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I opened my eyes, only to stare into those of Perry. I felt so alive and passionate for living. This is what I have always wanted. Perry stirred having felt me move on the bed and he softly moaned my name. I ran my fingers through his hair and and kissed him on the forehead. Believe me; no one can survive my morning breath. He moaned once more and rolled over to my side, his eyes still closed and with his arms stretched out to me. I took him into my arms and held him in my loving embrace. I felt his hands travel down to its rightful place. He grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze. I groaned with lust and love and I glided my hands down his back. I pressed my cheek against his and he began wanking me off. His hands felt like velvet on my steel hard cock. He grabbed my cock in the middle and in keeping it there, he push the head onto his chest and held it there. After a while he started rubbing my cockhead onto his chest, up and down, up and down. He bent down and took my head inti his warm, wet mouth and gave it a few sucks. I swear, I almost passed out from exhaustion and all the emotions that were running through me in that point ans time. After that he took it out of his mouth and rubbed the wet, glossy head onto his chest once more. He wiped my head in circles n his chest and before I could say or do anything, that tingling feeling in the middle of my cum filled balls was just too fucking much and I spurted my lvoe juice onto his chest. It just kept coming, kept coming, spilling over his chest and his face. I crawled up to him and kissed all my cum away from his face and after that, gave him a passionate kiss, transfering my cum into his loving mouth and into his being. I loved him so much and I wanted all of mine to be his. After that he stood up quietly and stood behind me in the bed. With a little smirk and turned around on my back. I wanted to see his face. He grabbed the Vaseline on out nightstand and gave it to me. I opened the little bottle and filled my hand with the slick petroleum jelly and then applying it to his cock. His breathing was getting heavier as my hand made the motions on is stiff nine incher, soon to be filling my inner being. Just to tease him, I used two hands to spead the cold jelly onto his cock and I smiled wickedly at him. I knew that if I kept this on any longer, that he would cum. I finally released his cock and opened my legs to give him access to the most private part of the human body. He came closer and closer in he kissed me, fuck morning breath and all, while he slowly pushed into me. He kept his cock there and while kissing me, he slowly kissed my hair, my neck, and my cheeks and finally made his way back to my mouth, filling it with his tongue. I couldn't get enough of his sweet tongue and sucked on it like it was the last day on Earth. I felt him as he began moving his bog cock in and out of my hole. His stiff pole in actually inside of me! MY brother was fucking me! Perry moaned in my mouth and he leaned over to my ear, nibbling lightly on it and then he whispered:

"I can feel you...im inside you...I love you..."

I pushed my face towards his in a passionate feeling to be near him. I kissed him for the umpteeth time and moving my hips in rythym with his thrusts. His cock was moving in and out me and in a blur while we kissed and for the first time in all my life, I felt complete. Perry stood up and fucked me harder, faster until I felt this torrent to warm, slimy, sticky, gooey, delicious, brother cum being blown inside of me, never to be taken away again. Perry fell on top of me and breathed against my neck, still shaky from his powerfull orgasm. We layed like that for about ten minutes before he got up.

"Ricardo, may we never be apart again. I want this...everyday for the rest of my life. I don't think I can live without it now. I love you."

We hugged again, pressing out sweaty chests against eachother. We eventually had to get out of bed but for the moment, that was just perfect.

I realised that in my 33 years of living, that I never had a job. That sucked to know. I was in jail from age 14 to 29 and in a bluddy coma from age 29 to 33. In a way, ym life was just beginning and the reality was that I had no experience of the real world out there. Somehow I had to find a job, because o was not going to be a parasite to my father or brother forever. As Perry went to work and dropped Carry off at school, I found my father in the study and I sat down.

"What's the matter, son?"

"Nothing really, but I was just thinking that sooner or later, preverbly sooner, I have got to find a job. Im not qualified for anything! I didn't even finish the 8th grade! How the hell am I going to find a job? Not to mention that I have a criminal record, I mean who's going to employ me once they know that I've been in jail?"

"Ricardo, I think that you need to go back to school. You need to finish that before you can think about anything else."

