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As Perry and I came home, he went into the kitchen and made us both a cup of hot chocolate. We sat in front of the TV, and for the first time, it wasn't just as brothers, it was as lovers aswell. We watched the screen as we sipped our drinks. Finally Perry reached for my hand and I gave it to him. He laced his fingers with mine and squeezed mine tightly. I felt this wrath of warmth breezing over my body, into my being and into my soul. Thinking that my father would maybe come into the room, I gently stood up and pulled him with me. I put both my hands on his waist and leaned in for another heartwarming kiss. My brother kissed me back with a moan that I have never heard coming from him. We were giving our hearts to eachother, never to be taken away ever again. Never would someone come between us again. He reached up and ran his hands through my hair and that just made me more and more horny for him. I pulled away from the kiss and whispered in his ear:

"I thought you wanted to feel me inside of you, what happened with that?"

Perry groaned.

"Oh, yes. Please, I've been waiting for years, put that thing into me, my dearest brother, I wanted it so much!"

It was my turn to moan out loud as his hand rubbed over my swollen cock. I wanted him NOW. I pulled away from him and stepped up the stairs slowly. I was looking at him all the way and I took off my shirt. Perry breathed in deeply as he saw my upper body and I rubbed my hands over my nipples.

"Come on, you know that you want these little babies. Maybe between your teeth and lips as you suck them one by one? What about these pecs of mine? Oh yes, I can see you want to lick your way down this body. You want it?"

"Yes, oh God, yes! I want you, Ricardo. I want you so fucking bad. Let me pleasure you, bro. Let me make you so damn hard like you have never been before."

"Too late, bro. I have had a hardon since I saw you this morning. It needs taken care off. You're offering for the job?"

"Oh you're gonna get it now!"

Perry rushed up after me and we burst into our room laughing and giggling like a bunch of girls. I grabbed Perry at the back of his neck and I kissed him again, all while pulling his shirt off him so that I could feel his firm body. I could feel his strong stomach muscles flexing underneath my gentle touches. I gasped as I felt a hand on my cock. I looked up at Perry. Until now we were just playing around but when we both realised what Perry had done, we pulled away and stared at eachother.

"You sure you want to do this, bro? Once we begin, im not sure I'd want to turn back," I whispered.

"More than anything, Ricardo. I love you, and I want to show you just how much. I know it's probably wrong against everything that we believe in, but if this is wrong, being inlove with my brother, and I don't care. Make love to me, bro. I need to feel you in me."

I slowly layed him down on the bed as I took hold of his pants. He looked so darn sexy with his underwear sticking out from underneath and I gently slipped his pants off. Perry started breathing heavily as I caressed his strong, muscled chest and then we kissed once more. I moved on to kiss the side of his neck, the little secure spot that I found there.

"Bro, you have you idea what you're doing to me. I've waited so long..."

I kissed his chest and layed my head down for a second and closed my eyes. If you would tell me that I would be doing this a month ago, I would have killed that person, but now...this is where I wanted to be. I caressed the spot next to his left nipple, I as wanted to be as close as I could to his heart. By the time I came to his belly, Perry was squirming and grabbing the sheets of the bed, I guess I must have done something right! I kissed the spot where his underwear was and then I looked up into Perry's eyes, desperately seeking his approval. As if knowing what I wanted, he blew me a kiss. That was all I needed. I took his underwear off and I gasped. I never knew he was this big! Easily nine inches. I kissed the insides of his legs and across his thighs. Perry began panting and shaking all over.

"Damn it, Ricardo. Just suck it! Please, bro."

That did it. I took my first ever cock into my mouth, and it was my brother Perry's. I licked the cock from the base of the stem until I reached the head, where I knew, as by my own previous experiences, that it was the most electric at that spot. As I licked his cockhead, I loved every moment of this. And taking the moans from Perry, he was enjoying the feeling of his brother's mouth on his cock aswell. Perry's cock was beginning to become really red and hot as it danced between my lips. Each time and I down on it fast, but taking my time in coming up again and caressing his cockhead.

"Ric, bro! Im getting so close, man. I can try to hold it...oh MOTHERFUCKER! Jeez, man! Oh lick it more, just one more...Oh shit! FUCK!"

One second I was still sucking and the next thing, this massive load of cum was spilling into my mouth. I swallowed. It wasn't the first thought that had come into my mind, swallowing my brother's cum, but I wanted his love in me. There was still cum spurting out of his cock as I was finished swallowing what I had in my mouth. Like a bolt of lightning I dove back onto his cock and sucked up every single love fluid that he had to give me. When I was finished, I took a look at him once more. His eyes were closed and he looked so peaceful. I layed down next to him and kissed him softly. This was a speacial thing between me and my brother, something that was so sensitive and sacret between us.

