(Hardon Family 04)

by Marc Tremaine

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A Tail of Two Nephews

  Donny was pissed! They'd been up at the lake for almost three days, and in spite of sharing a bedroom, he still hadn't seen Tommy naked. At first, Donny thought his thirteen-year-old friend was just being coy, but then he realized the boy was in fact incredibly shy. At fourteen, Donny wasn't shy at all. He'd had too much dick up his ass and down his throat to be shy about anything. He'd tried a couple of times to take a shower with Tommy at the changing area down by the beach, but Tommy always managed to evade it. And at night he didn't undress until the lights were out; and in the mornings, he was always up first, and dressed before anyone else.

Just like this morning. There Donny was, all five feet eleven of him, slender, with shoulder-length light brown hair, smooth, golden-tanned skin, and a hefty morning hardon on his almost eight inches of meat. And no one to share it with! Donny looked over at Tommy, who was starting to make up his rumpled bed. Christ! that little fucker is cute! Donny stroked his dick lightly, enjoying the sight of it tenting up the sheet.

Tommy was about five-seven, a little on the husky side, with curly blond hair, and piercing green eyes. His shoulders were broad for his age and muscular, and he had a very tiny waist. Donny could see all that because all Tommy was wearing was a pair of baggy shorts -- his usual outfit these past few days, sometimes with a tank-top, sometimes not -- and probably a jock, since there was never a hint of a free-swinging cock underneath the shorts.

Up to now, Donny had gone along with the dress-in-secret routine, but today was going to be different. He yawned loudly, stretching his arms over his head and arching his back so that his hips thrust up and off the bed. Tommy glanced over at the sound and froze for just a moment, taking in the sight of Donny's prick pushing up the sheet, and then he turned back to his bed.


Tommy turned around again, his mouth open to say "Yes?" but once more he froze, this time with his mouth gaping. Donny had tossed the sheet away, and was sitting on the edge of the bed, his feet spread wide, stretching his arms up and out and yawning again, but what caught Tommy's attention was his first clear view of Donny's rockhard prick, jutting up in horny splendor from the light brown hair that curled around the base of his meat, and liberally coated his big, low-hanging balls. It was a gorgeous sight. Tommy blushed a bright red when Donny's eyes caught his.

Donny winked and smiled and glanced down at his dick. "Jesus! Don't you hate it when you got a morning hard like this, and you can barely get it down to piss?"

Tommy just murmured, "Uh, yeah, yeah, I do," and looked away. But his eyes were drawn back as Donny stood up and deliberately walked -- no, sort of strutted -- close to Tommy on his way to the bathroom, randy cock leading the way, and carrying his torn sneakers, and a pair of tight shorts. Donny's firmly-muscled butt was a horny-making sight, too. Tommy blushed again and quickly finished making his bed.

Donny must have managed to get soft, because after a little while Tommy heard the sound of a long, healthy piss coming from the open door to the bathroom. When he glanced up he could just see Donny's naked back and butt. Tommy put on his own shoes and was just pulling a tanktop over his head -- a scoop-necked version that emphasized his well-muscled pecs -- when Donny came out of the bathroom. He dropped the shoes on the floor, worked his feet into them, and then stepped into the shorts, all in full sight of Tommy. When he was dressed, he might as well not have had the jeans shorts on. You could see Donny's prick and balls so clearly, the jeans looked like they'd been sprayed on.

"Ready to go?"

Tommy looked up. "Uh, where?"

"Shit, I dunno. Swimming, maybe? Water-skiing?"

"Well, let me ask...."

"Hey, don't worry. Both our uncles are gone -- they said they had some errands to run, and since they trusted us to behave, they'd see us later today. So we're on our own." Donny nonchalantly scratched his crotch, and Tommy's eyes focused in on the moving hand. Well, fuck! I coulda been doing this three days ago, instead of all this pussyfooting around. He is ripe.

"C'mon, let's grab some breakfast and just head out!" Donny reached out, grabbed Tommy by the shoulders and with a laugh, gently shoved him toward the door. After a quick bowl of cereal and some juice, they left the cabin.

Donny suggested a hike up into the hills to a place he knew where there was a great view. Tommy agreed and they began walking. It was about an hour later that they heard the loud moan.