"What? You mean...go back and in actually going back to school and doing everything...Incase you haven't noticed, Dad, im 33 years old! They are never going to agree to that!"

"You never know...maybe if we go and explain the circumstances to which you couldn't complete school, im sure that they will at the very least, think about it."

I thought about that for a while. Everything seemed so simple, except that when the principal was going to ask me why I couldn't complete Highschool, im going to have to say that I was sent to jail for killing Rachel, which ofcourse, Perry did. I loved Perry too much, I not making him confess so that I could finish school. That was the reason that I falsely confessed to the murder in the first place all those years ago. I decided that I would talk to Perry first to see what his point of view was on this.

Later in the day I decided that would go fetch Carry from school. I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible as I still felt guilty as hell for what I did. I know that everybody said it was the brain tumor that made me almost rape him, but it was still me, Ricardo, who had done it. I could never forgive myself for that. As I waited outside the school gates, I saw Carry coming down the steps, talking a boy that looked his age. It didn't bother me at first, but when Carry looked around and gave the boy a quick hug, my mind was fully focused on the two boys. Carry turned around and saw me and when he did, he blushed three shades of red. He looked back to the boy, told him something that I couldn't make out and made his way over to me. I carefully watched the boy that he left on the steps. Hey, im no pervert nor am I a pedophile, but this little boy was damn cute. I averted my eyes when Carry reached me.

"Hey Uncle Ric. What'cha doing here?"

"What does it look like im doing, sport? I came to take you home, safe and sound. Is that one of your friends?" I asked, pointing my head in the direction of the steps.

"Yeah, that's Gary. He is my very, very, best friend. My best friend in the world."

As we walked home the told me all about his day and what they did. I was glad that Carry finally seemed to trust me and he kinda surprised me when he took my hand and held it as we came and crossed the road at the intersection. He told me that he was going to try out for the soccer trials and I said that I would come and watch him. As we came home, I fixed him a sandwich and then went back to my room. I decided to take a nap. I must have been out for a long time because I woke up from the feelign of soft lips kissing and nuzzling my forehead. I opened my eyes only to see Perry looking down at me and and then he kissed my nose.

"Hey baby. How you're doing?"

"Fine, now that you are here..." I whispered and embraced him, kissing his shoulder and sighing deeply as he held me. As he let go, he sat on the bed and pulled my closer to him, kissing me, searching and finding my tongue as we melted into eachother.

"Listen, we're got to talk," I said as we released eachother.

"What about?"

"Dad suggested this morning that I go back to school."

"What's wrong with that? Oh! Yeah, the...eh...criminal record...Love, I wanted to ask to this morning if you didn't want to come and work for me. With us lying in bed for so long I was late as shit and didn't get the chance to ask you. Don't worry, im not doing it because I feel sorry for you or anything, you are my brother and I love you and we should be together, every minute of every day. So, what do you say?"

"I'll say that you are the best brother in the whole world. Thank you so much, bro. I really appreciated this."

Later in the evenning, Perry, Carry and me was watching TV when an advertisment for Hugo Boss aftershave appeared on the screen. For some reason, I averted my gaze to Carry. He was watching intently, with his eyes big and his lips quivering. As the sexy figure of Jonathan Rhys Meyers came on the screen in those sexy formal black clothes, I kept watching Carry. He didn't move his eyes for a second. Soon after that Perry stood up and told Carry that he had to go to bed. Carry gave me a kiss and a hug and left with his father. As Perry came back he plopped himself next to me.

"Feels great, to be boyfriends, doesn't it?"

"Oh you have no idea...Maybe I gave you a little hint this morning of just how good it really feels...?"

"A hint? I thought that was the whole answer..."

With that Perry put his hands behind my neck and pulled me closer as we kissed. I couldn't get enough of him! He sighed.

"I tired as shit...want to hit the sack?"

"Im not tired yet, baby. Why don't you go, you've had a long day and no afternoon sleep like I had. Go; ill be up in a minute."

