(Hardon Family 05)

by Marc Tremaine

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Convention Surprise

John was in an unusual position!

Unusual for him, that is. At six-four, two hundred pounds, with an eleven-inch slab of meat that jutted out like a monster club from a jungle of crotch hair when he was hard -- like he was now -- he didn't often find himself on his knees at the edge of a king-sized bed, resting his weight on his forearms, so that his hard-muscled butt was sticking in the air. And he didn't often find himself waiting eagerly to play mare to another man's stallion -- like he was now.

John looked to the left and smiled at his reflection in the mirror that ran the full length of the wall. His huge dick jutted out below his belly and was leaking an almost steady stream of clear, shiny precum onto the sheets. Christ! he thought. If the guys could see me now!

All his life, he'd been on top. He was always the biggest, and with his build and the size of his dick, every man or boy he'd been with had been so eager to suck him off or have his prick shoved up their asshole that that was all he ever did. Not that it wasn't great, it was! But once the regular orgies had gotten started at home, he wondered if the situation might change, but it hadn't.

A couple of weeks ago, his older brother Paul and Paul's sixteen-year-old son, Dan, had been brought out by Mark, the third and youngest brother. Rob, Paul's fag-hating partner on the police force, made a spectacular coming out that night, too. His nickname was "Randy" now. Paul had been almost insatiable since then, like he was trying to make up for lost time. He'd fucked or been fucked so many times that night in the park toilet that he couldn't get enough. But once he'd seen John with a hardon for the first time, all he wanted was to have that club-cock up his shitter frequently. John had been willing to oblige! Especially since his nephew usually came to the house, too. It was a real turnon to have father and son taking turns getting fucked by brother/uncle John.

And while the twins, Rick and Mike, would fuck any hole willing to spread in front of either dick, all that they, too, wanted from their father was long, leisurely fucks -- or short, rough ones if that was all John had time for. Even fucking the tiny white ass of Donny, his fourteen-year-old youngest son, had become vaguely dissatisfying -- although Donny's screams of ecstasy when he felt his dad's jism boiling up his hole were a sure sign Donny was enjoying himself!

The problem was, he hadn't known what the problem was. Until this trip.

He sighed and watched the man walking back from the toilet, liberally coating his rigid dick with lubricant as he walked.

What was weird was that John had been instantly turned on at the sight of Sam. And he never got a hardon for an older man. Never! (Unless it was a relative, though, like his older brother.) He liked his males young -- the younger the better. That's why he enjoyed being a school principal. He'd acquired a whole stable of hot teenaged boys eager to be serviced by John. And the select circle of teachers with the same tastes kept on bringing in more. Not that the men didn't fuck and suck each other from time to time -- they did. But most of the time they used the teenagers to get their rocks off.

So it was a real shock to John, at the first sight of Sam, to feel his cock beginning to grow inside the jock he always wore when he went to public meetings. All a cute young boy had to do was walk by, twitching his little butt in tight jeans, and John was immediately rigid. Instant hardon -- and instant embarrassment if he was wearing briefs or boxers. So the jock kept him confined, although even that bulge was very noticeable.

Sam's bulge was noticeable, too! He was a principal, like John, but at a small, private military school in the East. As they were introduced by their host at the welcoming cocktail party at the hotel, John looked up into piercing dark eyes when they shook hands. Sam was about six-six, with closely-cropped brown hair that had just a hint of grey at the temples, deeply- tanned skin, narrow nose, wide mouth, and a body like a young Schwarzenegger! He'd been wearing a polo shirt that molded his chest, emphasizing his massive biceps, with a thick thatch of dark, curly hair visible where the shirt was open at the neck. He was wearing jeans and sandals, and the mound to the left of his fly-buttons was large enough to have the women in the room openly staring, while the men did so more discreetly -- but no less avidly. There wasn't a man alive -- straight or gay -- who didn't compare dick sizes, or who didn't want to see a really huge prick.

Their conversation was strictly legitimate, not even a single double entendre, yet John found himself beginning to breathe more heavily, and the ache in his balls was killing him! All he could think of was getting to a toilet stall and whipping off a load of cum so that he could deal with the situation more calmly, and without the distraction of pulsing meat.

"Uh, look, Sam, I gotta hit the john. Back in a minute."

