(Hardon Family 03)

by Marc Tremaine

WARNING: If you are offended by sex between men, sex between teenaged boys, or sex between a man and a teenager -- where some of them may be related by blood, marriage or just plain lust -- you shouldn't be in this newsgroup and you definitely shouldn't be reading this story. If this type of sex is illegal, immoral or fattening in your particular state, province, country, or bedroom, stop reading now and go away. If, according to your local laws, you're under age, no fair peeking below. This story is a fantasy, and any resemblance to any particular man, teenager, penis or other anatomical part is just your over-active imagination.

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Park Patrol


The two men got out of the car and quietly moved through the trees into a small clearing. They were hidden from view except for the light of the full moon filtering through the branches. Setting their bundles down, they began to strip. At first, their backs were toward each other, but by the time they set their tee-shirts down next to their sneakers and socks, like opposite poles of magnets, they had rotated enough to be able to see each other.

The older, taller man was in his middle thirties; heavy-set, thick-waisted, short dark hair, a neatly-trimmed mustache, well-muscled, hairy-chested. His thighs bulged in the tight jeans. The other man was ten years younger, and at six feet, only two inches shorter; slender, with a swimmer's build; light brown hair, blue eyes. They weren't directly facing each other, but each one knew he was being watched. There was a pause. The younger one hefted his balls, and then began to slowly unzip. The older man followed suit. A moment later they were naked.

There was another pause. The young one scratched his balls again, beneath a lengthening cock. "Don't take too long in there, okay?"

The older man squatted and picked up a pair of boxer shorts and trousers, holding them in front of his crotch as he stood, hiding his own rising prick. He glanced at the other's half-hard dick. "Horny, Rob?"

Rob looked down at his almost-hard cock. "Yeah. Guess I haven't been getting enough pussy."

"You've been saying that a lot lately."

"Well, shit, man, it's the truth! 'Sides, you've probably got a boner yourself. I mean, with all the fucking and sucking today...."

The older man chuckled. It was true. His own dick was swollen to full staff.

Rob gestured at the pants Paul was holding. "What's the matter, Paul, ashamed of a hardon?"

"Fuck, no! Why? You want a look?"

"Hey, I'm no fag!" Rob angrily picked up his own shorts and trousers, but when he stood up, a shiny drop of precum was oozing from his dickhead. "And I've seen your goddamned meat before anyway! In the showers, takin' a piss...." Rob's voice trailed off. He was standing facing Paul, his long -- very long -- slender rod, with the large, bulbous head, clearly visible, rigid and pointing across the clearing. More precum leaked from the prickhead.

"But you were just wonderin' what my cock looked like with a hardon."

"So? You never wonder what another guy was like with a boner? Ah, screw it!" Rob's voice was a mixture of anger and defensiveness as he started to turn away. He stopped when Paul moved his pants aside and took a step forward out of the shadows. Rob gulped silently. Paul's prick was enormous in the moonlight! It wasn't as long as Rob's cock, but much, much thicker, and uncircumcised. It was pointing up from a dense forest of crotch hair at almost a 45-degree angle.

For a long moment, they just stared at each other and then at each other's cocks, before simultaneously breaking the looks and turning away to resume dressing. Rob's voice was embarrassed. "Look, Paul, I..."

"Don't worry about it. Today made me horny, too."

Their still half-hard pricks were bulges in their dark blue pants, as they put socks and shiny black shoes on. "Maybe we'll get lucky. Get our rocks off tonight."

"Yeah. I could use it."

Rob laughed softly as he buttoned up his shirt. "Well, age before beauty!"

"Right, kid! I'll go first."

They tugged hats into place and the two police officers walked back to the car to put their plainclothes outfits in the trunk. They got back into the front seat and turned their attention to the outdoor toilet just down the hill. They didn't have long to wait. It was only a couple of minutes later when a tall man, with very broad shoulders, wearing a tank top, very short running shorts, and shoes with no socks, hurried along the path and into the john.

