I'm super horny right now, what about you Victor?" Todd asked as he started fondling his dick and balls as he admired his newly acquired endowment.

"Yes, painfully horny!" Victor answered. "But remember, we were warned not to jack-off for twelve hours so stop playing with yourself. We've been released from `The Gloryhole Oak Tree Jail' now and in twelve hours we'll be able to do whatever we want once again, okay?"

Todd stopped his stroking as he reluctantly agreed to wait the indicated period of time defined by Xitherus.

"Come on Todd, let's get dressed and get out of here," Victor said. "This place is starting to get depressing."

The two of them casually slipped on their T-shirts and Speedos and headed back to camp. The entire way, their thoughts repeatedly returned to Tim. His distraught behavior over leaving Xitherus worried both of them and they feared he might do something rash. Then Todd broke the silence.

"We should do something to help Tim," Todd suggested out of the blue.

"Why?" Victor said dryly just to get Todd's goat.

"What do you mean `WHY'," Todd fumed. "He just saved our lives!"

"Oh, I wouldn't go that far," Victor huffed.

"What are you talking about?" Todd shrieked.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch!" Victor said. "I'm just messing with you. I agree. We should do something to help Tim, but what?"

"I don't know but we're two smart and sexy guys, we'll think of something!" Todd confidently said.

"Well, you got the first part right, we are both smart and sexy guys even if you are still a little turd!" Victor insulted. He didn't want Todd getting over confident now that his dick was a half inch longer and fatter than it was two days ago.

"Tim's a smart and sexy guy too," Todd observed. "He knows so much stuff, he reminds me of one of those Park Ranger guys."

"That's it!" Victor declared.

"That's what?" Todd wondered.

"That's how we can help Tim," Victor explained. "If Tim studies to be a Park Ranger, he could get a job here and protect Xitherus all year round!"

"How can we help?" Todd asked.

"First, we gather some information and than we tell Tim about our idea," Victor began. "If he likes the idea, then we can help him get started."

"Maybe we can even get dad to help us," Todd suggested.

"We shouldn't get board anymore. We've got plenty to do now." Victor warned as the two of them arrived back at camp. "Hey, do you remember passing a Ranger Station just outside the campground entrance?"

"Yeah I remember," Todd confirmed.

"Let's pay them a visit," Victor said. "At least we can ask some questions and get started that way."
Todd and Victor got there dirt bikes ready and set out on their quest to help Tim. The Ranger Station was a bit farther away than they remembered but they found their way easily enough. This is one of the times that Victor would have automatically ditched his brother in the past but today, Victor didn't even think twice about him and Todd being a team. They drove up to the site that they thought was the right place and stopped in front of the building to check it out.

"This is it," Victor hollered over the droning sound of their dirt bike engines. The two of them drove into the parking lot, shut off their motors, removed their helmets and dismounted.

"Park Management & Ranger Station: 6850 Studhorse Flat Road: Sonora California: 95370" Victor recited as he read it off the building's moniker.

They had to be careful now. Their bikes weren't street legal and they were on government property. They entered the building and asked to talk to the Ranger on duty. As the Ranger on duty came around the corner, they made their first interesting discovery.

"Hello, I'm Ranger Roxy," she greeted. "How can I help you boys today?"

"We would like some information regarding employment," Victor said confidently.

"You boys look a little young to be looking for a job." She said.

"We have a... an older friend who wants to be a Ranger," Todd spoke up.

"Well, depending upon his qualifications, Park Rangers begin their service at various grades," she began. "From the ground level, Rangers may move through the ranks to become District Rangers, Park Managers, and Staff Specialists in interpretation, resource management, park planning, and related areas. At upper levels, Rangers' responsibilities and independence increase as their influence covers more staff and area. Upper level managers in the Park Service are recruited primarily for their managerial capabilities. Competition exists for Park Ranger positions in all grade levels."

"I think he wants a position at the Glory Hole Campground to protect the trees," Victor said.

"Oh that's perfect," she said. "That's one of the areas I have to patrol and there's this one tree that I'm convinced is possessed by the... well anyway, I can't get promoted until I find someone to take over that area from me and so far, I haven't found anybody who wants to work it."

In talking with Ranger Roxy, the boys discovered something about Xitherus that even Tim didn't know. In the same way that Xitherus attracts males to her feeding hole, she repels females with equal strength, probably to keep them from rescuing their boyfriends and husbands from her captivating wiles. Ranger Roxy told them that every time she patrolled that area, she felt the devil was looking over her shoulder. She told them that the creepy part was that they would find hundreds of pounds of men and boy's discarded shirts, shorts and underwear in that area every year. She indicated that having a man work the area is just what they've been looking for. Once Todd and Victor found out all they could, Ranger Roxy gave them some paperwork for Tim to fill out where he can become a Ranger's Apprentice in training while he took the appropriate classes to become a full fledged Ranger.