John started to turn away, but stopped when Sam said, "Hey, good idea, I need to go, too."

Thoroughly confused, and thoroughly turned on, especially by the momentary thought of being in a restroom with Sam, John started toward the bathroom in the hospitality suite. At least there he'd have privacy to take care of himself. "Look, John, that's got a line to it. Let's just use the public one down the hall." Trapped, John just nodded.

The two men had put their drinks down and headed out the door. The men's room was only a few steps away, and it was deserted. John moved into the stall nearest the door, hurriedly dropped his pants, pulled the jock aside so his dick was free, and sat down on the crapper. It was only then that he noticed the hole in the wall -- the glory hole to the next toilet.

And that was the one Sam had just entered!

John decided that someone upstairs was really pissed off at him. First he gets horny at the sight of an older man. And then he gets a hardon. And then he winds up in a cruising john next to a straight fellow-principal. How the fuck was he going to explain away his rigid prick if Sam happened to glance through a glory hole that looked to John at that moment that it was about the size of a dinner plate?

He didn't have to.

A monster dick, rivaling his in size, was slowly sliding through the glory hole. Sam's deep voice whispered in the silence, "I think we got the same problem, John." John didn't answer in words, he just leaned over and gobbled down as much of the dick as he could swallow. Sam let out a deep sigh. "Oh, suck that dick, John, swallow me whole. C'mon, baby, work that fuckin' piece of meat." John began bobbing up and down more rapidly, pumping his own meat at the same time. Then Sam started fucking his dick in John's mouth and John basically just held still and let him do it. He was leaking precum like a son of a bitch, what with that enormous dick punching back and forth through the hole.

"Hey, man, let me have some of that!"

The whisper this time was someone new. John looked up from his cocksucking to see part of a face peering through the crack in the door. What the fuck! John unlocked the stall door and leaned back, stroking his own meat with his right hand, and fisting Sam's spit-slimy cock with his left.

It was one of the busboys from the reception. Even though he was standing in plain view in the well-lit john, his cock was in his hand and he was beating off. He gulped at the sight of the two incredible dicks and beat his own meat harder. He was young, maybe sixteen or seventeen to John's thirty-two, on the thin side, and average looks, but to John he was a gift from heaven. Young mouth to suck him off!

John gestured and the boy moved into the stall eagerly, dropping to his knees to start slurping and slobbering over John's cock. John stood up and held the boy's head while he began pumping into the kid's mouth -- and the kid took it! He was deep-throating like a pro, and beating both himself and Sam off while he was sucking John. But Sam clearly wanted something more. His dick withdrew, and the busboy, perhaps figuring a cock in the mouth was worth two in hand, began to work even harder on John.

The stall door opened, and John dropped his mouth in amazement. Sam's jeans were around his ankles, his shirt was shoved up above a thick forest of chest hair and large, hard tits, and looming out from his pelvis, above fat, low-hanging balls, was a dick longer than John's! "Sam, what if somebody comes in?"

Sam was holding the door open with his hip as he pulled the still-sucking busboy to his feet and began removing the boy's pants. "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." The boy stopped sucking long enough to help Sam get his slacks down on the floor, and then he started in again. Sam dropped several loads of spit to freshen up his cock, and then poked his finger into the boy's hole. The kid was greased up! Sam chuckled at the advance planning and placed the head of his huge cock against the ass pucker.

John had a clear view as the educated asshole opened easily and then swallowed the monster dong in one smooth, steady slide.

"Good?" John asked.

"Oh, yeah, baby, nice, tight boyhole." Sam began the long, long strokes of his hips that pulled almost his whole dick out before shoving it back in again. The boy stopped sucking long enough to murmur around a mouthful of man-meat, "Oh, man, gimme that monster prick. Shove that meat up my hole. C'mon, daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Sam increased the speed of his fucking. "Yeah, son, take this dad-dick up your hole. You need your boypussy reamed out by some heavy father-dick. Take it all, son, take it all!"

John was face-fucking the kid in a frenzy now. So Sam liked young boys, too, and liked father-son fantasies. John was almost more turned on by that than by the sight in front of him. "Fuck your boy, Sam," he whispered. "Fuck your son's tiny, tight ass. Slam that dad-dick home and spray his gut full of father-cum. Fuck him, Sam, fuck him!"

