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I was awakened by a lovely feeling on my chest. I opened my eyes and saw my brother Perry gently rubbing his hands all over my chest. His hand moved up to my neck and stroked my hair. His thumb glazed over my lips and then I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed his head closer to mine and reached for his lips. I wanted him so much. I felt his hands go around my back as we kissed. I had never felt this way for anyone, girl or boy. This was more than love. If there was something, some emotion, more than loving someone, this would be it. I couldn't describe it! It felt wonderful. Just then as we were kissing, we heard our father calling us for breakfast downstairs. We reluntantly stopped as we were both hungry. As we stood up, Perry pulled me close once more and kissed me again.

"Listen; there is something I want us to talk about, yeah? Let's make it later, after school. It's important."

"Sure, anything for you."

"Ricardo, this is important. We really need to talk. Let's go down before dad gets angry."

As we both ate our bacon and eggs and downed our OJ, our father came in, half-dressed.

"Dad, what the hell?" I asked.

"Im so late, it's not even funny. There's a meeting at work, shit I can't even eat breakfast."

"Dad, if you knew that you had a meeting, why did you make breakfast for us?"

"Come on, Ricardo. If I had to choose between you guys and my work, my work could go to hell for all I care. You guys can't go to school without something to eat. Anyway, I got to go. See you guys later."

Perry and I looked at him leaving the house. He looked sad.

"Shit, man. Now I feel guilty as fuck. He really cares for us."

"No shit, he is our father. We love him aswell. He knows that."

Perry sighed.

"You know sometimes I really think that you are not human, I don't think you have any feelings at all."

I was shocked. After all that we did last night, I thought that me and Perry would never fight again. That comment really did hurt me. I stood up and hugged him when I noticed that he was crying. I held him closer to me and he layed his head on my shoulder and he kissed hit. I melted when I felt him do that. I really started to feel for my brother. He pulled away and kissed my forehead.

"This is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. This thing between us, what is it? What the hell do we call this? I fucking affair? A relationship? Something to let us both get our rocks off? What do we call this? I love you so fucking much Ricardo, but can we really have a relationship? We are brothers! How long can we keep this up? Did we have sex, or did we make love? What is it, Ricardo?"

I had never really thought about this. Perry was right; we had to talk about this. Perry glanced at the clock and we saw that we were way late for class so we rushed to school. Since me and Perry were the same age, we had the same classes. We sighed with relief as the bell finally rang for break. Perry and I got our lunch and sat down to eat, when suddenly Rachel caught my eye. She sat with Kyle Laverham, the captain of the soccer team. As she saw me she leaned over to Kyle and gave him a smothering kiss on the lips. Was I supposed to be jealous? OMG!!! I really had to stop myself from laughing right there in her face. It was so misplaced! I had Perry, who the fuck needed her ass or nasty cunt? Suddenly she came over to our table. I was too late to warn Perry and he got a shock as he saw her standing next to us.

"Hey, sexy! You miss me?"

"Hardly, Rachel. Why don't you go suck on Kyle's dick and leave us alone?"

"Why, you jealous because you can't?"

I sat there, unable to come up with a suitable reply. What the fuck did she mean by that? Could she possibly know something? Rachel gave me a wink while smirking at Perry and made her way over to Kyle again. Perry and I were silent as we were both thinking the same thing. Did Rachel know about us? This bothered me the whole day and when we finally came home, Perry went up to our room and locked himself in there.

"Perry, come out, man! We've got to talk about this!"

"Ricardo, we have let this thing get way out of hand. We should have never done what we did!"

"That's bull and you know it! We love eachother! People who are inlove should be together."

"YOU ARE MY FUCKING BROTHER!" I heard him cry out. I decided to talk to him later and leave him alone for know. We each had to deal with this. The more I thought about it, the more I started to worry. I thought about our father, how he didn't care if he was late of for a important meeting, he still had to take care of us, even if we were at the age of fourteen! Shit, and how would he feel if he found out that his two boys were inlove and having sex with eachother?