Excited with the news, Victor called Tim with his cell phone to arrange a meeting. After talking to Tim for a few minutes, Victor discovered he had been making a lot of presumptions. First, Tim was not here with his family. Tim's dad couldn't get the time off from work for another three months and Tim knew he would go insane long before that so Tim hitch-hiked here to make his rendezvous with Xitherus in a nick of time. Tim had told his parents he was going on vacation with a friend's family so they wouldn't worry about him. Another assumption was that when he and Todd met Tim, they approximated his age to be sixteen or so. Well it turned out that Tim was eighteen years old and about to turn nineteen, so he was old enough to be on his own and hold down a job. Victor found out where Tim was secretly hiding and Tim agreed to meet at a nearby cafť. Todd and Victor got on their bikes and made their way over to the agreed location.

Upon meeting, Todd and Victor told Tim about their idea and what they had learned so far. Then they gave Tim the paperwork and explained how he could work and get paid while he studied to become a licensed Ranger. Tim was excited and grateful for his new friend's concern for his well being and his unique predicament.

"I have just one problem," Tim said. "Getting home!"

"Go back the same way you came," Todd suggested.

"I hitch-hiked," Tim said.

"We know, you told us already." Victor said.

"Well, I was starting to get crazy and messed up and I was so intent on getting here I hardy remember doing it," Tim recalled. "Now that Xitherus has released me and I have my wits about me, I'm kind of leery about hitch-hiking back home."

"We'll talk to our dad," Todd said. "Maybe we can take you with us when we leave tomorrow."

"Oh, that would be so kind of you," Tim said.

"We'll call you tomorrow and see if we could work it out with our dad," Victor said. "We'll ask him tomorrow. Right now, dad is not thinking straight. As you say, he doesn't have his wits about him yet, he's still under the influence of Xitherus. After he gets his antidote injection from Xitherus tonight, he'll be thinking more clearly in the morning. I'm pretty sure we can talk him into it then."

"Thanks you guys," Tim complemented. "You two have turned out to be the best friends a guy could ever want! You're two very smart and very sexy guys!"

"You have been just as great a friend to us," Victor stated. "As Todd reminded me earlier today, you saved our lives!"

"Well, I wouldn't go that far!" Tim modestly said.

"You know, that's exactly what I told Todd but he convinced me otherwise!" Victor laughed. You know, it was Todd's idea about you becoming a ranger. He said you were smarter than most of the ranger's we've met so far."

"You said that about me?" Tim asked Todd.

"Yup, I did," Todd answered. "You'd be perfect for the job.

"So go ahead Tim, tell us something about this place and impress us!" Victor challenged.

"Well," Tim said thoughtfully. "I can tell you that the `Glory Hole Recreation Area' is located off Hwy. 49 on the Calaveras side of the lake. Glory Hole has two campgrounds. The first is the `Ironhorse Campground' located on the west side of the `Gloryhole Access Road' and this one where we are now, called the `Big Oak Campground' which is on the east side of the `Gloryhole Access Road'. Both facilities offer full service restrooms, showers, water-taps, barbeque and fire pits, telephone service, sewage dump stations, fish cleaning stations and launching ramps all with no hook-up fees. Both campsites combined total 144 spacious lots. There are also plenty of picnic tables and daytime activities for the entire family including hiking trails, off road motor cross tracks and a recreation facility offering bingo and card games for the adults and a videogame room and movie theater for the kids. There's also a museum and snack bar at the Ironhorse side of the campgrounds where you can get hamburgers and hot dogs, pizza and soft drinks all at reasonable prices!"

"See, I was right," Todd declared. "You're the perfect `Park Ranger'!"

"You know, our dad had made reservations for the `Ironhorse' side of the campground because it was the bigger side with more things to do. When we arrived at the gate, there was some kind of mix up on our reservations and we ended up over here on the `Big Oak' side," Victor informed Tim. "I guess it was our destiny for all of us to meet and become friends."

"Well, I'm personally glad we met," Tim said. "You two have given me a lot to think about tonight. Thanks for all your help"

"No problem," Victor answered. "We'll talk again in the morning!"

Everyone was happier now that they could all see a light at the end of the Xitherus tunnel.

The next hurdle the boys needed to jump over was making sure that their dad visited the Gloryhole all on his own as Tim predicted he would. They were going to have to sleep with one eye open tonight to be sure that dad got his antidote from Xitherus as scheduled.

Todd was worried about where Tim was going to be sleeping tonight, now that he was aware that Tim was on his own. Tim assured him he'd be okay for one more night and thanked him for his concern. The boys had a mission now as their thoughts turned to their father. Todd and Victor had been gone a long time and they needed to get back to camp before it got dark. They said their goodnights to Tim and then headed back. They reminded each other to be careful and be on their best behavior as to not draw any unwanted attention to their unlawful transportation issue.