And Sam did! He was reaming the kid's asshole with full-length lunges and the kid was in ecstasy. He was mindless with lust, the sucking forgotten, just concentrating on the waves of pleasure coming from his ravaged butthole as Sam held him tight, preventing the kid from jacking off any more, and muttering a steady stream of obscenities and lust driven remarks at his "son." And then with one final lunge that almost knocked John back against the wall, Sam began cumming. It was a tidal wave shooting up the boyhole!

Massive chest heaving, Sam quickly recovered and smiled at John, who was jacking himself off, waiting to get a shot at the kid's mouth. He clamped one hand around the boy's mouth and then yanked his dick out! The kid's scream was muffled by the hand. And then Sam turned him around. Without a hand on him, the busboy had sprayed himself with hot globs of boy jism, staining his uniform shirt, and dripping onto his pants. He started to reach for his pants, but Sam stopped him.

"Clean up my dick."

The boy sighed regretfully. "Sorry, man, no more. I can't. Once I cum...."

"Once you cum, you can cum again. Now suck!"

Sam roughly shoved the boy's head down to the head of Sam's only-slightly-softened meat. "Fuck him, John."

The kid began squirming in panic. "No, please! I can't take it. Please, don't."

But opening his mouth to object only gave Sam a chance to shove his prick in, and then hold the boy's head firmly in place. John was so horny he was afraid he'd shoot with just the head of his dick inside the boy's shitter. But he was willing to chance it! Although the boy had clamped his ass tight in fear, he really didn't have much choice against the two determined men. John began sliding in, the hot asswalls well-greased by assjuice and Sam's cum. Using Sam's cum as a lubricant made John even more excited and he began his own full-length ramming.

The boy was crying steadily. He had licked Sam clean, and now he was just begging them to let him go, but now it was John who was in a frenzy of lust. The only thing that could have stopped his ball-busting come was a bunch of cops busting in the door, and there weren't any around. "Hey, boy-slut, shut the fuck up. You got your ass creamed by your father, and now it's your Uncle John's turn. And when we're done, we're going to keep you as a fucktoy. Whenever one of us is horny he'll use your mouth or use your butthole."

Sam smiled broadly at John's language. His dick began to get hard again. He held the boy's head and slid his prick between the warm, wet boylips once more. No deep-throating, just a steady back-and-forth on the first few inches of dick. He was turned on, too, by the sight of John's lusty buttfucking.

John knew he was close to cumming so he slowed his stroking for a moment and reached down. The kid was hard again! John looked Sam in the eyes and mouthed, "Suck him?" Sam grinned. A load of hot, salty boycum would taste great! He nodded.

John put his hands on the boy's shoulders and pulled him up so his head was more at an angle toward the ceiling; John squatted slightly on wide-spread legs and looked down with horny pleasure at the sight of his own horny prick sliding in and out of the tender young butthole. "Your Uncle John is going to cum up your butt. And your dad is going to suck your sweet young boydick. Think you're gonna like that?"

The tears were gone now and the horny frenzy was back. The boy's body was quivering and he was moaning "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," steadily as John resumed the long, hard strokes deep into the tight boybutt. Each of the inward strokes forced the boydick further into Sam's throat and then John was filling the boy's ass with a second load of hot steaming mancum, and the boy began shooting wad after wad into Sam's eager mouth.

By the time they stopped cumming, the boy was so wiped out he wasn't aware of John sliding the softening cock out of his butt, or the two men stripping him naked and leaning him back on the toilet, with his legs wide, and his sticky cock flopped across his thighs. They wedged the stall door open, and then put his clothes in the next stall. The next visitor to the men's room was in for a thrill.

The adults quickly cleaned up, flushed, and got dressed. They were almost to the door, when Sam suddenly pulled John close, and kissed him! It was a short, hard, masculine kiss and it gave John an instant hardon. Sam broke the kiss. "I'm staying at a friend's place."

John just nodded. "Let's go."

Once there, they didn't waste time on preliminaries. Their meat was at full staff before they had their clothes off. Side by side, facing the mirror, they looked like stud brothers. They stroked each other's cock and looked each other in the eyes in the mirror, turned and began deep-tongue kissing, their dicks trapped between their bellies and leaking precum into their chest and belly hair. And somehow, without discussion, they knew what was going to happen next.