Rob groped his stiffening cock. Paul didn't move from the driver's seat. "C'mon, buddy! I need a goddamned blow job!"

"Give him a chance to get set."

"Shit! He'll see there's no one inside and leave!"

"Nope, he'll wait. So will we. We need two more arrests to make quota, not just one."

The park had been active that day. It had started with finding the skinny eighteen-year-old fucking the thirty-year-old brunette on a blanket off in the woods -- but not far enough off in the woods to evade the two cops. They'd watched the kid's pale, bony ass pumping whitely up and down, his jockey shorts and jeans twisted around his legs, and when they figured he was about to come, they'd stepped into the clearing. At the sound of Paul's deep voice asking what was going on, the kid yanked out of the woman's pussy and promptly began spraying jism everywhere. The boy tried to hide himself, but only got his hands sticky with his own cum. After checking id's -- while both the fuckers were still half-naked -- they'd let them off with a warning to be more discreet.

The next sexually active pair got arrested. All the two men were doing was playing with each other, but that was enough to get them for indecent exposure. For a while Rob and Paul had separated, and both wound up with two more arrests, their bulging crotches leading the men on the park trails to suggest fucking or sucking. Then, just as it was starting to get dark, they found another pair of fuckers. A young white man was bent over a log, bracing himself, while an older black guy was ramming a huge prick in out and of the white butthole. Paul and Rob waited again until the one on top was about to come before stepping in and arresting them. They cuffed the black guy with his hands behind his back, and his still hard rod jutting out of his pants.

He tried to brazen it out as they led him toward the waiting paddy wagon, strutting along, but when they got to the point where they'd have to go through an open space with lots of people, he got panicky and begged them to let him get dressed. Rob taunted the faggot for a while, but said he was too dangerous to let loose. Rob yanked open the man's shorts, pulled them down, and then roughly stuffed the black meat inside and pulled them up again. He squeezed the fat dick hard, but even though the guy winced with momentary pain, he smiled as the backup officers arrived. The one who'd had the dick up his ass just kept on crying as he was led away.

At night, they preferred being in uniform. It was a great feeling to surprise the fags by pulling a badge when they were dressed in jeans and tee-shirts, but it was a real kick to see the queers panic when a cop in full uniform, including gun, suddenly loomed up out of the darkness. So they'd changed clothes and were back at the car near a very active toilet.

"Yeah, but it's late. Nobody...."

But somebody did. A man came out of the trees and hovered in the shadows, before moving rapidly into the john. They got a quick glimpse of curly, shoulder-length hair and a very slender body dressed pretty much the same as the first man.

"Okay, okay, bastard! So you were right."

Paul smiled and got out of the car. Rob followed, and whispered as they got near the door, "Look, leave one for me, huh? Fags like to come when they're suckin' cock, so I want one of them good and horny for me." Paul nodded. "You gonna fuck one? Or get a blow job?"

"Let's see what comes up!" Paul whispered back. "I'll let you know when I'm done."

"Yeah, well, keep the uniform clean!"

Paul almost laughed out loud at the joke. On this detail, you got razzed more back at the station if you came back *without* cum spots, than if your pants were stained and sticky with jism. Paul even remembered several years ago when he'd returned after a particularly good haul, a very large cum stain on the crotch of his tight faded jeans. Fags sure beat broads when it came to sucking dick! One of the other officers had really gone on about the fags in the park, but a few minutes later, when he thought Paul was in the shower, Paul had seen the officer quietly open Paul's locker and sniff the cum stain on the jeans and lick it. He had a raging hardon underneath his towel. So did Paul! Paul had stepped back into the john to quickly beat off a load into the urinal, only to find that the other officer had the same idea!