Once they got safely back to camp they settled themselves comfortably inside the motor home for the rest of the night. They had dinner, played hand held video games, watched a DVD movie on their compact DVD player and then turned in for the night. The evening was filled with nervous tension for the boys as they watched their father act more distracted than ever before.

Once everyone had gone to bed and were asleep, Todd and Victor's vigil began. They had both had a very full and tiring day themselves and they fought to stay awake as to not miss their father's expected excursion. About three o'clock in the morning, it happened. The boys almost missed it as they had both fallen asleep and were awakened by the sound of their dad closing the door of the motor home.

"That's it, he's gone," Todd whispered, making sure they didn't wake up mom.

"Okay, let's go," Victor Whispered back.

"Go? Go where?" Todd asked keeping very quiet.

"Just because he left doesn't mean were home free," Victor explained softly. "We have to go and make sure it all goes according to plan."

"All right, let's go then," Todd conceded.

The boys quietly dressed and silently slipped out the door in pursuit of their dad's late night stroll to the hole.

"I'm glad were leaving tomorrow, I'm getting tired of all this hiking!" Todd complained.

"Shhhh," Victor hushed. "We don't want dad to hear us. We need to watch him and make sure it all goes down without a hitch."

When there dad arrived at the centrally located oak tree, he was surprised to find a young man already engaged in a `Gloryhole Oak Tree Ritual'. Staying out of sight, he watched the stranger for a moment and got extremely turned on by what he saw. It was more than sex, much more. What he was witnessing was something more like lovemaking and that piqued his sexual curiosity. Maybe the story his sons had told him earlier about this tree was not all fantasy after all.

As the boys got closer, they almost gave themselves away as they were not expecting their dad to have stopped short of reaching the tree. As they pulled back and hid to watch what their dad was doing, they soon discovered that he was watching someone else.

The boys were too far away and there was too much foliage in the way to tell who their dad was watching. They only knew it had to be some poor sap whose balls were about to get drained of every last remaining sperm. The Gloryhole entity released the boy their dad had been observing and he fell into a ball a few feet away from the tree.

Now that the unidentified boy was done, daddy stood up from the crouched position he had been hiding in and entered the clearing, disrobing as he went. Once the boys knew their dad was all the way inside, they also moved forward, taking over the same position their dad was just occupying.

As they peered into the clearing, they watched their father walk right passed the stranger he had been observing and took his turn. He tossed off the last piece of clothing he was still wearing and approached the tree fully naked. As before, he was unconcerned that he was naked in front of an audience and he placed his large full grown daddy dick into the Gloryhole. The boys looked over at the person their dad had been watching to see who it was. Whoever it was had curled his body into a fetal position on the ground. The boys couldn't make out who it was since he had his back to them and the cover of darkness further cloaked his identity. The stranger watched the boys father take his turn with the spermicidal maniac that lived within that reproachable tree as he struggled to recover from his own unorthodox experience.

The boys heard their dad call out a series of profanities and knew the process had begun. Xitherus had delivered her initial sting under his balls and their father was on his way to becoming one of the few men to ever walk away from an Emveric produced creature, a free man. He knew instantly that he was undergoing a completely different procedure than the last time. He felt his balls get infused with a fluid that inflated them like a pair of vinyl beach balls that became smooth and shiny the more they stretched. He felt an infusion of testosterone that rocketed a feeling of manliness throughout his body. Then he felt phase two as her tendrils withdrew from his body spewing a cold sensation throughout his reproductive system that started a chain reaction of climactic orgasms repeating in a cycle of growing incremental blasts that swelled to the very pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure. As she exited his body, an unexpected surge of semen gushed from his manhood that made him feel hot, virile and sexy.

As their father turned to walk away from Xitherus, the stranger sat up to receive him. Their dad kneeled in front of the stranger and the stranger accepted their father's offering, slipping his large column of massive man meat into his mouth. He slurped and sucked on his daddy dick for a minute and then spoke.

"I had to see it for myself," the stranger said. "I was told I have more length and girth than you do."

"Who told you that?" he questioned.

"Todd and Victor!" he answered. "You must be their father!"

Hearing the stranger's voice, Todd and Victor nearly passed out as they discovered the stranger that had been watching their dad and who was now sucking his big daddy dick so fervently was none other than Tim.

"I'm going in!" Todd stated.

Before Victor could stop him, Todd stood up from his crouched position and went into the clearing to join Tim and his dad.

"Todd, come back here!" Victor demanded to no avail.

"Todd what are you doing here?" his dad asked as he watched him enter the private `Gloryhole Grotto'. "Where's Victor?"

Two seconds later, Victor entered the clearing.