And that was going to be John losing his cherry.

John's hard-muscled ass glowed white against his tan; his asshole was hairy and dark brown. He winced a little as Sam slid one greasy finger inside. He'd popped a lot of cherries with his huge meat, and now he was going to find out what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a twelve-inch ramrod.

"First time?"

Embarrassed, John nodded. He looked left and watched in the mirror as Sam massaged his ass with callused hands. Sam's fucktube was right in line to ram home. Sam's thumbs spread John's buttcheeks. "Don't worry. It's gonna be my first time, too."

John was confused for a moment. He knew it wasn't Sam's first time for fucking, so that meant...holy shit! Sam had never been fucked either, and he was going to let John....

But John didn't have time to think about the future right then, because all he could think about -- or feel -- was the enormous dickhead pressing against his virgin hole. For a stud who had fucked the boy in the john so roughly only a short time before, Sam was being strangely gentle. John forced himself to relax his butthole, trying to do himself what he had told so many virgins to do when he was on top. With a gasp from both men, the head suddenly slid in. Sam paused. "Son, just hold it right there. You got me so fuckin' horny I'll pop if we move right now."

Both men looked in the mirror. What a sight! Sam's tremendous rod was just barely inside John's shitter; there were at least another ten inches still to go. And John was loving it! Somehow, the pain he'd expected hadn't happened. He reached down with his right hand and stroked his own randy meat. Still watching the images in the mirror, John shoved his butt back toward Sam. Two more inches went in. John braced himself with both hands on the bed and pushed back again. And this time it was like he'd been getting fucked regularly all his life -- every fucking inch of that meat went into his hole and up inside his belly smoothly and easily. And it turned him on like crazy!

He'd never felt this kind of lust before. His whole body was on fire! And it was all from the billows of heat raging outward from his steaming hole. "Oh, Christ, Sam. Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me good and long and hard!" Sam obliged -- on the hard fucking part. He had to, in the hopes he could get at least one or two good strokes in before he blasted this butt with an incredible load of cum.

Two deep plunging strokes, then three, then four, and still he hadn't shot his wad! John's ass relaxed a little more and now the almost twelve-inch tube of fucksteel was moving inside him like a piston, heating up John's asswalls even more. Sam picked up speed, and John moved in time with him so that the sound of Sam's belly banging against John's hard butt was loud in the bedroom.

John had had no idea sex could be this fantastic, not even the first time he had gotten to fuck his fourteen-year-old son. He fucking loved it! He loved the feel of Sam's huge hands on his hips, holding him in place while his asshole got filled. He loved the sound of Sam's rapid, heavy breathing, and the obscenities that were beginning to drip from his lips. He loved the heat that was roaring even harder from his stuffed shitter. But most of all he loved having manmeat up his hole!

Both men began to spin out into a fog of lust where the only thing they were aware of was the sensations in prick and ass. John couldn't restrain himself. He began panting and moaning and writhing, trying to impale himself even further on Sam's mighty fuckrod, feeling himself begin to hyperventilate, his flesh starting to tingle. Sam began moving even faster, although John couldn't have understood how -- if he'd been in any shape to think.

"FUCK ME, DADDY! FUCK YOUR SON'S MANHOLE, RAM THAT PRICK UP YOUR BOY'S SHITTER, FUCK ME, SAM, FUCK ME, FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!" John's screams were loud enough to wake neighbors, or rattle the walls, but neither man cared. They were too far gone!

"Don't cum, son, don't cum. Save that load for daddy!" Sam managed to pant.

"Oh, Christ, yes, yes, just fuck me, fuck me, let me have your cum up my butt! Oh, God, please, please, gimme your load!" John was dripping with perspiration, almost in tears as he begged and whimpered, and Sam gave him a load!

If the San Francisco earthquake had been a 6 on the Richter scale, Sam's cum was a 10! He rammed his rod so far into John he felt like he was trying to cram his belly and his balls in as well. He could actually feel the cum boiling up out of his balls and through his dick and out into John's boiling hot fucktunnel. He was like some fucking fire hydrant opened wide on a hot summer day as he emptied his balls inside John's ass.

