(Hardon Family 06)

by Marc Tremaine

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All in the Family

John surveyed the bedroom full of naked, horny men and boys. There wasn't a limp dick in sight!

John sighed with pleasure and anticipation. This was going to be a great fucking night. On the king-sized bed, his three sons were closely entwined. Donny, the fourteen-year-old, was on his back while one of his seventeen-year-old twin brothers -- John couldn't tell who -- was lustily fucking his ass, and the other brother was fucking Donny's face. There was a similar tableau across the room. Mark, John's younger brother, was standing behind his sixteen-year-old nephew, Dan, fucking him royally, while Dan was in turn sucking off his father, John's older brother, Paul.

"Okay, guys, break it up!"

Reluctantly, the fucking and sucking stopped -- but not too reluctantly, since they were all sure John had something fantastic in mind. Surprisingly, this was the first time they had all been together, just the family, and none of their equally randy friends. Slimy pricks popped out of stuffed mouth-holes and buttholes, and they all turned to look at John.

It was an incredible sight! Two men, four teenaged boys, bare-assed with raging hardons, and not a little cock anywhere. John decided to get naked and join them. He did. As usual there was a reaction of amazement, or perhaps awe, at the sight of John's majestically rising cock. No matter how many times the men and boys had sucked that prick, or had it rammed up their shitters until they were screaming with ecstasy, the sight of John getting a full hardon was still impressive and well worth watching, especially if you jacked off while you watched.

John looked at his family with pride and his dick swelled. He walked over to the desk and picked up several tubes of lubricant. "Okay, guys, here are the rules. No more sucking until I say so. You can beat your own meat, or someone else's, but only enough to keep hard. Now everybody get your ass greased up, and greased up good!" He passed out the tubes and they eagerly complied.

Paul and Dan took turns cramming lube-covered fingers up father and son holes, while the twins traded grease jobs, and Donny and his uncle Mark explored each other's randy asses. John tossed a couple of towels over and they wiped their hands clean, and immediately resumed light dick-stroking. Next, John took out six wide, heavy black cloths from the desk drawer, and one-by-one he blindfolded the horny fuckers in his bedroom.

And they were getting hornier by the second. Just like they expected, John was coming up with something great. Maybe John was going to fuck all of them!

John lined them up in a row, with their backs to the door, and then stepped back to admire the view. The bedroom door quietly opened and Sam came in to stand beside his son. Both men had raging hardons that were beginning to leak precum steadily. They played with each other's meat while looking at the row of hot asses. Six hot holes lined up in age order, starting with young Donny on the left, then Dan, then the twins (Michael as the younger twin was next to Dan), then Mark and finally Paul.


The six bent forward so that their asses were in good position for John to fuck them. The two men moved forward, Sam controlling his heavy breathing -- and being very careful that his huge, swaying prick didn't brush up against anyone. He didn't want to spoil the surprise! John started with Donny, stroking and playing with the tiny, slender butt, and Donny eagerly worked his ass in his dad's big hands. Dan was next. His ass was a little more rounded than the other boys, almost a bubble-butt, but that just made two nice mounds to fondle, and a dark pink hole to poke a finger into. John worked the twins' asses simultaneously, sliding two fingers between each of their taut, muscular buttcheeks and into their buttholes. Mark got the treatment next, squirming in pleasure at his brother's hot breath on his well-used brown hole. John lapped up a little of the grease, mingled with assjuice. Paul was last. He could sense what had been happening from the slight gasps and sighs as John moved up the line and was eager for his turn.

But Paul was also the first. John didn't play with his older brother's butt. He just stood behind him, bent his knees to get into position and then slid his prick into the greasy hole in one slow steady stroke, without a pause.

"Oh, Christ!" Paul moaned loudly. Sam grinned as he kneaded John's ass and leaked precum on John's butt. He sure liked his men -- and boys -- loud when they were getting pleasured by dick up their holes. "Oh, yeah, fuck that hole! Cram that big fucking meat up my shitter!" The effects of the blindfolds, and the press of the naked bodies together, and the knowledge that Paul was getting fucked, but that they could only fantasize about it, not actually see it, began to get to the other five. Their breathing started to get heavier and the jacking off was less for keeping hard than for sheer horniness. John moved from hole to hole, then, doing the same thing each time: stroking full-length into each butt without pause. And each time the invasion was greeted with a loud moan or yell of pleasure, sometimes mixed with a little pain.