"Can I join you guys?" Todd asked.

"Sure!" Tim answered before their dad could object.

In a split second Todd had stripped and enthusiastically joined the two in their post orgasmic Gloryhole party. As usual, Victor was slow to come around but joined the party as well. Both boys were excited to have another chance to have some boy fun again with their father and continue what they started earlier with Tim before the stranger had split the scene.

Tim had been in a sitting position as he gulped their father's huge hot dog. As the boys prepared to join in, he shifted his position and slid his body under their dad's legs, lying beneath him as daddy continued to kneel over him. Tim then propped himself up on his elbows and drew their daddy's dick back into his mouth again. While Tim was doing that, Victor stripped and joined the festivities. Todd stood on one side of his father and Victor joined in on the other. They were mesmerized as they intently watched Tim swallow their father's dick so deeply it almost disappeared from sight. Their dad reached out and pulled his son's closer to him and like he had done before, he inhaled his boys growing boners and relished the taste of their budding maturity.

Tim' cock grew ridged and stiff as he beheld the smoking hot vision that was unfolding directly above him. He had a front row seat as he looked up from the massive man meat he was sucking on to witness Todd and Victor's recently endowed inches vanish from view. Both cocks virtually disappeared from sight as they were being swallowed whole by their father's overstuffed oral opening. Tim was no stranger to blowjobs but he had never seen a father suck on his two teenage sons before and the sight of it ignited the explosive sexual lust that was raging within him.

Dad started moaning as Tim's proficient sucking began to pull him toward a climactic orgasm. Dad's vocal ovations further stimulated the boy's boners he was sucking on that hurled Todd and Victor into a climactic frenzy of their own.

Todd, being the youngest and quickest to cum, shot his immature load first.

"Oh boy, I'm going to shot it dad!" Todd called out.

Since his dad's mouth was quite full and engaged, he signaled his son to proceed by silently grabbing his ass and pulling his body closer to him to ensure he would cum in his mouth.

"Here it is! Here It Comes Dad!" Todd announced as he shook from head to toe.

Three blasts of `Hot Todd Juice' blasted out of his dick and filled his dad's mouth. His dad reacted by clamping down on his boys dicks as the flavor and content of Todd's liquid load battered his palette. He was completely unprepared for Todd's copious offering as he remembered both of his boys shooting dry last time.

A sensation of naughty titillation overcame Victor as he felt his brother's abundantly warm boy cream surround and engulf his own throbbing dick as it made his oncoming orgasm spike like a voltage meter. The feeling of his brother's velvety ooze sent electricity running down his cock, past his balls and into the very core of his manhood. His father recovered from the shock of his son's potent virility and swallowed Todd's gift and Todd's deflating erection slowly withdrew from his dad's lips with immense gratitude. Dad now devoted all his skill and devotion to his eldest son as he came closer to experiencing his own screaming orgasm that Tim was expertly eliciting.

Todd sat down nearby and watched the group to see who would be the next lucky stud to shot his load. He guessed it would probably be Victor and in less than a minute, Victor proved him right by entering into his own `Garden Of Delight'.

"I'm going to blow dad, watch out!" Victor warned. His dad stopped sucking for a second and encouraged his son to pop.

"Come on Vic! Show your father how you're becoming a man!" his dad challenged and quickly doubled his efforts to make his boy cum.

"Oh boy, Oh God!" Victor said closing his eyes and holding his breath.

Victor shot six blasts of his maturing `Victor Nectar' into his father's mouth with a series of blissful moans. His father was more prepared this time for his son to impress him. His dad got emotionally charged with pride and got sexually thrilled as Victor demonstrated his potent prowess and virility with his savory cocktail of ball busting liquid sex. His dad could discern the man his son was becoming within the texture and flavor of his son's sweet boy juice. The notion of his son becoming a man light the fuse to the powder keg that was swelling within his own loins as an oncoming orgasm became imminent.

As Victor pumped the last few drops of his load into his dad's oral milking machine, he withdrew from his father's mouth and dropped to the ground next to Todd, exhausted but content. He had just spent the last of his energy blowing his load and now he slowly recovered as he joined Todd in watching their friend Tim finish off their dad with great anticipation.

Now that his sons had been taken care of, he focused on his own needs and allowed himself to enter into the land of eternal lust. His libido carried him across the threshold of desire and into an alternate reality where sex is the ultimate expression of love and affection. He was about to push beyond the limits of time and space with an oncoming climax that promised to deliver an orgasm that rivaled the act of ascending into the celestial heavens.

"All right my friend, I'm ready," he said to Tim. "I want to cum on your face! I want to give you the best facial you've ever had!"

Tim withdrew from his blowjob and relinquished control to the boy's father as Tim prepared himself to be royally creamed.