John passed out from the ecstasy in his hole! He collapsed onto the bed, and Sam came with him. Sam lay there on top of John, breathing heavily, kissing John's sweaty shoulders and neck. And then, very gently, he pulled his long, long dick out of John's ass. He loved the sound of a dick popping out of a well-fucked asshole. Sam lay back on the bed, his feet resting on the floor, his slimy dick draped over one thigh, his right hand stroking John's back.

John's toes were touching the floor as he recovered himself and lifted his torso up to support his weight on his forearms. He leaned over, and the two men kissed, slowly and deeply.

"Sam, I...Jesus Christ, that was...."

Sam stopped him with another kiss. "Yeah. And it's gonna get better."

"Look, let me go to the john first, and then...."

"Nope. Just hold it. I like the idea of my cum staying up your butthole for a while."

John smiled. "Okay."

They moved up on the bed, to get more comfortable. Sam was still on his back, with John laying to his right, propped up on one elbow, his right hand toying with Sam's damp chest fur, and running his fingers through belly and crotch hair that was even thicker than his own, and then playing with the sticky cock that had just fucked him so well. John's asshole was tingling as he clamped tight to keep from losing any of that huge load of manjuice. He raised up and then went down on Sam, somehow managing to get the entire dick down his throat so that he was nuzzling Sam's balls and smelling their musky, sweaty odor.

Except for the moment or two when he was out, John's dick was still hard. And still leaking precum.

John lifted his head from his cocksucking, and relaxed back to stroke Sam's cheek. "How old are you?"

Sam chuckled. "Why? Make any difference?"

"Well, before today I would have said yes."

"You just go for the young ones?"

John paused. And then he realized he could hardly deny it, after the eager way he'd gone after the teenager in the hotel toilet. But then, so had Sam!


"Me, too."

Both men smiled, and kissed again. This time Sam broke it. Looking up at John, he asked, "You ever fuck the boys at your school?"

John tried to keep a poker face, as he wondered for a frantic moment whether he'd been set up by the cops before he realized that the fuck he'd just received wasn't a couldn't have been. John's smile as he answered "yes" was a little defensive, since he'd never discussed this with anyone who wasn't involved. In fact, no one ever talked about it, they just did it.

"Kind of thought so...from the way you reacted to that boy pussy in the hotel."

"Oh, yeah? And who was that ramming his prick up that kid's butt? Your twin brother?"

"Nope. That was me, all right. And, yes, I fuck the boys at my school, too. I've got it a little easier than you, though. It's kind of a tradition -- and one I have no intention of changing!"

John just laughed. "Well, I've started a hell of a tradition at my place. The next principal had better be male and horny, too."

"So, just the boys?"

"Well, no. But most of the time, when I'm horny, I'll use one of the kids. Call him into the office, maybe, at lunch, and bend his butt over the desk!"

"Or line a couple of naked teenagers up for 'inspection'. And then inspect the hell out of their dicks and their holes."

Sam's prick was beginning to rise again, from the stroking of John's hand, and the conversation.

"But sometimes, I'll fuck the kid's fathers or their uncles -- usually hopping from the boy's hole to the man's hole, and back again. That's a real turn-on."

It must have been to Sam, too, since his rod surged back to full staff. Sam began fondling John's randy meat.

"Got any kids?"

Jesus! He can sure come up with conversation-stoppers! "Yeah. Three sons. Seventeen-year-old twins, Rick and Michael. A fourteen-year-old named Donny."

Sam began to fuck John's hand as John went on to describe his family. Sam lay back with his eyes shut. "Do you...."

John waited for him to finish the sentence, and then finished it for him. "Fuck my sons?"

Sam nodded and thrust his hips up and down a little harder.

John had gone too far to stop now. It was a strange feeling, talking to someone outside the group, and being honest about what was going on. "Every chance I get. And my brothers. And my nephews."

Sam's "Oh, Christ!" was almost a whisper. John began stroking more vigorously.

"What about you? You have any sons?"

"Yeah. Well...I did. I've never seen the youngest, and the older two, well, it's been twenty-odd years."

"What! You can't possibly have kids that age! How old are you?"

Sam grinned. "Forty-seven."

"So your oldest son is...."