Paul just stood there with his hand wrapped around his meat, and then decided fuck it! The cop was another man and screw him if he couldn't take a joke! Paul looked away from the second cop and went on working his prick. When he glanced up again as he got near to blasting his wad he saw the second cop a urinal away, pumping his own prick. Their eyes met for a moment, and then they concentrated on watching the other beat his meat before they each shot a tremendous load into the toilets. The second cop wiped his dickhead clean with his fingertips, and then licked off his own cum. Paul had never tried that, but he did. It was almost enough to get him hard again. He closed his eyes as he finished the licking, and when he opened them, the cop was gone. Paul never saw him again.

All the sights and sounds of the day, plus the memories -- plus the sight of his partner's hardon, though he wouldn't admit it to himself -- had Paul really in the mood for a good cum as he quietly eased the door of the john open and stepped in. The lights were off, as usual, but there was just enough moonlight through the narrow skylight in the ceiling for Paul to see what was going on.

It was a fantastic sight. The heavier built man was standing in front of one of the two urinals, his arms and legs spread wide, as if he were being searched. From what Paul could see, he was well-muscled. His tanktop was bunched underneath his armpits, and although he still had his shoes on, his shorts were on the floor next to his left foot. Paul couldn't see too much more of his body because the second one -- a teenager, he suddenly realized -- was standing behind the man and clearly screwing the guy's asshole.

The boy was almost naked, with his shirt somewhere out of sight, and his shorts down around his ankles. His slender body appeared to be painted a cool blue by the moonlight as his magnificent, tiny asscheeks clenched and unclenched with each stroke up the man's butt. The man's deep voice suddenly whispered, "Oh, yeah, baby, fuck that man-hole. Shove that boy-prick up there. Fuck me, baby, fuck me good."

The voice made the boy writhe against the man's back, and he reached around in front, clearly trying to grab the man's prick.

"Oh, baby, that feels so fine. Play with that dick while you're fuckin' that ass. Nice, tight man-ass for a stud boy to fuck. Work that dick, boy, work it!"

Paul knew he wouldn't have to worry about stains on his pants. He was already leaking precum like a son of a bitch, and his dick wasn't even out of his pants yet.

"Want some company, guys?"

At the sound of Paul's whisper from the shadows, the kid stopped fucking, but the man continued to squirm and shove his ass into the boy's crotch. "You got a big dick, man?" he asked without lifting his head.

"Big, fat, and hard," Paul answered.

"Great, man, great! C'mon over here and let me suck that meat while the kid fucks me. You like to fuck?"

The sound of Paul's zipper was almost loud in the john. "Yeah. Go on, kid, keep fucking," Paul continued to whisper. He wasn't sure why he wasn't talking out loud, as he pulled his dripping cock and large balls out of his pants. The boy was clearly turned on again, as he began pumping the standing man's hole. Paul stepped forward, with his gun out. "What I like most, though...."

He was close enough now that he could stretch out his left hand and stroke the boy's sweat-gleaming butt as the kid crammed the asshole in front of him. He did! The boy didn't look back, but just pumped harder.

The man getting fucked moaned. "Well? What do you like most?"

"Getting sucked...and then arresting the faggot. That really turns me on."

The two fuckers were shocked into immobility. The panic-stricken teenager looked over his shoulder at Paul. All the cop could see was the curly hair, and the wide gleam of frightened eyes and an impression of masculine beauty. What the kid saw was an enormous cop draped in shadows, with moonlight shining off his badge, and the gun in his right hand and the massive spear of meat jutting out from his fly.

"Suck me, kid." Paul's whisper was rough and commanding.

"I...I don't...."

"Well, you little fag, you do now!" Paul grabbed the boy by the long curly hair, digging into his scalp, yanked him away from the unknown man -- who was strangely quiet -- and forced the kid to kneel on the dusty floor of the john. Paul was really getting off on this. He was standing directly behind the other man, his prick lined up with the slick hole; his right hand, still holding the gun, resting on the man's back, and his left hand on top of the kneeling boy's head. He turned to his left and forced the boy's head down to the huge cop-dick.