Like he had done before, their dad took a firm grasp of his horse hung dong with one hand and grabbed a firm fistful of balls with the other. He felt the pain of his tender ligament as he attempted to stroke himself. Since his groin was too sensitive to stroke, he opted for a different approach. He softened his grip and loosely took his foreskin with his thumb and forefinger and ever so gently masturbated his cock with small circular motions. He stroked himself to orgasm that way and discovered that this method elicited a far more erotic sensation. His climax grew slower as his seminal fluids built up more pressure behind his balls and delivered a more powerful ejaculation than he had expected.

"Oh Dear Lord... Get Ready For `Cream City'," he announced. "Here It Comes!"

His first shot splashed across Tim's face leaving a trail of hot semen stretching just above his forehead, across his left eye, past his lips and down his chin. Tim was fine with all of that but he was a little annoyed that some of it had crossed his eye. He wanted so badly to witness the shooting spree his new friend's father had promised. Nevertheless, Tim opened his mouth in anticipation of tasting the next stream of pure male delight that was inexplicably on its way. Daddy's second shot delivered big time and pumped a considerable amount into Tim's mouth. Tim savored the essence of daddy's mature masculinity as the power of its potency revealed the hidden sovereignty within his fatherly domain. The remaining number of daddy's load evenly dispersed across Tim's face that now was abundantly covered in cum like a gay male version of a `Japanese Bukakke'.

"You're man juice tastes so sexy it's like discovering Clark Kent is Superman!" Tim revealed.

Todd's inquisitive nature got the best of him and he got up off the ground and went over to Tim.

"What's going on in that empty head of yours?" Victor asked, wondering what Todd was doing.

"I want to know what Superman tastes like!" Todd answered.

Victor followed Todd over to Tim's cum covered face to observe what his brother meant by his cryptic remark. Todd knelt down next to Tim and proceeded to bend over the top of his new friend to lick a small amount of his father's Superman gravy from across his face. Victor knelt on the opposite side of Tim and looked on in disbelief as he intently watched his little brother be so bold.

Todd knelt motionless in place as he fell into a silent daze. The texture and flavor of his father's rich creamy offering that he was rolling around on his tongue sent a rush of impulses to his brain. Having acted purely on instinct, Todd now began to realize what he had just done. The thought of having licked his father's freshly squirted juice off the face of his new friend made his cheeks flush and got his heart racing. A series of conflicting messages bombarded Todd's thoughts.

First, the potent taste of male supremacy contained within his father's semen had a profound impact on him. Second, his bold move to intimately make physical contact with Tim's body for the first time made him momentarily blush with embarrassment. Third, Todd realized that the ejaculate he had just sampled (that was still lingering in his mouth) had come from the very same set of balls that created him. This realization sent chills down his spine as he held the elixir motionless within his cheeks. It suddenly hit him that theoretically he was holding a multitude of unborn brothers and sisters inside his mouth.

"Well, what do you think?" Victor asked his brother. "Say something!"

"Just try it for yourself!" Tim suggested as he turned and offered Victor his other cum covered cheek.

As much as daddy was hoping that Victor would follow his brother's example, he didn't want to say a word. He wanted his sons to make the decision to sample his fatherly assets all on their own without any coaxing from him. Todd had already made his father proud but it was really his eldest son Victor who he was wishing would breakthrough the barrier.

Victor had to know what Todd was thinking. He was mesmerized and nearly went mad as Todd's continued silence piqued his insatiable curiosity. Despite his better judgment, he followed his brother's example and sampled his father's sperm buffet off of Tim's cum drenched lips. Victor's response was radically different from his brother's in the fact that he had an almost adversarial reaction. He briefly felt the threat of his father's Alpha Male dominance and momentarily felt the need to challenge him. It was almost as if he were about to lock horns in an animalistic display of sexual superiority that would earn him the right to mate within the herd.

"Come on boys, we've been ignoring our guest for far too long," their dad said. "Come over here with me!"

The very sound of their dad's voice snapped both boys out of their father's sperm induced trance and they got up and followed him as he instructed. He took them over to Tim's neglected cock and the three of them knelt over his midsection. Todd and Victor had succeeded in convincing their father that they were both old enough now for him to instruct them on the finer points of performing oral sex. With smiles on their faces, mostly to disguise the embarrassment of openly talking about and performing something so private in front of their own father, they eagerly listened and watched their dad intently.

"Okay boys, welcome to Cock Sucking 101," their father began. "You'll want to begin by loving and caressing your partner's cock like it was your very own dick! One of the first mistakes many people make is that they go straight for the blowjob. Don't do that! Start by licking up and down the outside of the shaft first. Get everything good and wet, slippery and slick."