"Yeah. I fucked my first pussy -- woman pussy -- when I was thirteen. I just looked a lot older, and with a ten-inch dick by then, I had no trouble losing my virginity. She was eighteen, she got pregnant, so we got married. The second boy came along about two years later. After we separated, we got back together -- for one night -- and she got pregnant again. I heard she had a boy."

"So why haven't you seen them?"

Both men were still hard. The conversation was strangely stimulating even though it wasn't directly about male-to-male sex at the moment. They kissed, and then went on jacking each other off.

"I was 'straight,' remember? And there I was at 23 with a ten-year-old son, and an eight-year-old son...and well, one day I was takin' a piss. She was gone for the evening; the older boy was staying over at a friend's, so it was just me and the youngest. I'd just dropped my pants, because I was kind of horny and figured I'd give myself a quick hand job after the piss, when he came in the bathroom. I started getting this hollow feeling in my gut, you know, like when you see a piece of ass you want to fuck, as he came up to the stool. Only I didn't know why it was happening. He was kind of tall for his age, and he dropped his pants, too, and held his little prick just like I was...but he just kept staring at my meat."

Sam's breathing was getting a little ragged again.

"I started pissing, and was concentrating on fillin' the bowl, when all of a sudden he reaches over and starts feeling' my cock. 'Will I be like that when I'm older?' he asked. Shit, I didn't know what to say or do...but my damned dick did. It got hard so fast I thought I was going to pass out. And then he started rubbing me! I mean, he couldn't get his fingers around me, but he started beating me off, at first with one hand, and then he kind of tugged me around so I was facing him and he was jacking me off with both hands. And...I just let him. Fuck, about the only thing that could have stopped me then was a bullet in the head.

"'Does that feel good, daddy?' Christ, did it ever! And then that little cocksucker starts licking the head of my dick and trying to suck it! I don't know where the fuck he got his ideas from, but I was so turned on I just started cumming. Shit, cum was spraying into his face and his mouth and his hair and he just kept right on beating my meat until there wasn't any more cum left!"

John was so turned on he interrupted the story with a moan and a long, hard, deep-tongue kiss.

Panting, Sam started again. "Christ, I was panicked. Here I was in my own bathroom, with my cum all over my eight-year-old son. And he was standing there grinning, with a five-inch hardon himself over plump little hairless balls, and he started wiping himself off with his fingers and licking off my cum! I knelt down beside him, and reached for a towel, but he just held out his hand, with my cum oozing off his fingers, and said 'Lick me, daddy.'

"God help me, I did. I licked my cum off, and gave him a tongue-bath, and sucked his tiny rod, and played with his butthole. I was fucking crazy! But I managed to get control, and grab him by the arms, and tell him he had to forget it, that it never happened, that we'd both be in big trouble if anyone ever found out. I left home that night. Just split. 'Cause I knew if I stayed around, it would happen again...and again...and I'd probably try to get the older boy, too."

John's voice was soft, and sort of distant. "So that's why the father-son fantasies?"

"Yeah. I beat off at night sometimes -- or into the face of one of the boys at school -- fantasizing about screwing my boys in the butt. Since I couldn't have them, I've got substitutes."

John kissed Sam again, even longer and more sensuously. He stopped beating Sam's meat and without breaking the kiss, lay down on top of him, so their leaking cocks were pressed together between their bellies. They began moving their hips together as they kissed, fucking each other's hairy bellies. Sam broke the kiss and held John a little away.

"Why the fuck am I telling you all this? And why the fuck are you listening? We've only known each other a couple of hours."

"Yeah, but it feels like it's been longer...daddy."

Sam's eyes widened.

"You ever think what it would be like to fuck one of your grown sons...or have him fuck you?"

"Christ, yes!" Sam's voice was an agonized, horny whisper. "Maybe, if I'd stayed around, I could have had it like you do. Oh, fuck, three boypussies to screw! And all of them my own sons! And yeah, it would be great to find them, all three of them, and, shit, even if they were straight, rape their butts and make them fuck me. Oh, Christ, fuck me, son, fuck your daddy's virgin ass!"

"Sure, daddy."

John spread Sam's legs wide and knelt between them. He reached over to the night stand and grabbed the tube of lubricant and generously greased his meat. Putting his hands under Sam's knees he lifted Sam's legs so he could bend over and deposit a load of spit on the dark brown, hairy hole...and then start working that spit up inside with his tongue.