Both boys stopped instantly. They were a beautiful sight, if anyone had been around to watch. Two young studs, their faces flushed from the climb up the mountain, skin glowing with a light coating of sweat. Donny moved closer as they heard a second moan; his sweat-slick arm brushed against Tommy's, and Tommy nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Shhh!" Donny shushed his friend, and then motioned for him to follow. "C'mon," he whispered, "it sounds like it's coming from over here." Tommy held back, and Donny grabbed his hand and pulled him along. Somehow, he forgot to let go, and Tommy forgot to pull away. Donny's cock began to lengthen.

They moved very quietly off the path and into the woods, following the moans that had turned into a male voice saying over and over again, "Oh, Christ that feels good!"

And then they were there. Hidden by trees and bushes Donny could see into a large clearing. The tall tree shaded most of it, and the ground seemed to be clear of branches. Out in the middle was a large blanket, and on the blanket were two men. The one who had been moaning was obviously the one standing up with his shorts around his ankles, getting a blowjob from the naked stud kneeling in front of him. Donny smiled, and then pulled Tommy up in front of him so that he could see, too.

Donny also clamped his hand over Tommy's mouth so that the boy's gasp of surprise when he saw the two men couldn't be heard. Tommy was frozen in shock. That was his Uncle Rob getting a blowjob! And the man giving the blowjob was Donny's Uncle Mark!

"Well, will you look at that!" Donny whispered in his friend's left ear. "Some errand!" He took his right hand away from Tommy's mouth and rested it casually on his friend's right shoulder. Tommy just murmured, "Yeah," as he continued to stare at the scene in front of him.

The boys were at just the right spot to watch the action. They had a clear view as Rob placed both hands on Mark's head and began deep face-fucking strokes with his long, long dick. And Mark was clearly loving every pump of meat into his mouth, since his own cock was hard and dripping as he beat off. Rob reached down with both hands and without missing a fuckstroke into Mark's mouth, twisted and tweaked Mark's tits. The boys could tell this was a real turnon to Mark because he began writhing, and moaning himself.

Donny was standing directly behind Tommy, avidly watching the hot scene in the clearing, and getting more horny every second. His own breathing became a little heavier and he began massaging Tommy's shoulders. "Hot stuff, huh?" he whispered into Tommy's ear.

Tommy couldn't move -- partially because of what he was seeing, partially because his own cock was suddenly, painfully stiff inside the jock he always wore, but mostly because he was really enjoying the sensations at his back. Donny's sweat-slick chest was pressed against Tommy's back, while Donny's hands massaged his younger friend's shoulders and began moving down toward his tits, while his hard meat heated up the kid's asscrack. Tommy knew it wasn't going to last -- it never did -- but for a few minutes he could pretend it would, that he wasn't going to get laughed at, and maybe he'd wind up with a memory he could beat off to. Donny's hands reached Tommy's stiff tits at last, and his lightly stroking fingertips sent electric shocks through Tommy's body, making him lean back into Donny's hot, sweaty embrace.

And then there was just cool air against his back. Tommy opened his eyes. Donny was standing next to him, gesturing for silence, as he peeled off his shorts and straightened up, naked except for his shoes, his randy meat jutting proudly from his loins. Tommy could see drop after drop of clear precum oozing from Donny's prickhead. He licked his lips. But when Donny motioned for him to strip off, too, Tommy blushed and turned his head.

He could have turned and run away, rather than be humiliated again, leaving Donny to explain to their uncles about spying on them with stiff boymeat in hand, but somehow he just couldn't move. Donny did, though. He turned Tommy to face him and moved in close, so close his dripping dickhead was resting against Tommy's belly. Donny began undoing the belt on Tommy's shorts, when he realized that Tommy was quietly crying.

"Hey, you want me to stop?" Shit! Everything was suddenly all fucked up. Maybe the kid wasn't horny for guys after all.

"N...no. Just get...get it over with."

Puzzled now, Donny was moving slower, but he still pulled the baggy shorts down over Tommy's slim hips, and they dropped to the ground. That's when he got his first look at the bulging jock that had been hidden away by those shorts. He almost passed out from the wave of lust that shot over him. If that was all cock inside, Tommy was hung like a stud horse. Shit, this little fucker was hung almost as good as Donny's father -- and that stud boyfucker was hung!

And Tommy was still crying! Puzzled, and with some difficulty, Donny managed to get the jock off of Tommy's meat, kneeling down to pull it down around his ankles. Donny couldn't help the loud gasp that escaped him when he saw Tommy's meat at full staff. It was fucking huge! There were at least ten inches of fat meat, standing up hard and wide, jutting out and slightly up from his pale blond crotch hair.

