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Fifteen years on from the last chapter.



As the gates swung open I breathed a sigh of relief. It was great to be in public again. With a final nod to the security guard, I was off. As I walked past the familiar buildings that I had come to know during my time growing up, I could see that a lot had changed during the past fifteen years. I waited patiently for the bus that would take me home while taking my time in checking out my surroundings. It felt like I had never been away. As the bus pulled up, I took a huge gulp of air and took my seat. I had no idea what was waiting for me when I eventually reached home. God, could I still call my home? I had no idea. Perry had brought the house from our father.

The last fifteen years that I had spent in jail, was the most traumatic of my life. I actually had received twenty-five years, but through my good behaviour, I was allowed to be released on parole. The memories came flashing back as we rode past the familiar buildings and shops aswell as the old park that was so special between Perry and me and would forever hold a place in our hearts.


The day that I decided to go to the police and confess that it was me and not Perry who had killed Rachel I could vividly remember. Perry had to be restricted in the court when they had sentenced me. On the day that I had to go, he didn't want to speak to me. My own brother turned his back on me. When my father first came to visit me in prison, he told that Perry never wanted to see me again. It was Dad who demanded that I come back home after my release. The bus had finally stopped and I climbed off, only to see our old house, or what was left of it as I remembered it. There was nothing that reminded me that this was infact the house I had grew up in, it was another colour, and as far as I could see, their was another two windows that wasn't there when I had to leave. The last time I spoke to my father on the phone, he said that Perry had gotten married and that he had a little boy called Carry. I wanted to turn around and maybe go and stay in a hotel, when the door opened. I turned around to see a little boy, with blond hair and a toy car in his hand, staring right at me. I couldn't help it. My mouth dropped open. The boy was the spitting image of Perry. I had to do a couble take because it was like looking at Perry himself. Suddenly a woman appeared behind the boy; she had brown hair and was a medium height and really beautiful. She stroked the boy's hair and then pushed him back into the house. She wiped her hands on her apron and walked over to me.

"Hey, Ricardo, I presume?"

"Eh...yeah, you are?"

"Oh, sorry! Im Celeste, Perry's wife. He told me that you were coming. Come on in."

"Thanks. Is my dad here?"

"Oh yes, in the study I think."

I thanked Celeste and slowly made my way over to the study. Once again the image of my father's face that afternoon he caught on that Perry and I were having an incest relationship flashed through my mind. He was so hurt, so disapointed and even though he said he didn't mind it I could see that it bothered him. As I opened the door, butterflies invaded my stomach like never before...

"Ricardo! My son, you are home!"

I hugged my father more tightly than I had ever before. I had really missed him; the times that he came to visit me wasn't nearly enough. We embraced for a long time before releasing eachother and just looking at eachother, father to son. We embraced again and then he sat behind his desk. I moved to the cabinet and poured drinks for him and me. He took it with a smile.

"So, how are you really?"

"Glad this whole ordeal is finally over. Thank you for coming to visit me all those times. I really needed to hear a friendly voice."

"Ricardo, I know I've asked you before but..."

"No, Dad. They took really good care of me inside there. After the first attempt, no one tried to rape me again. It was tough, but the mere thought of Perry waitng for me here, kept me going."

"Perry told me the truth, you know."

"Oh Dad. I really wanted to tell you myself. I knew what had to be done. Perry would never have survived in jail. When you told me he got married I nearly committed suicide. I didn't want to live anymore. You know, Perry hasn't spoken to me in all of the time that I was in there. Dad, why did he do it? He loves me, I know it! Why did he get married?"

"At the time he told me that Celeste was pregnant. Two weeks later he told me that they were getting married. He never talked about your relationship after that and I never mentioned it. Then Carry was born. I didn't have the guts to tell you about Perry. Perry was really unhappy, Ricardo. He will never admit it, but I know that he doesn't love Celeste. That look that he gave you all those years ago, I never saw it once with Celeste. Ricardo, when your brother comes home this evening, please, don't force him into anything. After you went to jail, I heard him night after night crying in his room after you left. He really loves you. I can see it."

I met Celeste in the living room when she offered me something to eat and told me I could take a shower if I wanted to. I wondered if she somehow knew about the real state of affairs. Would Perry have told her? I politely declined the food and went upstairs to my old room. What a sight. Nothing, and I mean, nothing had changed. Unbelievibly, it still looked the same as when I left it fifteen years ago. I sat on my bed and looking around me I could still picture me and Perry kissing and making love in this very room, on this very bed... It was never sex, it was making love.

But it was all over now. Perry was married and he had a cute little boy. Holy shit, I was an uncle now! I forgot about that! I quickly showered and changed and went down to the living room. I sat down and switched on the telly, but then I remembered that this house now belonged to Perry and his wife, was I even allowed doing as I pleased here anymore? Celeste seemed really nice and caring though; she was the perfect woman for Perry. That was just it. She was the perfect woman...