Sam moaned, "Oh, yeah, baby, clean your daddy's butthole, lick the shit out of it, grease it up good so you can ram your son-dick up there!"

John was in a lapping frenzy! He deep-tongued Sam's hole, liberally coating the asswalls with spit as far up as he could reach, and then he lowered Sam's legs and sucked on Sam's monster dick until it was shiny with spit and standing straight up. Sam's eyes had been closed, but they shot wide open at the movement on the bed, and the feel of his rod sliding into John's hole again, on a layer of his own thick cum.

"Son, no...."

"Yeah, dad, oh, yeah, fuck your son's man-hole! You're gonna give him another hot load of father-cum up his butt, get him good and turned on for your ass. C'mon, dad, you've waited all these years, now fuck the shit out of your middle-son's ass! Fuck me good and fuck me hard!"

And Sam did! He was so randy after the talking and the jacking off and John licking his hole that he began punching up into John's butt hard and fast. John didn't touch his own dick, which stayed hard without any help. He just rode his daddy like some perverted cowboy, with a huge father-dick up his butt. "C'mon, dad, you're gonna shoot that load of cum up your grown-up boy's butt, and then lean him over on his back and slide your dad-dick out of his hole so he keeps all that dadjuice up his horny butt. Fuck me, dad, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Sam went wild! His thrusts were so hard and deep John could hardly stay on top, but he managed, and then he felt another oil well gusher of boiling cum blasting up his hole and into his belly! Both men were panting heavily as Sam followed directions and rolled his son over so that John's ass was up in the air when Sam slid his slimy prick out a second time.

John's skin was glowing with a sexual shine! Sam collapsed back on the bed, and John untangled their legs, and immediately began to go down on Sam's sensitive prick. John lifted his head and Sam looked at his son kneeling there with his father's cum oozing out of his mouth. Christ! What a fucking fantasy fulfillment!

"Get hard, dad. You want this prick standing up stiff and tall when your cherry gets popped. It helps. Trust me on this."

Sam laughed and pulled John down to him, kissing him and tonguing some of his own cum and assjuices into his mouth and swallowing. His prick started rising again. He felt like he could cum a thousand times, even though his balls were a little bit sore. Sam grabbed his knees and pulled his legs wide and back until they were almost touching his chest, as John greased himself up again.

"C'mon, son, mount your daddy. Plug his butthole and fuck the living shit outta him." John did what he was told, like a good son!

Sam was somewhat relaxed from two tremendous cums, but his hole was still a tight, virgin hole, and he groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure when the head of John's dick shoved its way past Sam's clamped-tight assring. As gentle as Sam had been, John was too fucking horny to take it very slow -- except for the cum up the boy ass in the hotel, he'd been leaking precum, but no cum, all night long! One quick shove got him half-way in, and then a second found his hairy belly and fat balls slapped against Sam's rockhard butt.

Sam dropped his legs down on John's shoulders and John began a slow, steady pumping of his father's ass. "Fuck you, daddy, fuck you! Fuck you for walkin' out on me! And fuck you for coming back again!" Sam reached between them and began beating his own rigid meat as John bent him in two and leaned down for a rough, hard kiss. And all the while Sam's raunchy butt was angled toward the ceiling, getting pleasured by his son's randy monster dick.

John balanced on his hands and toes and began doing fuck pushups on his dad's ass, and then he held his dad's legs out in a wide v-shape, while he knelt there and watched his meat sliding in and out of this hot virgin hole.

"Fuck me, boy! Fuck your daddy's shithole. Ram it good and hard. Make him feel it for all the good fucks you missed while you were growing up! Christ, fuck me, son, fuck me!"

John picked up speed and power. His dad wanted hard, rough fucking, he'd get a mean fuck. John was brutal now in his lunges, not caring whether his father was in pain, only caring about getting his own rocks off. Sam felt like John had some giant engine strapped to his ass and John's dick was one of the pistons. He'd watched John go out of his fucking mind with the first fuck, and now he was starting to do the same!