"Suck, boy-fag. Get me nice and hard, so your queer buddy can see what it feels like to have a man's dick up his ass. And you, queer, just stay right where you are." Paul had turned to his left and his left hand was at the back of the kid's head, pushing those tender boy-lips toward his prick. The boy was terrified, but he was still resisting! Paul was impressed in spite of himself.

"Do a good job, kid, and maybe I'll let you and your friend go."

The boy hesitated, and then opened his mouth. Paul slid his dick in very slowly, letting the boy get used to it. He began pumping then, and the kid began cooperating, bobbing his head up and down on the cop-meat. And even though he was afraid, the boy found he still had a hardon. He began stroking his own dick. Within moments, he was breathing heavily around the mandick in his mouth and his throat relaxed, and suddenly he had all of it! His nose was buried in the funky, musky smell of the cop's crotch.

Paul's legs sagged a little. It wasn't often he got a blowjob from somebody who could swallow all of his meat, and the warm, wet boymouth was really turning him on. But he'd decided he wanted to really get his rocks off, and that meant a hard, rough fuck of some fag ass. Gently, he pulled away from the boy's mouth, and turned back to the man.

"Stand up, kid." The boy stood and Paul could now see the boy's rigid cock, with the kid lightly stroking it. It was pretty impressive. "How old are you?"


"Huh." Paul reached out with his left arm and pulled the kid close. He was thinking that this was really weird shit! He'd gotten his rocks off before with a quick fuck or suck, but he'd never done anything like this...and none of the previous times had turned him on this way, either! He pressed his sticky cockhead against the man-hole in front of him, and it opened easily, welcoming his dickhead in, the assring clamping smoothly down around him.

This was some experienced hole! Paul was almost ready to come from the hot asswalls clenching his prick. He was too horny to wait. He began with short, hard strokes and the man just shoved his strong, hard-muscled butt back to meet them. "C'mon, man, gimme that big meat. Shove it home and shove it hard! Ride that fucking hole!"

Paul could feel the kid squirming at his side, beating his own meat, and probably leaving trails of precum on the side of his pants. That was gonna be something to explain back at the station. Paul yanked his dick out of the hole, leaving it gaping and the man gasping, while Paul efficiently unbuckled his pants and dropped them and his shorts down to his knees. He was just about to ram his dick home again, when the kid leaned over and took him in his mouth, sucking and slobbering. Paul pulled him away before he came in the kid's mouth, and shoved the asshole full of copmeat again.

They'd all forgotten the threats, and the gun. The man getting fucked was breathing heavily and shoving his butt back to meet the hard ramming thrusts up his shitter, and beating his meat. The boy was writhing against Paul's left leg, playing with Paul's butt, feeling him up where he was sliding in and out of the asshole. And then Paul leaned down, lifted the kid's face toward him ... and to his surprise, and the kid's, kissed the boy!

It made him harder and hornier! And the kid was going crazy! His tender boylips were pressed hard against Paul's; their tongues and spit were being frantically exchanged; the boy was whimpering in ecstasy as Paul's left hand roamed all over his body, tweaking his tits, kneading and pinching his butt, sliding a fingertip in his tight, unused hole. The three of them were kissing, and fucking, and beating meat, and getting ready for an incredible cum.

And the lights came on!

No one had heard Rob come in. No one had heard his gasp of surprise as he saw his stud partner drop his pants and not only start fucking some fag ass, but start kissing a young boy! Jesus, no wonder Paul was so good at his job, Rob had thought. He's a fucking fag! And then he realized he had to do something about it, or he'd get accused of the same thing when Paul was finally caught.

With his gun drawn, he flipped the lights on. The shock the first two had felt when Paul came in was nothing to the earthquake results when the lights came on. Rob was the first to react. "You rotten pervert! Fucking with your own son!"

Both Paul and the boy had been blinded for a moment by the bright light, but father and son found themselves staring at each other from only inches apart. The boy's lips were pink and puffy, glistening with spit, his mouth partly open. He began to blush -- a bright red, full-body blush. He'd been sucking his father's dick! And kissing him! And his father was just standing there, still with his dick inside some stranger's butthole, and one fingertip massaging his son's ass pucker.

