The following story is a work of fiction involving masturbation and legal-age blood-related adults. If you are offended by such, or reading this type of material is illegal where you are, for whatever reason, please stop reading now.


The doctor asked Grampa if he'd be able to help me speed up my physical maturation. “Sure Doctor, though I'm not sure I have the stamina for swimming laps”

“It's a more traditional method I was thinking of prescribing for Michael. It's about stimulating his bodily fluids, facial and pubic hair growth, penile and testicular development, and though it's more time-consuming than steroids or hormone treatment, it's natural, free, and it will benefit you both”

“That sounds good, and my kind of price. What does it involve?”

“I have a couple of videos that I can give you that will explain some of the different techniques, all of which are tried and tested, though the videos I made myself. I suggest that you two take them home, watch them together, and try the exercises that you see on screen” I was excited: watching TV with Gramps, doing things with Gramps, and from what I understood the doctor say, getting a bigger penis and pubes. “I'll need to take a few measurements and samples now, just so that we can assess the progress over the next few months. You'll both need to undress, and perhaps Leslie we should start with you. Michael, could you help your grandfather off with his shoes?”

I did as I was told, though left his socks on, and soon Grandpa was standing in his Y-Fronts and socks beside me. I had never seen him so undressed, and I wanted to see as much of him as I could. I wanted to see inside his Y-Fronts and touch his hairy legs. He ruffled my hair “Anything to help you my young man”

The doctor had his pen at the ready and handed me a measuring tape. “We'll start with the chest, waist, and around the widest part of the bum. Lift your arms there Leslie” I took the tape, being as professional as I could, though fumbled trying to get it round Grampa's ample girth. The doctor took it from me and showed me how by almost embracing Grampa and passing the end of the tape from one hand to the other, then pulling it round. Then he passed the tape back to me. I had to push my chest against Grampa's belly, my cheek into his chest hair to get the tape around him, eventually pulling it up to his nipples, measuring and saying “48inches”.

The doctor nodded “Waist, at it's largest girth” I let the tape slide down and tightened it again around Grampa's belly “48inches”

“Good”, now around the hips and the bum. I lowered the tape again and pulled it around the waistband of the Y-Fronts. “Michael, not the waistband, around the bum, and to the opening of the fly” Following orders my hands converged over Grandad's penis and pushed in slightly. I could feel the pubic hair underneath bristling. I could see some of it, grey, through the fly. “42inches”. My voice warbled, as my voice was breaking, and I flushed bright red with having my hands only the thickness of cotton from his penis.

“Right, there's no need for biceps and thighs, though of course we ought to do those on you Michael” I hoped there was more touching Gramps but stood back, waiting for instructions. “Leslie, if you could pull down your underpants there, that'd be great” Shocked I looked up at Grampa who seemed to be doing the same to the doctor, but the doctor was ignoring us both, ticking boxes on his notes. Duly Grampa revealed his grey pubic bush, soft penis and pendulous testicles. I shut my gaping mouth and fidgeted with the measuring tape. “We'll take flaccid penis length and girth, testicular girth, scrotal length...” He eyed my grandfather's crotch and I followed his gaze “you do have a foreskin, yes, foreskin length and aperture...” My penis had surged into its most erect state pushing against my tight white pants “and penis length and girth when erect”.

“Now Michael, you'll need to pay attention here. These are the easiest measurements to get wrong which would confuse the data later on. So...” Grampa's cock had a drip of piss coming from the foreskin. It dropped into the pants around his thighs as another one formed and then fell.

The doctor moved in and pushed at the base of Grampa's penis, pulling the foreskin back just a little with his other hand and holding it horizontal for inspection. “now Michael and measure from base to tip” My hands were in his pubes, and touching the dark, wet glans of his penis.

I looked at the doctor “Is that 3 or 3.5?”

“Call it 3.5. Now the girth”

“4.5 around”

the doctor pulled the foreskin right back and a few drips of urine fell onto my hand. I looked up at Grampa but he was looking away. Embarrassed I thought. “I'm going to put the tip of my finger here, where the foreskin meets the glans, and pull the foreskin as far up my finger as I can, and you will measure from where you can see my finger, to the end of the foreskin”

“2.5 inches”

“Now I'm going to pinch each side of the foreskin and pull taut”

“2 inches”

“Which makes 4 in circumference. Now while I hold, and stretch, your grandfather's scrotum pushing the testicles to the end, you will measure the circumference of the testicles” Grampa's testicles seemed to stretch out a long way.