He demonstrated for the boys his personal technique and then let each one of them have a turn at it. He guided them and encouraged them until they each began to get the hang of it. He tried to be clinical at first to minimize any embarrassment they might have been feeling as they demonstrated their naÔve innocence in front of their dad and their lucky recipient. After they started to gain more confidence, he started talking dirty and sexy to them as to ignite some passion in their demonstrative role playing.

"How do we know that what we're doing is right?" Todd asked.

"Almost anything you do is going to feel pretty good to your lover," he answered. "You can slip in a casual `Do You Like That' once in a while but a sure fire way to know that your pleasing your partner is to listen for his moans and gasps. The better the job you do the louder and more frequent his reactions will be."

"How long do we keep doing something?" Victor asked.

"Good question!" his dad said. "The first indication is, when you start getting tired, change positions. Another indication is, if your partner stops moaning it's because he's starting to get board with what you're doing so again, change positions. Keep things fresh by varying your technique often."

"Are there other indications?" Todd asked.

"Yes!" he said. "When your partner's cock is fully erect, stiff and throbbing, he's ready for the next step, `The Full-On Blowjob'! A really good blowjob is not as easy as it sounds. First, you must be extremely careful not to let your partner feel your teeth. There is no bigger turn-off than feeling someone's teeth scraping up and down your sensitive dick. Another thing you have to learn is how to control your gag reflex. That's another major turn-off to think that your cock is choking your partner. You need to relax your throat muscles and breathe through your nose so you can get more of it in and not gag. Let your tongue do all the work. This spot right here, behind the head of the cock is called the Frenulum. It is the most sensitive spot of the entire penis. Push your tongue up against it and move it in a circular motion and that will drive your partner wild. There's a fine line where you can take your lover's cock deep in your throat without gagging. The deeper you can go, the better it feels for him. Here, I'll demonstrate."

Dad drew Tim's hard ridged cock slowly into his mouth until it disappeared completely from sight. Todd and Victor's boners swelled as they watched their father take Tim's oversized cock into his mouth as if it were nothing. A few moments later, Tim started moaning loudly as the awesome sensations that daddy was eliciting in him grew in intensity. From the boy's standpoint, daddy wasn't moving at all as his body appeared to remain motionless. Nevertheless, Tim's vocal approval was evidence that daddy's tongue was fast at work inside his mouth, stimulating Tim's susceptible Frenulum and bringing him to the brink of orgasm.

Daddy withdrew from Tim's massive pillar and handed it off to his boys to try. Before Todd could get his hands on it to take control, Victor quickly reached for Tim's cock before Todd could get his hands on it. Victor was anxious to apply what he had just learned to Tim's stretched column of manliness. He was not shy about taking Tim's ridged dick down his gullet since it was not his first time. What was his first time was getting it to go much further down his throat. As Victor felt Tim's dick reach his gagging point, he stopped for a moment, focused on relaxing his throat muscles and then managed to get an additional two more inches down his esophagus.

"Oh goodness Victor, You're a fast learner," Tim revealed. "That feels real good!"

"Let me try!" Todd whined.

Having felt a sense of accomplishment, Victor handed Tim's cock over to his little brother who dove, nose first into Tim's pubes. Almost immediately he felt his gag reflex kick in and realized his dad was right when he said that it was not as easy as it looked.

"Okay," their dad interrupted. "Now that you know how to make your partner swoon with joy from your cock worshipping technique, the next step is to bring him to orgasm."

"Isn't that what we've been doing?" Victor asked.

"Well, so far we've been just leading up to it," dad said. "Now we're going to go full speed ahead. First, you take control of you partner's cock away from him. By doing so, you take control of his orgasm. You make him cum when you want him to. He has no choice in the matter. You focus on sucking the upper half of his cock, stimulating the head of his beast called the glans. While you're doing that, you stroke the bottom half of his cock called the shaft thereby giving him a double dose of cock pounding head sucking action that he has no defense against. As he gets closer to cuming, you suck his dick harder by forming a vacuum around his cock head as if you're trying to draw the sperms directly out of his balls. You squeeze his shaft tighter with your thumb and forefinger and stroke him up and down, increasing your speed and grip as you go until he looses his ability to hold back. You'll know when he's about to cum. He'll exhibit several signs. First, his moaning and other vocal clues will grow louder and more frequent, his breathing will quicken and he'll take in shorter breaths. He may even take in a deep breath and hold it. Next, you'll feel the head of his cock swell and harden in your mouth as his reproductive system prepares to shoot his load. His body will stiffen and he may shout out some choice spiritual superlatives such as `Oh My God I'm Cuming'! He may try to take control away from you at this time, don't let him! He is now at your mercy. His orgasm will suddenly go flying out of control, causing him to experience the most extreme and intense orgasm of his life and you will reap the rewards of your labor by accepting his liquid climax cream that you can savor and enjoy. Now watch and learn!"