Paul ignored his partner, and gazed intently into his son's eyes. "Were you enjoying yourself?"

"Christ, no! I...." He started to pull away, but Paul wouldn't let him.

"Truth, Dan. You don't lie to me."

The tears began spilling out of the boy's eyes. "Yeah." And even with the tears, and his dad's partner standing there pointing a gun at all of them, the boy's randy prick surged in his hand. Paul wiped away the tears, and pulled the boy's face close to his again. "So was I." Still staring open-eyed at each other, Paul slowly bent down, and for the first time, consciously kissed his hunky, sixteen-year-old son. Reluctantly, he broke the kiss and pulled his dick out of the man's hole.

It was a strange sight when Paul turned back to face his angry partner. Paul was standing in front of a urinal, his pants and boxers around his ankles, his huge meat thrusting through his shirt tails, his hat still firmly on his head. To Paul's right was the man who'd been getting fucked. His body was incredibly muscled, and deeply tanned, except for the shining white butt cheeks. He was still leaning against the wall, and shaking a little. Paul's career was over, but he still found time to feel sorry for the man crying next to him. And then there was Dan, standing on the man's right, curly hair falling to his shoulders, his own sizable meat still hard, his running shorts and jock around his ankles.

Paul reached out to squeeze the man's shoulder. "Look, I'm sorry about this."

"Yeah, you queer son of a bitch, I bet you are. You'll be lucky if the guys don't run you out of town on a rail, with a pole up your butt! Fucking queer cop! And you, fag, turn around!"

Aftershocks are sometimes worse than earthquakes. This one was!

The man who had so enjoyed getting fucked pulled his tanktop off over his head, so he was completely naked except for his shoes. He was still shaking when he turned around, but not with tears -- with laughter! Paul had been fucking his younger brother!

"Oh, Jesus! The whole family's queer!"

Mark laughed out loud. "Fuckin' right, Rob, at least as of tonight."

"You queer bastard!" Rob was shaking with anger. The knowledge that it was Mark seemed even more of a betrayal. They were almost the same age, and.... "You've been over to my house! You...we went camping, and fishing. Christ! We took a shower together! And all the time...."

"And all the time, you were watching my dick as much as I was watching yours."

"You lying shit! I never...."

"Bullshit, Rob!" Mark was still smiling, and incredibly, he was still hard as well. His dick was circumcised, and almost exactly the size of Paul's. Father and son had gone nearly soft, but not Mark! He began pumping his meat and Rob's eyes immediately went to Mark's crotch. When he realized what he'd done, he focused back on Mark's face. Their eyes locked, and Mark must have seen something, because he smiled even more broadly.

Still playing with himself, Mark stepped toward Rob.

"Back off, faggot! You're under arrest. You have the right...."

"You really sure about that?" Mark stepped forward again. Rob backed up. "I mean, how are you going to explain a naked teenager, and his naked father -- you are getting naked, aren't you, Paul? -- and his naked uncle, all in one park toilet?" Bemused, Paul shrugged and kicked his shoes off. The pants and shorts followed, and soon the shirt and tie and socks were gone as well. Dan had followed his dad's lead and was down to bare-assed, smooth teenaged skin in the blink of an eye. Father and son looked at each other and at the glorious ass on Mark, and had no trouble getting hardons again.

"Easy. I was suspicious about why my partner was taking so long to piss or shit, and when I came in I found you all, and made the arrest."

Mark was only a step or two away, and Rob was having difficulty keeping his eyes away from Mark's rampant cock. "Actually, I think what happened, is that you went off for some reason, and forced us in here, and with your gun pointed at us, forced us to do all sorts of disgusting things to each other. Isn't that the way you guys remember it?"

Paul had walked over to stand next to his son, so they could play with each other's dicks, since Mark clearly had the situation under control. Paul answered for both of them, "Yeah, that's what happened. With Rob forcing me to rape my brother and almost rape my son, Dan and I are probably going to have to have a lot of counseling. All because of a sick, pervert cop who snapped from too much stress. Probably gay all along, and trying to hide it."