After a few minutes, Perry opened his eyes and I saw the tears streaming down his face. Have I done something wrong? Had the sheer reality of just what we did sunk in only now?

"Perry, talk to me, bro."

"Im...Im just so h...happy, man. I wanted this ever since I can remember. Just being close to you, and touching you, I thought and made peace with the fact that it would never happen and now it has..."

I took him into my arms and he cried his heart out. I could never know what he was feeling while I was perfoming this on him. For someone it might seem like just another blowjob, but for him it was the reality of seeing a life long dream come true. I stroked and kissed his hair as he fell asleep on my chest. I quietly stood up, grabbed the covers of the bed, layed down again and covered us both. Immediately he turned to my side and put his head and his right arm on my chest. And for the first time I felt that this was where I would always be, my brother and me.

As I heard the door opening and slam closed, I got my ass out of the bed, put on my shorts and went down to the living room.

"Hey Dad. Where have you been?"

"Ricardo, what are you doing, you should be resting!"

"I had some rest, actually. Perry however is still sleeping."

"Why does he need to sleep? I thought he could help me with the grill tonight."

"Yeah, I'll go wake him."

I prayed that my dad wouldn't follow me upstairs and see Perry naked in bed, and luckily Dad began to unpack the steaks so I could run upstairs.

"Perry, wake up! You need to get dressed, Dad is right down there!"

"What? Shit, get me my clothes. Quick!"

I watched Perry get dressed and I felt a little sad, forcing him to put on those clothes to hide his fantastic body. Just as he wanted to run downstairs, I stopped him.

"Remember I love you. Even if Dad's here, and I can't show you, I still love you."

"I know. I love you too. Dad is here so we obviously can't...but yeah. Let's try and get some sneak kisses through dinner, yeah?"

"Now you're talking," I laughed and kissed him before making my way downstairs.

We had a feast that night as our dad tried everything within his power to spoil me. The incident with me cutting my wrists was never mentioned, but I have a feeling that one of these days, dad would want some kind of explanation. After dinner dad surprised us with a DVD of Good Luck Chuck.

"I know how much you two love Jessica Alba so I thought this would be great," he said slyly. Sure, me and Perry really, and I mean really liked Jessica Alba, and although I still thought she was really hot, no one could replace Perry. When we sat down, I felt Perry give my hand a little squeeze, as to say the same to me. We really laughed during the run of the movie, as our father didn't know of the sex scenes in it. Dad became bright red as we came to those scenes. In the middle of the movie, Dad excused himself, claiming that it had been a long day and that he was tired. As soon as he was out of sight, Perry and I burst out laughing. When the movie had finished, Perry was lying with his head on my lap, grinding his face into my clothed-covered cock.

I stood up and once again, almost like a man asking a woman to dance, I held out my hand. Perry graciously accepted it and we made our way up to our room.

"You forget that you still owe me, bro. I want that piece of cock up my ass and I want it now!"

No time was wasted. Our clothes were ripped off in record time as we were both hungry, so hungry for eachother. As Perry was naked, he layed on the bed and he opened his legs for me.

"Put it in me, Ricardo. I want to feel my brother fuck my brains out!"

That would get any fourteen year old, girl or boy, horny and I softly pressed my cock against his hole.

"Bite your teeth, bro. I've never done this, but I guess it's gonna hurt."

"I don't care, man. I know Im safe with you."

My love for my brother grew as I pushed my cock into his ass. His facial expression told me that it hurt like hell, but he tried so hard to ignore it. As I wanted to pull out, he stopped me.

"No, please no! Don't let us be separated."

A few minutes of just gentle rocking and pushing had past as Perry got over the pain of a having a cock in him for the first time.

"Okay, im ready. Make love to me!"

It was like was was no tomorrow. I pushed my cock into his ass over and over. The feelings that had crept over my body were otherworldly. This was my first fuck, that to my dearest brother Perry. My cock felt twelve inches long instead of the seven it actually was. While I was pounding into Perry, I felt his cock sliding up and down my chest and I motioned for him to jack off. The feeling of having your ass fucked aswell as having your cock stimulated was too much for him and he shot his load. I opened my mouth and two of the spurts flied directly into my mouth. The rest I felt landing on my chest, hair, face and arms. There was just so much cum. I couldn't hold it any longer.

"Don't you dare pull out, Ricardo!" Perry whispered.

My love for him was making me thrust my hips into him more and finally I felt my cum blast out of me and into my brother. Same genetics, same seed. I collapsed on him as I gave him literally everything I had. He ran his hand across my back and I lifted my face to kiss him once more. Perry and I had truly become one.

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