Their dad demonstrated the technique he had just described and then they all took turns trying to make Tim cum. Dad made sure that each of them took a two minute turn before handing Tim's dick off to the next person. Tim felt a magnitude of sensations as each of them had a different effect on him.

Todd's technique felt like a tormenter that teased his senses. His smaller mouth couldn't get as much of his considerable inches inside as the others. Also, his stroking action was different as his smaller hand covered less area. He also had a weaker grip as he thought that anymore pressure might hurt his partner.

Victor's technique felt erratic and chaotic. His larger mouth was capable of handling more of Tim's inches but his actions were inconsistent. It was a good feeling though as the unpredictable nature of Victor's technique provided variety and diversity to his ever increasing proficiency.

Dad's technique was by far the best. His super wet and slippery, slick and smooth technique would bring him closer to cuming each time. Todd and Victor improved their technique each time they took a turn as well and in no time, Tim was cresting on an orgasm just as his cock would be passed to the next person. As it came around to dad again, it happened. Just as dad had predicted, Tim couldn't hold it back any longer and he lost all control of his runaway orgasm.

"Oh God, Here It Comes!" Tim cried out.

Dad pulled Tim's cock out of his mouth and started vigorously stroking him.

"Oh, that hurts," Tim squealed, "don't pound me!"
"Oh dad, the tree has made us all sore," Victor remembered. "Go easy on him!"

"Oh, right," dad said as he remembered feeling sore himself just a few minutes ago. Dad gently took Tim's foreskin with his thumb and forefinger and gently massaged Tim's dick head to finish Tim off in a low impact fashion.

"Oh that's good," Tim indicated, "that feels real good."

Tim's oncoming orgasm was still on its way but it was coming much slower now as it built up more pressure behind his balls. An explosive climax was imminent as Tim's body got ridged and he held his breath.

"Ahhh God," Tim growled. "Oh it's coming now, oh boy I'm cuming!"

Dad and the boys waited as they watched for Tim's explosive climax but alas Tim shot a dry load leaving only a small bead of seminal fluid on the tip of his dick.

"Wow! That was awesome!" Tim said. "Thank you!"

"What happened?" Todd asked. "I didn't see him shoot!"

"Don't you get it Todd," Victor revealed. "Tim went back to Xitherus! He couldn't stay away!"

"You're right," Tim admitted. "As long as I was going to be living here and working to protect her, I took her back so I couldn't change my mind, not that I would have anyway!"

"What's going on here?" dad asked. "What are you talking about?"

"This is going to take some explaining," Tim said. "Are you in a hurry Mike?"

"No, I've got some time," Mike said. "It's about four o'clock in the morning, I've got nowhere I have to be. Go ahead, explain!"

They all sat naked in a circle, Indian style as Todd, Victor and Tim began to fill their dad in on what's been happening.

"Dad, this is Tim, Tim this is our father!" Victor inadequately introduced the two.

"Hi, I'm Timothy Chase," Tim said as he formally extended his hand in greeting.

"I'm Michael Eden and I presume you know my boys already," he said and the two of them shook hands. "My boys told me about you earlier, they said you're the man with all the answers. How old are you, twenty-four, maybe twenty-five?"

"I'll be nineteen in a couple of weeks," Tim revealed.

"Wow, you have the maturity of someone much older," Mike complemented. "And if you don't mind me saying so, you have quite a big dick for your age as well."

"Thanks!" Tim said. "I owe most of my enhancements to Xitherus!"

"What's a Xitherus," Mike asked, "some kind of male enhancement pills or new fangled medical procedure?"

Tim explained what he meant by his cryptic answer and all three boys took turns telling Mike what they knew. Todd began by telling his story about how he was the first to discover the tree and how he fell pray to the Gloryhole entity. Then Victor told his story about how he became its next victim. Then he explained how he and Todd had tried to come back for a second visit but were ignored by tree entity. Then they explained how they tried again the next day and discovered Tim intimately engaged in a Gloryhole make-out party. Then Tim told his story about his growing relationship with Xitherus and how he'd come back to her a total of nine times now. Then he proceeded to tell him all he knew about rescuing Xitherus and all her powers and abilities. He explained the creature's origins and how she came to be here. He revealed how she had been engineered and cloned to be a weapon and how it worked, including how each victim must return to her periodically so she can keep them sterile at all times. Then Victor and Todd explained to their dad how they had found their father ensnared in the Gloryhole Hotel. Xitherus had summoned him to her from afar and by the time they had discovered him, it was already too late and he was completely under her control. Tim took over the story again and retold how Todd and Victor had called him and how the three of them came up with the plan to free all four of them from the entities `Never Ending Return Policy'. The boys finished the story by explaining to their dad how they had to wait for him to come back here all on his own and see to it that everyone had been released from `The Gloryhole Jail' once and for all.

"My God," Mike said. "I wouldn't have believed any of it if it hadn't happened to me! Something needs to be done about this to keep people safe."