Rob was quivering with anger and frustration. It wasn't supposed to happen this way! He had a gun!

He also had a hardon.

Rob's horny dick was very visible as a ridge down his thigh, and Mark couldn't miss it.

"Any other ammunition?"

Paul picked up on that right away. "Well, when we were getting changed tonight, once he was naked he jacked off and tried to get me to do it, too."

"Liar! That's not...."

"It's the way I'm going to remember it, though."

"And I think I just remembered the nails for the coffin, Rob. Your nephew, Tommy."

Father and son had been deep-throat kissing and playing with each other's butts, but they stopped at that! Rob had gone white. "I...I've never...."

"Probably not. But nobody will believe that when I get through telling them about the camping trip."

Rob sagged against the wall, and the gun -- which had never had the safety off, anyway -- slid to the floor. Mark walked up to Rob, and as he began talking, he started undressing him. "See, guys, we were on a camping trip last summer, and Tommy came with us. He was, what, twelve, then?" Rob nodded helplessly as Mark removed his shirt and then made him bend forward slightly to pull off the tee-shirt.

"He was pretty mature for his age -- at least physically -- and I got a hardon nearly every time I saw him. So did macho man, here." Mark was kneeling now, gently removing Rob's shoes, and peeling down his socks. Mark nuzzled the randy prick inside the pants before standing up. His own cockhead dripped precum on the pants. "Most of the time, he thought I wasn't aware of it. But if it did become too obvious, he always had some story about the cunt he was thinking about." The belt had been removed and the pants button undone. Mark was very slowly unzipping Rob, while his free hand roamed over Rob's smooth chest. "We were all together the whole time Tommy was with us, skinny-dipping, pissing together, almost-nude hiking, anything Rob could think of. They didn't do anything that I know of. Right?"

"Yeah, you're right. Nothing happened. I never touched him. Nothing fucking happened!" Rob's voice had fallen, but father and son could hear him clearly. They were standing beside Mark now, and "helping" him by playing with his meat and his tits, and shoving fingers up his hole. Mark wiggled his butt at the latest three-finger invasion of his shitter, and reached inside Rob's pants to pull the long, dripping dick out.

Mark began stroking Rob's prick. He put Rob's hands on the trousers, and Rob shoved them over his hips, and stepped out of them. Now he was just in standard-issue boxer shorts, with his dick sticking out, and being massaged by his friend. "True, nothing 'fucking' happened. But Tommy had to go back earlier than we did. And I took him to catch the bus, and made it back faster than stud-man here expected."

Rob was blushing, too, but breathing heavier from the work on his tits and his prick. "I found him beating off in the cabin, naked, on all fours in the bed Tommy had slept in, and stroking with a well-used pair of Tommy's jockey shorts. He'd sniff them, and then use them to beat off. I let him cum and then made some noise so he'd have enough time to move, but not enough to be absolutely certain I hadn't seen him."

Mark squatted to pull the boxers off so that all four were now naked and hard and dripping precum. Their hearts were beating fast, not only because they were all so fucking horny, but from the danger. It was late at night, they were naked in a park toilet ... anyone could come in! Mark sent Dan over to turn off the light.

"Ever fucked with guys before, Rob?"

Rob shook his head, and they could barely see the movement. But father and son could feel how his hands nervously reached out and began pumping the two dicks. Mark put both hands to Rob's face, and pulled him close for a strong, masculine kiss. Rob soon found himself eagerly responding, and then Mark stopped it.

"Okay, faggot!" Mark's voice was suddenly as commanding as his older brother's. "Some of this is going to be new for all of us, but you aren't going to be any kind of virgin when you get out of here. Understood?"

Rob's whispered "yes" wasn't nearly as clear as the jump in his dick, pressed tightly against Mark's belly. Mark was the "experienced" queer in the group, and he was loving every moment of what was going on.