“9inches around”

“and now from where my fingers are gripping the scrotum up to Leslie's anus... Leslie, Michael will have to get between your legs for this, if you could lean forward and spread your legs for me” I came round behind Grampa, seeing his hairy bum for the first time as the doctor moved around to hold the testicles out to the front and push his finger up against the anus. Grampa gasped and shivered, then regained his composure. My hands were all a fumble in there, in the hairy crotch, feeling hot testicles on my wrist, sweaty pubic hair on the back of my hands.

“11 inches”

“Good good! almost there. Now Leslie, do you think you'd be able to manage an erection for those final two measurements. I shouldn't worry if you can't, but it would be good to get a look at your erection, and make sure that it's firm enough, you know, healthy and functional. Meanwhile Michael, it's time to get you measured up. Chop chop, clothes off”

There was no hiding my erection as I took off my shirt, then shoes, then trousers. Grandpa stood there, still with his pants around his thighs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a dribble of his piss hit the floor as Grampa tugged on his cock, then he laughed, “Gosh, the things I'll do to get free treatment! I don't think I'll be able to get an erection here” He was smiling, ruddy.

“I knew you'd start to enjoy it. ” said the doctor before turning to me in my underwear “Well Michael, we might have a problem getting your flaccid measurements” smiling all the while “Leslie, could you help me with the tape measure”.

I fell into something of a dream state, being touched and stretched, measured, pulled and prodded. My erection had them both laughing and as they squeezed it, I could feel the irresistible force of my young sperm fighting to get out.

“Are you about to ejaculate Michael?” I nodded as the doctor squeezed my penis even harder, tugging a little as he reached for a perspex container on the desk “You can let it all out now” and he yanked back my foreskin, his fist thumping the base of my penis. I shook and looked down as the doctor caught my sperm, and shook more violently as he milked out a few more drops. “Well done Michael. I'd wondered if we'd have a problem with that, but you're in good shape there”

With that it seemed the doctor was done with the measuring, and I was soon dressed “All we need now is a measurement of your erect penis Leslie, and your flaccid penis Michael, and a sample of your sperm Leslie, oh, and urine from you both. What I'll do is give you some sample jars and you can bring them back when they're full, and Leslie I'll give a few pills that might help you to maintain an erection, which you'll need for some of the exercises on the videos”

The doctor prepared a bag with the two video tapes, three sample jars, some pills, and then he put in some other things I didn't recognise and told us that their purpose would become clear later.

“I should set out a few guidelines here” The doctor looked serious “Michael, this is primarily for your benefit, so you'll have to do the work. I'm sure that Leslie will help as much as he can, but it's up to you Michael to try and make sure that whatever comes out of Leslie's penis, be it ejaculate or urine, either goes into your mouth, gets firmly rubbed into your body or, later in the process it can be administered anally. At Leslie's age ejaculation can take some time, and maintaining an erection can be difficult. Often the ejaculate, that's the sperm and the other fluids that come from the testes and prostate, will leak out over a prolonged period, and sometimes that leakage will end up in Leslie's underpants. For that reason your treatment will be more successful if you wear Leslie's underpants after he takes them off. Obviously a lot of this depends on Leslie's agreement, but I'd suggest that you both share the same bed for the next few months, such that you can benefit from hormonal secretions in Leslie's sweat and take advantage of any nocturnal or morning erections, and night-time leakage”. Each in turn he looked us in the eye and asked if we had any questions.

My mind was full of questions, full of expectation, full of a new-found excitement that I couldn't have realised was for the erotic potential of my grandfather. “Doctor, what should I do in return for Grampa?”

“You'll be making sure that his penis is properly cleaned and his testes regularly emptied, and if you follow the exercises daily your grandfather will also benefit from larger, more productive testicles, and a stronger, more responsive penis. If, in the long-run your needs are more than Leslie can cope with, I'll be able to put you in touch with another man who will be able to help with your treatment. In the meantime you'll need to be responsive to the times when Leslie's penis is aroused, and try to fit your treatment into the regular pattern of his day”.