John gave each one a bottle of poppers as he fucked them. Sam already had a bottle and took a long hit off it and then held it under John's nose so he could do the same. John was pumping Donny's tiny gleaming white butt and suddenly he felt something hard and slimy pressing against his own shitter. Sam couldn't wait! He had to get his meat into a hole, and quick.

But John was running this show! Before his own eager, twitching hole could get plugged, John grabbed Sam's meat and held him away, while pulling out of Donny. John turned and pulled Sam into his arms, kissing him passionately, grinding his greasy dick against Sam's equally hairy belly, before bending over and sucking Sam a couple of strokes. Then, in silence, he turned his brothers and the boys around and then put Sam over near Mark and Paul, facing away from them, bent over so his large masculine butt was lined up with their dripping pricks. John took a similar position in front of the boys, and then told them to drop the masks.

There was an enormous gasp of lust when the masks came off and they saw the two studs bent over in front of them, their butts begging to be plugged. John's voice was ragged with lust, too. "Mark, fuck Sam first, and then Paul can have his butt. Dan, fuck your father while he's fucking Sam, and cum up his hole. Boys, you three get to fuck me: Donny, Michael and Rick. Now get fucking!"

The first fuckers could hardly wait! The sight of these two well-built, bull-dicked studs just begging to have their holes stuffed full of mandick or boydick was almost too much. Mark and Donny looked at each other and then moved into position at the same time, guided their prick heads to the waiting dark brown holes, slowly put them in, and then with wicked smiles, they plunged full-length in one hard, swift stroke! Payback time!

But these butts could take it. And take it they did. They shoved back against the incoming dicks so enthusiastically they almost knocked Mark and Donny backwards. The two fuckers on top were ecstatic. They'd never had holes so steaming hot, so greedy for fucksticks. Sam and John clamped their educated holes down tight around the dicks and began squirming, lightly beating their own massive rods, and then began shoving in earnest. Mark and Donny gasped with pleasure and began pumping harder and harder, and it was only a few strokes before they were both blasting these stud manholes full of blistering creamy cum.

Mark and Donny leaned over their respective "fuckees" and played with the enormous rods, before pulling their still half- hard dicks out of the holes. Michael and Paul eagerly stepped up, too horny to wait, and knowing their rigid meat would slide in smooth as shit on the layer of cum that was coating the two holes. And it did! And Dan was literally right behind his father, only too ready to fuck his dad again -- since they frequently spent the night alternating fucking each other's assholes and then finishing up with an asshole 69 so they could suck their own cum out and then exchange and swallow the large sticky wads of jism, while deep-tonguing each other.

John and Sam just grinned at each other and wiggled their butts, and clamped down tight again on the hot pricks up their holes. And just like the first set of fuckers, that was enough to send the second pair over the edge after only a few strokes in the slimy holes. Michael moaned loudly and bent over to lick his father's back as he shot a gusher up his dad's butthole, while Paul shouted out his lusty pleasure at the feel of his own ropes of cum shooting up the hunky stranger's fucktube, while his own fucktube was being fed a fire hose spray of boycum.

And then there was just Rick left out of the original group. He swaggered up to John's butt and slid his randy teenaged prick into his dad's shithole on the two sticky loads of brother cum already up there. He couldn't believe it! He was getting to fuck his dad, and the grease was cum from his brothers! And his relatives were only too eager to help him get his rocks off, playing with his tits, feeling up John's cock and balls, and then Rick, too, blasted the third load of cum up John's ass.

Now there were only two dicks who hadn't blasted off. Still in silence, the group watched in awe as John mounted Sam. Half-hard dicks became stone-hard immediately as they watched the mating of these two stud males. And it made them all the hornier because this time, Sam was on his back, with his legs spread wide in complete submission, as John knelt there and then rammed his monster dick up to the hilt in one long, almost savage thrust. Sam just grunted and took it like the stud he was.