"Holy shit!" Donny couldn't resist! He wrapped his right hand around the base of that enormous boyrod, opened his mouth and gulped down as much as he could swallow. Tommy nearly passed out! It was a jackoff fantasy come true -- his best friend gulping down his meat, soaking it with spit, and playing with Tommy's balls. Tommy closed his eyes and began slowly pumping Donny's face, enjoying his very first blowjob.

And then once again Donny moved away, and the soft breeze caressed Tommy's spit-slick cock. But Donny hadn't gone far. He just stood up, started stroking both their dicks and yelled, "Hey, guys!" Tommy froze in horror. He'd forgotten about their uncles out in the clearing for a moment -- just long enough for his hopes to come crashing down again. He jerked away from Donny, the tears starting again, and leaned over to pull up his jock and his shorts.

Donny put his hand on Tommy's shoulder. "Hey, man, where you goin'?"

Tommy slapped the hand away and stood up, struggling to get his clothes on over his still-hard dick and get away. But he was too late. The two naked uncle-studs were standing next to them. Tommy squared his shoulders and let go of the shorts, which dropped back to the ground. His prick rose to full staff again, defiantly. "Well, go ahead. Get it over with," he said.

Both men were staring in awe at the huge boydick jutting out from that gorgeous boystud body. Nine and a half inches, maybe ten -- longer and thicker than either of the mandicks that were both starting to leak a steady stream of sticky clear precum as the two men looked at the sexy young boy standing before them. Mark and Rob exchanged glances, as Mark began beating his meat and tweaking his own tits. Rob answered for both of them. "Sure, Tommy. How do you want it?"

Tommy was stunned into silence. And then, "Wh...what do you mean?"

Rob and Donny had also started beating their meat, too. Rob smiled at his stud nephew. "Well, you got three assholes that are just twitching to have that meat shoved up inside them. Who do you want to fuck first?"

Tommy could hardly believe what he was hearing. "Fuck...first?"

"Yeah, boy. You're not getting out of here until you've plowed all our asses."

"You...you don't think I'm a...a freak?"

The three horny fuckers looked at him in amazement. Donny was the first to catch on.

"You mean that's why you've been playing hide-a-dick? You were fucking ashamed of your meat?"

Tommy hung his head. "Yeah."

Rob stepped closer and reached out with one hand to raise his nephew's head so they were looking in each other's eyes. The head of his very long, slender dick was twitching and dripping on Tommy's naked stomach. "Who the fuck told you that you were a freak?"

Mark and Donny moved in close and began caressing and stroking Tommy while the boy talked, playing with his tits and his cock and his balls and his tight pink asspucker. "Jesus, everybody. Dad, the guys at school, the phys. ed. teacher. They put signs on my locker and tell the girls about me...or they grab me and strip my pants off so...so everybody can get a good look at the circus freak with the elephant dick."

"Christ, Tommy, they're just jealous. You've got bigger meat now, with some growing time still to go, and you're hung better than any of those guys ever hope to be. And that includes your father."


"You ever seen your dad with a hardon?"


"Well, I have. Not recently, of course, but when we were younger we'd jerk off together sometimes. He's always been sensitive about the fact he's the older brother and his dick is shorter than mine, even though it's fatter, so he used to get kind of nasty with me every once in a while about having a ropedick."

Tommy looked down at the slender meat with the wide dickhead that had come to rest high up on his belly as Rob had moved in closer. Hesitantly, Tommy reached up and began playing with his uncle's meat. "It doesn't look like a ropedick to me, Uncle Rob."

"And it doesn't feel like one up your asshole, either," said Donny. "And that's one randy stud you got for an uncle. That meat pleasures spots so far up you feel like his cum is gonna shoot out your throat."

All four dicks were achingly hard by now. Silently, the three stripped Tommy's clothes off and led him out to the warm sun and the blanket in the center of the clearing. Rob bent down and began sucking his nephew's dick, getting it soaking with spit, while Donny gave Rob a rim job, getting Rob's sweaty funky hole nice and wet. "Fuck me, Tommy."

Tommy was still silent as his uncle kneeled down on the blanket, his strong well-muscled buttcheeks up in the air. The dark brown asshole was glistening with Donny's spit. "But...but how...."

Donny and Mark guided the boy into position, Mark spitting on a couple of fingers and fingerfucking Rob's hole a little while Tommy watched, and then they began guiding his meat to Rob's hole. Rob really enjoyed big meat up his hole -- they all did -- so he was able to relax his butthole like the pro he was and take the head of Tommy's dick with only a grunt and then a moan. He was echoed by Tommy's gasp of sheer pleasure. He'd never felt anything so hot and tight around his meat, not even his own hand. Instinct took over and Tommy began to slowly shove his meat up his uncle's shitter. Rob was in instant ecstasy.

