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"Will I see you tomorrow night?"

"Maybe, only if you make it worth my while."

"Okay, I better get inside. If I miss my curfew, I'll never hear the end of it. See you tomorrow, yeah?"

I kissed my beautiful girlfriend goodnight and she went back into her house. I had the lucky scenario that my girlfriend, Rachel and I lived next to eachother. We had known eachother our whole lives and we started dating three months ago. I was happy, since none of my current friends had a girlfriend. I smiled and entered my own house. As I walked into the living room I saw my father and my brother watching TV. Our mother died at my birth, so I had never really had a motherly figure in my life and always was in the company of men. I loved my brother and my father dearly, so I didn't have any trouble with that. My brother, Perry and I had always been more like best friends than the brothers that we were. It was really funny because Perry was born on the second of January 1994 and I followed ten months later on the 30th of November that same year. We were in the same grade, same class, had the same friends, but we always looked after eachother. Perry was so happy for me when I started to go out with Rachel. I think that he might have had a crush on her himself, but yeah...I got her in the end.

One afternoon as I came back from Rachel's house, I quickly wanted to take a shower as Perry and I had a meeting at school, so I wanted to be fresh so to speak. As I undressed and stepped into the shower, I heard my brother calling me.

"Ricardo! You here?"

"Yeah, bro! Im in the shower."

As I stepped out of the shower, dripping wet, I saw Perry run into our room almost out of breath. I immediately saw that something was wrong, Perry was upset.

"Perry, what's up?"

"Bro, I don't know how to put this to you. I don't want to hurt you, man!"

"Perry, you're not hurting me but you are freaking me out. Incase you didn't notice, im wet, and I am not cleaning the floor up here."

Perry sat on his bed. Once immediately he stood up again and held me at my shoulders.

"Ric, Rachel is cheating on you."

For a moment Perry must have thought that I had completely blanked out as I didn't reply or showed any emotion or a sign that I heard what he had said. I finally moved away from him and looked at him for a moment.

Then I punched him in his stomach.

He bent over, the wind knocked out of him and fell on the ground groaning and coughing. I stared down at him and then I followed the punch up by kicking him in the stomach once more. He started to cough up blood as he layed there, but I didn't feel a thing.

"What, you think if you tell me this kind of crap that I would dump Rachel so that you can have her?"

He looked up to me with tears in his eyes.

"You know what you can do with those fucking fake tears? Go shove them in your faggot ass and leave me and my girlfriend alone. I thought we were close, but if this is how you are going to be with me, to spread lies like this about Rachel, then you are no longer my brother!"

I turned my back on him and stepped back into the shower and slammed the door shut.

I couldn't believe that Perry had done this to me! We were always so close, did everything together. I loved Perry to bits, but then again I didn't tell him to dish up lies to me about my girlfriend. Around by five a clock, Perry came into our room, limping a bit, and sat on my bed.

"You...eh...better hurry up. We're going to be late for the meeting."

"Im going no where with you."

"Ricardo, I know that you love Rachel, but this afternoon I..."

"Shut the fuck up!"

I had never before talked to Perry like that.

I could see that he was upset, but I didn't say anything. The once closeness that was between us, as far as I was concerned, it was over. Rachel meant the world to me and I really loved her. If Perry was jealous about that, it was his problem. When he left for the meeting, I went over to Rachel. As we sat and watched TV, she started to slide her left hand all over my knee. I didn't think much of it at first, but then she started to rub her hand more upwards and towards my groin, I felt this was serious. I had never had sex before so this would be my first. With Rachel. Nothing could be better! I gasped when I felt her touch my now steel hard cock through my pants. She twisted her hand so that she was rubbing my cockhead and I shivered. Then I felt her putting her hand inside my pants so that only the slight material of my boxers was between her and and my swollen prick. I gasped again as this as so fucking much better that my right hand...