Grandpa, looking at his watch “Well, doctor, obviously Michael and I have a lot to get busy with, and I'm sure I will have questions for you. However, if we don't set off now, the afternoon opera will have started on the radio before I'm settled down with a whiskey and a cigar. Perhaps this weekend you would join us for a drink in the afternoon? I know you'll enjoy the summer blooms in the garden. What would you say to that?”

“Leslie I'd be delighted. We can do the measurements and samples then, assuming Michael” he winked at me “that you can keep that erection down” They both shook hands with a smile “Well then, until the weekend”

And off we set for the car.

“Leslie” The doctor called as we were leaving “If you take one of those pills before you set off, Michael should be able to start his treatment while you listen to the opera”

“Will do”

As soon as we were home Grampa told me to get up to his bedroom and find him some clean underpants. I skipped up the stairs and pulled open his underwear drawer full of laundered, pressed white Y-fronts. They were mainly 48” waist and some were long-johns, some mid-way and some regular brief shape. Some were thick cotton and others had a panel around the crotch with string panels going round the hips. They were all fascinating and in the end I chose the regular briefs and trotted down to find him, as he always was for the opera, in his sun room with a whiskey poured and cigar ready for the first few notes from the orchestra.

“Could you loosen my shoes and take them off. I've leaked into these underpants so you might as well get them on now” I held his shoes as he stepped out of them and watched, trying to hide my excitement as he unbuckled his belt and stepped out of his trousers. There was a large wet patch in his pants, and they were stretched across the beginnings of an erection. He slipped them down over his hips. His cock, wider and longer than before, fell into the open. The foreskin, still wrinkled, was moist at the end. “Do you want to give this a suck now, or would you rather rub it into your penis?” I stood, staring “OK, you put these on” he schucked his damp pants “rub your penis in them, and get a cushion for your knees so that you can get a good mouthful of my penis during the opera” I had my trousers and pants off quickly and pulled Grampa's enormous underpants on. The waist reached my armpits and my balls tingled in the dampness of the crotch. A minute later and my grandfather was sitting, cigar in one hand and whiskey in the other, opera on the radio, as he guided my face into his hairy crotch. At first I licked all around, inhaling deeply. “That's it Michael, gently does it”. His pubic hair bristled on my face, and slowly the area between my grandfather's legs became my entire world. Scents, tastes, sensations of touch. I rubbed my penis through the damp, soothing cotton, pulling my foreskin back and forward as my tongue lapped around that of my grandfather. My penis had been hard for so much of the day that it was more than a little sore. Grampa's fingers ran through my short hair. The soprano's coloratura was accompanied by the satisfied humming of my grandfather, the taste of his penis mixed with wafts from his whiskey glass and cigar. What wonderful medicine the doctor prescribed.

I was confused, looking at the hand shaking my shoulder, feeling bristles on the side of my face. I must have fallen asleep and I jerked up to look at my grandfather. “Michael, you missed the opera, and, worse, you missed the biggest erection I have had in years!” He smiled down at me. “I think the doctor's prescription is working for me too”

“I'm so sorry Grampa, sorry” So much had happened today and he must have seen I was suddenly close to tears.

“Michael, don't worry, there's all the time in the world, and another opera tomorrow, and right now it's time for my nap” I got up from my position between his legs and his dirty underpants fell to the floor revealing my cock, now small and red from its exertions, my testicles tight up underneath it. “We'll find a jockstrap you can put over my pants to keep them up” Grampa bent over and picked up the clean pants I had brought down for him, his trousers and shoes. From behind I could see his testicles swing with each motion. “I know you have just had your nap, but you might do as the Doctor suggested and join me for the last half-hour of mine. Just slip into the bed around four-thirty, and we can both get up at five” With that he was off upstairs.

I pulled his dirty pants up again, now dry but with a light yellow stain where they had been wet, and sat in his seat. There was a dribble of whiskey in his glass and I sniffed it, drank it. Even just those few drops burned my throat, but they also roused my penis again. The sun was shining onto my body, warm, bright. I wanted to go and get into Grampa's bed but he had said four-thirty. That was an hour away. Maybe he'd be able to ejaculate and I could get it in my mouth. Maybe he'd need to pee and he'd pee on my penis. I think that was what the doctor meant earlier, that Grampa should cover me in wee. I wondered what the doctor meant when he said “anally”, and what a prostate was, and what was on the videos, and what would happen if I ate one of the pills he gave to Gramps.