As he came out of our room, Perry made his way down and sat down next to me. I could see the dried tears on his face. I put my arm around him and he leaned into me. I stroked his arm and he kissed my chest. Then he looked up to me.

"I've been thinking all day. This isn't just lust or just sex for me, man. I really do love you. Not only that, im inlove with you, Ricardo. I have been for years; I just didn't know what to call it. I don't know how you feel about this, but I love you and I want to be with you."

Im not one to cry easily, so you can understand my shock as I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks. For the first time I knew what love really was. I wanted to have every bit of Perry with me all the time, and I knew that it was slightly impossible. I kissed his hair and he sighed. He gently nudged my chest with this head and then leaned up to kiss my neck. I held his head between my hands and stroked his hair and his lips did wonders against my neck. I felt his hands underneath my shirt and I shuddered against his touch. I rubbed his bare back as my lips found his and our tongues danced inside the heaven of our throats once more. I was only fourteen, but this wasn't just sex. I loved this brother of mine.

"Let's go upstairs," he whispered.

As we reached our room, we fought to take our clothes off at the same time. I wanted him naked. As he took off his briefs, I took hold of his cock and gave it a few strokes. He groaned and thrusted his pelvis into me. His big cock bumped into my face and I took him into my mouth. I licked all over his cock, covering it with my saliva. I squeezed his big boner as I felt all over the big organ with my throat. His piss slit began to pour his pre juice all over my face and I pulled him down. I took his cock and put it between my knees and squeezed. I felt this warm throbbing cock between my legs as I milked him. Before I could stop him, he opened my legs and pushed his cock against my hole. I layed on my back immediately and he softly glazed his cock against my hole.

"Put it in, I need to feel you, man! Give me all you got!"

He didn't disapoint as he pushed in all the way, making me feel his hardness between my cheeks. It hurt like hell, but I wanted all of him. That made the pain worth it. He slowly started to push in and out of me and I groaned and sighed, feeling my brother giving me his mighty cock. I jerked my cock so fucking fast that all I saw was a blur. As I felt my cock beginning to throb and twitch, I lunged forward and layed on top of my brother. I grinded my cock onto his strong stomach and I screamed out in pleasure as my love juice was spread on his stomach while I was holding his shoulders. It took me a while to recover and then there I was, bouncing on his dick once more. Perry was really fucking me good and I wasn't shy either. What did I ever see in Rachel? This stunning guy was so sexy, so loving and he was mine! He was Perry, my brother and we loved eachother. I really wanted to spend my entire life with him. I don't want anyone else. Perry was my life.

"Shoot in me! Put your cum into me! I want your cum, I want it in my ass, I want to have you, Perry! Fuck me! Fuck me until you give me your love! Fuck me harder, bro!"

"Shit, man! My cock feels so good in your ass, Ricardo!"

He pounded in and out of me and then I felt it. He came with huge globs of teen cum blasting into my ass and I loved every minute of it. I bounced on his cock a few more times, to, in all honesty, pump all the cum into me that he had to give. I collapsed onto his body and we kissed once more, bathing eachother in our love.

Perry and I showered together and we were watching TV as our father came home. Perry and I immediately saw that something was wrong. Our father was as white as a sheet! Perry and I glanced at eachother and once again we thought the same thing. Did he know?

"Thank God you guys are safe! I was worrying myself sick all afternoon! Where were you? I gave each of you a call on your mobile phones and both or you didn't answer!"

We both knew what we were doing, but fuck knows, we couldn't tell him that!

"Dad, what wrong, why were you worried?" Perry asked.

"You mean you haven't heard?" our Dad asked with a frown.

"Heard what?"

"Rachel was killed this afternoon!"

Oh, boy. What will happen now? Perry and Ricardo have just confessed their love for eachother, but Rachel was Ricardo's first love. How will he deal with this? And just who is responcible for Rachel's death?

Hope you enjoyed it.

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