And Mark couldn't stand just watching. He needed some action -- and quick. He dropped to all fours in the same position as Rob and grunted himself as Donny slowly inserted the head of his prick into his uncle's hole, and then with a wicked grin at Tommy beside him, shoved it all the way with one long hard stroke. Donny pumped a couple of strokes and reached over to feel up his best friend, groping the thick boymeat as it stretched and filled the hot uncle-ass.

And it was hot! Tommy hadn't believed -- from all the razzing he'd had -- that anybody could take all of his dick, but he was sure glad they were wrong -- and he was hornier than he'd ever been at the thought he was losing his virginity with his own uncle.

"C'mon, Tommy, fuck me!" Rob's voice was already ragged with lust, and Tommy picked up on that -- and picked up the speed. Donny began moving faster, matching him stroke for stroke. It was a hot sight: two boystuds ramming their stud pricks deep in their own uncles' assholes, while the two men moaned and writhed beneath them. Randy Rob thought the walls of his asshole were going to burn up with the friction, and the waves of lust coming from his body were infecting the others and suddenly all four of them were shooting simultaneously -- huge wads of boyjuice spattering the walls of the man-asses they were fucking, while the men were spraying the blanket and their pumping hands.

The boys pulled out of their uncles' asses, and the two men collapsed on the sticky blanket. With a grin of temporarily satisfied lust at each other, they decided to take control of the situation again. Mark and Rob shifted so they were laying on their backs, and pulled the boys down on top of them. Donny began kissing his uncle, eagerly exchanging tongue and spit; Tommy followed more slowly but he was willing to learn -- and he did!

Kissing men was great! The hard, masculine body he was laying on, the rough manly lips pressed against his and the tongue deep-throating him were enough to get him hard again. Rob felt the boy's hardon against his belly and responded with stiff meat of his own. Gently, he rolled over so that Tommy was on the bottom, and then he used his knees to spread Tommy's legs wide and knelt between them, stroking the fat upright prick.

Mark and Donny were both hard again, horny at the sight of young Tommy about to lose his cherry. And Tommy was eager! But first, Rob dropped mouthfuls of spit on Tommy's dick and then gestured Donny to come over and sit on it. Just like Rob, Donny's educated and well-used hole welcomed the huge invader as Donny squatted over Tommy's groin and lowered himself.

"Oh, Christ! That feels good!" Donny moaned as Tommy's monster dick slid into Donny's shitter in one long, smooth stroke.

Tommy grinned up at his friend as he felt the walls of his second-ever asshole clamp down around his meat. Tommy caught on quick! He began rotating his hips so that his hard cock was swirling around inside Donny's butt, and then he began thrusting. Donny leaned forward, resting his weight on his left hand so that their uncles could get a good view of the buttfucking action, while Donny beat his own hard rod against his friend's belly.

The sight of Donny's butthole spread wide by Tommy's awesome meat just made the adults even hornier. Rob was leaking so much precum, all he had to do was smear it around to get his cock slick. Mark knelt down beside the trio and watched eagerly, stroking his own leaking dick, while Rob raised his nephew's butt, causing a sharp moan from Donny as Tommy's meat managed to shove even further inside. And then it was Tommy's turn to gasp and moan as his virgin shitter was invaded by the head of his uncle's dick.

Tommy was so turned on already, there was no pain at all, just waves of pleasure as Rob's long meat slid into his asshole slowly and steadily until it was buried to the hilt. The three were in fuck heaven! And Mark decided to join them. He dropped heavy loads of spit on his meat, while his fingers started swirling inside Rob's cum-filled butt. Rob liked the idea! It was a bit awkward, but Mark managed to squirm in behind him and slide his delicious hot meat up Rob's slimy butt. These fuckers were too hot to last, even with the cumloads they'd already shot.

Mark started it off, warning the others after a couple of strokes that he couldn't hold off, and then he began spraying his best friend's butt with a steaming hot load of mancum. That's all it took to start Rob pumping gism up his nephew's butt, and then the two boys were shooting off simultaneously -- a volcano-load of cum bursting up Donny's ass, while Donny's own load liberally coated Tommy's belly and chest. And then, when the last drop of cum had dribbled out of their relaxing pricks, the four just stayed there, locked together, chests heaving, before three buttholes got emptied of dicks.