Suddenly I backed away. I stood up and just stood there looking like a moron. She stared at me with a confused look on her face. I knew what made me back away. The sheer thought of what Perry had told me, made me stood up. The mere thought that this stunningly beautiful girl that was giving me all these romantic and erotic pleasures was for one minute cheating on me was too much to bear. I knew that Perry was lying; I had known Rachel for so many years to know that she would never betray me like that. And still there was a small voice at the back of my head saying: "Why would Perry lie? He is your brother."

"Im sorry, Rachel. It's just...I have some things on my mind. Not that I didn't like this...what you did and believe me I want to make you feel that good aswell, but...not right now. Please understand."

Rachel's facial expression changed from confusion to a reasuring smile.

"Ofcourse, it was your first time, I understand. There is nothing to forgive. I love you."

"I love you too," I said and kissed her.

How Perry could think that I would ever believe that shit story, I'll never know. Nothing could be better than being with the girl you trust and love.

That night as I was getting ready for bed, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Perry came into the room. Since my father believed in cutting costs wherever possible, me and Perry had shared a room our whole lives. Now at the age of fourteen, Perry ofcourse almost eleven months older than me, we had no problem sharing, but now, it was. For me at least. Perry came into the bathroom just as I was leaving and I bumped hard into him with my shoulder. He didn't say or do anything, and just went on doing his business. I climbed into my bed and switched the light off on purpose. As he came back into the room, I could hear Perry sigh and tried to find his way back to his own bed. Suddenly I heard a bump followed by a cry from Perry. Obviously he had bumped some part of his body against something, and having been in a situation like that myself, I know it hurts. Suddenly I sat upright. Perry was crying. As much as I hated him for telling that lie about Rachel, I felt a little pity in my heart for causing this. No mattter what he did, Perry was still my brother. I climbed out of my bed and carefully made my way over to him.

"Hey, where does it hurt?"

"My foot..."

I switched the light on and looked at his foot. It was red and beginning to swell up.

"Doesn't look like you've sprained it," I said.

"Yeah, but it hurts like hell."

"Perry look, im sorry, yeah. I just couldn't understand why you would lie to me like that. If I took what you said seriously, think about how Rachel would've felt! How long have we known her?"

"Ricardo, I know you love her and don't want to hear this, but I went over to her earliar today to look for you. When I heard screaming and laughter and all kinds of...sounds, I thought it was you and her, but then I heard her say it."

I didn't want to believe this, but I was curious nonetheless.

"What did you hear?"

"She said: "You are such a better lover than my boyfriend" to whoever was there. When I came home and saw you were here, I knew that she was cheating on you. Ricardo, you're my brother, I love you man! I'll never lie to you."

I thought about what almost happened this afternoon over at

Rachel's and then I felt my blood steam inside me. Rachel was so sweet, so kind and understanding, this couldn't be true! I stood up and climed into bed, switcing the light off.

"Ricardo, do you believe me?"

"I don't know what to believe, Perry. All that I know is that I love Rachel and that you have no proof of this crap."

"Ric, please I don't want you to get hurt..."

"Would you quit bitching about this? Go to sleep and get your own fucking girlfriend."

I heard him sniff once more, but this time there was no pity in my heart.

Our father noticed that there was something wrong with me and Perry; we have always been so close. Now we were ignoring eachother; or rather I was ignoring Perry. He was crying himself to sleep every night. Rachel and I was still going good, but came no where to where we were a few days ago. Everytime we got close, something in me would crack, and I would back off. Rachel understood each and everytime. God, I really had the best girlfriend imaginable.

About a week after me and Perry's fight, I was reading a bit after school when Perry came storming into the room.

"Ricardo, come with me!"

"Fuck off, Perry!" I screamed as I shoved him away from me.

"Im not leaving without you, you wanted proof, so im gonna give you proof! I said, come with me!" he screamed as he pulled me along with him.

I reluctantly let him drag me with as he pulled me out of the house. He stopped when we where infront of Rachel's house. I took one look at him and then knew what he was doing.