Two greasy loads of brother cum up this asshole, too, and John was really turned on by the feel of Paul's cum and Mark's cum mingling with his own dripping precum and Sam's horny assjuices. John tried to keep this a long, impressive fuck, but he was too horny -- just like everybody else in the room. And besides, he knew there was going to be an even better second round of fucking, once this one was through. So as soon as his balls began to tingle, John started thrusting harder and harder, murmuring and then shouting lusty, raunchy obscenities that were matched, or maybe exceeded, by Sam. And then they ended it with a kiss that put their tongues deep into each other's throats, their hands twisting and tormenting each other's tits, and John's shuddering, heaving body filling Sam's butt so full of cum that it started leaking out.

And then there was one.

John pulled his prick out of Sam's hole, and smiled as the other horny fuckers got their first good look at Sam's truly monster rod, which hadn't gotten soft once since the sex started. But Sam knew he had to get his prick inside a hole or he'd just blast a wad all over everyone without touching his cock. And he knew just which hole he wanted, too.

They were all watching this incredible, massive stranger in the midst of their family, wondering why John had brought him in to a family gathering, but not caring too much since the result had been such exciting fucks. Sam stood up slowly, aware of the avid eyes watching him, and stood wide-legged for a moment, his nearly twelve inches of fat mandick thrusting out from his sweat-slick belly hair. He reached behind his back, put two fingers up his asshole, and pulled out a thick, steaming glob of mixed mancum.

He held his fingers out, the combined Paul and Mark and John cum glistening on the tips and everyone watched as he began moving across the room toward Donny. The littlest fucker was almost mesmerized by the sight of the enormous man coming toward him, taller than his dad, heavier built, hairier, and with a dick that was even bigger. Donny almost panicked at the thought of that monster riding up his hole, but then lust got him over the panic real fast. His eyes took on a horny glaze as he stared at the fingertips, and he opened his soft young lips to suck his father's and uncles' cum off. He sucked the stranger's fingers, while one hand started playing with the huge dick that was steadily dripping precum on his belly, and with the other he played with himself.

This was a show as good as the one that had just finished, and the male sex smell got heavier and thicker in the room.

The others gathered around as Donny bent down and began slurping and slobbering over Sam's fat dick, getting it slick with spit. They played with Sam's butt and tweaked his tits, as Sam bent over gently and lifted the boy to him, crushing rough manlips against the soft boymouth, plunging his tongue deep into Donny's throat until the boy was squirming with lust. The muscles in Sam's body stood out in sharp relief as he bent his legs, and with Donny's legs wrapped around his waist, slowly lowered the boy onto his sticky, gleaming fuckrod, all without breaking the kiss.

The room was silent except for heavy breathing, and the quiet sounds of dicks being beat off. Now they stepped back, just far enough to give Sam some room, but staying close enough to inhale the raw mansmell and boymusk as Donny took the huge fucktube up his shitter without a grunt, without a twinge, just as smooth as slick shit coming out, and they went right on watching eagerly, playing with each other's dicks and balls and asses, as Sam began thrusting Donny up and down on his dick, impaling the young boy with every deep hard thrust. And still the kiss went on, although Donny was beginning to twist back and forth, and moan and pant in a frenzy of lust as his tight boybutt got pounded harder and harder and faster and harder until suddenly Sam slammed his prick full-length into the boy and began blasting the gallons of cum he'd been holding back all evening. And Donny began spraying Sam's chest with another load of shiny boycum without even touching his dick!

With a sigh of temporarily satisfied lust, Sam lifted the young stud off the still-hard rod. Donny gasped when the giant head finally popped free, and then Sam lowered him to the floor. Donny sagged against Sam: he'd cum so hard he could barely stand. Sam tilted the boy's face up and leaned down for a gentle kiss, fondling the boymeat and getting his own slimy dick jerked off, too. The two broke apart. Sam turned to face the rest of the room.

There was an awkward silence, which John finally broke. "Notice anything about the fucking?"