Rob started off sucking each one of them in turn, and then Mark was getting sucked alternately by his brother and his nephew. And then the three took turns fucking Mark's butt until he was wild with lust, and oozing precum in a steady stream. He was so horny he could hardly stand up! But he managed...just as he managed to get Rob bent over and lick and slobber over his butt and then start shoving his randy prick into his friend's tight virgin hole. Rob whimpered at first but then began to enjoy it. Paul and Dan watched Mark's dick closely as it slid in and out of the tight shitter, almost turning it inside out when the huge dickhead stroked outward.

"Fuck him, Paul."

As turned on as Dan was, he was frightened. He'd managed to suck his dad's enormous meat, again and again, but taking that pole up his virgin butt? He didn't have any choice, though, since Paul whirled him around and forced him to bend over. Mark's educated shithole was great, but Paul knew his son's virgin butt was going to be even better. He slobbered spit on his cock and then pressed it against the tightly clenched ass pucker. He reached around and began pumping his boy's meat, while he pressed harder. The hole opened and Paul pushed some of his meat inside. It was like a volcano! Like a white-hot tube of metal that was both soft and hard! Paul couldn't restrain himself. He want this boypussy and he wanted it now!

The huge dad-dick, cop-dick shoved past the resistance in one hard thrust. Dan screamed! Paul clamped a hand over his son's mouth. Raping his son! What a fucking...*fucking!* fantasy. Only it didn't stay a rape for long. Paul's long-dicking rapidly turned Dan on to his own white heat, so that he began cooperating, clenching his asswalls, and shoving his tiny butt back against his father's massive meat.

The two brothers leaned over to kiss each other as they increased their fuckstrokes. The two on the bottom were in ecstasy! And then Paul and Mark switched -- yanking their pricks out of the wet slimy holes, leaving them gaping, and then shoving full-length into the new hole! And once, when they were just about to switch again, Paul realized he wanted his brother's dick up his own virgin hole, so he pulled Mark around. Mark cooperated gladly! He'd always had a lust for the oldest of his two brothers -- the "straight" one, and now here he was in a public toilet, plugging the butt of his straight brother, the cop!

It didn't take Dan and Rob long to figure out what to do since there was a new fucking arrangement beside them. Rob mounted Dan, and even though his prick wasn't anywhere near as fat as Paul's or Mark's it was much longer and reached so far up inside Dan he thought he was going to faint from the pleasure! Rob couldn't believe the sensations as he pumped his very first boyhole. And then they all began switching holes...fucking one moment, getting fucked the next, every asshole getting pumped by three separate dicks, each dick getting into the other three male holes. They were out of control! The whole fucking police force could have walked in and they couldn't have stopped!

They changed to sucking, down on the floor in a suck-chain, and then to beating themselves and each other off, deep-throat kissing, and licking sweaty armpits and chests. And then they were standing again, chests heaving. Mark was pulling on Rob's sweaty, slimy prick. "Oh, Christ, I need to shoot!" They began pulling on their own rods, breathing faster and faster, watching each other for the first wad of cum, slick bodies sliding together. Then Mark stopped things. "I need a hole to come in!" He grabbed his nephew, spun him around and shoved in slick as shit. The boy groaned with pleasure and shoved his butt back against the uncle dick. "Wait! You guys, wait! Use him, too."

The other two men got off on that idea! As close to cumming as they were they held off, instead playing with Mark's dick as it pumped Dan's hole, or shoving fingers up the man's butt, eagerly watching as Mark went over the edge with long ramming strokes up the still-tight boybutt. He filled the boyhole to overflowing with its first load of cum! He pulled his still hard rod out and shoved Paul into place. Paul got off on the idea of sloppy seconds as his dick slid into the hole that was well- greased with spit and boyjuice and his brother's cum.