I gave him a kiss and watched his slim figure as he walked up the stairs. I sat and watched TV for a little while and almost fell asleep but then I heard a noise at the top of the stairs. It was probably Perry coming to check on me. God, I loved him so fucking much. It wasn't though. It was Carry. As soon as I saw him standing there, looking at me, I got up and walked over to him.

"Hey, little man. What are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep. Can I sit with you, Uncle Ric?"

"Sure, buddy. So, is there something bothering you?"

Carry's lips started to shake and the opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I stroked his back. I had a feeling what he wanted to tell me, but I wanted to hear it from him.

"I...Daddy told me that you and he...you guys are inlove?"

"Ehh...yeah buddy, we are. Why?"

"Is it wrong to love another boy, uncle Ric?"

The moment that Carry told me this, my mind was casted back to where me and Perry had first discovered how we felt about eachother. We were so damn confused, but then again we were at leart fourteen, Carry was only eleven.

"No, I don't suppose that it's wrong, allthough some people might disagree, but why are you asking me this, buddy?"

Carry looked up at me and the tears were running from his eyes. I pulled him towards me and in a little whisper, close to my ear he softly said:

"Im inlove with my friend Gary."

I knew it since I saw them this afternoon. That look between girl and boy, or girl and girl or boy and boy was nothing more or less than pure love. I knew first hand, because I used to stare that way at Perry too. Carry was inlove with his best friend and he had asked me about it. I was sure that he hadn't spoken to Perry, otherwise he would surely have told me about it. Maybe he was scared that Perry wouldn't understand.

"Do you know how he feels about you?"

"I don't know...I have never actually said anything to him."

"And how do you feel about him?"

"I...can't explain it. I'ts like, when im not with him, im always thinking about him or missing him or wishing that me and him could do something. The other day I pretended that I didn't understand our homework so that I could go his house and let him explain it to me. I just wanted to be near him. Like I said, it's hard to explain."

My heart went out to this beautiful eleven year old boy, my nephew, who was so confused already in his young life. First his uncle nearly rapes him, then his parents get devorced, then he gets told that his dad in inlove with his uncle and finally, he falls inlove with hs best friend. Quite honesty, I didn'y know what to say to him. What if I give him the wrong advice?

"Firstly, Carry, I want to tell you that as im not your father, I can't give you advice on what and how to handle this. This is something that a boy needs to talk over with his father. Secondly, having been in this kind of situation myself is that you have to be very carefull to who you tell this secret to. There are lots of people out there who just refuse to understand that one man can love another. Therefore I want to warn you that if Gary does not feel the same way about you, that he may tell your classmates, and you don't want that. Think very carefully about this. But right now, little man, you need to go to bed, otherwise your father will kill me tomorrow morning!"

Carry hugged me again and he walked up to his room. I was still kinda stunned by what he told me...it was the last thing that I would have expected this morning.

Carry eventually told Perry about his feelings for Gary and the two of them had a long talk about the things of life. I sat in the study with dad and we talked about all the things that still awaited little Carry. His heart will someday be broken; he will be hurt by others...that's just the way it is when you're `different'. I can still remember the smile on Carry's face when he brought Gary around to meet us, the way that he so proudly stood there, with his arm around Gary. I struggled not to cry as all these memories of me and Perry came back flashing infront of my eyes. This was love. You can't ask for more than that.

It was two years later and Perry and I was still living together in our old house. God knows, we will keep that house in our family for as long as possible, but we will never, ever sell that house. Carry and Gary had been in a relationship for over a year, because in the end, Carry was worried for nothing. Gary was the one who had asked him to be his boyfriend. They were so happy, happier than I have even seen Carry, who by now was slowly but surely becoming a man.

As for Perry and I, well, we are still as much inlove as the first day since we had discovered it. We will always be connected by blood but we both know that we are connected by more than just genetics. We loved eachother and we would forever be together.  We had spoken to our father and he had given us his blessing. Allthough we would never get married...it just didn't feel right. We already knew how much we loved and meant to eachother to let a simple piece of paper prove that. And as I layed next to my brother in our double bed, our legs joining our cocks in simulation, as we looked into eachother's eyes, feeling our cum on eachother's stomachs, we both knew that it doesn't get much better than this.

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