The rest of his family looked at each other, puzzled; Sam and John just grinned. So did Dan! John noticed, and said to him, "Well, do you want to explain to these dumb shits?"

Dan kept staring at Sam, wide-eyed, for a moment, before grinning back. "Yeah, sure. You see, Donny, and Michael and Rick fucked their father, and I fucked my father, so that means that Uncle Mark, and dad, and Uncle John just fucked...."

"Dad!?" Mark and Paul said in unison.

Sam's grin was even wider. "You think your old man's a good fuck?"

Mark and Paul and the rest were blown away. This new stud who had just fucked the youngest one in the room in a display of raw sexual power that had almost had everyone else cumming with hardly any cock play; this new stud who had just had his hard-muscled, big, masculine butt vigorously fucked by the three men -- this hunk was the father or grandfather of everyone there? Holy fucking shit! In an instant, Sam's other two sons forgot any resentments over the lost years, and crowded around him, kissing him, playing with his sticky asshole, groping the stiff dadmeat they'd never really known they were missing. And the others quickly joined in, with Rick down on his knees working on Sam's butthole, trying to suck out all the cum from his grandfather's ass. Michael was wasting no time, either. He spit-lubed his own hole, maneuvered himself into the right position in the group around Sam, and Sam suddenly found his dick surrounded by the warm butthole of another grandson.

Sam had no objections. And neither did any of the rest of the family. Mark and Paul clamped their mouths on their dad's tits, sucking and biting, while they caressed his body and beat their meat so they could shoot off a hot load of cum on Sam's dick, right where it was pleasuring Michael's hole. Rick dropped the mouthful of cum he'd sucked out of Sam's hole, onto his hand, and used it to grease up his dick before sliding his horny boymeat up Sam's ass. Dan and Donny surveyed the action and decided manbutt was what they wanted -- a quick spit-lube of their own young pricks, and then Donny was sliding his meat up his Uncle Paul's welcoming hole, and Dan was doing the same with his Uncle Mark.

John stood back and watched the writhing group of men and boys: Sam, the stud father and grandfather, fucking and getting fucked by his twin grandsons; two of his sons working his tits and frantically beating their meat while their own holes were full of nephew dick. Sam was in ecstasy! Boydick and mandick to play with; boyholes and manholes to stuff -- just like now! John grinned at lusty sight, and then decided to join in. He knelt behind Rick and got the tight pink boypucker slimy with spit, and then he got up and impaled the teenager with his stiff rod.

Poppers quickly made the rounds, and then the entwined fuckers began moving in unison. It was an awesome sight! Four stud men, four stud boys, men fucking boys, boys fucking men, two men licking and sucking their father's tits and beating their meat while their free hands were playing with their nephew's dangling meat. Michael braced himself with his hands on his knees as it became more and more difficult to breath. He used the poppers again and began a loud, frenzied moaning; the others picked it up, with moans or cries or obscenities -- loud fucking turned all of them on -- and they went fucking berserk, turned on beyond control by the smells of boysweat and mansweat and poppers and cum and assjuices, writhing and twisting against each other, shoving pricks in and out of holes in long slimy fuckstrokes, and then ramming them home again, all the while getting faster and faster and they paused for one last long hit of poppers and then they were over the fucking edge. Every fucking prick in the room began spraying cum at exactly the same moment! Only this time they couldn't stay still, they kept on ramming and stroking and beating meat, eight stallions in a rutting frenzy until their balls were pumped dry of cum.

There was a satisfying pop! as five greasy dicks pulled out of five well-fucked assholes, and then they all climbed onto the bed for a well-deserved rest.

It was Donny who got things started again a little while later, though. He couldn't help getting turned on by the sight of his stud grandfather laying face down, his naked buttcheeks squirming slightly, so Donny did what every normal teenaged boy would do: he spit on his dick, mounted his grandfather, slid his sticky prong into the welcoming hole and started fucking!

Paul and Mark started fucking the twins, and John lay down so he could kiss his father, while Dan mounted his ass and started fucking, too. The two boys and two men on top looked at the four face-down studs, and then at each other, and then began pumping buttholes in earnest. Who the fuck cared if they ever got any sleep!