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As I released Carry from my arms I took the chance to see how much he had grown over the years. Gosh, can one little boy shoot up this much in four years? I hugged him close to my chest again and once again all the flashbacks from four years ago ripped through my heart. Did Carry remember what I did? Even though he was only seven years old when it had happened, I knew that some things stayed with children their whole life and they never forget about it. I made a point of asking Perry about it later. Perry grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into a hug and I melted into his arms. This was like nothing had ever happened in all these years. Suddenly it was like the fourteen year old Perry and Ricardo had never been separated from eachother at all. I knew, as I deepened the embrace and kissing his neck (hey I couldn't stop myself!), that Perry and I would always be together, even if not in the capasity that I would like us to be. He is my brother, and I loved him, and I knew that he loved me back. Dad grabbed my shoulder and patted me on the back and signaled to me that he was going down to the car. Perry and I were still hugging eachother and to be honest, I could have stood in that position my whole life. There was nothing more that I wanted than to be in his arms like this. After everyone had left, he finally released me and looked into my eyes, his eyes catching and holding mine. He brushed the access hair out of my face and then put his arms around my neck. He kissed me with so much tenderness that I couldn't help it... I had to pull back. Perry looked at me with this utter confused look on his face and I turned away to face the window. Perry came up to me and he kissed my shoulder softly. I turned around.

"Perry, why do you do that? You are married! You and Celeste are happy and so you should be! Please don't make this more fucked up than it already is. I want you and Celeste to have all the happyness in the world and you two fully deserve it so why are you kissing me? Not that I mind, you know I don't, but this can't happen anymore."

Perry took a step back and he sat on the bed. I sat beside him and I felt him shaking. I looked at his face and he was crying. I could never handle Perry crying and before I could stop myself my arms was around him, stroking his back and running my hand through his hair. It kinda freaked me out to see a grown man break down like this. I had missed so much of me and Perry's adult years and like hell I was going to miss any more. Perry put his face on my chest and gently placed his hand on my stomach.

"Ric...there is something that you should know. Celeste and I are devorced. It happened a few months after you came to hospital. I was spending every living second I had to be here with you, I even quit my job so that I could stay here all day long, just incase you would wake up...and she finally got tired of it and we had a devorce. Don't you look at me like that! You think that im heartless? You thought I wouldn't be here? I never gave up hope, Ric! Never! All those times the doctors said there was no hope, that you will never wake up, that we must send you to a much better place...I couldn't not be here when you woke up! I know that sounds hard to believe but its true. I felt partly guilty for bashing you up that day. I'ts just...I had to think of Carry. I now know that it was because of the brain tumor that you did what you did and im sorry. Would you forgive me?"

I held him closer to me, tears rolling down my face and I kissed the top of his forehead.

"How can I not forgive you, Perry? We're brothers. We'll always be there for eachother. Come on, let's go. Dad's probably already called the 911 evenr as we speak! "

I kissed him again and we walked out of the hospital room...a match made in heaven.

When we finally got home I was astounded as nothing had changed in these four years. I took my bag and went upstairs to my room. Yes, just as I thought. Nothing changed. That's what I loved about my family, always the element of surprise with them. I looked around me and saw Perry standing in the doorway. Now why did this feel like dejavu? Perry came into our old room and he opened the cupboard. My mouth fell open. Perry's stuff, his clothes, belongings, everything was back in our room, just like it was so many years ago. I ran to him and I kissed him with so much passion that I thought I was going to pass out from the sheer speed of which my heart was beating. For all I cared, my heart could jump out from my chest, as long as it landed in Perry's soul. I loved him so much and as me made out he moaned in my mouth. Our hands were all over eachother's bodies and things were getting I bit too hot for me as my head started spinning. My pulled away and fell to the ground, landing on my knees.

"Shit!" I heard Perry scream and immediately I felt his strong hands picking me up and carrying me to the bed. I was layed down carefully and then I felt Perry lying in the bed next to me. He pulled my head up to his chest and put his arms around me.

"Get some sleep man. You're exhausted. I'll be here when you wake up."

I felt a kiss on the top of my head and the next thing I was in dreamland.

After I woke up later in the afternoon, me and Perry had a shower together and, at least I, had to fight to keep away from that big nine incher that was staring at me so deliciously. My dad had a warm BBQ going when we emerged from the shower, and we sat by the fire and talked about nothing in particular while Carry amused himself kicking a soccerball around the area. We all had a good time that night; once again, it was like nothing had ever been changed. It was getting kinda late and my father excused himself, stating that he was tired. I had a bit of trouble to get used to my dad's new lifestyle, but then again, he was not a spring chicken anymore. Me and Perry both hugged him and we kissed him goodnight. After that we sat in silence and just watched the flames burning into the night sky as each of us sat with our own thoughts. I looked to my left felt a hand in my knee. Perry watched me with those beautiful blue eyes of his. He really should stop doing that...im totally helpless when I see them.

"We have to talk, bro."

"I know. Care of I go first?"


"I don't know quite where to start with this, but I gotta say that this...this afternoon felt like I died and went to heaven. I...still love you, Perry. I can't forget all that spark that we use to have, and before this afternoon I was starting to think that I would never feel it again. But when we kissed, my heart returned to its rightfull place. And I never want to to leave again. I know its going to be difficult but in my heart and in my soul I know that we can do this. I love you, Perry."

Perry stood up from his chair and came to sit on my lap. It would have been ironic in other circunstances, two grown men, and the one sitting on the others's lap. He curled his arms around my neck and ran his fingers through my hair until it finally came to rest on my cheek.

"Oh Ric...You took the words right out of my mouth. I know that I was the one to start all this kissing between us all those years ago after that thing with Rachel. I've blamed myself all these years...I always thought that I turned you gay. No, let me finish. Since I can remember, you have been a part of my life. We are only ten months apart and if life was this beautiful, then I want to spend it with you, every second. Oh and by the way, I have told Carry about me and you. I don't think he really fully understands it yet, but he will in due time. He still loves his mother and I never do anything to bad mouth her, but all in all, we never should have married. I lied in that church on my wedding day because I couldn't stop thinking about you. I hated myself for still loving you."

I leaned into him and I kissed him, putting all my love and soul into my brother. In the moonlight shining down on us nothing could stop this great love that we shared. Perry climbed off my lap and kneeled down infront of me...ON ONE LEG...

What the hell...was he going to do what I think he was...?

Perry saw that I was totally freaked out and he laughed.

"Don't worry bro! It's not what you think! Chill!"

I smiled back at him, a little relieved. He took my hand and once again looked at me with those eyes that completely warmed my face and my heart. He kissed my hand and then he looked up.

"Ricardo, would you make me the happiest man alive, and be my boyfriend?"

I sat there, hearing what he had asked but it was like it didn't quite register in my brain. My smile deepened and my heart opened its doors to receive my brother's angelic proposal.

"Yes, with all of my being! Yes, take all of me! Everything that you have to give...im yours. I love you."

If someone would be happening to look at the back yard of their home they would see two men that had given eachother every being of their existance as they were closer than any two brothers should ever be...and they loved every moment of it...and eachother.

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