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As I woke up I felt an unusual feeling behind my back. I turned around and looked into the sleeping face of my brother Perry. Then it dawned on me just what exactly had happened between us last night. Me and my brother had kissed! Not just a brotherly kiss, but it was in a lovingly way, one quarter of the way to making love with my brother, oh my shit! I stood up and ran to the bathroom as quick as I could. I washed my face like a thousand times as I wanted to clear myself of everything that had happened. As I dried my face, Perry stood in the entrance of the bathroom. We looked at eachother for a while, but then I looked away and went on about brushing my teeth with real meaning. Perry came up to me and watched me try my best to clear all possible remains of what we did. As I finished and went back to the room, Perry came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. Without thinking I pulled myself away, still not looking at him. It was like I was guilty of a crime that I didn't commit.

"What's wrong, Ricardo?"

"Nothing at all, why do you ask?"

"I thought you were okay with what we did last night."

I finally turned around and looked him in the eye.

"Perry, I know that what we did last night felt good and I know that I really wanted it at the time, but..."

I felt Perry put his arm around my shoulder. He put his face into my neck and softly kissed it. I shivered with the sheer emotion of the genuine love that my brother showed me and all I wanted to do was to kiss him aswell. But then again the whole concept of Perry being my own blood brother crushed my fantacies like a boulder and I pulled him away.

"Perry, please. I love you, but that is just it! You're my brother for heaven's sake! We are not supposed to be doing this! What the hell would dad think? I can't help it, Perry, im ashamed of what we did! I can't do this. You're my brother. My only brother."

Perry sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. My heart wanted to break in a million pieces for him and I couldn't help but sitting next to him and taking him into my arms.

"Im such a fool, Ricardo. I fell inlove with you, bro. And my biggest mistake was to tell you about it on the same day that you realised your first girlfriend was cheating on you. God, Ricardo! I've loved you all these years, man! Well, I guess we can just forget about this. Just give me some time, because I can't wish these feelings away. That's all I ask."

I pulled Perry into a hug. I knew that he was hurting, but what could I do? Not only because he is my brother, but I was like totally into girls! I have never had a single gay thought in my life, not to mention towards my own brother!

Around about four a clock, I heard the doorbell ring and I saw it was Rachel. I opened the door.

"Hey, baby! I missed you! Why didn't you come over last night?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because...let me think...maybe because you were on your knees getting fucked! I couldn't possibly interuped; afterall they say three is a croud!"

If I expected Rachel to show any kind of shock or emotion to the fact that I knew the truth, I was mistaken.

"Well that's a relief! Thank God!"

"What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Every single time I wanted to do something with you, you chickened out! You think I was going to wait forever for you to fuck me?"

"You motherfucking bitch! I loved you!"

"You love yourself, Ricardo. You didn't have the guts to make me a woman, so I got someone else to do it. Well, I guess I won't be seeing you around then hey!"

I felt this overpowering emotion to run after her and tell her what a bitch she really is. As I struggled with my own emotions Perry came in at the backdoor. He was shitless as he was shooting some hoops outside. I turned around and he saw that I was upset.

"I just saw Rachel leaving, is that what got you so upset?"

"It's nothing, leave it."

Perry gave me one more look and then went upstairs. Suddenly I felt this shadow coming over me as I became more and more depressed. Was I really this bad as a guy and as a boyfriend that I had to sleep with and kiss my brother last night because I couldn't keep my girlfriend happy? Why did I need time to make love to Rachel? Any other guy would have jumped and pumped his dick at the chance! But I said no each and every time...I felt such a failure. I wasn't a good enough lover for Rachel and that's why she cheated on me. I went into the kitchen and I took hold of one of the knives in our set of cuttlary. I went back to the livingroom and felt the sharp metal of the knife in my hand. I sighed. Then I...


I was inlove with my brother. I wanted to help him so much but he kept pushing me away. Last night...oh heaven, last night I was so happy that I finally had the love of my life in my arms; I was so na´ve to believe that Ricardo would suddenly love me in that way too. I wanted to murder Rachel for what she had done. Once I had finished with my shower and put on some new clothes, I went back down stairs to get sonething to eat. As I stepped past the livingroom my blood ran cold. Ricardo was on the couch, with blood dripping from his hands.


I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me. The last thing I could remember was the knife in my hand so what was I...

"He is awake! Dad, Ricardo is awake!"

Was that Perry? Suddenly I saw my dad and my brother running into the room and looking down at me.

"Oh, son Im so glad you're okay! How are you feeling?"

"Im not sure," I said. "What happened? Where am I?"

I felt someone slowly take hold of my hand. I turned my head a little to the left. Then I saw Perry, his eyes bloodred, looking into mine.

"You're in the hospital, bro. I don't quite know why you did it, but you slit your wrists."

Then he suddenly looked up.

"Dad, could I have a word with Ricardo in private, please?"

"Okay, but not to long, your brother needs his rest."

As our father left the room, I felt something wet on my arm. Perry was crying. He took my face into his hands and kissed my forehead while he stroked my hair. I reached out and put my hand on his cheek, wiping Perry's tears away. Why didn't I want his love for me? Why did I push him away this morning?

"Ric, im not going to ask you why you did this. I think I partly know why, but we're not gonna talk about that. I love you so much that I don't know what I would've done if..."

"Perry, do me a favour. Close the door."

He did.

"Will you get into the bed with me?"

Perry didn't even think twice. He lifted the covers just like I did last night and layed down next to me. I took his face into my hands.

"I thought that I was no good, bro. I thought that I'd do everyone favour by doing what I did. Now I knew that I was wrong. I love you, Perry. Kiss me, please."

Our love was spread through our entire being as Perry's tongue was searching and finding mine. I had no idea that it would feel this good. Perry ran his fingers through my hair and I explored his strong stomach. We were getting pretty into it when Perry pulled away.

"Bro, as much as I want to do this, Dad can come in here any moment. Let's wait until you're home again. Just promise me one thing."

I kissed his hand and looked into his eyes.


"Please don't do to me what you did this morning. My heart can only take so much."

I gave him a hug as he climbed out of the bed.

"I swear, Perry. I'll never push you away again."

It was two more days before I was discharged. That morning I couldn't wait to get home so that I could be with Perry. I really had to pinch myself. I never thought that I would ever be inlove with Perry. But this was for real; I couldn't wait to be in his arms once more. I smiled as Perry came into the room.

"Dad's waiting in the car. You ready?"

"More than ever, Perry. Come here."

Our lips met for the first time in two days and with the urgency that we kissed eachother, I could feel that we both really needed this. We were two horny fourteen years olds afterall. As his hands went around my neck, I felt him kiss me on my collarbone, my chin and then my lips again.

"I need to feel you inside me," I heard him whispered.

"Well, let's go home," I said, rubbing his chest. He kissed me one more time and then he took my bag and me and my brother walked out of the room, with our arms around eachother. For others it might have looked that we were the best for friends, but not only were we that, we were lovers as well.

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