I felt someone sitting down beside me. Carry looked up to me with those beautiful blue eyes that so strongly resembled Perry. Those eyes traveled all over me and came to rest to my face.

"Are you daddy's brother?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact I am. But please, just call me Ricardo, or Ric. Uncle makes me feel old. And you're Carry, ofcourse. How old are you, young man?"

"Im seven. Daddy never said anything about a brother. Grandpa told me that you're coming. Are you gonna stay here?"

"Well yes, only if it's alright with you."

"Sure! You wanna play Playstation?"

"Sure, buddy! You pick a game."

This was the first attempt to really get to know my little nephew and I was surprised at how easy it was to actually talk to and getting to know him. He reminded me so much of Perry from when we were growing up. It was like being transported back to that time again. Suddenly I heard the front door opening and Carry jumped up.

"Daddy! Come look who's here!"

I stood up and looked into the face of the only man other than my father I had ever really loved. Perry's face was like a closed book though, he showed no emotion whatsoever that he was either glad or that he hated that fact that I was home. The past fifteen years had been kinder to him than to me. At twenty-nine, Perry was real sexy. I had missed our teenage years, being away, but Perry was georgeous. I could see that he still had a fantastic body and I couldn't help to wonder if his nine inch cock as I knew it had gotten larger. Perry hugged Carry and left the room without as much as a word to me. I was devistated. I really thought that he would have forgiven me after all this time. Carry ran to the kitchen as Celeste called him, so I saw my chance and followed Perry up the stairs. I was somewhat surpised to see him going into our father's room, but then I remembered that this was now Perry's house and therefore he would get the master bedroom. Perry was sitting on his bed, taking his shoes off when I came in. He looked up, and I saw the tears in his eyes.

"Hey Perry. Glad to see you again. Fifteen years seems like a lifetime."

Total silence.

"I missed you, big brother."

"Don't call me that."


"Fuck you! You stopped being my brother the day you decided to do what you did! You could have kept quiet and nobody would have known! But no, you had to play the hero!"

"Perry, I did it for you..."

"Don't give me that crap! You wanted out of our relationship from the start. I once told you I would die before I would let anything happen to you. Well, I might be alive, but my heart and soul is dead. Each and every day I longed for you, missed you and wanted your arms around me! You fucked me up so bad I got Celeste pregnant! I wanted to prove to myself that I didn't need you to make me feel happy and inlove. But you know what? I couldn't! Every second of every day I missed you and hated myself. I hated myself for still loving you."

The tears were pouring freely from us both. When I decided to come forward and say that I had killed Rachel, I never thought that I would tear me and my darling brother apart like this. I wanted nothing more than to kiss him and tell him that I would never leave him again.

But he was married with a little boy now.

"Perry, we have always been close, closer than any two brothers had ever been. Don't do this to me know."

"Ricardo, im sorry. I think it would be better for us both if you just found somewhere else to live. Please. For the sake of what we had."

I was shocked, but I understood. I didn't know how I could look at Celeste and Perry being together anyway. I knew that he was right. I left Perry in his room and went back down. Carry came to sit on my lap and we watched some telly while Celeste was preparing dinner. As Perry came down he asked Carry to help him with the washing and Carry simply told his father that he wanted to sit with his uncle Ricardo. I saw Perry stiffen when he heard that and he gave me a warning look. That night was rather pleasant as we talked about nothing in general, just plain small talk. When we finished desert, I went up to my room to get ready for the night. I had already decided that I would look for another accomidation tomorrow. I was getting out of the shower when I saw Perry sit on my bed. I walk over to him and sat down beside him. Were sat there, silenced for a while when I spoke.

"This afternoon, this room brought back so, so many memories, Perry. We grew up in this room."

"Yeah. We sure had a lot of fun in here."

We were silent for a moment when Perry slowly put his hand on mine. Having his hand on mine for the first time in fifteen years made me shudder. I looked at Perry nervously and I saw a tear making its way down his cheek. I took him into my arms and held him while he cried sliently. I gently rubbed his back while he sobbed. I took his face into my hands and kissed his forehead, like I had done numerous times before.

"Im....so...so sorry."

"It's okay. I still love you."

"Oh Ricardo! Im such a fool. Here I was forcing myself to hate you when you sacrificed yourself for me...I love you more than ever, my sweet bro. Kiss me! Fucking kiss me NOW!"

Our lips were brought together and Big Bro and Little Bro were reunited once more. The urgency of the kiss was electrifying as we nearly ate eachother's faces. Perry and I were back together. Even after fifteen years in jail, the flame of our love was still burning high.




We broke the kiss, only to look at Carry, still holding his toy car, standing in the doorway.

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