"Oh no, Perry! I'm not falling for this!"

"Ric, quiet! Just come and look at this, just look man!"

We stood outside of the house and he pointed to the window. I showed him a murderous look and then looked through the window. Okay, I looked, no big dea...What? I felt a hand on my shoulder and as I looked into Perry's eyes, I saw that he was crying. I looked through the window again. It couldn't be! My darling Rachel was on her knees and this guy was fucking the living daylights out of her. At first I thought that he was raping her, but the more I watched, the more I saw that she was enjoying it. I sliently turned around and walked home. I went straight to my room and lied on my bed. Perry must have followed me because I felt a hand rubbing my back.

"I didn't want to do that, Ricardo. I didn't want to hurt you, but you had to know that truth or she would have played you forever."

I sat up and looked at him.

"Why are you crying?" I asked, my voice horse.

"I...I was hurting for you. You are my brother, I love you man."

Then the reality of it all shocked through my young body. Rachel had been cheating on me all this time. I had taken my rage out on the one person who had always been there for me. I wanted to hurt him so bad, and know I knew that it was in vain. Rachel, I loved her so fucking much. How could she do this to me? Suddenly the sobbs just came spilling out of me. I stood up and beat the door with my fists over and over until Perry took hold of my arms and hugged me tight. I melted against his chest while crying my eyes out for what I had done to him. And still, here he was. He was holding me and caressing my back. I suddenly felt this incredible love for my brother. Perry and I were brothers, so we loved each other unconditionally, but this was a different kind of love. My hands went around his back, while I still cried. Perry pulled away from me took my face into his hands, wiping my tears away. I hugged him again and pressed my face into his neck.

We didn't speak much further that day and as my father was having a business dinner; Perry and I were keeping ourselves busy. When we finished washing the dishes we sat infront of the TV and watched a bit of The Simpsons. I felt Perry cuddle up to me, which was strange, since I was the youngest, but I didn't care. If anything this thing with Rachel brought us closer as brothers. I put my arm around him and held him as he put his head on my chest.

We were getting pretty sleepy around the time our dad came home, so we said good night and went to bed. As I pushed the covers back, I noticed that Perry sleeping already. It was getting cold at night, so I decided to wake him.

"Hey, get under the covers, you'll freeze tonight."

"Okay, goodnight."


As I switched off the light, I really missed having Perry with me, as I layed back onto the pillow. I tried not to feel sorry for myself, but suddenly I felt like crying again. Rachel's face kept showing up in my mind and I knew I would get sleep easily tonight. I stood up and walked over to Perry's bed.

"Perry, you awake?"

"I am now" he said.

"Perry, can I sleep with you, bro?"


"I...I don't want to be alone tonight, please man."

"Okay, get in."

I lifted the covers up and got in beside him. We layed like that for a moment and then he turned towards me.

"Sorry about Rachel."

"Don't worry about it; it's not your fault."

"I just wanted to protect you, bro."

"Can you please hold me like you did this afternoon?"

Perry didn't say anything. He just put his hands around my waist and we were lying face to face. Before I knew it, I found my hands around his waist aswell. It was getting hot inside the bed and we couldn't help to stare into eachothers eyes. I felt his hands on my face, stroking my hair and I rubbed my hands around his back. Slowly our faces came closer and closer until our noses were touching.

"What are we doing? You are my brother," I whispered.

"Its okay, I want this aswell," Perry whispered back.

I leaned in and did the unthinkable. I kissed my brother passionately on the lips. Our hands were all over eachother and our tongues danced the tango of love as did our hearts inside our chests. Perry pulled away and wiped my sweaty hair from my forehead.

"I wanted to do this for so long, bro."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I knew that you were interested in Rachel. Anyway, what normal person is inlove with his brother? I didn't want to lose you."

I kissed him again and I knew that from this moment on my life would be changed forever. A new kind of love for Perry had been awakened inside me and I couldn't get enough. I wanted him.

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