They sprawled in a tangle of arms and legs and sticky holes and dicks, but not for long. Donny suddenly decided he wanted a drink of cum and buttjuices -- Rob's cum and Tommy's buttjuice! It only took a few seconds to get Tommy squatting over Donny's mouth, so that Donny's eager tongue could start rimming the funky butt, and then slurp around inside and start sucking out the heady mixture of cum and juice. Mark followed suit with Rob, hornily sucking his own cum and then sharing it with Rob in a deep-throating kiss that left the men writhing against each other with rigid rods crushed between their firm bellies.

They broke apart, then, to watch Tommy getting his first taste of cum and assjuices, as he and Donny switched places, and Donny relaxed his ass muscles so that Tommy's tremendous cumload began sliding back down into Tommy's eager mouth. And just like their uncles, they shared the gism in a passionate kiss, their sweaty young bodies squirming against each other until they, too, were hard again.

It was Mark's turn, now! With only a few light strokes on his meat, he was almost ready to shoot another load, just watching Tommy's majestic fuckstick rising to a full hardon, and knowing he would soon have it up his butt. Mark bent over and dropped several loads of spit on the thirteen-year-old fuckrod, getting it good and slimy. And Tommy let him! He liked the kind of attention his huge meat was getting from these three boyfuckers.

Mark rolled over on his back, and pulled his knees up close to his chest. Tommy didn't need an invitation. Instinctively he got in position between Mark's wide-spread legs. He lined his meat up with the dark, hairy asspucker, grabbed Mark's thighs to raise the muscular manbutt a little higher, and then began a steady push that forced open Mark's assring with a soundless snap! like a door slamming open. Mark screamed! Not with pain, but with incredible pleasure. He couldn't fucking believe it! No other dick up his butt -- and he'd had plenty -- had ever turned him on like this kid was doing.

He forced himself to stop stroking his dick and reached around to clench Tommy's hard, tight buttcheeks, and then pull that boybutt toward him hard and fast, so that the last half of the huge dick rammed up Mark's shitter. He screamed again. Donny and Rob were amazed. They'd never seen Mark so turned on, and it got them even hornier. They knelt on either side of Mark, kissing across his body, and jerking each other's pricks, while Tommy began deepfucking Mark. Almost every inch of that fat prick would pull out, and then very slowly shove back in until Tommy's sweaty crotch hair was grinding against Mark's ass and his huge, low-hanging boyballs were banging Mark's butt.

Every fucking nerve in Mark's body was on fire! His hands were clutching at the sticky butts of Donny and Rob, and then his fingers were pumping their slimy holes, and suddenly Mark was blasting a load of cum! Without anyone touching his dick he was spraying everywhere as he roared out his lust, and still his dick didn't get soft! And Tommy didn't stop. Donny and Rob bent over, eagerly licking up the hot cum off, and allowing Mark to put more fingers further up their holes, and still Tommy was torturing Mark with his steady thrusting. But Mark could take it -- take every fucking inch like the stud fucker he was.

Tommy began picking up speed, and the two kneeling studs leaned across Mark for a deep-throated kiss, switching over to beating each other's meat, while Mark thrust four fingers up their butts, harder and harder, matching pace with the ever faster monster dick shoving up Mark's hole. Mark was in ecstasy. His head began whipping back and forth and he began a loud moaning "fuckmefuckme" chant -- and Tommy complied! Harder and faster, and harder and faster still, Tommy rammed that monster cock up Mark's burning shitter, until with a final shuddering lunge, and a loud scream of raw lust, Tommy began spewing out his biggest load of cum yet! Mark matched him! Once again, just the feel of that huge fuckrod, combined with the slimy blasts of hot boycum, sent Mark over the edge, and the other two joined in him a slimy explosion of mancum and boycum!

Donny and Rob were too exhausted to do more than collapse to the blanket. But Tommy managed to eat out Mark's shitter, vacuuming out his own cum, and then cleaning Mark's hairy chest and belly of the globs of warm cum that Mark and the other two had generously provided for him. Then he snuggled down next to Mark, while Donny crawled over to curl up in Rob's arms. The four worn-out fuckers quickly fell asleep.

And when they woke a while later, with horny adult pricks starting to slide into raw, but still-eager, boyholes...it was "shy" Tommy who quickly converted side-by-side fucking into a teenaged 69, so that both young boys could suck boymeat and slurp on hot boyhole as it got fucked by stud manmeat! Everyone agreed, this was one fucking great vacation!