The boy was in a mindless haze of pleasure! But Paul wanted to have the last load up his boy's butt, so he pulled out and Rob took his place. Rob was too horny to last long. His first male sex, and he was going to get to come inside a seething hot boybutt! Four deep, deep strokes that pleasured the kid way up in his guts and then he was blasting long ropes of cum, seeming to be just as long as his randy dick, and Dan could swear he felt every inch of the cum racing up his gut!

Rob pulled away from the cum-dripping shitter and Paul slid in again. It was even sloppier this time, and looser. But Dan was so crazed he was going wild with lust! He braced himself against the wall so he could take the full, deep thrusts of his father's long, fat dad-cock. Paul reached out and pulled his brother and partner in close, kissing first one and then the other while he still kept pumping his boy's precious hole. Paul's rough hands pulled and stroked the other two men into hardons again, and then Paul moved Mark behind him. Mark understood! He plugged his brother's butt readily! Meanwhile, Paul, almost like some contortionist, managed to bend sideways and suck in most of Rod's messy dick.

Dan was in a fucking frenzy, crying and moaning and trying to beat his meat. But Paul wouldn't let him. The three men were building to an incredible peak and then all three were over it! Rob's second load of ropy cum drained down his partner's eager throat, while Mark blasted his brother's now well-used shitter with wad after wad of steaming jism. But the biggest load of all was the one Paul gave to his son. He rammed home, rough and hard and deep, with one final lunge and then just spewed a fountain of cum deep into the boyhole. Three loads of mancum started backing up and leaking out of the hole!

The three men were done, but Dan still hadn't come! He was crying with anger, and frustration, and sheer horniness! "For Christ's sake, Dad! At least let me...."

"Shut up and fuck me!"

Sobbing, whimpering, the well-used boy obeyed and mounted his father's eager and twitching hole. The boy began stroking, afraid he'd come too soon to enjoy the sensation of blasting his wad up dadhole, and suddenly he felt a warm mouth on his own butthole. His uncle was on all fours, licking his hole and sucking out the cum! And Randy Rob -- as they would call him later -- got hard again and without warning shoved his meat into his friend's hole. Mark just grunted and kept on sucking the cum out. He got most of a mouthful, and then got a great idea! He spit some of the mixture of Mark-cum, and Paul-cum, and Rob-cum on his hand and used it to grease up his hard dick while he was getting fucked. Paul beat his own meat in rhythm to his son's fucking, and soon they were building up to another glorious cum!

They shot simultaneously! Rob pumped Mark's shitter full, Mark and Paul sprayed their hands and bellies and everywhere else, and Dan more than made up for not having shot before! His horny boy-balls began acting like an oil well with a gusher as load after load after load roared into his father's steamy butt. Paul's own cum was increased just by the feel of the roaring hot jism filling his gut and leaking out of his hole!

They finally collapsed together, panting, trying to regain control. At last they stood up. They kissed, and caressed, and licked each other clean, sucking out the shitholes filled with cum, and sharing the mouthfuls. Dan was on his knees giving his dad's dick a final cleaning, and Rob was doing the same for Mark -- and starting to get them hard again -- when the door opened.

There was a simultaneous, if silent, "Oh, fuck!" However, the light from outside was just enough to reveal that it wasn't a cop, but a black teenager. Dan recognized him. He was a senior at Dan's school. Dan stood up and walked naked over to the non-plussed boy, who couldn't keep his wide eyes off Dan's swaying hard prick, or keep his eyes from glancing at the three men and their hardons. What the fuck! Dan thought. Alan should have known what to expect if he was going to show up at this john this late at night.

"Want to join the party?" He reached out and groped the heavy black dick that had already surged down the shorts. He was naked underneath, and the dickhead had poked past the bottom of the shorts.

"Party?" Alan stepped inside, letting the door shut behind him, and reached out for Dan's dick as the three men began undressing him. Naked, he stood there as Paul kissed him, Dan sucked his dick, and Rob rimmed his asshole. Mark stood to one side, beating his meat.

"Let the games begin!" he murmured. The horny males laughed, the newcomer a bit nervously, and the games began!