Sam's hole was a steel foundry furnace, radiating scorching heat in all directions. He lost control of his body and began breathing harder and harder, hyperventilating like John, so that his whole body was tingling and getting numb. He was whipping his head back and forth and his screams of "Fuck me, fuck that dadhole, fuck it fuck it fuckitfuckitfuckit!" got louder and louder; he was pounding his own raw meat and could feel his balls getting ready for another load of cum and still John wasn't ready.

Vicious in his lust he was controlling his cum, making it last, turning his daddy into a whimpering, helpless fucktoy just like he'd done to John. Then they were mouthing and roaring obscenities, spewing raw sexual filth at each other, perverted father and son fuckers, and John began to go over the edge. He lost fucking control and began plunging his dick in and out so hard and fast that he would pull entirely out, leaving the dad- hole gaping and puckering and then ram home again! Again and again and again he rammed his monster dick up his dad's shitter, while Sam beat his almost raw meat and bellowed out his lust, until finally Sam started a fire hose spray of thick cum that was stronger and lustier than anything else that day. John's mind was blown! He was a fucking animal, pounding his dad's asshole, trying to bend down and drink up the spraying cum, and then all his pent-up cum began blasting out in a tidal wave of mancream!

With John's dick still up Sam's hole, they collapsed in a tangled, sweaty heap, and passed out for a few minutes. They woke at the same time. Gently now, John withdrew his half-hard meat from Sam's tight hole. Somehow, he'd managed to keep his own shitter clamped tight through everything. Softly, he said, "Hey, dad, want your cum back?"

"Fucking right I do! Get up here!"

John crawled up the bed and squatted over Sam's face, and then slowly lowered his sticky butt and greasy ass down to his dad's mouth. He was fondling his dick and watching Sam's twitching meat as it lay almost full-length out on his belly. And then Sam's tongue was sliding up his scummy hole, making a funnel, and sucking his cum out voraciously. The sound of Sam's slurping and slobbering and cum-gulping made John hard again. He relaxed his asshole so that the cum and grease and assjuices slid out easily, filling Sam's mouth, while he quickly shot another load of cum into his hands. Sam was grateful to lick the still-warm cream from his son's hand. And then it was John's turn to get his cum back...and give it to Sam in a long, deep, kiss.

John snuggled down in the bed after Sam pulled up the covers, and wrapped his arms around him. Sam was about to reach over to turn out the lights, when John said, "You know, I think you left something out of that story."

"What?" Sam wasn't asking what he'd left out, it was more of a how-the-hell-would-you-know? question.

John wasn't looking at Sam now, and he was talking very softly. "Didn't you spit on your finger and push it up your son's hole while you were sucking on him?"

Sam lay there in stunned silence.

"And didn't your son ask you if he was as good as Alan? The teenager he saw giving you a blow job, and getting one from you?"

Sam loomed over John. "Who the fuck told you that?" he asked angrily.


"No! His name was Eddie...oh, Christ, Edward John!"

John smiled and pulled his father -- his real, not fantasy, father -- down into a deep, sensuous, horny-making father-son kiss. Then he rolled over in Sam's arms so that his butt was against Sam's crotch and Sam's hard dick. John lifted his left leg and his dad's dick slid full-length into the warm and welcoming son- hole. Sam began a gentle pumping of his son's -- his real, not fantasy, son's -- asshole and another pumping on his son's dick. And when they came again, at the same time, they just lay there, breathing in unison, until they fell asleep.

In the morning, they pissed together in their host's toilet, and then completed this horny father-son reunion by re-enacting that long-ago scene from their own bathroom -- with a big difference. This time, they finished what they started, and then, after Sam got his hand job from his loving son, and licked his cum off John, it was Sam's turn to straddle the toilet, with his legs spread wide, while John mounted him and turned his insides to warm, buttery mush with every stroke of that huge son-dick! Sam's jism sprayed the back of the toilet, and the wall, and the floor and everything within reach the moment he felt John's gusher pumping his hole.

After a shower together, and barely keeping themselves from another fuck, they called in sick to the convention. They had plenty of catching up to do -- twenty-five years of sucking and fucking missed, and talking, and some plans to make. Some of the military stud boys that Sam used sounded great to John, and then, of course, there was the family. Sam's other two sons with their big dicks and eager holes. And Sam's randy teenaged grandsons. Definitely, they had plans to make!

But first, John's butt needed a good morning fuck. His father obliged!