Tim explained how keeping Xitherus alive was imperative to all the males that would be returning to her for their periodic draining. He also explained how Xitherus could only release a small number of people from her hold as she just had for the four of them. She did not have the ability to release all her victims even if she wanted to. There were many men and boys out there that were now dependant on her to infuse them with her elixir that would alleviate their maddening symptoms until they were compelled to return again.

It was here that Todd and Victor told their dad about how Todd had suggested that Tim be a Park Ranger so he could get stationed here as an Assistant Deputy and protect both Xitherus and strangers from each other all year round. They told him how they went to the Ranger Station and how Ranger Roxy helped them get the ball rolling so that Tim could get a job here while he took the necessary steps to becoming a full fledged Ranger.

"Can we help him dad?" Todd asked.

"Help him?" Their father asked. "Help him how?"

"He has some paperwork that he filled out that will help him get a job," Victor answered. "It would help if a grownup were to accompany him when he turns in the paperwork at the Ranger Station. Can you help him?"

"All right, I'll do it!" dad promised.

"Can we take him home?" Todd asked next.

"What?" dad questioned. "He's not a lost puppy that we can just take him home with us!"

"Dad," Victor interjected, "he hitch-hiked here. He's all alone. He needs to go home so he can arrange to move and live here. We owe him big time. He saved us all from a life sentence. If it weren't for him, all three of us would be forced to have to come back here four times a year whether we want to or not to get our balls sucked out by that tree over there. How would we explain it to mom that we had to come back here every three months for the rest of our lives?"

"Okay, okay! We'll take him home!" dad conceded.

Victor had made his point quite well, especially the part about telling mom. For dad, that was the clincher. Mom had made it quite clear to their dad that there was nothing for her here and she didn't ever want to come back again!

"We're leaving first thing in the morning," Mike said to Tom. "Where are you staying?"

"Right here!" Tim said pointing to the ground.

"Do you know where our campsite is? Mike asked.

"Sure!" Tim said.

"Then be there first thing in the morning!" Mike said.

"Dad," Todd said. "He can sleep with me!"

"Yeah dad," Victor added, "he can sleep with both of us!"

"Well," their dad lamented. "If it were just us guys, it would be just fine but it your mother I'm thinking about!"

"Please, well be quiet, I promise" Todd pleaded.

"Oh, all right" their dad laughed. "Let's get dressed and head back to camp. I'll explain this to your mother somehow!"

The four of them arrived back at the motor home and quietly climbed in. Todd, Victor and Tim silently stripped down and snuggled into bed together while dad woke mom on the other bed and explained the situation. She wasn't happy about the arrangements but conceded, knowing the giving and caring nature of her husband.

When morning came, the boys stayed asleep while dad detached the motor home from the campground hook-ups and headed out. When dad arrived at the Ranger Station, he parked and then woke the boys. Mike went in with Tim and the boys to speak to Ranger Roxy. He introduced Tim and himself to her and made his endorsement and recommendation for Tim and turned in his paperwork. Ranger Roxy had started proceedings to hire Tim on the off chance that the boy's visit the day before was genuine. Everything was going as planned.

Once their business had concluded, they discovered that mom had cooked breakfast while they were busy inside. Everyone ate and got to know each other before they headed for home. Just to make sure Todd and Victor understood that they weren't completely off the hook for their reckless behavior, he exerted his fatherly authority, the very same authority they had both had the opportunity to taste last night.

"I know you boys meant well but riding your dirt bikes all the way here was not a smart thing to do," their dad informed them. "When we get home, you're both grounded for a week!"

"BUT DAD!" Todd and Victor complained in unison.

"No buts!" dad said. "Be thankful I didn't make it two weeks!"

Later on, Tim apologized for them getting in trouble on his behalf.

"Sorry about that," Tim said.

"Don't worry about it," Victor said. "Todd and I can do a week of restriction standing on our heads!"

All three of them laughed and enjoyed each other's company all the way home. Mom figured she better have a bigger vote on where the family goes next year. She felt she was dragged along just to cook and clean for her husband and kids while they had all the fun. For Todd, Victor and even Dad, this was a vacation filled with danger and excitement. The three of them had the time of their lives with the `Gloryhole Oak Tree Alien' as they narrowly escaped with their lives still intact. They made a new friend in Tim and over time, he would become apart of their family. Due to the Oak Tree's influence, Dad created a bond with his boys and Tim that would grow and strengthen over time. Todd and Victor also grew closer together as they joined forces to save themselves and dad from an uncertain future. When all said and done, with as much danger and intrigue they experienced, they were all happy to be going home.

To make your plans to spend your vacation at `The Glory Hole Recreation Area', call (209) 536-9094 to make your reservations!

The End of Chapter #4

The End


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